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  1. So now the question becomes what do we do it the back up middle linebacker position Dodson still isn’t it
  2. If Dalton Kincaid pans out, you don’t need a big upgrade at wide receiver two
  3. I’m still waiting for Tucker. Carlson‘s apology to Ray Epps.
  4. I actually agree with that Biden did a good thing bringing those Americans home. I really don’t care about the money. I’m sure that their families are thankful
  5. This place is full of hypocrites before starting to point fingers somewhere else you should point them at yourself, especially B-Man
  6. You’re not serious with this You haven’t seen video of him going to meet with Kim, Jun oon, having put Putin in the White House, trashing his own intelligence Wanting to meet with terrorists, known terrorists This is a joke, right
  7. You need proof that Donald Trump snuggles up to authoritarians video of him with them isn’t enough?
  8. We did there’s just always somebody just got a B word about everything whenever you’re running back is running for over 100 yards in a game. Why are you complaining? Not specifically you just in general
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