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  1. I feel like our secondary has the chance to be the very best in the league......we have a good LB core that has the potential to be GREAT if Edmunds just continues his progression.
  2. I think it is more like what is the justification to even say that when We were top 5 last year We biult on top of what we had last year as far as improvements Our schedule is easier If your gonna say we are gonna be worse....then give me a REASON why we are gonna be worse that makes sense
  3. Not a big fan of letting TJ Yeldon go Depending on how they do in Trainin camp one of Duke and Sills should also be kept.......we do need size on the team
  4. As long as it is not Josh Allen like it was too much last year
  5. That is why the offense has to improve....to help out our defense when they actually need it
  6. Could you just imagine if that was the bills putting out that message?
  7. Been auto withdrawing bitcoin purchases a little bit each month all year
  8. As a youth coach and parent of a player a LOT of stories to tell
  9. Im seeing "running right at him" as some kind of strategy for opposing offenses He graded out as a "A" run defender in college AS A NOSE TACKLE he is going to be 3 teching in the NFL where he is lined up over a cap......he is gonna be fine.
  10. This is why you continually get "breaks" from posting forced on you...... You know.....you do have some great takes....even I think you have some really great ones.....but the way you talk down to people is just ***** irrating and wear on people
  11. Well I disagree with that.......totally disagree. Mahommes had a great year...but Josh Allen, Edmunds, Tre White i a good haul and will probably look even better as the years go on
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