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    I am really rooting for Corey Coleman tonight

    Coleman is a proven turd.........he doesn't deserve to be cheered on to stick it to his former team when he already stuck it to them for 3 years......... but perhaps he can serve as humanure to fertilize the Bills passing game. That's all that matters.

    New FB Sam Rogers can play

    The main problem was Peterman and DiMarco being on the field at all..........should never have happened. That late in the season it was pretty clear that DiMarco wasn't working out in the Dennison offense. Maybe DiMarco will show something more this year but I have my doubts that Daboll will really want a fullback who can't catch a football thrown 5 yards in the air........that volleyball job for Peterman's first career pic wasn't DiMarco's only stone hands exhibition of the season.
  3. The Chargers are an interesting potential trade partner but even though it doesn't sound like a lot I don't think any team will step up and trade for Clay's $4.5M base salary. The Bills have been traditionally inept at finding TE's so we are just happy to have him but an always-beat-up TE like Clay isn't going to be seen as a great pickup most places.
  4. One of the criticisms of Shaq coming out of Clemson was that he wasn't good at controlling O-lineman with his arms..........he would just lean into OT's and block himself.........that would be the next step for him.........he can't just get absorbed by the OL on the pass rush..

    New FB Sam Rogers can play

    The pass to DiMarco was not well placed. Much like the pic he threw last game. Catchable but a poorly-placed low-reward play in a high traffic area. Nate literally does what McD HOPES the opposing offense does..........try to execute long drives with a high volume of low yield passing plays..........and then the McDefense can jump on an ill placed or poorly timed throw.
  6. I am expecting a decided decline in the Bills QB productivity this game. Last week was pitch and catch..........GW much more likely to throw the kitchen sink at his former employers new QB's. Should be a good test of blitz pickups.

    New FB Sam Rogers can play

    Can he take an ill placed pass and turn it into a gift-wrapped interception opportunity though? If not there would be a big dropoff should DiMarco be out.
  8. It's good to hear but it's not like he was seen as any kind of slouch in camp in 2017........ he was a star of training camp right out of the gate last year. And there were a lot of people here that thought he was playing very well early last season. He wasn't........but he got credit for a couple vulture sacks early on plays where he didn't even hit a live QB and the lazy analysis in October was how improved Shaq was.😂 I love the new and improved get-off...........now he needs to show he can actually get to the passer.

    Khalil Mack holding out... in Buffalo

    NOBODY.....champions WNY and simultaneously hates and resents WNY'ers.......like PTR. Been saying this for years..........this is a FAN site.......if you want to spew hate at Bills fans do it somewhere that it makes an ounce of sense........like on a Bills WAGs facebook group or something.

    Bills injury updates - Training Camp/Preseason

    Put him on the stationary bike until the week before Baltimore. Groin injury for a pass rusher is a killer(see Bryce Paup_. Need that change of direction to adjust to the offense. Generally easier for an offensive player to play thru it(see McCoy and Bob Woods) because they know where the play is going.
  11. He has clearly worked on his first step A TON. He was getting off the ball the same as the other DL, which is a HUGE improvement. He even nearly had an offside because he got off one snap so quick..........the problem was he then got stoned on that play. The first step is a start........but being quick into the OL across from him is something new.....he's literally always been the last guy off the snap even at Clemson. It may be that he has to learn how to use his arms/hands/feet when he's arriving on time. He's always had something of a different way of rushing the passer.........he would get off so late that his blocker would often be a bit fractured from the rest of the OL and that would OCCASIONALLY serve to Shaq's advantage and allow him space to work. When you come off in unison with the other DL the OL can get in lock-step and the room to move as a pass rusher decreases. You have to be good at getting thru tight spaces to have success with an inside move. I was pleased with his play but would have hoped that fixing the get-off would make a bigger impact. It's early, he should be able to build on that.

    Do we need to go after a fairly proven deep threat?

    Just an apparent lack of understanding of the value of a talented WR. The pipeline of freak-type WR talents was both at it's peak flow and at it's end with that 2014 draft. By the offseason of 2017 everyone should have been aware of that. People get on Whaley for trading up for Watkins but with the quality that is being passed off as first round WR since........if you really needed a stud WR you've been mostly outta' luck. I do give Beane credit for jumping on KB to minimize the damage he'd done......as I said at the time a 3rd rounder was excellent value even for a slightly gimpy KB........and yes he's not ideal but at least Jeremy Kerley isn't their #1 right now so it could've been MUCH worse.

    Do we need to go after a fairly proven deep threat?

    Dorsett and Coleman are pretty similar players physically. You would hopefully be increasing your odds of finding one who could handle Allen's throws by having two of them.
  14. Seemed to me Reilly got a bit shook up the first hit he took and then was actively avoiding being congratulatorily slapped on the helmet by teammates the rest of game.

    Khalil Mack holding out... in Buffalo

    I thought I heard that in the unlikely scenario of him not reporting at all this season that would result in him becoming a RESTRICTED free agent. I thought he just didn't get any service time toward unrestricted FA so was still obligated........but then I saw this on the bottom line on ESPN. So could be wrong.