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  1. OMG!!! ME TOO!!! Matt was an EXCELLET teammate, supported Josh and helped steal Renegade from the Steelers.
  2. I'll start a "Friction between Beane and the Pegulas" thread later.
  3. Fun fact: "The 77 Second Miracle" was also my nickname in College. 😬
  4. Being that he has never been in the "Captain's Chair" of the offense it's really anybodies guess at this point what this own philosophies are. I'm sure he's picked up a few things here and there from past OCs he's played and worked under. How much and what is unknown. He may think you need waterbug at RB. I think the biggest question I have is in how well he can adjust what his likes and philosophies are to the personal Beane gets for him and how well he can identify and expound on what is working. I said in another thread I fully expect the 1st half of the season for the offense to be a bit off. Between the new adjustments on the system that will come, the lack of playcalling experience and almost certainly a few new players and coaches in that side of the ball...it's almost unavoidable IMO.
  5. His break out season in a contract year equaled 5 sacks. Of course not sure about pressures which I keep getting told are just as important as sacks. Also not sure what % his snap count was. I actually think I'd rather hang on to Addison at that rate. He got to the QB a bit and played pretty limited snaps. Would likely be less expensive as well.
  6. But....you just responded in the totally unproven click-bait headline thread. Everything ok with you today, friend?
  7. Different for sure. Also wouldn't shock me to see some forms of struggling in the offense to start the year. New play caller, new wrinkles and a few new players. Hopefully they can sync fast.
  8. I think some people are expecting a carbon copy of the Daboll offense and are in for a surprise. Dorsey will undoubtedly put his fingerprints on the offense. What does he value in the slot? Speed guy? Size guy? More 2 TE looks? Will be awesome to see the new wrinkles for sure.
  9. Actually he said he anticipated Cole being back, however he also noted that they "haven't had those discussions with him yet". That 2nd part was key. I believe they figured Beasley would rework his deal as he's said over and over that it's not about money for him. Perhaps the combination of possible playing for less and the Bills planning on playing Davis more was just took much of a perceived insult to Cole to want to stay.
  10. If Dalton got $10M last year in a down year for salary cap, I think Trubisky will see something in the range of a 2 year $28M deal as a baseline. I could see it going up from there based on the QB trade market drying up, nothing spectacular in FA or the draft it QB and the amount of QB needy teams this year. I expect a nice comp pick (round 4ish) out of it pending on Beane's FA spending (which should be on the low end this year with the cash we have available).
  11. I believe that defense is what won them that game. Stafford had the main task to just pepper Cupp with passes. Again, for what he specifically brought to the game the Rams could have won that with many other QBs.
  12. Did Stafford win the Rams a Super Bowl...or was it the All-Star cast they surrounded him with that got Stafford over the hump? Playing the Bengals with that team around them I would suggest any of about 16-18 QBs would have won that game....INCLUDING Goff.
  13. Cool story. Next time he should put in some car crashes and dragons to make it REALLY pop. Look, if people want to believe all this drama without any proof other than "Dude trust me, I was told this happened" then that's super. As we see all across America these days people will believe anything they read without proof just to increase the sound in the echo chamber they want to hear. One thing I know for sure...when a story comes across with as much "detail" from the amount of sources it would take to put it together that all remain unnamed "sources" then about 90% of what you're reading is the authors opinions presented as resolute fact.
  14. I mean, I like McK and it was a great game...but all it proves is he had a great game.
  15. Can't wait to see him hitting deep balls to some guys with elite speed that outrun the coverage next year.
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