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  1. The thing is, there’s really not a need to do that There is going to be more than one right answer in this draft
  2. There are literally like 5 to 6 wide receivers, not counting the ones that are going to go early in the first round that I would be perfectly happy with Franklin is the guy that I’ve been pounding the table for but I feel like he had a poor combine
  3. I think this is a different type of draft you’re not going to get a Hardy because there are literally like 15 wide receivers. They can come in and contribute immediately in this draft. It’s a very strong wide receiver draft.
  4. Would like to see him have a defined role in the slot. There are several go get it receivers in this draft that we can take it 28. I’m a troy Franklin guy but let’s say for instance that the bills took Keon Coleman at 28 think he wouldn’t have a defined role on the team??
  5. Except your glossing over the fact that Donald Trump said that he was proud of what he did regarding abortion putting in those conservatives into the Supreme Court People do watch TV
  6. Except for his 40 time Coleman look like an absolute man beast out there I know it’s the underwear Olympics, but the kid looks really good
  7. Been trying to tell them They’ll just have to see it whenever the elections happen
  8. Sweat doesn’t look like the kind of defensive tackle that the bills take yes I think he is going to be pretty good
  9. I just don’t see it He doesn’t have the college production which has been something they have been looking for
  10. Lack of college production might scare them away as well. It should. This just seems to be the year the wide receiver makes sense
  11. Hall Sparks podcast went over the transcript line item by line item Absolutely nothing to tie this to Joe Biden
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