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  1. I want to see the Edmunds report all season long. If some of you guys don’t want to hear about Tremaine’s (lack) of exploits then don’t click on the F’n link. Why? Because I love following ex-Bills players and see how they are doing. I don’t root against them and often root for them. I was a HUGE Tremaine supporter his first few years. I bought my daughter an Edmunds jersey because I was convinced we had the QB of our defense for a decade. The reason I want to see how they are doing is because I want to see if me, as one of the best armchair GMs in the league and McBeane, as one of the best real Coach/GMs in the league made the right decision. So far, Edmunds is an absolute BUST at 18 million a year. I wanted to keep him at 12 mil, I’m glad that didn’t happen because it’s pretty clear after 4 games that at the MLB position in THIS defense, Bernard looks to be better. So far, the only player I can think of that we let go and shouldn’t have is Teller. Hodkins? Hahah please. The next decision will be Gabe Davis if he doesn’t get extended before the end of the season.
  2. Sure it starts off rules based but in order to develop the correct muscle memory to play fast he has to get to the point where he’s not thinking so much. Again it’s pure speculation on all our parts why he isn’t out there because it’s a fact that he has better physical skills than our other corners. I’m guessing it’s because he’s not playing his zone responsibilities as good as White/Jackson/Benford but, it’s just a guess.
  3. Idk everything McD says is that Kair has acted like a true professional. He’s not going to come out and say he has a crap attitude but at the same time he wouldn’t do the exact opposite and praise his professionalism if it was really an issue. I think it’s highly likely that Elam is taking longer to grab the nuances of a zone D than the team anticipated when we drafted him. He’s got the physical skills, but he’s gotta get the “feel” of the zone like Benford and Bernard have and not be thinking out there too much about where exactly he has to be. One thing about this staff is except for Teller, they don’t give up on players too soon. If Elam gets traded at some point I’m confident it’s because he just couldn’t pick up the system and not for lack of opportunity.
  4. Davis has proved himself a high end #3, low end #2. This is pure conjecture on my part, but I think Davis has an inflated sense of self worth and sees himself as a 1b, mainly because Josh has elevated Davis’ game. If Davis goes to the Giants he’s going to disappear. Beane has a number that he’s willing to sign Davis back for which is less than other teams would likely offer (just like Edmunds) Whether Davis is willing to take less to stay in Buffalo, well, that’s what we are going to find out. If he doesn’t sign an extension in season I think he’s gone unless he tests the market and I’m wrong about other teams being willing to pay him and he comes crawling back.
  5. The missing piece to this offense over the last years has been an effective running game. Yes, I know we’ve run the ball before but I think everyone can see with their eyes that we are more effective this year. The main reason is 1) Upgraded guards 2) Year 2 of Kromer 3) Not trying to run wide zone when gap runs are more effective for us 4) Spencer Brown has not been the disaster everyone predicted (he’s always been good in run game tho) 5) Murray / Harris are awesome signings and I think both will get more involved as the season progresses. As for play action, many were calling for more Josh under center and more PA and the results speak for themselves. PA can be effective without a good running game. I believe it’s more effective, especially on 2nd/3rd and short, if you’ve been running the ball down their throats.
  6. Your weekly reminder that there is no such thing as a trap game, it’s figment of fan’s anxiety and the data prove it doesn’t exist. That being said, Jags won their division last year and even if they didn’t there are MANY players on this team who remember losing to Jax when they sucked. I don’t think this team over looks anyone. They are all business this year and it’s great to see. I expect a closer game than Miami but we will take care of business. I’d like to see improvement on the D side in shutting down the run game better. On O, I expect more of the same balanced attack and Allen playing within the scheme. W
  7. I don’t get the Jags hype. Lawerence has potential but he’s not consistent yet. If we continue to play turnover free football and Josh continues to play within the game plan I don’t think it’s close. Of course, that’s why we play the game so we will see. I don’t take the Jags lightly, I just think they are one of the teams the NFL decided to hype this offseason. Von won’t see the field next week and he shouldn’t. They are going to give him 2 weeks of practice to work his way into form and won’t risk him on an overseas trip on turf.
  8. That’s a complete rupture and Tre is done for the season. I say that because with a Grade III you feel a pop and that’s what Tre was reacting to when he tossed his helmet. He felt it pop and knew he was done. Heartbreaking. I hope he rehabs again, plays for us again and retires a Bill but I wouldn’t expect him to regain his peak form. Just awful for a wonderful guy, exemplary teammate, and consummate professional.
  9. That sounds 100% like the troll Filthy Beast. Thank god he gets smacked down like a whack-a-mole every time he pops his head up here now.
  10. I wouldn’t be shocked if Rapp is signed to an extension in the next few weeks, he was brought in to be Poyers replacement. I’d love to sign Floyd too but idk yet whether he’s bought into the Bills family or he’s looking for a big payday
  11. Mrags my bad. As you can see, I replied to 2 posts and I included the first one where I put “took a year off” in quotes. The post you replied to was the next one I wrote right after where I did not include the quotes so I can see why you’d think I was changing my tune. For the record, Frazier got fired but they let him save some face. I don’t think Frazier left on his own, I think McBeane let it be known they were going in another direction and allowed him to exit with some dignity. Sorry for the confusion. As for getting rid of Frazier sooner, I don’t think it was possible even though in retrospect it would have probably been the right move. You had a highly respected coach with a statistically top 3 defense. The Bills would have been absolutely destroyed from a PR perspective and as I said, McBeane are loyal to a fault sometimes with players and coaches. I agree with you that in retrospect it would have been the right move but I can see why the move wasn’t made sooner.
  12. That’s why it was in quotes. Of course they were getting rid of him but McBeane are 2 classy guys so they did it in a way that Frazier saved face and could keep the hope of getting another job in the future alive. Personally I don’t think Frazier will coach again and I really appreciate the way McBeane handled it because as much as I wanted Frazier gone I respect the man.
  13. Frazier was a very highly respected coach with statistically top 3 defenses every year. Can you imagine the sht-storm this team would have endured had they fired a guy with those stats? McBeane are loyal guys who are big on doing things the right way. They took the high road and let Frazier depart on his own terms because they respected him so much. It’s always easy in retrospect to say “we should have done X” but that’s just not how McBeane operate.
  14. No question Frazier was a big problem in that game, and I said I’m glad he “took a year off”. My point, that you clearly missed, was that there was no way McBeane was going to get rid of Frazier after 13 seconds given the high regard they had for him and the fact that statistically the defense was very very good. We all saw the weaknesses, and I bet that if McD was calling the D there probably would have been a different outcome. But, given the culture and loyalty McBeane have that just wasn’t going to happen. Plus, I think Edmunds in the middle was a bigger problem than I realized given that both Mahomes and Burrow abused him regularly.
  15. No question there have been some play calls that left me scratching my head wondering WTF?? But, overall his game plans have been sound, there have been open receivers in every game starting with the Jets. If Josh took the easy stuff in the first game we are 4-0. That first game might end up being a godsend because Josh has really matured quickly and has a much more business like mindset. I think that early set back really hit home and Josh is the type of guy who doesn’t just talk the talk he went back and actually fixed his mistakes. That’s so unusual even at the professional level, we really have a unicorn in him.
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