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  1. In all honesty, he eerily reminded me of Josh 1.0 last night.
  2. League take note: You can run on the Buffalo Bills!
  3. WTF is up with NOT RUNNING THE BALL!!!! We are once again a two dimensional team. Josh run. Josh pass. BS!!
  4. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30126658/source-new-england-patriots-cancel-practice-positive-covid-19-test
  5. Absolutely dominant pass rusher! Man. Watching Bruce in his hey day was magical.
  6. Dude. You've got entirely too much time on your hands. Next time I contemplate responding to a post, I'll be sure to solicit your opinion as to what I should say. Now COME ON MAN!!!!
  7. Then I suppose it also must include castration, beheading, Forty lashes with a wet noodle, having to watch a continues loop of Scott Norwoods wide right.... "Come on Man"! 😉
  8. I love when people mention the word "Fair". This team has blatantly disregarded league rules in regards to COVID-19 and put many people at risk, both on and off the field, and they were sat down as a group in a team meeting and were briefed! " The Tennessee Titans were informed on Sept. 29 that in-person gatherings had been banned because of the organization's ongoing coronavirus outbreak, a league source told ESPN's Dan Graziano, meaning that the players' informal workouts the following day were unauthorized and a violation of the NFL's virus-related protocols. A group of Titans players held a workout at a Nashville school on Sept. 30, one day after the organization closed its facility. The Titans have had 23 positive tests for COVID-19 since Sept. 24, with another player testing positive for the virus Thursday, according to ESPN and reports." Screw what's fair. Whatever punishment the receive, regardless of how severe it may appear to some, is deserved. I know if I was playing against this team I would not want to take the chance of lining up or tackling. "Fair". Pfffftttttt.....
  9. N.O ! Who knows who else may be carrying that Virus on the Titans.
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