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  1. WTF Do you expect him to say? He's referencing the DEFENSE Einstein. Do you actually think for one minute that our Offense put fear onto him or his team? Be real. Nuff said ...
  2. Aren't you after that steaming pile of 💩 display?
  3. If we win the coin toss, we need to keep the ball and go on offense. We need to keep the ball out of the Ravens Offenses hands and have long, sustained drives. This IMHO is the first part of the recipe for success. Next up, one or two of our LB's shadowing their QB which will also limit the running game. For him to throw whenever possible.
  4. Of course not. 35 years of marriage AND my wife knows my loyalty to the Bills! 😁
  5. I absolutely HATE the play calling of this OC! 😠
  6. No. You're thinking of Linus.
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