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  1. Time. That's all that we need to get this offense clicking even with the lack of a legitimate #1 WR and TE. The game needs to slow down just a touch more for Allen. He's making his reads, just getting there late so throwing late and with rushed mechanics. Guys are open, but rarely does Allen have time to get through his whole progression before the heat is on. It's a combination of Allen getting through his progressions a split second quicker and the O-line holding up just a fraction more. As Allen gets more experience, especially against the blitz, the game will slow for him and he will be getting the ball out faster with better mechanics. Unfortunately, as long suffering Bills fans, most have little patience to allow Allen to develop and Daboll to figure out how to call a game that maximizes Josh's chance to succeed while reigning in the turnovers. Daboll is still a work in progress too. I'm thinking unless there is a complete collapse the next 8 games there is no question they will both be back next season despite many calling for their heads. The next 8 games will tell us a lot.
  2. Sunday can't come quick enough. The amount of irrelevant BS that will have zero impact on the game yet gets sweated over incessantly has reached a fever pitch even for this place. Us fans need to learn how to win again just like our team.
  3. The only fans who don't look back fondly on 4 straight years of Super Bowl appearances were either too young or too dumb to appreciate what we had.
  4. IDK, this may come back to bite me in the ass but I was more concerned with Miami than I am the Eagles. I don't care what their record was, playing a division opponent with Fitz at QB played out like I anticipated. I figured it would be close, Fitz would get hot, and I figured he'd throw a game changing pick. The Eagles are not a good team. They and the national media are clinging to the false notion that they are still a super bowl contender, that Wentz is still as good as everyone annointed him, and that the internal dysfunction has no effect on game day. I don't care how "desperate" they are either. Buffalo got it's wake-up call last week after coming out flat and still managed to pull out the W. They were humbled a little after being huge favorites and needing to come back to win. No one gives them or our QB credit for being 5-1 and winning in different ways. The posters on this board are a thousand times more in tune with our team than the majority of national idiots who cling to their preconceived notions That's good. I like a hungry team. I think this is a close game as usual but Buffalo will win and will come out of the gates hot.
  5. Allen is going to get at least another 2 seasons after this one. He's shown all the intangibles you look for in a QB and is WINNING despite learning on the job and not even being close to his ceiling yet. It amazes me how many of us Bills fans, who like to think of ourselves as some of the smartest fans, have shown such impatience towards the rawest QB in the top of that draft. Relax and enjoy the ride
  6. I think some people are getting way ahead of themselves. We are at the quarter pole and people are seriously discussing our playoff seeding?? Yeah, I'm optimistic we have a shot at making the playoffs but I don't even look at the Miami game as a given W. We are going to have bounces that don't go our way, games where our D is not as dominant, injuries of unknown impact/duration. Obviously it's the offense that will most determine our fate assuming the D continues a high level of play. If he cuts down on the TOs, I think we have a wild card shot. If he make a leap over the next 8 games, we could make some noise. That's a long ways off though. Let's just beat Miami next week.
  7. I'm not impressed with Mayfield, he's been way over hyped and over rated. I'm not saying he's not going to develop into a good QB, just that the media were way too quick to annoint him the next great one.
  8. Steroids don't make you a douche, they enhance the douche that was already there.
  9. The only reason Shady is gone is because McBeane knew he wouldn't accept a lesser role in the offense without making noise. I'm sure they would have loved to keep him but Shady has always been more of a me guy than a process guy. They chose team culture over a diminishing talent, that's all.
  10. I don't think this is a complex situation at all. Allen is the starter, Barkley is the backup. If Allen is cleared, he starts. If not, Barkley the backup is in. Simple. No more "learning from the bench". Allen starts unless McBeane decide he's not the franchise guy in which case he won't see the field again. That decision won't be until the end of next year at the earliest unless he has several Peterman level performances in a row and even then they might ride it out. Personally I think the best thing for Allen after his horrific first half last week is to get right back in there. It's up to Daboll to develop a game plan that both gives us a chance to win the game and at the same time gets Allen out of the gates hot. To me that means start with short easy throws and running the ball. 3 step drops, slants, swing passes, shallow crosses. Beat it in to Allens head that if his reads aren't there quickly in the progression, chuck it away immediately or run and SLIDE every time. The only deep shots I'd do early are play action passes where if the first read isn't there, dump it quickly to a short relief valve. Get Allen his confidence early and the longer developing plays will come later.
  11. The only way we win this game is if we stop the run and don't turn the ball over. Brady is going to move the chains regardless, but if we squash the run enough where our guys can tee-off and rush him hard we can get him a little rattled and that's when they are vulnerable. If we turn the ball over, especially if we leave points on the board when doing it, we don't have a chance.
  12. I love the meltdown. Of course we can relate, but I have zero sympathy for the over-hyped, over confident and over-rated Jets and their fans. No one gave a crap about us during the many seasons we experienced the same thing. It's nice to be on the other side for once and be able to point at the mess other teams are when we seem to be on the right track. I'd be concerned about Darnold. He's got the potential to be a good QB but he may be in that situation where he's going to have a bunch of different coaches and systems early in his career and never develop fully. It's still very early but I have not been impressed by him so far.
  13. I'm pleasantly surprised that Allen has showed the degree of growth he has in both the mental and physical aspects of the game. This is a testament to both the player and the developmental coaching he has received. Baker is going to be a solid starter and was quicker out of the gate but his ceiling is lower than Allen's Jackson has surprised me in his development but like Allen still, I'll wait to see some consistency over time before drawing conclusions. Rosen is a disaster and certainly his circumstances haven't helped The one who surprises me is Darnold. I've watched most of his games and I'm just not seeing this future pro-bowler they everyone hyped. He seems skittish in the pocket, isn't reading defenses as well as Allen so far, and only seems comfortable on the run during a broken/extended play. It's real early for all of them except Rosen who I think is done. Time will tell
  14. She's a coaching intern. She will have zero effect on wins and losses. I couldn't care less about diversity hiring but good for her.
  15. I just like to add my name to those threads on TBD that may go down in history as some of the stupidest threads ever started
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