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  1. This is why he was a project but worth the pick A ton of talent....the character and drive to realize it
  2. And Spielman (who I loved) would not have a PRAYER of covering sideline to sideline or in the secondary the way Edmunds does Its a different kid of middle linebacker
  3. Then someone provided facts on his amount of fumbles and I changed my answer and said he should be active.....keep up
  4. The problem is the talent of the team......if your offensive weapons are good enough they get open no matter what scheme is thrown at them by a defense.....and when they get the ball in their hands they make a guy miss and make big plays. We need more Devin Singletary's
  5. Cut murphy and give him Shaq'a contract.....we have Johnson and we can draft another pass rusher
  6. I think Sweeney is a keeper But yes.....if better can be hand then yes....what I really want is a big body WR with speed that can catch...two of them
  7. We need offensive weapons. Past Brown and Bease there is NOBODY I couldnt part with on offense.....we need BETTER then them Past Singletary we need a home run hitter RB I like our young TE's.....but if we can get a big body pass catcher then YES Lets sign our guys...and then be aggressive on playmakers
  8. I most certainly would LIKE to win this game.....but I def think we win 1 out of the next 3
  9. This might be a little out of place here but what is everyones opinion of OT Waddle? He had to go to IR before we even really saw what he can do here.....is he the reserve swing of the future?
  10. Im just wondering why you left Josh Allen out of this Nothing happens if you dont have the QB OMG....he is ALIVE
  11. And you could have easily looked down the thread before you posted this
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