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  1. Don't do this to Yoyo..........he still believes Urban is on his death bed.
  2. That was the last QB that Ralph ever selected with his first pick in round one...............must have spooked him.
  3. I don't think I can go round 1 on a non WR1..........would have to be a pretty bad draft. Gotta' have systems to protect you from being careless.
  4. I'm intrigued by Gordon..........he looked a little tentative running inside at the Senior Bowl...........but he is a potential matchup problem for defenses. If he runs great at the combine or individual workout he could move up into middle rounds.
  5. Yep we thought it was all a bunch of BS..........it didn't look like a bad injury and the details about how bad it was came out long after the season............maybe not until spring training with the Royals.
  6. I really hadn't even considered tagging Jordan Phillips until now............IMO he really stinks against the run. He has that NT weight and that's what people see....... but he's really tall and long legged so the kind of pad level that might work for DJ Reader doesn't work for him and I'm not sure if he will ever be willing or able to play with better leverage against the run. But if teams go crazy tagging more prospective UFA's than expected............it might be a good idea to tag him late in the process and then take your chances that he might sign it while you negotiate with alternatives like Covington or Gerald McCoy or Vernon Butler etc..
  7. The Patriots offense has finished 12th, 20th and 25th in ypa the last 3 seasons..........its not some production inflating RB offense like Roman/Lynn or maybe Dallas with their great OL were in that 2015-2016 time. 1st round stud Sony Michel averaged 3.7 ypa for them last year. Nothing extraordinary happened to Eric Wood..........he had a troubling physical going into the offseason for what would have been his age 32 season and was advised to call it quits.............it was totally unnecessary for them to extend him in the summer of 2017..........it wasn't near the top of anyone's to-do list. They did that and added $2M in incentives to McCoy's contract in an attempt to buy their support for "the process". That ended up being $12.5M in wasted cap space. But like guaranteeing Star his 2020 contract it all seems okeedokee if you make strong assumptions about health and production that you shouldn't with an old and/or declining player.
  8. When you look at the great stats that's the only conclusion one can make.............but there is something missing there, IMO. He has a good track record for 4th quarter comebacks too......... but I wasn't surprised at all when the Lions came into Buffalo with a great defensive gameplan for Josh Allen and still lost. I'd be surprised if a team lead by Brady, Brees, Roethlisberger........even Rivers........had come in and lost a game like that to a rookie QB..........it would be memorable..........but with Stafford it's just another W against a losing team.
  9. The thing I am talking about is called a "winter crane fly". It's a dead ringer for a mosquito and is cool with 35-45 degree weather. But you might have just had a dormant mosquito wake up. Maybe he flew in your freezer in the summer and fell out and thawed when you were getting out some freezer burned waffles?
  10. Yeah I think the fact that he's working in broadcasting right now and I think is getting good reviews for his work(he's been good, IMO) is likely to lean him more toward retirement. If he didn't have a job yet it might be a different story.
  11. I know there is a spindly mosquito like fly........a little smaller than those big male mosquitoes............that will fly around in 35-45 degree buildings where the air is still. They are harmless. I assume they need some kind of produce to hatch out of so maybe if you have them you have food in your garage? Sometimes you will see 4-5 of them buzzing around together. Never seen massive amounts of them so they seem to be not big reproducers. I remember looking them up online and seeing what they were but can't remember what they were called.
  12. Is there a more enigmatic player in the NFL? I could be wrong about him but I've just gradually developed the impression that he isn't a great competitor. I was really high on him early in his career and then I remember reading a story about him that kinda' painted him as both not a big details guy about football but a real details guy about the design aspects of his oppulent home. I'm not saying he's not tough or that he isn't pretty good in 4th quarters...........but I think that you can be those things and still be a "want to win" guy rather than a "committed to win" guy. Maybe a change of scenery and going to a place where he knows effort will equal results.......like NE.........would change him. I hope to not find out.
  13. Oh I am glad they got 3 players out of that draft. But when you get a late pick in trade and you hit on it........while missing on prior picks.......it's not a sign of calculated drafting genius.........the Bills literally had their greatest draft blunder ever in that draft(Mahomes) and they whiffed on Zay Jones when Curtis Samuel, Juju and Cooper Kupp were the next 3 WR selected. As for how Gillislee did.........he was bad but so were the Bills RB's(in a Shanahan style offense geared to inflate RB production.......uh....well......previously). Both MG and McCoy inished under 4 ypc.......less than league average.........after McCoy had 5.4 and Gillislee a league leading 5.6 in 2016. Gillislee in NE had 5 TD's and 25 first downs as a short yardage back. One of the TD's was a dagger against Buffalo in McDermott-loss-to-Belichick version 2.0. Mike Tolbert had 1 TD and 9 first downs and 2 fumbles in just 66 carries........and drew the ire of Bills fans for his ineffectiveness despite such limited use.......so yeah Gillislee was still better than the alternative. Ultimately McDermott came in and took an offense that had been highly productive..........the 2015-2016 Bills offense was their best 2 year stretch of production since 1990-1991...........and turned it into garbage with a terrible OC hire and some bad decisions at WR and a wafer thin RB corps. They still haven't recovered offensively 3 years later. The Gillislee decision didn't massively explode in their face like.......say....... Robert Woods turning into a 1200 yard WR or Stephon Gilmore becoming All-Pro. But trying to parse it off amidst a litany of other more glaring mistakes is just weird............it wasn't a smart decision to not tender the guy a $2.5M offer when he had just lead the league in ypc and short yardage conversion. For perspective they signed reserve OL Ryan Groy $2.5M for that season and then two months later unnecessarily extended Eric Wood's contract which lead to a whopping $10.4M dead cap hit in 2018. Just brutal decision making. Gillislee was just one of many bizarre choices that offseason.
  14. I had one of those Daniel Boone hats when I was a kid but mine had a raccoon tail in the back.
  15. Yeah don't find that article..........it's not going to make the "not like those Rams" narrators happy if the Rams starting lineup was younger than the Bills(which seems likely as they were one of the younger rosters in the league and swapped out numerous 30+ year old starters for rookies and Jalen Ramsey etc.).
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