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  1. This The bills are in a lot better situation with their OL then ppl think I think its more we would "try" to replace him in the first or second round of next year. The draft is such a crap shoot......if I know a player is young and good (being average in the NFL is good) I keep him and dont create that whole on the team.....not one that potentially is about to make a super bowl push.
  2. I am a simple person "Where else would you rather be then right here right now"
  3. Perhaps I missed it.....but in this article Odell crushed for being a malcontent......or is he just listed in the top 10 of receivers.....meanwhile having a special annotation that Diggs is a malcontent. If that is not what the artlcle says....maybe I am misreading it
  4. Odell Becham just isnt the difference maker player that he has gotten credit for......if he is so great why do the Browns still fail? Mike Evans.....a best of a man......should he really be ranked this high? Keenan Allen - All I can say is ??? Sam Chris Godwin Amari Cooper is good and should be ranked higher I think an arguement can DEF be made for Diggs to be in the top 10 of this list. Its amazing how they can give comments on Diggs as a malcontent.....but say nothing in this regard about Odell
  5. To some it is so much nicer to dream about a QB doing something to our defense that has never been done LOL
  6. Realistically 2 of those guys are getting a little long in the tooth
  7. Jay Glazer likes the bills. I walked right past him in a stater brothers a few months ago and he like my shirt
  8. I would also like to get Njoku but has Knox also not flashed that same big play ability
  9. I just want to say that regardless of any political, religous, or whatever differences I have with any of you I love you all my bills brothers and sisters and have a great 4th of July!
  10. Just so the OP knows....this post really made my day. I had so much fun going through the pages and laughing at the different emoticons our great posters put up........god that was fun
  11. A 3rd is way to high I would trade a 5th or a player
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