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  1. @john wawrowsure put you in your place. You got both Bubba'd and Slapdick'd.....and it apparently passed inspection. Good on you for being the more gracious gentleman.
  2. I hear they really push the boneless wings but proper attire is required
  3. After watching Kobe Bryant survive his rape case and become maybe the most beloved athlete in sport............who is to say that Watson can't wriggle his way out of this entirely? He should play the season in Houston and re-build his rep. That would be for the best for us as Bills fans too. With him at QB the Texans gave Indy and Tennessee some very tough games.........if they can steal a win or two against those teams this year that might help the Bills wrt playoff seeding.
  4. I'm not trying to run Beasley down but it's more than semantics.........his selection as an All Pro was very generous of voters..........there ended up being 5 WR's on the Second Team instead of the normal 3..........and Beasley's numbers paled in comparison to the others.........all of whom either have multiple All Pro nods or project to LIKELY contend for multiple more. Beasley had a tremendous season by the standard of his previous 8........but 82 for 967 isn't going to get you an All Pro selection very often........not sure when the last All Pro WR to not AT LEAST get 1,000 was.....and i
  5. I agree. The problem is that the organization has shortchanged Rodgers for a long time...........the Jordan Love pick wasn't an isolated incident.............it was just the latest non-effort to stock the cupboard for him. The Pats did that plenty with Brady over the years as well.........but they had the genius HC to overcome a razor thin group of weapons around TB12 for "most" of those years. But some of the years they didn't win a SB.........was basically only because their skill players around Brady just weren't good enough.
  6. It's weekly and just during the season. And they can be cut at any time.
  7. No Beasley WAS an All Pro. Last regular season. He had never sniffed that level of credit before and wasn't playing at an All Pro level the last time he was on the field in the playoffs. His age, his modest career production prior and the wear and tear/injuries accumulated last season matter. This year is a new season.
  8. I don't think there is actually an "All-In" sense of urgency this season. I think they looked at the options and determined that they will "be better off in the long run" if they hung onto cap space and exercised their draft picks instead of trading them........and of course, "hopefully" win a SB that way.........sorta' like the Bucks just did winning an NBA title...........instead of spending future cap space and trading picks for immediate help NOW. If it works..........that's great......it's the cake and eating it too. But in my years of experience watchi
  9. They would likely miss him but Beasley hasn't earned the right to be considered a likely repeat as an All Pro performer..........he's had 2 seasons out of 9 in his career where he's even accumulated over 800 yards receiving.........and he took a beating last season and is coming off a rather tumultuous offseason.
  10. They grossly overpaid for Norman. He was coming off a very poor season and any chance he had of having a successful bounce back was limited to a few teams/schemes. The roughly $3M-$4M OVER market that they paid Norman is an example of money that they then didn't have to spend on the roster this offseason. All the deals count. We have some folks on the board who like to say "it's not your money, why do you care" when there is an overpay.........obviously only a few people like maybe @zonabb ()care about the actual $ the player is getting........cap space is why it matters when they ov
  11. No, the Chiefs did A LOT the offseason after they lost the 2018 AFCCG. They literally fired their DC.........replaced him with a 2x SB winning DC in Spagnuolo........they traded the AFCCG goat Dee Ford and traded FOR star pass rusher Frank Clark..........and added the big name star/leader in Mathieu and also added Bashaud Breeland........both were huge additions for them in their SB winning season and both gave the Bills fits last season. They didn't lose much. The Chiefs were VERY aggressive under the circumstances. And they could have easily chosen not
  12. Yeah his bro the famous MMA fighter lives in Ithaca and his dad is a pastor in Binghamton. They grew up and starred in sports in CNY. Still, relatively local.
  13. Funny that the rest of the Bills OL under McNally kinda' sucked. Everyone has coaches........McNally was always a good OL coach but he also had one foot out the door when he was here. Calling the 2000-2010 era Bills a "nurturing environment" is hilariously wrong. As long as there has been football there have been people who become great despite not having your ideal conditions to do so. Suggesting otherwise is nutty. Josh Allen is and isn't an exception..........he is taking advantage of everything that he can to get better........that's aweso
  14. Yeah if the player is healthy and chooses not to make himself available to the team then he doesn't get paid.......that's the same in all the "guaranteed" contract sports as well. But if you retire with time left on your deal in the NFL you don't become a free agent...........the team has to relinquish your rights. The Patriots never relinquished their rights to Gronk so they were able to trade him and a 7th to Tampa for a 4th last offseason. With retirements in the past the player in question didn't have such MASSIVE cap figures though. Obvi
  15. Honestly, this would probably be GOOD news for Buffalo. Denver instantly becomes a contender..........but the AFC is already deep enough with contenders that any 2-3 playoff games you need to win the AFC are going to be against stacked teams ANYWAY. Adding another doesn't mean you have to play an extra playoff game. It could mean the difference between the Chiefs cruising to the #1 seed yet again or the Bills getting the #1 seed or maybe at least a less confident/playoff-composed opponent getting it.
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