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  1. I mean, of course Dan's going to list the guys he played a lot against from his era. It's who he's most familiar with and good friends with to boot. Jimbo was definitely one of the best of his era. And that's probably the most accurate ways to rank QBs. By era and not all-time IMO.
  2. Yes he did. That's the idea. If you cut someone like Miller as a post June 1st cut you have the bucks to spend late in FA when guys like that are available.
  3. One thing to keep in mind, though. There are usually a good number of veteran pass rushers available right before training camp. Chances are if the Bills cut a bigger contract (Miller or White for example) they should be able to find someone like Floyd available after June 1st. Floyd himself was signed June 5th.
  4. I hope the Bears do with him what they did with Edmunds last year. Pay that big salary to get us a better comp pick. I like AJE, have really enjoyed watching him progress and wish we could hang on to him, but if we can't that would be the next best outcome IMO.
  5. I've been connecting CEH to the Bills for a bit now. Between the Brady connection, the fact he's played big against the Bills and now him showing what kind of character he has it wouldn't shock me at all to see him here. He shouldn't command much on the open market. That is, if he doesn't re-sign with the Chiefs to stay on and back up Pacheco.
  6. From here on out any team not playing complimentary football will receive 13 public lashings at the 50 yard line. As it should always have been.
  7. Has anyone checked to see how Stef feels about this and if his brother will demand that he gets up outta Buffalo for this?
  8. The Diggs trade is an interesting question. Was it smart? I suppose it would depend on a few variables to know for certain. First off, how would that pick have been spent? If it would have played out the way the draft did and we end up with Justin Jefferson on 5 years of cost controlled rookie contract...a case could be made. Also, what deems the trade that did happen a success? We have won a few AFCE titles. But that's not the goal.
  9. I say this as someone who has a deep respect for Terry McLaurin. Hell no. Here's the thing, fans want to get that big splash name that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy. Gotta have that new toy, right? The instant gratification. Smart teams will pass on Terry McLaurin and find the NEXT McLaurin. Younger and cost controlled for 4-5 years. Teams that run out and trade away for big players like the Dolphins and Jets then end up with a top heavy roster that crumbles late in the season because their depth is truly atrocious....is that where ya wanna be? High priced aging vets (and yes, 29 is aging for an NFL WR) that give you limited years top production and a premium price are not the way to go.
  10. So, for a team that's already over $50M in the red pertaining to the cap, an extra $13M is no biggie. And where are you finding that extra $13M, keeping in mind we need to fill out a roster for camp, sign picks and have money open for in season moves during the season. And FWIW...Evans is very good but he's not an upgrade on Diggs. And Evans is very notable for not only his production...but hin inexplicable tendency to drop wide open passes. And it's all to add a CB...who isn't starting over Douglas or Benford.
  11. So, you would seriously consider trading Diggs, creating $31M in dead cap space and then sign Evans (who is expected to see somewhere in the $20M-$25M a year zone) so we could bring in a player on a rookie deal at a position that is already pretty stacked. A few things. First off, now you see why Tannenbaum is on TV instead of in a front office. Guy is a grade A idiot. Second...what other moves in this fantasy scenario are you making to afford this? Starting a GoFundMe? The idea to eat dead cap in that substantial amount to get a guy on a rookie contract as the reward...kind of self defeating, no? Reminds me of my father in law that drives 2 hours out of his way (each way) to save 6 cents a gallon on gas.
  12. I have. Yes, right now the list isn't impressive. Maybe right now the 2 most intriguing names (and I use that generously) may be Mike Nolan as a retread option looking for a 2nd shot and John DeFilippo who was a pretty hot name a few years back. But if the league stabilizes a bit and is around for a while it's an excellent opportunity for especially younger HC hopefuls. Even a guy like Matt Nagy could use it as a shot to rebuild his image.
  13. I think it's a pretty smart move. They know Baker would like to end up back in Tampa. I think they get something worked out just before FA opens.
  14. In addition to the players getting a chance to develop, it's also an opportunity for some guys in the coaching ranks to hoan their craft as well. Give guys that seem close to a HC opportunity to lead a team. Guys that have been passed over for a second shot at an NFL gig. Maybe a guy like an Eric Bienemey or a Leslie Frazier can grab a HC spot and show what they've got and get an opportunity they may have been passed on before.
  15. Those are 2 places I see with Jacksonville being a possibility with the Chad Hall connection. They are also expected to lose Ridley and Chark and will be in need of WRs
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