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  1. I am of the firm believe that Tre is not going to start the season I need to see how these young kinds are going to do until they actually do it........I like Dane.....I think physically he is a little behind and has to be covered up by the safeties. As a 3rd corner I love him. Elam has ALL the tools......but I need to see it on the field.
  2. I really just dont undertand the Mongo thing...... - Number 1 he is wrong.....that offense played lights out......Bates was actually better then him that year - Number 2 when Mongo actually had a chance to back up this mouth......he failed miserably - He is going to say this now that he is not on the team?
  3. I actually think cheating on your wife does in fact make you scum
  4. of course I do I dont disagree with any particular part of this.....only that Tyrod took them about as far as they could without a unicorn QB
  5. Yeah I don’t know Niners are stacked but it seems like every time they went up against a team with A real QB they’ve lost in the playoffs am I wrong But were we real contenders though we got into the playoffs and we got decimated
  6. OK educate me here is this argument over selling the ticket that you might sell it to an opposing teams fan Diluting the home-field advantage thing am I missing something
  7. Yeah it’s those spoiled little kids they can’t have the best pony whenever they go to the zoo they don’t remember whenever we weren’t even invited to the zoo
  8. You mean like make the playoffs almost over here is that what happens
  9. I am going to say Singletary Cook has the look of someone that could steal snaps away from Motor as the season goes on and the years go on. Motor gonna have to fend him off. Second player....Ryan Bates For some reason ppl want to downplay bringing Bates back because of his limited sample size (despite the fact he has been very good when he got his oppotunities) Bates needs to put more games together
  10. I read on a pod cast that we are actually over on cap space now that we have signed our rookies (which would explain no bradberry CB) Is anyone keeping track on where we are at right now?
  11. Bean appears to be very good in the grow your own department
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