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  1. So, what's everyone's upset special this week? I actually am going with Detroit over the Packers.
  2. Had White played this week and aggravated anything on the poor Jets stadium turf...the same people bashing that he's inactive this week would suddenly be saying "Stupid McDermott playing White on that field. What a dumb decision".
  3. Sometimes high caliber athletes coming off serious injury have a harder time being mentally ready than physically ready. The knee heals but there is still some fear and uncertainty involved. Now I'm not saying with 100% certainty that is what is going on...but it really wouldn't shock me if he's going through some confidence issues in relation to how the knee will respond come game time.
  4. To quote the (not) late and (not) great Douglas Marrone: "Obviously"
  5. He gets to practice against Diggs and Davis all week. Think that will suffice. lol
  6. Not shocked and frankly kind of relieved that White's first game back will not be on that poor stadium turf.
  7. McD made it a point to say this week that getting Hines in on Tuesday as opposed to Monday has a surprising effect on getting him into the gameplan. I take this statement at face value. I think giving Hines a very light day today also gives the nod to James Cook that "hey, you're still part of our plans" With that in mind: 2 carries for 6 yards 1 catch for 9 yards 2 PR 14 yards. Fans will be disappointed and win or lose the hot takes on the trade will be magic all week.
  8. Offense: I expect the Jets CBs to hold their own on the outside against Diggs and Davis. I think Diggs will still get some grabs...but I'm going to venture to say it will be his lowest output of the season. So, needing some other playmakers to step up...I see this as a McKenzie/Shakir game. Defense: Hamiln may be my new favorite player. Love the way he flies around and lays hits. Ok, his coverage is somewhat lacking at times...buut the guy is a difference maker and I believe the way he has played along with the way Poyer is on the wrong side of 30 and has been unable to stay healthy this year, Hamlin has a real chance to play his way to the starting role next season and beyond.
  9. I believe most of the reason that there is a high coaching turnover is that owners and GMs often get blinded by stats of offenses and defenses that coaches run, rather than what really matters...can the coach relate to and lead a group full of men. This is also, by and large why I believe most college coaches fail at the NFL level. They have wonderful ideas but struggle to motivate players that cannot be motivated by fear and intimidation tactics. Coaches that are successful are successful for a reason. They are leaders first and foremost. They relate to the players, motivate and teach. Off your list I see a few guys that would fit that bill for me. DeMeco Ryans is an obvious choice. From things I've heard Mike Kafka would be one to keep a close eye on. And depending on the situation on my team...yes, Leslie Frazier. I thought he was actually the perfect guy for the Texans last year when they hired Culley. A calm steady coach after the hectic chaos of Bill O'Brein would have fit well...and that's the route they ended up going with Culley. Main difference is the experience level as a HC would have given a bit more of a legit chance. Houston seems to have gone that route again this year with Lovie.
  10. I agree and to my point that I said that everyone not named Baker has loved him. It's not OBJ that would draw attention to himself as "The Piece that won aSB for the Bills". Rather that would of course become a media talking point. No fault of his....
  11. A counter point: CMC joined the 49ers on a Friday. 2 days later he was up to snuff enough for 10 touches against the Chiefs. Now, I realize that CMC and Hines are different people in different situations. However getting Hines in on Tuesday and already practicing (and who knows if extra work has been put in after practice. Knowing Allen and reading about Hines....I would bet there is) there isn't really any reason that Dorsey can't have 8-10 plays scripted up with Hines in mind. I expect him to be active this week as the prime PR and see 10-12 snaps...especially if we happen to get up big. He's a pro.
  12. Well, much like Odell's knee I'm torn on this. On the one hand you can never have too many playmakers. If the knee is up to snuff than he makes the offense better. I have no qualms about his attitude because it seems like everyone not named Baker Mayfield that has played with him absolutely loves him. And Baker is a tool, so I'll discount his feelings square away. Actually, for me it's the opposite and I feel like he would fit in extremely well with the cast of characters we already have in the locker room. On the negative side I feel like this roster that we have is good enough to compete for and win a Super Bowl already. Adding Odell would shift the focus to it being all him that put us over the top if we do win it all. Also, barring an injury to the WR room I just don't see where it makes sense to add him. If we do sign him...who gets the boot? Diggs and Davis are locks. With how many GMs reportedly liked Shakir I can't see Beane subjecting him to waivers and losing him for the future for a few games of OBJ. Kumerow is of value in multiple spots as is McKenzie as a slot/gadget/returner. Odell only plays WR, and not sure they want 3 WRs that only contribute to offense. My gut feeling is that unless there is another injury to the WR room they roll with what they have being that they added a potential playmaker at the trade deadline in Hines and Odell heads in another directinon. (My top 3 guesses are Minnesota, Philly and San Francisco in that order)
  13. They will likely get a lot of pressure with 4, leaving 7 guys dropping back to fight for Wilson's likely INTs. There will be a few time that I think they throw a 5th guy into the pass rush to take Wilson by surprise an possibly force a mistake. Feels like a game we could see Taron blitz from his spot around the edge or Hamlin one or twice up the middle.
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