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  1. John from Riverside

    Patrick Peterson Trade Value

    Your out of your mind
  2. John from Riverside

    Barnwell: Progress Report on 2018 1st Round QBs

    Sorry yes the pass you are talking about was not a good pass Happens
  3. League average would be so much of an improvement to what we have right now...... I watch the catches being made tonight on both sides for the Chiefs and Chargers......we have NONE of that
  4. John from Riverside

    Barnwell: Progress Report on 2018 1st Round QBs

    You agree with this idiot Barnwell.....call me shocked lol The pass was not pretty But it absolutely got to a position where a number 1 TE should have been able to make a play on it and that really is not disputable
  5. You see Jackson pick that up off his shoes.....WHY THE ***** DO OUR WR NOT DO THAT
  6. ? That is a good group.....a little bit of everything
  7. Tyrel Williams Robert Foster Kneal Harry Zay Jones Mckenzie
  8. Depends on how well the rookie plays.....if T. WIlliams keeps up his play.....and if Foster improves his play Oh....forgot about McKenzie
  9. Tyrell Williams Robert Foster Draft Pick Zay Jones Ray Ray McCloud
  10. If that was our offensive line we would not have scored unless Allen was running it
  11. Tell me Mahommes doesnt get help from his team