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  1. Come on man Miami is not gonna be able to hold onto that first play spot and you know it
  2. This board would absolutely implode and Einstein would be insufferable but Einstein is always insufferable
  3. Bates It’s fine he’s not a pro bowler or anything he’s a starting level guard in the NFL
  4. Would definitely like to see more motor and less Moss Who should be a only break glass in case of emergency back It should be motor and cook
  5. Well at least they won’t be fighting the heat along with another team
  6. When I was deployed to Iraq I had a bomb go off close enough to me that it concussed me It’s actually kind of weird you don’t actually know that it is happened especially if you’re concentrating on something else in the moment but when I slow down long enough to realize what it happened to me my body was shaking the following day I had a bad headache
  7. To be clear they have not sucked they played plenty well enough against the first two games at least in pass protection I know that you keep on trying to spit that narrative to get it to flow but it just sinks right to the bottom of the pool Having to use back up o lineman Really hurt us last game and caused actual turnovers not having Mitch hurt
  8. Kids nowadays With $250 million he could afford some lessons
  9. Is it really all that surprising it’s an older player that has not been in camp he ramped it up and tweaked a hamstring quite common actually I’ll tell you what the signing will do is later on in the season we are going to be very deep at corner
  10. Josh threw for over 400 yards and two touchdowns this was despite barely having enough offense of lineman to finish the game We were missing half of our starters on defense players were dropping like flies due to injuries and the humidity heat Despite all this we almost won It just wasn’t the bills day
  11. Some of these analysts just can’t wait to turn on the bills it’s so evident in their predictions one supposed ***** in the armor and they’re already picking the other team
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