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  1. My question is as it has always been.... If we trade or let Edmunds hit the market....who replaces him? - A drafted player not yet on the team? - Klein?
  2. If we are going to look at upgrades in season.....we should be looking at Corner or Offensive Guard
  3. I mean...if you say that often enough maybe it will come true Over 3 games Ford has been one of our most consistant linemen....he did struggle in the last game....but we have played 3 games and he was not bad in the other two Now....I actually like Lamp....and frankly I would bring him in with an eye on putting Mongo on the bench....not Ford
  4. Nick write strikes again Shorted him by two Tds and they won’t even fix it
  5. Are you speaking about paying another Middle linebacker and if so who is on your mind If you’re talking about keeping another player then I understand that thought process to Taron Johnson has been creeping into my mind lately
  6. You seriously need to give this a rest you’re looking a fool
  7. I don’t think those two words are mutually exclusive
  8. Frankly beane has earned the right to be respected on his decision on this which ever way he goes he may decide that Edmonds isn’t worth the money
  9. So it seems that people don’t dislike Edmunds so much as they’re thinking about the money it’s going to cost to keep them guess what folks it’s not your money
  10. Hard to move people off of their positions once they’re in trenched Moss has looked better And offers more and at one point the bills also thought this when he started taking motors carries last season
  11. That’s cute how about just use a little bit of common sense and take one long run out of motors stats and see what they look like give me Mosses Consistent production pass protection and receiving ability any day
  12. Now get out of the box score and actually watch the games
  13. I’ve been on that train for a while not the motor doesn’t have a place on the team but I would much rather see moss getting the carries
  14. "just find me one more vote errrrr....point then the Texans on Sunday"
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