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    Tre' Davious White Ladies & Gents

    I'm a Tre White fan but please don't start with this. He's under team control for another 3.5 seasons. As soon as a young player starts to play well a group of fans starts talking contract.........that's a long way off they can't even extend him due to the CBA restrictions for 2 seasons after this one. We all hope they get 10 good years out of him but a lot can happen between regular season career games 22 and 80.

    7 trade targets for the Bills

    Super Bowl contention? You really think that?

    7 trade targets for the Bills

    Do people really not understand that a contending team doesn't trade a key starter to get another starter at a different position? They trade a future asset to get better and win now. It's not that complicated. Happens in all sports.

    7 trade targets for the Bills

    It's already been two full offseasons. Part of the sales pitch with McD was that he was a personnel expert.........and he basically discounted the scouting of the staff he inherited and made his moves based on his own eyes and those of a few questionably qualified people that he hired. (Phil McGeoghan in particular) This is HIS team........Beane gets blamed for the Watkins/Darby/Benjamin/Dareus lopsided trades but he was just doing the bidding of McD...........those kinda' moves were not something McD had time to cultivate. He also did not want Mahomes and then made Doug Whaley........who DID want Mahomes.........work out the trade details with Dorsey.😂 I like a lot of things McD brings to the table.........discipline and defense.......... but he took over a team that had just had it's best offensive production in TWENTY FIVE YEARS........since mid-SB era.........and has made one choice after the next to totally destroy both the personnel and the scheme with his bad decisions on that side of the ball.

    Offensive Strategy Versus the Texans

    Lot's of Allen designed runs.👎

    7 trade targets for the Bills

    Wouldn't surprise me in the least if the Bills spend the next 10 months trying to build the league's most dominant defense with all of their cap and draft capital. They've kinda' !@#$ed themselves royally on offense with dumb decisions since McDermott got hired. And they have shown zero ability to unearth any talent on that side of the ball. But like the droughty Bills under defensive watch of Wade and Greggo and LeBeau and Pettine and Schwartz they've seemingly succeeded to some extent in picking that low hanging defensive fruit and might have to live off of that and use Allen as a battering ram for a couple more seasons than planned.

    My 2019 Cap Targets

    While I appreciate people giving their thoughts.........this just serves to illustrate how bad the market looks. And that's BEFORE some of those guys get re-signed. The best options for the Bills in free agency will probably be some dudes who don't emerge as players until late this season. Guys who play well but their current team either questions whether they can do it again(see Micah Hyde) or already have a stud at that position and can't justify paying them. So basically........keep an eye on injury fill-ins in November.

    How Shaq Lawson Bought In and Renewed His Commitment

    No the problem is that he was a statistically productive pass rusher in college and got over-drafted because of some bad/lazy personnel work. I said when he was drafted that his ceiling was Melvin Ingram.........a good complementary pass rusher..........and his floor was Courtney Upshaw. And when healthy he's been Courtney Upshaw. And he's year 3 Courtney Upshaw so far. Courtney Upshaw was a nice run defender but teams lost interest because like Shaq he just didn't get to QB's............and that's the name of the game.

    No Free Agent Wide Receivers?

    Allen is definitely NOT a sell yet. Perhaps for the first time in the SB era basically every team either has a QB who's achieved at a high level or thinks they might have a developing franchise QB. The only team that right now projects to have a less attractive passing situation than Buffalo going into this offseason is NY Giants with Eli in full melt-down mode.........and they most certainly aren't in the market for a big dollar WR with OBJ's new deal. The 3 Florida teams might all choose to try to upgrade their QB's situation........but right now those places have veteran QB's and passer friendly weather to sell. Otherwise everyone else thinks they will have a franchise QB on the field in 2019. Make no mistake........if Allen doesn't start going off the Bills are in a truly awful sell situation to WR's. Allen's less than Tyrod-esque numbers in a season when passing records will be shattered left and right........that's a big problem for recruiting WR. They will probably both exceed 1,000 yards this season........and regardless of what one thinks of Tyrod and Allen.......the Bills WR's will once again lead the NFL in least separation without those 2.
  10. The OP said reaching "OUT"......not "around".
  11. Here's the scenario: McDermott calls out the punt team with less than 3 minutes remaining in the game and needing a TD!........trailing 21-17. Game thread goes ballistic.........next gen stats have proven that good teams don't punt in this situation! But the D forces a 3 and out and the Bills get the ball back with 1:48 and no timeouts! Josh Allen leads them on a 7 play 55 yard drive culminating in a dramatic back of the end zone 15 yard TD pass with just 13 seconds on the clock! Josh Allen goes 26-38 for 340 yards with 3 TD passes..........cementing his sure-shot superstar status.

    How Shaq Lawson Bought In and Renewed His Commitment

    No, the service took place during the Bills game on Sunday. Monday was an off-day. He probably got back for Tuesday practice.

    No Free Agent Wide Receivers?

    And probably have to overpay in the trade too. Teams need WR talent more than ever and at the same time the pipeline of freak WR talent dried up after the 2014 draft. Chuck Knox once said Buffalo is where coaches go to die.........and sure enough for decades after that Ralph couldn't get a sniff of a HC with a good resume. Buffalo is now where WR's go to die. And every agent knows it. This team desperately needs a #1 WR.........if only to create better matchups for EVERYONE else.

    How Shaq Lawson Bought In and Renewed His Commitment

    Back to Charlotte? It's commendable that he showed the loyalty to a former teammate/friend to be there for the funeral........but fwiw one of the knocks on Lawson the past two seasons has been his Wooderson-esque attraction to his previous football stop. His rep is that he would find any reason to go back to Clemson.