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  1. You really have zero insight into this football team, none.
  2. It wasn’t until I moved away that I realized some people actually pick teams to root for. Being born in Buffalo into a family of die hard Bills fans from the AFL days I just assumed that’s how everyone became a fan of their teams. As I tell everyone, when you are from Buffalo it’s not a choice it’s in your blood. I have a couple other college teams I follow that I have some link to (UB, Syracuse) but nothing like the emotional attachment to the Bills and less so the Sabres. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  3. Fracture dislocation of the posterior wall of his hip = guaranteed arthritis. I doubt he lasts 6 years.
  4. I’m friendly with one of our ex offensive coordinators and sometimes talk some football in the gym with him. He mentioned our current OC gave him a call last week to discuss some run and shoot concepts that he’s been slowly integrating into the O. I guess that TD pass to Beasley was something Beasley learned from June Jones back at SMU and has been lobbying Daboll to put in for some time. I seem to recall an Athletic article along the same lines. Anyway, I guess the gist of the call was Daboll wanted to pick his brain about putting more run and shoot route concepts into the O. The issue with it as I understand is that the QB and WR make both pre and post snap reads so they must be on the same page or balls will be going all over the place. Kind of like what Brady mastered in NE for so long but it takes a lot of time and chemistry to develop and is difficulty to implement in the middle of the season. This ex OC is very impressed with Daboll and says he’s always looking for new wrinkles or how to expand the offense and is very open to player suggestions on how to improve it. I told him if he talks again to tell him to spend a little time on the damn running game.
  5. There hasn’t been one instance of transmission on the football field. As long as sick Titans players aren’t in the visitors locker room coughing up a storm just prior to the Bills entering they will be fine. Not saying it’s optimal at all but if you are going to play games you have to accept some risk and so far playing football on the field seems extremely low. The only way to get to zero risk is to not play games.
  6. Or maybe Tre tweaked his back and McD is doing his normal conservative thing with injuries and holding him out of practice. It’s not like at this point missing a couple practices is going to do anything other than let him heal up a bit. To suggest he’s got a psychosomatic illness just because he took his time to make a decision on whether to play this season is a stretch.
  7. Stop with the “Trey is going to sit out” crap. He made his decision at the beginning of the season. You really think he’s going to let his teammates down and fake an injury so he doesn’t have to play? Jesus the stuff people come up with.
  8. There is no way anyone who feels comfortable with a 4-0 record before even playing the Pats was a fan before the Superbowl years. All this talk about winning the conference, getting a first round bye etc is absolutely ridiculous. It is way too early to be talking about anything other than the Titans game. All you guys talking like we've already arrived - we haven't done crap yet. Yes it's great to be 4-0 and up 2 games in the division but there is a long season ahead and until we beat the Hoodie and beat them definitively we haven't done jack.
  9. Very reasonable. I should have phrased that better and said I think we can still be effective against the run even with a drop in run stopping talent with better adherence to the scheme. I’m confident McD and Frazier can get that improved.
  10. The only problem I see on the D right now is the front seven, particularly the D lineman. They aren’t maintaining gap integrity, they are getting pushed around and our ends aren’t generating much pressure. I think there’s been a bit of a drop off in run stopping talent with the loss of Star and Shaq but McD was hoping to make up for it with improved pass rush from Addison and Jefferson and the return of Harry who has been average at best. I think this is more of a scheme problem than overall talent problem and McD/Frazier will get it fixed. It seems like so many people on this board are ready to jettison players way too quickly. The Hyde comments are ridiculous and aren’t worth responding to except to say it demonstrates a lack of understanding of his role in this D. Edmunds had a bad game, big deal. He’s definitely got a bruised or separated AC joint and he’s out there trying to make tackles. If any of you guys had this you wouldn’t be able to wipe your ass let alone take a shot to the shoulder. And get off Moss’s jock while we are at it. The guy is a rookie with zero pre season games trying to learn how to hit holes at the NFL level. He was overhyped in camp but that doesn’t mean he can’t play or is a bust. He will be fine and Motor should get the majority of carries anyway.
  11. It’s not a technically difficult fix at the humerus. You basically grab the tendon and nail it back into the arm bone. It just takes a lot of time to heal and tendons recover a lot slower than muscle because they have less blood flow. I wouldn’t expect him back for a while. I think the talk is a little premature.
  12. The overwhelming majority of these injuries occur at the humeral (upper arm) insertion. That’s the weak point. It is exceedingly rare to have a pec tear at the sternum and that’s very difficult to fix.
  13. I mentioned this in another thread but I don’t think the red jersey is any indication that Edmunds will play or not. If it were a serious shoulder injury or high risk of worsening it he would be on IR. I’d guess “just” an AC joint bruise/mild separation which is more of a pain control issue which is why they don’t want him taking shots in practice. Numb him up on Sunday, don’t drop his lung in the process, and I’d bet he plays. 100% conjecture on my part so take it for what it’s worth (not much haha)
  14. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the lack of leaks from 1BD. We really have no idea what’s going on with Edmunds except it’s a shoulder issue and that means McVay doesn’t know much more either. I think this is McD trying some Hoodie level disinformation tactics. Keep your opponents guessing. If Edmunds shoulder was really damaged he’d be on IR. That makes me think it’s more of a pain issue hence the non contact jersey. Hopefully just an AC joint sprain but that’s a 100% guess on my part. I don’t think McD would have him on the practice field if there wasn’t a good chance he’s going to play. Why waste the reps if he knows he’s out? I’m thinking Edmunds is in, especially if the risk of further damage is low which I think it probably is otherwise he’d be on IR.
  15. Every QB has dropped interceptions. Every QB air mails a ball every now and then. Mahomes did the exact same thing Josh did last week and missed a wide open guy in the EZ by 5 yards. So what, they all do it. Only Allen gets dissected to the degree that he does with armchair analysts trying to prop up their pre-draft conclusions. PFF is the worst they can go blow a goat and get off the Josh Allen train now that it’s left the station. Those guys did everything in their power to support a crap narrative and are not unbiased in the least.
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