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  1. It's all pointless, it's a message board. But let's hope they don't draft for need.........that's how you get Shaq and Ragnuts..........get players you think can be great over players you think can start.

    True Detective Season III

    Didn't really entirely grasp my interest until that epic scene at the end of episode 4 where the white supremicists try to jack the drug dealer and it goes bad and the action moves from house to house ,all in one shot, as they try to escape. That's the most impressive bit of television I've ever seen.
  3. To Lorenzo's comment.........no.....but with the talent they have and a general lack of free agents to lose + the STACK of chips they have this offseason there is no excuse for them not to be good next season. To Allen's take.......dead wrong. The better teams on the schedule were in the first 2 months..........when they were repeatedly bludgeoned. As the schedule got MUCH easier in the final two months........the Bills were naturally more competitive. But the Patriots put their modest second-half success into perspective with a THOROUGH man-handling in week 16. Gotta' admire Allen's optimism and you want that in your young QB......but they were by no means "close".......every team that made the playoffs would have thoroughly beaten the late-season Bills on a neutral site. ANY of them.

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Of course fans care. Some of us just keep it real(you fail, you lose, you get fired) and enjoy the competitive/final nature of sport......and can deal with and discuss it in those real terms. Others are "mom" fans who make excuses for failure............which really makes no sense at this level. Save it for youth soccer.

    Lorenzoโ€™s contract details

    His kids were telling their friends in school that mom said they were moving back to Arizona this winter so I was wondering if the Bills were not all-in on him returning............but kid's are notoriously unreliable sources. Now get another LB and let Lorax focus on rushing the passer more.

    The NFL's Obesity Scourge

    He's wasting away and nobody cares enough to send stromboli even.๐Ÿ˜ข

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    I'm not outraged in the least............it's all entertainment. But the simple fact is the NFL is a HIGHLY COMPETITIVE, HIGH STAKES($), NO EXCUSES, PROFESSIONAL SPORT............this isn't your kid's HS soccer team. They aren't victims of circumstance or anything else...........they are competitors given an opportunity to compete. You and some others act like a bunch of mom's making excuses and shouting down discussion about mistakes made as if they don't matter in the big picture...............when ultimately they absolutely do. Because if you don't make good decisions and win in the NFL..........you get fired. I hope McD makes it and Allen bails out he and Beane...........but if McBeane doesn't make it so be it. Won't hurt my feelings and I won't feel sorry for them and neither should anyone else. It's a game........if you don't achieve the objective you lose and someone else gets a shot at the glory and the fat paychecks. Simple and more than fair.

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Every team loses games too, Augie. And yet the objective of professional football remains to win. That's what's so PATHETIC about people like you being entirely apologetic in the near constant absence of success.๐Ÿ˜‚ This isn't your sisters of the poor alma mater............it's a pro franchise in the only north american major pro sports league set up to allow everyone an equal chance at success..........as such......a reasonable amount of that success is expected in return for suspending disbelief and adopting someone's privately owned company as "your team". Save the hyperbolic defenses like "how should we punish everyone".............we all know how this works...........if they don't succeed they get fired whether it offends your delicate sensibilities or not. Trading away the Mahomes pick is a mark on McD's record.......it just is.......whether you like it or not.

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    It's not like this "speculation" was created after Mahomes became a star QB. The talk that Whaley had been powered-off by McD started right away after his hiring and it wasn't a government secret. The free agency period and draft were full of instances where McD personnel decisions were based on the opinions of new coaching hires(Babich Jr. recommending Poyer and McGeoghan advising the Zay Jones pick) and the Carolina claiming that McD had stolen their draft board and maneuvered in front of them multiple times. Whaley wasn't pulling strings in that draft.

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Here we go. The "would we have liked to draft 7 Hall of Famer's.........well sure!" rationalization.๐Ÿ˜‚ Bottom line............there is one position that can really significantly alter your franchise.............not just it's success on the field over a 2 decade period.........but also it's ability to develop a fanbase and sell premium seating............and the franchise's net value and stability. Quarterback. They PASSED on that player at a time when everyone knew that was their primary need as a franchise. It's not that easily excusable Augie. Now I am hopeful for Josh Allen............I was instantly pleased with that pick and I hope it works out. But it is what it is.............it's not like people didn't realize at at the time that trading away a pick that would become a franchise QB could haunt the franchise.

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Oh ultimately it's always the owners fault. I've said it before........one week The Pegs were finally entrusting football operations to their GM Doug Whaley after Whaley had seen Russ(Marrone) and The Pegs(Rex) hand-pick the HC for him the previous two times. A couple weeks later The Pegs did a 180 on Whaley and just hired the person they wanted and Whaley was put on 4 month long death march that required the team holding onto Whaley and his scouts but not letting them pick the players they scouted. And there were actual idiots who looked at the situation and thought the Pegula's were blazing the trail for a future where HC's are hired and then GM's are hired after the HC got to be the GM in the first draft.

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Well I gotta' disagree with you that the FO should be fired......I mean c'mon Mr. Strawman.๐Ÿ”ฅ Regarding Mahomes..........McDermott is entirely accountable really............he tried to be HC/GM/Scout and ended up trading away a QB who threw 50 TD passes. Lesson.........don't ever hire a first time HC and then allow him to have that much responsibility. Any draft could be the most important in your teams history..........you can't treat one draft like "we aren't prepared enough" to select a QB if the opportunity arises.
  13. The new Dolphins HC rocks the flat billed cap on the sideline..........I guess he'll be the first of his kind.

    Report: Joe Philbin has interviewed with Bills

    Yeah that was tragic losing his son as he was getting his first HC job. Always had a hard time rooting against him with Miami..........and yeah former head coaches on staff is a good thing.........especially for a guy like McD who really needs to be able to focus on improving at his own job going into a crucial year. Doesn't need to be worrying about whether the OL is getting coached up properly.........having coaches on staff who understand what it's like to have their dream jobs on the line is a good thing.

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Don't mind me just testing out the profanity filter for future reference: Queef Fart Well