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  1. People need to understand what they are seeing (this isnt directed at you KTD) The DT's are collapsing the pocket of these opposing QBs extremely fast.......Darnold was having to escape out of it all day long because of the up the field pressure and "good fitz" showed up in the 2nd game and was getting that ball out extremely quick....I really am not understand why we didnt play more press coverage and kept giving them the cushion to have a target in the seconds that the ball had to be out. The DT's are doing their job......yards have been hard to come by for opposing teams so far as well.
  2. It seems to me that the bills place a premium on pass rush and believe they can find RB's later in the draft. Having Singletary and Moss on 3rd round cost controlled contracts seems awesome to me. AJE might really benefit from this situation. It might also say something of where the offense might be going.....instead of run dom we are throwing for 300 and 400 yards......also BOTH of our RB's are pass catchers.
  3. A lot of ppl wanted to cut McKenzie....he still has a place in this offense. It is nice that we have bigger better red zone options now though.......
  4. Really? So you know what has happened exactly with Diggs in the past? WOW
  5. If Norman ends up being better fine.....but this is who Wallace is.....he has some very good games and some bad ones
  6. Kinda flys in the face of that "Diggs is a selfish bastad" thing that was floating before the season.
  7. Did anyone notice in that video that Knox got kicked in the head on one of the plays? I wonder if this was before or after his fumble? Was he already concussed?
  8. Whats your opinion on Drew Brees? Watching the game?
  9. The honest answer on that is I dont know......love Milano
  10. This is what really annoys me.... Josh Allen - missed some throw so bad Any other QB in the league - crickets If you dont wanna get called out for crit our QB......be even handed across other QB's in the NFL?
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