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  1. Hoping for (insert any first name) Rustynickel-ditch in Rd 7
  2. Heavy topic but admirable for him to come out about this. I hope his courage motivates others around the league, as well as fans, that are also struggling to take that step Congrats to 1 year Jordan!
  3. Like a lot of fans and the folks on the local sports radio and media, I thought it was one or the other with Milano & Williams. Maybe neither. Beyond pumped we can keep both of these guys for what seems like reasonable deals
  4. Beer Beef on weck More Beer Wings made in the air fryer A lot more Beer Then some more Beer ~Beer
  5. I feel so similar to this. So much anxiety about the Colts game. After an amazing regular season if we lose in the wild card it feels like the entire season was a failure. We (more so the national narrative) forget about all the gains of the season - JA17 becoming elite, diggs being the best wr in the entire flippin league, Beasley, the oline especially a very nice surprise in Daryl Williams, a steal of a draft pick with Gabriel, the safetys (Poyer!) leading the d the entire year, Hughes morphing into this sage leader that we need but never knew we had (btw when was his last
  6. I would pass every play. EVERY PLAY. It's the AFC championship game, play to your strengths
  7. What a great day. 25 flippin years ! A third of a lifetime for most of us fat sloppy beer & Bills loving fans. This was an emotional day. Congrats to us all !
  8. This is a Super Bowl winning team. I don't see a team that can stop this offense especially once Brown comes back. The defense looks more confident and aggressive every week. Special teams are elite. Coaching is near the top as is the front office. We are watching a championship organization. Just need to get through the AFC. No team in the NFC remotely scares me
  9. First time I can remember actually being excited we resigned a GM. What an amazing job by Beane. So confident in this HC / GM combo !
  10. 3rd and 1 i see two options qb sneak pass rb carry should be removed from the playbook in this scenario
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