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  1. I think we should just stand our ground at 9....unless the group we really like are not on the board
  2. Because he isnt every TE......this guy has special talent.....and would never have to leave the field
  3. Someone is gonna take Hock shortly after us if we do not take him..... and yes....i think Hock is gonna be special
  4. I would just like to see a boring draft 1st round where we stand at 9 and pick......Oliver or Hockinson for me After that......anything goes
  5. We have a great opportunity to get off to a winning start with this schedule
  6. Basically the road to the playoffs means a split with the pats......if we can do that HUGE step forward.
  7. Put a offense on the field that scores points Our defense did not look too bad against them last year.....and they lost players this past year to free agency....retirement....and Tom is a year older
  8. Now hold on a minute So if Q. Williams starts dropping are you going to come back here and apologize to that poster? I dont think he drops....but stranger things have happened
  9. Welcome to see it....trying to keep an open mind. From my view right at this moment it looked to me like Barr (who already said you cannot indite a sitting president so WTF was he even allowed into this) is doing things that look....well.......iffy
  10. Hi folks.....I will go back and read all this when I get off work.....but I did get to watch the Barr thing this morning VERY turned off by that.....is Barr the AG of the united states or Trumps personal lawyer.....because damn if that didnt sound like a closing statement of a lawyer defending his client. HE SHOULD have just issued the redacted and let it speak on its own merit....this is TWICE that Barr (hand picked by Trump) has given his pro Trump thoughts prior to the report coming out. I just want to read the report.....and make my own decisions on how I feel about it....I dont need any one (be that barr, pelosi, whoever) influencing it....I can think for myself.
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