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  1. Meh. If the price is right...
  2. Damn. I wish we as fans could pull the funding off for naming rights to the stadium! What's the asking price for the naming rights? 🤔
  3. Sure. As long as it's not during the national anthem. If they would like to stand in honor of our flag and then AFTER the SSB is played take a knee, I'm all for that.
  4. Ummmm...Is Josh looking to be the highest paid QB in the league?
  5. What a joke. Dude has won NOTHING but wants it all. Has one of the top O-Lines, Top receivers, and top RB. Gee, how good would he be with lesser talent around him? I know, I know, " I don't blame him. It's a tough sport. Short career. Blah blah blah..". I hope Jerry stands his ground.
  6. Then you're part of the problem 🤔
  7. Agreed..To a point. With his financial and Social status, I mean MY GOD , where's his common sense???
  8. In the immortal words of my Grandmother " What a F'ing shame" 😠
  9. I have two networks that I access here at home. My personal AND my companies. The access I have at home is the same that I have at work, on our secured network. I think he/she may be just a bit jealous
  10. I'm here at home Teleworking and on my 2nd computer monitor I have the 1990 AFC Championship game against Oakland playing. Damn, what a totally dominant team we had on both sides of the ball! More so, I remember how very close the players were with with one another and I am seeing that develop with our current roster, and I like it. We went on to lose four straight Super Bowls and the hurt we felt back then was painful, but I vividly remember the ride and the euphoria that we also felt as fans. It was an amazing ride, and re-watching some of the games brings back wonderful memories and renewed anticipation for the team that's been assembled over the past 4 years. Were onto something here, and I'm ready for another championship run!
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