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  1. I think people tend to overuse or misuse hyperbolic terms like "force multiplier" and "weapon" and it exaggerates what the actual value is.
  2. Yeah what isn't hard to quantify at all though is a QB averaging 8 yards per pass attempt. That encompasses all of the targets.........good and bad.
  3. Ehh......is 3.8 yards per carry and 8.3 yards per reception really an offensive weapon or still just a RB? Those are Kamara's averages in 7 career playoff games. His regular season #'s are better but giving the ball to even the greatest RB is probably a less productive proposition than just chucking it at Gabe Davis..........which should say enough about the relative value of the RB position.
  4. 1) What you don't seem to understand about the "running backs don't move the line" point is why years ago it became important to note in the first place. A top RB handles the ball 30%-40% of his teams offensive snaps in a game...........in theory he has FAR, FAR greater opportunity to individually alter the score/outcome of the game than any other non-QB. And yet......despite seemingly overwhelming odds that they WOULD be a key deciding factor in the outcome of game.........they have proven NOT to be..........which should be an eye opener. Instead your take is.
  5. While it's true that the value of the 5th year option has been diminished...........it's still important with key positions..........which is of course where you should be using your first round picks on anyway. The most obvious example is Josh Allen. That option definitely should be picked up. Even if it were the same value as a franchise tag........it's not the franchise tag so you could in theory pay Josh his option and then pay almost the same money in 2023 on the first year you used the franchise tag on him instead of having that value escalate quickly the way it did for
  6. He's got an impressive frame........at 6' 7" for a LB he was a player I was inclined to follow..........but I could never really see where he would be a fit for the Bills. Of course I never thought they would put an edge prospect like Tremaine Edmunds at MLB and then later end up desperate for pass rushers...........so who knows how they would envision his role.
  7. It does read eerily like a number of posts I've made here...........right down to referencing the 2010 rules changes that really made it a no-doubt-about-it passing league. Despite the OVERWHELMING evidence that drafting a RB in round 1 is a terrible use of a nice resource...........there will always be those who insist that THIS ONE TIME is the exception.
  8. My favorite rookie stat combo of his was the 209 carries.........but only 7 receptions! As @DCOrange said.........he's the definition of one dimensional............and in that one dimension his career average is just 4.3 yards per carry.......one degree north of the equator.
  9. I agree he was a tremendous pass rusher and would have been an even better fit in today's game. I think he got swept up in the losing culture. The environment around the organization was so awful back then...........Schobel got to a point where he just wanted to fly in for games and not have to be in Buffalo to practice.......a crazy demand..........Buddy Nix couldn't let things degenerate THAT badly so he basically had no choice but to tell Schobel to retire. If Schobel had played for the Patriots I think he plays at least another 3 seasons.
  10. I do believe he opted out because, not yet knowing the consequences of doing so, Beane guaranteed his base salary to get him to take the pay cut. If his base salary wasn't guaranteed and he opted out, Beane could have cut him after the season and Star never sees that money. Like he did EJ Gaines.
  11. I was making the same point the past month when I assumed it was a $2M difference between the option and the tag. Plus, then you are competing against that $12.7 gtd for just one season if you are trying to get a reasonable extension done. People are free to disagree but here are two simple reasons to not unnecessarily guarantee top dollar two years down the line to an off-ball LB when you don't need to: Sam Cowart Takeo Spikes One injury and overnight they went from All Pro to All JAG.
  12. I'm not certain but I wouldn't consider $2.2M a big difference at all when it comes to committing to a fully guaranteed salary 2 years down the road for an off-ball LB. That's what's changed with this 5th year option.........the NFLPA doesn't get much respect but they certainly have succeeded in marginalizing the value of 5th year options. If they are worth picking up the option they are worth that much and 50% guaranteed on a 5 year deal. I don't think I'd put Edmunds in that category.......whether it was $13M or $15M per year.
  13. I suspect they will too...........but as you know I generally am skeptical of their motives because so much of their success has only come after first blundering. I hope they are smarter than that..........it's simple dollars and sense.
  14. Seeing that the 5th year option value with 2 Pro Bowls = the franchise tag value.............I think it would be illogical for the Bills to pick up the option. That's a huge amount of injury risk for what would only amount to a "vote of confidence". Just let him play it out..........dangle the UFA carrot.........and make him EARN that $15M 2022 tag rather than just picking up the option for $15M now.
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