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  1. Have a good long talk with the neurosurgeon (spine). You made the right call on deferring the lumbar fusion. Those are a complete crap shoot on whether you’ll get relief or not. Cervical fusions have a much higher success rate in terms of symptomatic relief but depends on the pathology involved.
  2. While this is a nice summary of spinal stenosis, multiple sites including sports illustrated, ESPN, and CBS sports have reported the injury is a herniated disk. As such, the prognosis is much better than severe spinal stenosis with multiple levels involved. If he only needs a 1 level ACDF he could absolutely return to play, although at 32 he may decide it’s not worth the increased risk.
  3. All signs point to this being the end of Hyde in Buffalo. He’ll likely have a cervical fusion with removal of the offending disk. This is a very common surgery with great results in the right hands, and I have no doubt he’ll have the best spine surgeon working on him. Could he play again? Probaby. But, he may not want to. He’s 32, his risk of serious injury goes up after neck surgery. It will be an interesting conversation with him and Beane if he does decide he wants to play again. This is the evolution of a football team. We all knew Hyde and Poyer were short timers. It absolutely sucks it happened this year, but if it had to happen at least it’s in the beginning of the season. I think Johnson is ready. He was ready last year. Now he’s got the perfect opportunity to lock up a long term safety spot on our team after being the in the system for 4 years. We will know real quick whether he has it or not. If he does have it, Poyer or Hyde are gone next year. I’d love to get one of them back for one more year while we make another succession plan.
  4. Seems to me this puts more pressure on the Fins. The amount of hype they are getting over one good Tua quarter has even FilthyBeast and Gene saying "Woah slow down that's a lot of Miami hype". Imagine the verbal beat down we will unleash on Finheaven if they can't even beat us with 3/4 of our starting secondary out. Can't wait!
  5. 99% of Bills fans are not on this site I’d guess 90% do not use social media regularly Like on here, the loudest, shrillest voices get amplified The overwhelming majority of Bills fans do not see the SuperBowl as a lock, that’s the media machine. We know it’s a long season, anything can happen but we’ve got a good opportunity to be there. That’s it
  6. I think Dane dodged a bullet. He never lost any movement in the extremities and he was discharged the next day. If he had any symptoms at all of a cord injury he’d be admitted, monitored, and probably on IV steroids. What this tells me is that it’s all muscular. That can heal in a week, it can heal in a few weeks. I bet he skips Miami and is ready for the next game. Would be nice to know if he’s walking around in a neck brace. If not, he’ll be back sooner rather than later.
  7. Cook looked ok there. All you guys looking for something negative relax and enjoy the rest of the game. Give it a rest
  8. No way to know until the X-rays come back. Hopefully just a bruise and a couple weeks off. The fact that he was moving on the field and in the ambulance is a very positive sign. This could be a minor injury as bad as it looked. Hoping for the best
  9. I’ve been searching the thread - wheres gene and Filthybeast? Bueller….Bueller…. Hey I’ve got a suggestion, how about STFU for a week?
  10. Jimmy G laughing all the way to the BANK. What a cluster F San Fran is. Trey Lance? Come on. Jimmy G is going to play himself into a MONSTER contract next year then absolutely revert to Joe Average Game Manager while counting his mega bucks. Good for him!
  11. You aren't a Bills fan. No one here believes that. Your posts are comedy gold which is why I love reading you and Gene. How anyone could be so miserable and complimentary to Miami (your real team) and the Pats* and still try and come off as a Bills fan is flat out hilarious. Keep it up you balance out the pure homers on here.
  12. As I said, he never should have been in that position to begin with but he definitely tightened up when the pressure was on.
  13. So I watched NE and Miami in detail today. First NE : God I hope they keep McCorkle for years. He's just good enough to keep NE right in that 6/11 to 9/8 range. He knows where to go with the ball but can't throw past 9 yards with any velocity. His pick was pure noodle arm. His one long completion to Agalhor was a prayer he heaved, should never have been a reception. Pit blew this game which is fine with me because I don't want NE to get a real QB Lamar was Lamar. Made great plays with his feet, made some deep shots over the middle. Hit one guy on a slant who took it to the house. When the game got tight he choked. He never should have been put in that position with his horrendous defense but he started missing guys who were open, threw passes behind or in front of open guys. He's a good QB but can be contained. I've yet to see him play well a when the pressure is on but that may be my limited sample size. (Playoffs) Tua was better than expected. He was efficient with the ball and his receivers blew his stat line through the roof with YAC. His 2 long balls to Hill were completely blown coverages and Hill was open for greater than 5 yards on each. His game winning throw was an impressive display of moving in the pocket and accuracy. His shirt accuracy is very good, his deep ball floats and his outs suck. He's very containable if you don't play Cover Zero on Tyreek Hill. Mind boggling defensive collapse on Baltimores part. Love having a confident Miami team coming into Buffalo next week but we need to take care of business tomorrow first and foremost.
  14. This is the culture that McBeane have instilled in the team. Players holding other players accountable. There are high expectations and if you aren’t putting in the work you won’t just hear it from the coaches. What a change from the last 2 decades.
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