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  1. Because he was contemplating running the ball out. That's why he was so ambiguous with his signaling 😠
  2. You get the ball in your best offensive players hand as often as possible. We did not do that today.
  3. Let's be serious about this. We're a few players away from being a serious contender. How crazy would it be if we could sign the GOAT for a year or two to not only take a legit shot at a championship BUT also to mentor JA. Bizzaro world?
  4. A few NFL level WR's sure would be nice, along with an OC that can help develop JA.
  5. Take the one run for 14 yards away and FG averaged 1 YARD PER CARRY! Singletary would have had an additional 40+ yards had he FG's snaps. Would it have made a difference in the final score?
  6. Horrible call! Either fair catch or take a knee! These putz announcers saying " Common sense" pisses me off! In 50+ years of watching pro football I have NEVER seen a player just stand there and get a free pass like this. HORRIBLE CALL!!!!!!
  7. I'm hoping that Watt has been activated more as a "Rah Rah" move for inspiration purposes. He's still very fragile medically and another injury could be a huge setback. Let's go BUFFALO!
  8. He understood. I'm sure the fact that his team won the SB didn't hurt
  9. I was standing in my Father-In-Laws living room downstate. He was a Die Hard Giants fan. When Norwide missed the kick, I put a hole in his living room wall. He eventually put a frame around the hole and a small plaque that said" My pain in the Ass Son in Law after his Bills lost the Superbowl".
  10. I can't say a bad thing about Russ. He has donated well over a million dollars to local veteran causes.
  11. WTF Do you expect him to say? He's referencing the DEFENSE Einstein. Do you actually think for one minute that our Offense put fear onto him or his team? Be real. Nuff said ...
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