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  1. McDermott knows as well as any coach that the key to shutting down an offense is to limit their big plays..................and yet he has employed offenses for 3 years that can do nothing more than small-play their way down the field. It's almost disingenuine when he laments things like "lack of execution". It's just not reasonable to think you are going to dink and dunk your way to consistently good offense and it's always going to look like a lack of execution when you don't. And for chrissakes he inherited an offense that had lead the entire NFL in big plays the two prior years. They were actually doing something right. And it was a simple system that emphasized getting their play makers vertical. It should never have come to this but it's gotta' be priority #1 going into year 4 to add MULTIPLE big play talents.
  2. The point of criticism in hindsight is to illustrate the lack of foresight. Who drafted who and who won championships doesn't matter to you because it doesn't benefit you having never been a fan of a team that's won.............I get that there are otherwise non-NFL fans that are avid Bills fans who think this way..........but the results mean everything in the history of the NFL. The context is what it is........Bills are a top step of the cellar franchise.........10 steps from the bottom...........they've even drafted around 10th twice in the past 4 years............that's been their organizational level so it was entirely appropriate that they had two franchise QB's to choose from at 10th overall and decided to trade out of the pick.
  3. But you said everyone in the NFL was equally motivated to do their jobs better? The motivational playing field is level says K-9! Your temper tantrum takes are hilarious though.
  4. Edmunds might be the best pass rusher they could add this offseason...........dude's skills are seriously muted inside. I know you agree with that. Schoebert is a great fit in the defense. Will be interesting to see how his market is.
  5. In fairness 10 of the 32 teams in the NFL have worse all time winning %'s than the Bills............so drafting 10th and getting the opportunity to make a colossal mistake at that spot seems about right.
  6. Drafted 10th overall...........but passed over by "30 other teams"...........I see you've really thought this thru.
  7. He put the ball on the rug 3 times in his few carries and one of them cost them a game this year. He's also lousy in pass pro and doesn't bring any physicality to the position. At this stage Williams is the far more playable/reliable RB. I'd like to see him play in the SB though........be a shame for him to get there and not play.
  8. Whaley knew that he was toast the moment that McDermott got hired..........any Pegula indecisiveness ended right there........he was all in on McBeane's plan...........which included waiting until after the draft to germinate Beane so they could use Carolina's scouting info. Ended up outsmarting themselves.
  9. With some of the dark things you've said on this board.........I'm glad TSA is checking your luggage thoroughly.
  10. As I recall you posted a story on here about how you got fired from your job and you were very traumatized about it. You obviously made a mistake to get to that point........whether it was something you did or just trusting someone you shouldn't have trusted etc.. Did you take no motivation from that traumatic experience? That didn't seem to be the tenor of the tale. Seemed like an important moment in your life. The kind of thing successful people reach back for when looking for a little extra motivation. Are athletes who are passed over on draft day and then use that as motivation "dwelling" on that?🤔 I am all about not worrying about lost money.......the more you chase that the more that goes out the door..........but learning from those mistakes and finding motivation in failure is another matter. And who are you to say the Bills can't "fix" the Mahomes mistake? Winning fixes everything Teef. Basic tenet of sports.
  11. I think you are much too hasty to absolve McDermott. In 2017 he brought 10 starters to camp from the most effective offense the Bills had fielded in 25 years...........and they ended up at the bottom of the league. A LOT of that was coaching decisions..........which is on McDermott. But yes Beane needs to do a better job with personnel. I don't think that better coaching couldn't get more from the offense though.........some coaches bring synergy. McDermott does that on defense. Other coaches get the minimum from their talent.........and some get less. I suspect that Daboll gets the minimum.....which might be OK if Beane can load the cupboard......but it could be that he makes them worse by forcing scheme where it isn't going to work then living on the "execution" excuse. Either way I think it's most likely one of those 2 and that's on McDermott.
  12. Fortunately for people like Tom Brady there are people like you who don't believe in the great value of ADDED motivation. Tom shouldn't have dwelled on being passed over by every team 6 times.
  13. Rex Ryan? Marcell Dareus? Basically 50% of the roster in meaningless December games?
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