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  1. If you want to get bad real quick and have your QB looking for greener pastures............use all of your top picks on defense and then extend 8-9 of them with lucrative contracts. That did the trick for Seattle. Beane has had his fun extending lot's of defensive players that most teams would let walk in a similar cap situation..........because the Bills are in a window where they can be a clear favorite. But they will have to start making a lot of business decisions on defense. Not a concern for this season though. Let's enjoy this STACKED defense for one season and then next year balance will likely need to start being re-stored.
  2. Who could have imagined that Jamison Crowder would miss a bunch of time with an injury this year after how remarkably durable he's been in the recent past and that Gabe Davis might re-aggrivate his boo-boo foot(for the 3rd year in a row, talk about unforeseeable bad luck, geez).
  3. I guess you will find out when he plays behind the worst defensive line of his career next year when he signs elsewhere. Bottom line: walk years either bring out the best in a player or bring out the worst. He's got a lot of money on the line and he started from the bottom of the barrel with low expectations from the fans this year after a disappointing season culminated with a disappearing act in KC. He has played well this season. Is he in danger of becoming a DPOY candidate as some had predicted at earlier points in his career? F*ck no. Just as the defense has survived without Tre White.........despite claims it would not by many doom-fantasy gimps on TSW........they will fill the MLB role with someone different next season and he will be much cheaper and play just fine. This defense is a showcase for a MLB. His slow ascent to "difference maker" status has been unfortunate.
  4. Yes. As was stated often in the offseason..........they didn't do enough to address the WR position and the OL. They are a defense-first-invested team and that defense may have to carry them. Now teams are forcing the Bills to throw short and have a caught on to some of Allen's tendencies and begun getting their hands on throws at the LOS and yesterday one of those put them in a hole that it took 4 quarters to get out of.
  5. Maybe. Or maybe he's trying to keep the chains moving because his "playmakers" are making too many mistakes. Just because Diggs and Davis were open today doesn't mean they were going to catch it. They put footballs on the turf they should have caught. And McKenzie? Nothing he has done as a pro leads me to believe that he's a deep threat. Tracking the ball deep down field and catching it are not something he has proven he can do. You don't hear about it in practice either. You can't cover everyone on defense so they will look for things they don't have to cover. Remember the ham-handed former Bills TE Robert Royal? When teams realized he couldn't catch a pass to save his life they literally stopped covering him. That's McKenzie 25-30 yards upfield........a non-threat.
  6. To quote @GunnerBill from earlier today...........RB's are the least important player on the field. In non-special teams situations......truth. It's the only position teams might draft early with no intent on giving them a second contract if they pan out. And that being said.........when they are drafted early they have very little runway to get off the ground before they are seen as disappointing. Getting exercised about that is futile.
  7. @Rc2catch just thought listening to someone upset enough to make it laugh worthy to opposing fans on THIS site after a loss was going to be good clean fun.
  8. So you are listening to twitter and sh*t like that at volumes that are audible to co-workers at your job? Wtf kinda' job is that? If they know you guys are just jaggin' off in your cubicles and are OK with it you'd assume that they'd let you wear some headphones.
  9. If you gotta' make a special plan for a RB..........you haven't made a good personnel decision at RB. He just needs to not put the ball on the carpet and then start making plays when they give him the ball. RB is far from a big concern with this team...........the lack of explosiveness at receiver has been the problem the past two weeks. Too many small plays. Too many 3rd downs. Producing MORE small plays by giving the ball to RB's isn't a solution to scoring just 20 offensive points per game the past 2 weeks.
  10. Not a lot of SB winners in that pile, are there? Having a highly-invested-in RB has become a pretty accurate predictor that you will not win a SB with said player. Reasons aren't that complicated..........the passing game drives the teams that score the most...........even the best receiving RB's are no substitute for a decent slot receiver in the passing game..........and in the playoffs the level of run defense wratchets up immensely so if you are compelled to give a "valuable" RB touches you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.
  11. Why is it considered likely that wet weather is going to inhibit scoring? That obviously didn't turn out to be the case. The offense has the advantage when the field is slick. It was the wrong decision.......they won anyway.
  12. How do you know if McDermott and company are giving Cook "a fair shake"..........are you at practice and seeing if he is doing his job? The mother hen fans are ridiculous..........it's OK that he needs to earn playing time in small sample sizes. And occasionally some players don't have the cognitive function to ever learn..........see CJ Spiller.
  13. The era where bigger, taller, less athletic QB's like Kelly, Marino, Bledsoe and Peyton Manning ruled the game is long gone and they have been replaced by more athletic 6'2" guys like Rodgers, Mahomes, Dak, Lamar, Jalen Hurts etc.. It's why people act astonished about Josh Allen. He's tall like an old school QB but also athletic.
  14. Well........no........he's not done and everybody else hasn't moved on from him..........he is still playing pro football. I have never understood the jealous nobody's who insist on running the guy down...........lot's of talented athletes don't make it big in pro sports.
  15. You'd probably say the same about Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes. He's the same stature as those guys. As for him boozing it up with his buddies.........that's not surprising..........he's a Kelly..........they party at football games, it's a tradition.
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