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  1. Eh this is a nothing burger. Mahomes always seemed to me to be kind of a dick but he’s a phenomenal talent. That limp sure got worse after playing like crap when TB started rolling though.
  2. All the talk has been about Brady, which is exactly my point. He no longer plays for your team, he couldn’t stand NE and got the hell out just like Gronk. The discussion about your current team has been completely absent. One bad season in 20 and you’d think they were the Lions. The fact is there seem to be more Brady fans than Pats* fans, which is about right for frontunners. The few true NE fans I know can’t stand Brady for bailing on NE, they root for the colors not the player.
  3. All these supposedly Pats* fans rooting for Tampa just prove what we already knew - NE fans are the biggest bandwagon fans on the planet. If Jim Kelly and Thurman made it clear they hated Buffalo and would either retire or get out any way they could (that last TB restructure) the overwhelmingly majority of Bills fans would hate them on another team and rightly so. That’s exactly what Gronk and TB did, they couldn’t stand NE anymore. As I’ve stated before, I live in NE and there has been ZERO Patriots talk this season except for a few die hards. You wouldn’t even know t
  4. It’s hard to say because we can’t know if that TB team which dominated KC plays the same against us with different match-ups. My gut tells me we don’t have the front 7 to pressure Brady consistently and he would have carved us up. The TB MLB White is everything we want Edmunds to be. A fast, disruptive, playmaking MLB. I loved the Edmunds pick but he needs to show up next year and start making some impact plays or we need to move him or move on. So what’s the explanation for the refs FINALLY calling the KC DBs for raping receivers all game long? They have been doing it all year to
  5. No one is trading for John Brown. That’s Bill’s fan fantasyland thinking our players are better or more valuable than they are. Only way Brown stays: 1) McBeane thinks his decreased production is solely a result of injury and not losing a step 2) He restructures. It’s that simple. Given the salary cap next year, I think Brown would be amendable to a restructure and I think he stays assuming #1 is true.
  6. Hahaha no one in this league is giving up a first for Sam Darnold. If the Jets trade him they will be lucky to get a 3rd. He’s done. A bust. You don’t play 3 years in the league and regress like he has just because your team sucks. I was never a Sam hater, I thought he had some potential to be a starter, but I’ve watched most of his games and he is HORRIBLE. His main problem is he has no idea where to go with the ball. He just doesn’t have the mental acuity down enough to be successful. Yeah, he will roll out and make a Wow play here and there out of structure but he’s on to backup-ville after
  7. The Wizard Beane will have a solid offer for Milano. He has to in order to send a message to the rest of the team that guys will get paid commensurate with their production and availability. I don’t think it will be enough but it’s possible in this low cap upcoming season that it will be. I’d expect Beane to have a few guys on the radar in the same salary range as offered to Milano that we could make offers to to plug that hole if Milano leaves. There are going to be a lot of guys on the FA market who are salary cap casualties this season. I don’t think he will draft his replacement in the fir
  8. I hope this puts to end all the talk about not needing any semblance of a running game. I can remember so many threads full of clowns saying “We don’t need to run the ball at all” “Daboll sucks he called 3 run plays in a quarter”. Well, you guys got your wish and we got absolutely destroyed because of the imbalance. You were proven 100% wrong so save your crap takes next season. Knox is a huge disappointment. I was really hoping he just needed some time and reps but he sucks and it’s time to move on. He consistently whiffs on assignments and still has concentration issues catching
  9. We know Daboll has the ability to design the offensive game plan to attack a defenses weaknesses. The only reason I can see that we played right into KC’s hands on offense was Daboll knew we didn’t have the RBs or TEs to take advantage of the KC defense which is their putrid LBs. It’s disgusting how easily they exposed us and I don’t think it was because Daboll didn’t understand how to attack them, he had no faith that we could do it effectively. Knox is a huge disappointment. I really expected him to be a weapon this year but he didn’t progress the way I hoped. Singletary regressed, probably
  10. Romo has gotten way too full of himself. He’s a full on cheerleader for the guys he likes and has been making more mistakes lately (I think it’s just a cramp, Jim!). I fully expect him to be jizzing all over the press box every time Mahomes takes a heroic step with his injured big toe. He will be flat out cheering for the Chiefs all game long. Gonna be hard to listen to unless we are kicking butt and we get to listen to him try and make excuses for Mahomes or cheer an attempted comeback.
  11. The shot is a combo of local anesthetic, steroid and probably toradol. It will have to go into and around the joint which is right at the base of the big toe. You can’t numb the whole foot obviously because then you won’t have balance. It’s going to effect him. I felt from the last game the toe would have more impact than the head injury. You could see how it impacted him after it flared up in the second half when he couldn’t step into his throws as much and it will limit (not eliminate) his running ability. Keep in mind he will have a metal plate under that toe to limit hyper ext
  12. It’s been a near perfect relationship for the development of a talented, raw QB I’m ecstatic he’s staying one more year because although I think Josh has surpassed the point where he may backslide, one more year in the same system with Daboll is really going to solidify his understanding of the game. After next year, it won’t matter who the OC is in terms of Josh’s development. He has the tools, understanding and work ethic to succeed in any system. Of course it will benefit the team to get an OC who continues to emphasize what Josh’s unique talents bring the to table.
  13. This is your weekly reminder (week 19 now) to pay no attention to the injury report. McD plays that report like a fiddle. There is very little information to be gained above what we already know. Example - Davis: We know he injured his ankle. We know he finished the game. We know he will play this week. What we don’t and won’t know is how bad that ankle is until we see him on the field, and neither will the Chiefs. Even if he’s 100% no way McD puts him down as full practice. He’s probably not 100, but I don’t think his DNP means anything. They are resting him like they
  14. Don’t listen to a thing these guys say during the week. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Martindale let it be known he was going to bring the pressure and then the Ravens sat back all game and rushed 4.
  15. I think we get hung up on the fact that we had a few games where we were like the Greatest Show on Turf. That’s just one aspect of our team, I don’t think it’s our identity and we’ve proved multiple times that it’s not the only way we can win. We are definitely a pass first offense no doubt, and I’d like to see the running game improve next year, but our team is more Whatever It Takes than just Pass Deep and Win. That’s why I think we are going to the Super Bowl and I think we are going to win it. We are not a one trick pony, we have different sides of the ball stepping up at different times,
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