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  1. So I am going to say I feel a little better about our cap situation because there was an opportunity to lower it here and they chose NOT to.........
  2. Depending on what happens with Williams he may very well be
  3. This is just the right time to bring in cog he’s a good boy in the first couple of years with his new teams
  4. If he can stay healthy Ford is going to be good this year at guard
  5. I honestly didnt get too excited over Watt.....was pretty luke warm on this because of his injury history. He is a name. Give me a "Watt type" type player though.......mean, nasty, and younger
  6. I think a restructure makes sense.......a cap move if nothing else
  7. We are now about to hit the have a franchise QB side of the NFL where it is going to be even more important to hit on draft picks because there will not be money for free agents unless they want to come and play here at a discount
  8. The only replacement I want to see is at RG the less changes but improvements to run blocking the better
  9. I got no problem with Rodolph......but it would depend on the contract
  10. At least the pickings are good this year.....a chance to get a quality guy is high
  11. The only jersey I have ever bought has no name on it....just the jersey.
  12. I dont......Winslow is way to pretty to be in prison where the real monsters are
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