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  1. I've been in a few altercations at games where a few punches were thrown but mostly pushing and shoving with drunks and drug addicts who initiated some kind of physical activity. The ones that don't turn into fights tend to be more interesting. One game had a friend sitting next to me with a ski hat with one of those fluffy balls on the top of it and a group of Canadian fans behind him were messing with his hat and mocking him so I got up and grabbed a cup out of one of the guys hands and gave him a hot chocolate facial. They were a little surprised but collected themselves and then decided that I was "going to get it". So I asked who was going to give it to me. They couldn't make up their mind so we left it at that.
  2. No they were filmed at War Memorial Stadium.........The Rock Pile.
  3. I guess maybe write the Bills a letter...........there isn't anything we can do about their focus here. Floating it out there against THIS hated opponent feels goofily superstitious/fatalistic. Remember that those 1990 season Bills were the largest favorite in SB history going into SB XXV.............everyone had assumed that advancing to the SB would mean playing the two-time defending SB champion 49ers so when the seemingly low-powered Giants upset them and became the opponent there was an almost natural let down to boot. This is different..........the Bills are a road underdog playing the AFC SB favorite..........the team that was the Vegas favorite to win this year's SB already just moments after they lost the last one..........and most importantly, the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year. The potential for a let down would probably be an AFC title game against the Bengals.......I'll take my chances against a young, inexperienced roster playing at Buffalo though..............and even the Titans should bring out the vengeance in the Bills in the next round. I love this matchup for the same reason I loved drawing the Patriots.........the potential for let down is low and the sweetness of victory could be astronomical.
  4. Yep.........they are a good drafting team...........but Jerry's refusal to take a backseat to a powerful HC who won't kiss hisass has lead to him hiring and retaining weak head coaches. He's still determined to win with a Barry Switzer. Love it!
  5. Which is how Wyatt Teller got traded. Ford struggled at tackle in OTA's and camp..........Nsekhe was the backup plan at RT........so Nsekhe and Ford became the RT/RG combo in preseason and Beane suddenly had an unexpected starter log-jamming the guard position. So he had to choose between his higher ceiling second year OG in Teller....who had been the starter at the end of the previous season........... or one of their more "versatile" OL. He chose Ike Boettger........who at the time had been training at all 5 OL positions(though he is now viewed as a guard only, by fans at least). The Cody Ford pick was a very costly case of drafting for immediate need. "We need a tackle" - Brandon Beane, Bills Embedded I don't think Ford is incapable of becoming a good guard........perhaps it will take the tantalizing promise of free agency after the 2022 season to coax the effort, preparation and focus necessary out of him.
  6. Shows the difference between drafting for immediate need(Ford)..........and taking the BPA(Brown). The Ford pick should have been DK Metcalf............but Brown is an athletic freak at RT that is similar to how Metcalf was testing. Brown tested thru the roof for a tackle.
  7. I don't think there is any question that Dallas was the biggest underachieving team. They are loaded with difference-making on-the-hoof talent on both sides of the ball. So glad McCarthy is going to be back and sabotage them again.
  8. Well of course if you don't have the physical ability then training isn't going to turn you into a star at the highest level. What the training did was allow him to turn his power into open field speed...........it turned excellent scrambling ability at the Division 1 level into NFL playmaker speed.
  9. One thing Allen and Vick have in common is that they both have/had to throw the ball with a low trajectory to excel. Neither has/had displayed the consistent touch that you see with some QB's. Allen has a stronger arm and he's a much larger player so his relatively low arm-angle trajectory throws aren't nearly as much of an issue as they were for Vick. Having such a strong arm allows Allen to throw passes on a line that almost any other QB has to arc over the defense to complete. The only downside is that touch and RAC yards often go hand-in-hand. Good example was the deep throw to Diggs last game..........if Allen can lay that ball over the top and drop it in the bucket Diggs is gone for 6 instead of having to slow down and leave his feet to catch a relative fastball. Those Jim Kelly to James Lofton bombs with lot's of RAC really don't exist in this Bills offense but to me that just means there is more upside to Allen eventually when he develops that touch. Allen and Daboll have seemed to just embrace what Josh CAN do and not waste downs on touch throws that he is very inconsistent on. I do expect over time he will develop better touch because you know he will work on it.
  10. The Pats weren't lowly. Statistically they were one of the better teams in the playoffs. This game was VERY meaningful..........it crushed the Patriots mystique. They won a damn Super Bowl on the fumes of their past greatness in 2019(2018 season)........a winning culture is a powerful thing and they had the greatest winning culture the league has ever seen. They lost that Sunday. The Chiefs are clearly a better opponent but that's how it generally works..........the opponents are supposed to get better as you go (though TN is probably NOT better than New England).
  11. It's weird the things fans forget. The issue of his surprising running ability was a big topic early in his career..........he DID use a trainer to get MUCH faster right before and then after he was drafted...........the trainer was Ryan Flaherty. Nike’s senior director of performance. He increased Allen's stride length by getting his heels much higher off the ground like an olympic sprinter.
  12. You understand, it's relevant, it just triggers you. The Bills are 1-0 against the Patriots all-time in the playoffs.........where it matters most.
  13. Funny thing about this is when big market teams make the playoffs but still fire their HC and/or GM the media is all for it.........those teams are allowed to have a high standard. If the Bills had made the playoffs under Rex or Marrone and then fired them the media would be indignant about how ungrateful management and the fanbase was. I'm glad we got a franchise QB and avoided that fate.
  14. There is a replay of a playoff game on NFLN from 8:15-11 tonight and another at 3:15-6. Doesn't say which game on the DirecTV menu but if you have space on your DVR just record both slots and delete in the am if they aren't the Bills game.
  15. The well heeled ex-pat Bills fans who normally travel to Bills games......as long as they aren't in Buffalo.........are probably going to pass and hope for a Nashvegas trip the next week.
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