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  1. Step away from the keyboard before you hurt yourself Definitely more farve What people tend to forget about Brett Favre is he was dismissed early in his career whenever he was a falcon. I believe I could be wrong on the team, but basically he wasn’t much thought of. Josh Allen has similar traits similar playing style and had to prove himself just a little bit more than some of these other guys
  2. There are exceptions When Henry Ruggs came out, did anybody expect him to flop the way that he did?
  3. They bought them selves the Super Bowl Like him or hate him beane doesn’t do it that way is obvious philosophy is more at bats means more chances The Rams are one and done
  4. How does Robinson help the wrs just because a back can catch?
  5. Just show me the plan to improve the line in the wide receiver position and I’m with you
  6. Absolutely mental You were describing a needle in a haystack of needles with Kurt Warner not the norm why can’t you people get that through your heads the buying a lottery ticket doesn’t guarantee that you’re gonna win it
  7. Every year, the Jets or the next biggest thing and every year they are picking high in the draft. When will you people learn
  8. For every Parcells and Johnson there were 30 something other coaches that would’ve driven the team into the toilet People seem to forget that the statistical chance that you go back from a winning coach whenever you’re winning now is higher than finding a coach that he’s gonna put you over the top that is a statistical fact
  9. Nope I mean serious why should we give a ***** what Colin thinks he was late on the bandwagon for Josh Allen as it is
  10. So I always circle around to how would motor do if we didn’t have a franchise QB, and he had to carry the load My answer to this always ends up being not well now some of this is not his fault. The team is not built as it’s currently constructed to knuckle down and grind out a touchdown on the ground win a good defense is game planning to stop it motor has always had the benefit of being able to run against light boxes.
  11. Josh Allen can do more things Tom Brady has been the best at what he does well
  12. How do we know that cook couldn’t add weight and Georgia He didn’t need to to be extremely effective in college. His height suggests that he could add the weight. It will be a dilemma if he is there at our pick, we really have not gone all in on a running back yet My preference is to take a wide receiver or a lineman, but you have to be careful not to reach and get a player that ends up being unplayable This is supposed to be a solid draft for running backs in general, though with being able to find them in the later rounds, I would be highly surprised if we did go Bijan Robinson, and I actually hope that he is not there when we pick to make it hard Note, I will end up loving the pic like I always do. That’s the fan in me.
  13. It’s easy to get stats whenever you’re playing young people on your defense the bills had veterans in those spots Anyway, it’s not the Chiefs defense. The reason why that they’re in the Super Bowl and everybody knows that.
  14. I voted for a late round, running back, and I still think we should take one But Perrine and Mosart are intriguing for the price
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