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  1. As for multiple OC's............ 1) Roman was fired because he simply couldn't call plays in a timely manner.........not because of Tyrod.......the offense was effective in GR's tenure. 2) His successor Anthony Lynn got a HC job on the strength of the offense lead by Tyrod......which was 7th in the NFL in scoring thru Tyrods 15 games. 3)Rick Dennison was a bad hire by a zero-pedigree new HC who couldn't get his preferred options.........Rico likely have been fired regardless of who they had at QB because the WR situation was horrendous.........Tyrod not turning the ball over helped Rico out the door for sure....but in a positive manner......getting to the playoffs bought McD enough credibility with potential hires to get Daboll hired. As for WR groups: 1)The early 2015 group was a great fit for TT's game and he was slinging it at 70%+ completion and putting up numbers..........he's a great deep ball thrower when comfortable within the system..........but that group was short lived and injuries mounted throughout the season. Watkins missed time, Harvin quit after September and Woods and Hogan later said they played with bad injuries all season, explaining their inability to make plays and key drops, respectively. Still Watkins averaged an elite figure of nearly 80 yards per game with Tyrod at QB. 2) 2016 WR corps was a mess.........Watkins missed most of the season.......Woods missed all or part of 7 games.........Clay was his usual banged-up self. Much of that season he was playing with guys like Tate, Powell and Hunter running routes......who were all at-best fringe NFL players. 3) 2017..........WR corps was a mess.......Z Jones was awful by any metric.....Brandon Tate became a critical member of the WR corps in mid-season again...the rest of the better receivers didn't join the team until the season started and Big-ticket Benjamin didn't take the field until November and was promptly rendered ineffective by a knee injury in his second game as a Bill. Contrast those 3 WR corps to the relatively healthy group the Eagles had this year........the Bills haven't had that under Tyrod........so the fact that it's spread over 3 years doesn't tell me anything negative about Tryod in that regard.
  2. [Vague Title]Uh oh TT haters...

    Terrible was Nick Foles in 2015 on a more talented Rams team than the 2017 Bills. 7 TD 10 Int 56% completion . He wasn't very good in the regular season of 2017 either.......56% completion again..........until they altered the offense to fit what he does well......the RPO...... in the playoffs. All QB's need to be put into position to succeed but guys like Foles and Tyrod are very system reliant. And there are more system QB's than people want to admit. Even some of the greats can't succeed in just any system. Peyton Manning couldn't cut it in Dennison's system in Denver.........after being terrible early in the season trying to run the Kubiak O........he literally called the offense together mid-game in KC and started running his old offense(and lead a furious comeback to win, btw). If he'd had to run the WCO the last 5 years of his career he'd have been out of football much sooner. Tom Brady was throwing short passes with 20 seconds left in the SB because his deep ball accuracy % is very low.........so he was willing to risk running out of time to shorten the field versus trying to shoot from outside of his range. His game is all about short to intermediate throws......and the system and personnel is catered to get open quickly on the types of throws he does very well.........the deep shots he then hopes will be of the wide-open variety.
  3. [Vague Title]Uh oh TT haters...

    Defenses can work to take away strengths......but they are still limited by their personnel. With teams going smaller at LB and safety they are naturally more vulnerable to an inside running game when asked to defend the entire field. But if there is no threat at all to get deep.........as was the case in 2017 where Zay Jones was considered the deep threat.........the safeties can cheat down into the box and that allows the defense to be more aggressive at the LOS..........hence the big drops in run game efficiency in 2017. The issue is that the 2017 Bills offense was designed for a QB and WR they did not have..........and that's not to say Tyrod is unusual in that regard. When Kubiak and Dennison took over the Broncos they tried to make Peyton Manning run their offense...........and his play dropped off a cliff. He couldn't do it at all. He eventually told Kubiak to stick it and went back to his own offense.
  4. I've defended Taylor against undue criticism.........if he's back as a bridge for the guy they draft in the first round........and if they actually put him in a position to succeed with some improved receiving personnel and obviously more favorable scheme/play calling...........then I am fine with one more year of TT.
  5. McD was a dummy for hiring Dennison and gutting his WR corps when they intended to play a rhythm/timing offense.........but as I've said many times...........a lot of the ineffective offense that bothered so many fans during the season was just designed hyper-conservatism. The worst "analysis" of the season by fans and blurry-eyed "pros" like John Murphy was the hand-wringing when the team stopped scoring TD's in the second half after their 3 week defensive implosion. After the defense proved vulnerable to emotional avalanches in that historically bad stretch....... McD and Dennison got more aggressive early on offense to get leads and then just tried to play "keep-away" to nurse leads and scrape out wins to get to the playoffs.
  6. The point was clear........the Bills put Tyrod in position to fail. He wasn't a good fit in that style of offense, with poor receiving personnel and the type of play calling that was used was egregiously poor for a team that was trying to score points(which in fairness, they quite often WERE NOT trying to do when they had leads). Sal didn't like that opinion, you could tell.......but Sal also never thought Foles could win a playoff game, let alone the SB versus NE, either........and he felt that way, like many other people paid for their opinions, because Foles had been awful in a system that he wasn't comfortable in in St. Louis.
  7. Warren Sharp People who don't like my Tyrod and McD takes won't like this. Analyst says that McD with his WR personnel decisions and then Dennison with predictable and ill conceived play calls hamstrung the offense and made very poor use of Tyrod Taylor. Used the obvious example of the Eagles catering their offense to Foles. According to him.......after a pass with no gain on 1st down the Bills ran the ball 82% of the time(versus 50% league average) and were then only successful 13% of the time(versus 28% league average). And when asked to explain why they made the playoffs........the answer was because of turnover differential. Pointed out that teams win about 80% of the time if they win the turnover differential.
  8. Why I would be happy with Lamar Jackson

    I love watching Jackson play as well......great athlete and flashes some tremendous throws which gives him a great ceiling........I think he's got a higher upside than Watson.....but I think he's less ready than Watson was when Watson was drafted. Two straight trips thru the playoffs........and dominating in them.........was a huge accelerator for Watson, IMO.
  9. Why I would be happy with Lamar Jackson

    I can't see anyone taking Jackson and trying to start him in year one.............so I don't see the "2 or 3 years before he is demoted" thing as applying.........2 or 3 years before he gets a chance to be a starter sounds more realistic.
  10. This year's class is most like 1999 where 5 QB's went in the top 12 picks Tim Couch = Josh Rosen........the chosen one Donovan McNabb = Sam Darnold.........the sturdier alternative with more athleticism Akili Smith = Lamar Jackson.........the high ceiling, huge arm Daunte Culpepper = Josh Allen........the big arm, big body, questionable processing Cade McNown = Baker Mayfield.......the undersized competitor with the big attitude That was exactly my thought as well...
  11. Very few.......if anyone does it BETTER in today's NFL it's Antonio Brown.....and he's just on another level than anyone right now........that's about it. The spread between Watkins and Zay Jones in this regard is a chasm and the only exceptional ball Tyrod throws is the deep ball........it wasn't hard to see the offensive issues coming when they dealt Sammy.
  12. What I don't like about that number is that IMO one of the things that separates high quality receivers from the hacks is that they catch the ball with the same ease downfield as they do upfield. Zay had some really bad looks on those deeper throws last year............the bumbling Carolina play, the ridiculous looking hop-jump-drop on a perfectly thrown nine route by Tyrod in Atlanta......basically every deep throw he looked bad. A highly skilled WR tracks and runs thru a deep ball in stride........it's a Sammy Watkins trait for sure......the "meh" types have to stop or jump because they aren't coordinated enough to track the ball and keep their stride at the same time. Hopefully Zay can improve but he definitely belongs in the slot.
  13. How to build the Bills into a Champion

    Yeah I posted something similar a couple weeks ago.............if a team is considering drafting Fitzpatrick in the top 5 then getting Tre White plus picks would be a big upgrade over just getting Fitzpatrick, IMO. White's level of play is probably Fitzpatricks CEILING at CB.........which is the more important/difficult position to fill compared to safety. The acquiring team loses a year of control with White but saves all the signing bonus money that was already paid. Most Bills 1st round picks depreciate faster than a new car off the lot but White would be a valuable chip to the right team if the Bills are desperate to move up for a QB.
  14. Gil Brandt: Best Fits for the Top Free Agents

    Washington was so low-impact that it's hard to really count on him for anything.............but he is still very young being 23 this season. That third round is not a great place to pick guys with motivation/effort issues in their past, IMO......... because once they get their signing bonus they are basically playing at or near league minimum salary from there on out..........which doesn't provide a great deal of motivation to do more than the minimum if the dude is sure he can catch on elsewhere. That's what happened with Goodwin here.........he had the Bills over a barrel because he knew with his speed he could get that minimum paycheck somewhere else if the Bills cut him so he had the leverage to tap out everytime he got a boo-boo so he could go train for Rio.
  15. He was indeed awful. The "catchable drops" isn't even half of the story...........he couldn't get open and couldn't catch a contested pass. Later in the season Tyrod was very in-tune with where Jones was going to be and was putting the ball in great position where only he could catch it and DB's were still in his pocket and easily able to defense the throws. The handling of the WR situation was incredibly bad by McD and Co.. How did they think this guy was going to be able to handle an outside receiver position? They were like 0 for the season on vertical throws to him.