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  1. It was just a terrible football play, IMO. Terrible decision to throw that ball there by Brees.........should have been a pick six.........and almost bailed out by a surreal bonehead misplay by NRC And instead all players responsible taken off the hook by the awful mis-call. You may get the feel that the official intentionally didn't throw the flag..............my take was that NRC so terribly misplayed that ball that the official was stunned and doubted his eyes and held the flag. We just assume these officials are prepared for everything but in what situation does a CB in that position just run thru a receiver a full second or more before the ball gets there? This wasn't 40 yards downfield with a CB in hopeless pursuit.......this play was happening in front of NRC eyes.........he was the one with the quickest path to that football and the moment it was thrown I was thinking pick six. It should never have happened and I think the degree of misplay surprised officials who in truth are rapidly narrowing down the possibile outcomes in their head as plays transpire in order to make decisive calls. You could even factor in the surprise of Brees throwing such a dangerous pass there. IMO....it was just a shitztorm of bad, ugly football at a time when you are hoping and expecting to see greatness..........that disgusted me, not the perceived injustice.
  2. If there are stats in it and @Royale with Cheese referenced it then you can rest assured there are inaccuracies and/or misinterpreted data.
  3. It also wasn't a scoring play though. That one play didn't entirely decide the outcome of the game like the MCM did. Personally I think this is all a joke and the Saints had like 80+ other offensive plays in that game to distance themselves from a Rams team that they had a massive homefield advantage over. Should a Rams fan have brought a lawsuit against the Saints for pumping in crowd noise if they lost? The NFL has all manner of gray areas and officiating is just one of them. When people start realizing that the objective of the game is to provide a clear and obvious winner they will start understanding that you can't blame officiating for deciding who the better team is by virtue of one or two plays. When I let that "this call cost us the game" nonsense go I stopped getting mad about officiating. EVER. Win the game outright. If you don't then you are leaving yourself subject to bad breaks and human error.
  4. "This roster needs to be seriously overhauled"...........said no one when Rex was fired. McBeane created that narrative from scratch..........much to the delight of SB contending teams all around the NFL. Same with the salary cap nonsense..........Beane in an interview the other day said that he "warned" The Pegs it would take "2-3 years" to clean up the salary cap "mess".........and then patted himself on the back for getting it done in just 2.😂 The guy created the LARGEST AMOUNT OF DEAD MONEY by one team in one offseason in NFL history!...........OF COURSE he totally re-set the Bills cap in 2 offseasons. Hilarious. The Bills salary cap issues were relatively minor........they still had average money to spend in FA and they always figured to have plenty of extra cap space in 2019-2020 when the old men McCoy/Wood/Clay type contracts would surely all be off the books. But somehow ended up having to replace all of Nix and Whaley's remaining top picks(except Shaq!) AND doubled down on Wood and McCoy and lost. I hope these guys make it but if not expect a lot more of that kind of manipulating of the truth from McBeane as they try to buy more time to learn from their mistakes.
  5. I managed to tune in to WGR today just as Bills employee Sal Cappaccio was saying he expected the team to be not just "in the hunt" in November but also possibly in control of their own destiny in week 15 or 16. So even those professionally inclined to be reserved with their predictions think this team should win with the free reign McBeane have had over this organization. 6-10 *could* get them fired if it happens in a certain way that reflects very poorly on them. But there is so much room for improvement after having a -100+ point differential ...........there should be a ton of areas that the team improves in that McBeane could point to in their defense...........even if they go 6-10.........because they played more like a 4-5 win team last year.
  6. Just wising up it must be. Stanford is a tremendous athlete. Doesn't mean he's up to being a regular MLB'er but he came to the Bills with a rep as a guy who just needed a chance and he looked good when he got it. Also at some point you need to find bargain producers. Not going to be able to go out in FA and spend $4M-$10M on every position of need.........gotta' find some veteran producers on the cheap to stay ahead of the salary cap game.
  7. Oh I know Keuchly is getting busted up but when healthy you know for a fact that he is really good in a McDefense. I think he's probably got a couple very good years left but with all the concussions who knows. This season his cap number jumps up greatly and the thing with MLB's is that if they aren't GREAT and the team isn't winning those cap hits will draw attention. It's one of those positions where it's easy for a team to think they could get by with less for a fraction of the cost. I wouldn't be shocked to see Julian Stanford start a lot of games for the Bills at MLB either........he is a great athlete and in the physical mold of what a lot of teams are looking for in a MLB or ILB now himself and was fine as a sub for Edmunds when he was out concussed last season. If Edmunds gets hurt or struggles I'd rather see 2-3 games of Stanford at the position before making a trade. The Panthers have the potential to be a mess this year though so combined with the uncertainty about Edmunds at the position it bears consideration.
  8. I liked the Edmunds pick a lot........but as an edge player..........I will believe putting him at MLB is worth it when I see it. It's great having a MLB with a 7' wingspan but it's not so great when a stout RB puts a helmet under his chin and sends him into concussion protocol..........there are reasons why guys with pass rusher frames don't play MLB. Even if he starts reacting quicker and making better decisions he doesn't have the frame to be expected to endure 150+ collisions with ball carriers for long, IMO. After another concussion I wouldn't be surprised to see his agent suggest a position change. Lot more money rushing the passer for 12 years than getting concussed out of the league in 6-7 playing a lower paying position. His dad learned what happens to players that play a position that takes an extraordinary beating. Pro Bowl TE 2 of his first 3 seasons and then the wear and tear reduced him to a role player for what was left. Never got the big pay day. If the Panthers get off to a bad start maybe McBeane can trade for Keuchly and get the last good couple years out of him.
  9. And then many thanks to those Rogers kids that didn't want to spend their found millions on an NFL team.
  10. It's generally believed that Littman received a % of the team sale.......likely due to ownership stock given.......thus he had a personal, vested interest in maximizing the sale price. I don't doubt Ralph preferred the team be kept in Buffalo...........he wanted more than anything to be remembered.........hence allowing the stadium to be named after him while he was still living😆............. and he'd be totally forgotten by fans in a new city.............my guess is that he was open to the $400K relocation fee by then because he and Littman had already extracted about that out of the player payroll during the drought to cover inheritance tax concerns..........which became moot when the sales price became double what it would have been about 5 years earlier.
  11. Couldn't disagree more with the bolded. Brady and Brees on par I can see. But Payton is just clever.........he is far from a football genius like BB. He does some REALLY DUMB things that we can only dream that BB would do. There are obvious choices like some horrendous coaching hires. For Bills fans perspective let me put it this way.........Payton somehow watched CJ Spiller and thought he was going to be really good in that offense. God bless CJ Spiller but he wasn't even able to handle the mental responsibilities in the Marrone/Hackett offense and all they asked him to do was dive up the middle. We will have to disagree on their SB prospects. I think Belichick would have had his way with Payton. They were no better than the 3rd best NFC team in the playoffs. Their drop-off in play from the regular season was precipitous. I think fans want to project their regular season on what they would have been in the SB but they weren't playing good football and should have lost to Philly in the divisional round. Peaked too soon or choked but they weren't impressive. The Pats on the other hand..........they were peaking.
  12. Those games were fun. Somewhere I have the coaches film of the game SI called "the greatest game nobody ever saw" between JK's Gamblers and Steve Young's LA Express at the Coliseum. Great, crystal clear footage. That's the only video of that game because it wasn't broadcast That stuff that Halcyon Days recorded for the USFL was so crisp.......that's why they are still able to sell it for stock football footage today.
  13. No doubt Brees should be one of the top tier. His numbers and durability speak for themselves. But Brees couldn't get past the Rams at home so there is no way he beats the Patriots in that SB, IMO. They were very fortunate to get past the Eagles at home even. Lotta' hype over one bad call on a bad pass decision that any good DB should take to the house for a game sealing pick 6 for the Rams. That probably should have been the ultimate Brees choke highlight......like when Manning threw the pick 6 at the end of the Colts/Saints SB. But instead NRC took him off the hook and put the onus on the officiating. The Saints played well below expectation in the playoffs.........I'd say choked even........so it's a massive stretch of hindsight to think they would have somehow woken up and played their best against Belichick. The SB sucked but the two teams that were playing the best made it.
  14. Yeesh.......your shtick is so boring..........I gotta' waive ya'........it's not fair to the others I have on block. Seattle lead the NFL in rushing yards and finished second in attempts in 2018.............and yet Wilson got sacked 51 times. Flutie was just extraordinarily elusive behind the LOS.
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