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  1. Yes they are more explosive out of 11 personnel with both a back and TE tight where the defense has to consider every option.................I am really not a fan of the 5 wide looks.........they limit the defense's ability to blitz but otherwise it just turns the offense into dink-and-dunk short passes. The perception that it makes them more explosive is inaccurate.
  2. DT's can be hard to evaluate but he's not been "meh". His QB hit per snap rate of 1 per 39 is better than Marcell Dareus' 1 per 48 in his first team All Pro 2014 season..........so even closer to Aaron Donalds 1 per 31 this season than that. He's been a playmaker. He might not be a 50%+ of snaps guy going forward but I suspect he will be inked into the depth chart for next season.
  3. He's been a very nice addition.....with still quite a bit of upside....and only happening because Star Lotulelei opted out. He has played some of both 1T and 3T and has had a greater impact at less than a $500K cap hit than the $10M+ per Lotulelei did in 2019.......in nearly half as many snaps.
  4. I agree you want to do what you usually don't.......get Mahomes moving out of the pocket and hopefully put him on his back a few times early.......and see if he is up to the task. New England did it pretty well in the first half of the 2018 AFC title game and got ahead early. If he's not at his best I'd like my chances with him playing from behind a lot better than in that game though.
  5. He's been dynamic as a rookie..........but both in good ways and bad. I had high expectations for him.........didn't think he'd be as much of a big play guy as he's been.........but by the same token some of the "rookie" mistakes have run quite contrary to the offseason narrative that he was like a 10 year veteran. I thought they basically signed Stills so they'd have the option of putting him into Davis' spot if he didn't perform well early in the playoffs. And against Indy Davis had a really good game. Baltimore not good.
  6. This is a good time to remind TSW that while Josh Allen was going thru rookie growing pains in 2018....... @YoloinOhio was lamenting how sorry the Bills situation was having Josh Allen instead of the much better prospect, Dwayne Haskins.
  7. The trade ended up being Mahomes for Tre White and Tremaine Edmunds(minus another pick for moving up for Edmunds). Not Mahomes for Allen and White. Josh Allen was selected with the Bills original draft pick after a trade up with Cinci (Cordy Glenn) and then a couple other picks in the trade-up with Tampa that were not related to the Mahomes trade. They didn't need the Mahomes trade to get Allen. In virtually the same amount of regular season games played as Josh Allen(46 to 44), Patrick Mahomes has won a Super Bowl and been a league MVP and i
  8. Dare's nuttin' at da' top but a bucket and a mop.........and a stack of Supa' Bowl tickets........someone's gotta' make da' scissions.
  9. You are smart not to live in that box. To me.......every season above ground is a successful one as a Bills fan........we celebrate another 16-0 season together in the last game every year.......this year it will be at least 19-0 which is even better. But the season is only a success for one NFL team...........anything else is not good enough for McBeane and Allen etc.. so I'm going with that energy over the tendency to be satisfied before it's done.
  10. I don't really like to see anyone getting clowned as hard as you but at least you admit your intention is to be clickbait........so I guess if you like that then have fun.
  11. Not sure why anyone thought they might be in blue tops..........unless it's a heat/sun issue the home team virtually always chooses the dark top. On the road it's going to be white on white or white on blue for the Bills.
  12. That is likely why you suddenly aren't anxious NOW........you are now satisfied either way........and you are already rationalizing why that's OK. By chance were you around for the 4th Super Bowl loss? Or Kelly getting knocked out of the WC game against the Jags and then retiring? You want to talk about some "wish we'd won the first one" remorse...........any missed opportunity can be the last-best-one for a very long time. I've never been in favor of limiting people starting topics...........but @Billsfan1972 really needs to get a feel for the
  13. Oh I agree with that..........I once uttered "ignorance" in response to a "when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor" level observation and was warned by a mod that I was being insulting. Not everyone understands what the term means. Some may use it as a substitute for a de-humanizing insult......but that's not what it is. Ignorance can be disproven. Ignorance can be changed. The power of de-humanizing terms is that they are used to say that one's opinion isn't worthy of consideration regardless and there is nothing that can change that. That's why slurs are so offensive.
  14. What I find interesting is the question...........do the Raiders ever win the two SB's in the 80's if they go without a title in the 60's and 70's? Those teams that beat Philadelphia and Washington in the SB couldn't have beaten any of the Steeler/Dolphin/Cowboy SB champ teams..........but those 80's Raiders had such competitive arrogance and I don't think they have that without the SB XI win in the bank. Getting that one Lombardi turned the focus from the Raiders being unable to get past Noll and Shula when it mattered.........to them becoming more known as the winn
  15. She is beloved by the NY ragloids so as a Yankmees fan I have become acquainted with her story and she literally just complained to critics of all her weird body parts like yourself that "this is not build-a-bear". Hot and smart.
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