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  1. Last year when this question was asked I said Knox this year the question is being asked and I say Knox
  2. Continuity is nice being healthy is better Could end up being a situation like Feliciano who I feel got rushed back and wasn’t completely healthy down the stretch
  3. Ricardo What is so jacked in that movie playing khan I just sent The Chicago journalist a heartwarming email
  4. When I looked at aje The night he was drafted my first thought was that they needed to get him into an NFL weight room because honestly he looked a little soft he was a mountain of a man of course but just looked to me like he didn’t have an NFL body yet I think that not having access to NFL off-season conditioning hurt him in his first year because he was doing all of his training from home and he ended up losing too much weight as someone who knows a little bit about this being around athletes as a coach whenever players either gain or lose a tremendous amoun
  5. Is it me or what I would like this to be Dockins actually not liking aje very much because he’s getting his ass kicked
  6. Sir, I invite you to go and read training camp reports of other teams and see who is losing their cool and fighting......and then just keep a mental note on whether they are on the team game 1.
  7. Could this end up being a Jordan Poyer situation.....who was languishing on a bad Cleveland Browns team, plucked him and brought him to buffalo, and he ended up being a gem?
  8. So this is def worth discussion....but didnt we basically draft a younger version of him with our 1st round pick?
  9. Get well soon cam we bills fans need you
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