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  1. I've only eaten at the north location once and it was great.......wings were at least as good as EA. And the north location is MUCH larger. The EA one is tight quarters and probably going to be packed full on weekend. I've had to walk away from the EA location rather than wait a long time to be seated. Excellent wings but wings are good all over in WNY.
  2. Here's your ration for today. It will get lighter each day until you admit Peters is a HOF'er.
  3. It's always just the people owning, coaching and playing at that time that create the results. Not a curse, not the league or the weather or the refs.......
  4. As the victor I simply exercised my right to also charge the surrendering prisoner with a prior crime.
  5. And also.........yes Jason Peters is a HOF'er..........you are very wrong thinking otherwise. Only question is whether he's first ballot or not.
  6. The highlights in the OP literally show that he didn't suck by all measures. He could make some of the most difficult plays of any QB in the NFL at the time. And he made those "Josh Allen plays" at a time when there weren't many protections for the quarterback or his receivers.
  7. 18 and 2 byes..........but 2 preseason games are going to happen. The NFL has been playing 20 games since back in the 14 regular season game days when they had 6 preseason games.............20 was collectively bargained long ago and the owners aren't giving up 3 preseason games just to add 1 regular season game. The starters don't need to play in those games but the owners want the ticket revenue and tv money for those preseason games.........and teams need to evaluate the depth..........and yeah, they get a lot of ticket revenue because us season ticket holders have to pay for them.
  8. There is a "pervasive idea" that Jake Kumerow is not a good 3rd option outside............and that the next 3-4 other options are small targets.......including the short-armed rookie Shakir. How invested are you in this idea that the Bills are going to use a 5'7" and 28 7/8" arm McKenzie as a replacement for the 6'2" 32 1/4" armed Davis on the outside? (combine measurements, fwiw) Seems ridiculous, to be honest. Do you understand why teams don't use small target receivers outside the hashes?
  9. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/34114845/the-wild-numbers-new-york-yankees-historic-start
  10. Again, never said Rojo wasn't a failure. But QB numbers are relative to the league averages of the day. You just refuse to admit that league average completion % has risen almost 7 points since 2000.........58% in 2000 scales to 65% in 2021. And beyond that you think that the stat means more than it does. 1992 Jim Kelly 58.2% (league average was 57.5%)...... less than 1 point above average and was named All Pro 2000 Rob Johnson 57.2% in 2000 (58.2%.).....1 point below average 2021 Josh Allen was 63.3% (64.8.%)........1.5 points below average and was generally regarded as one of the best in the NFL.
  11. He looked like Beasley of 2021 in those clips. Now subtract 5 games injured.........and that's why his fantasy projections are around 50 catches for 500 yards. Need about 85 and 1,000 from that slot position. They have a bunch of options but Crowder is by far the most "likely" to put up enough numbers to get them most of the way there.
  12. Crowder was hurt all season. That's why his ypa was down. He had no burst. He used to be a big YAC guy.......something the Bills desperately need........but last year he had a woeful 3.5 YAC after averaging 5.8 YAC the previous 3 seasons. Not saying Zach Wilson didn't cost him some, his depth of target was down about a yard.........but he lost MORE than some. Injuries have become his problem, both in terms of bulk stats and averages. Hence his bargain price. Here are some good clips from weeks 9-11 that show the lack of burst last season:
  13. I get the 7 year argument. He's also a higher pedigree player(a 4th round pick). But it's simple...........Beasley was much more productive last year. The most important data is the most recent data.........especially in the NFL where careers aren't long. But as I've said........Beasley was also more productive that Crowder in 2020 as well. And 3 of the past 4 years he's produced more yardage and had more catches. I liked the Crowder signing.........but it is what it is........an injury flier on a guy who has missed 9 games the last two seasons and had a very large drop-off last season in particular. As I've said in other posts.........just getting back to where they were in 2021 is not even good enough IMO..........they dropped almost 40 yards per game in passing yardage per game from 2020. I thought they should have upgraded their talent. On paper.......they simply did not. But it's not over yet........there are still some talented outside receiver options still on the market.
  14. I miss the more violent game. To me, the last vestige of the old-school violent game was January 19, 2014........49ers @ Seahawks NFC championship game. Those two teams were still bashing it out and they played an absolute battle and the refs let them play. Then it was gone. So yeah........I wish the violence was back........and plays like this were always a big part of the fun. At the same time.........I understand why they want to protect the players..........and it definitely wasn't fair to take away the defense's ability to hit QB's or WR's but still allow offensive players to be able to blindside block defenders. And you can't legislate it if there is a fine line........it's the same thing with contact to the QB's helmet.......it needs to be easy to call. Like you said.........lineman like Dawkins KNOW this is going to be a penalty........that's why it's almost entirely gone from the game.
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