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  1. Anyone else feel that the contract he signed with the first year being 1 million plus a 9 million signing bonus is BS? This contract is tantamount to the Browns being complicit , IMHO. They are saying they feel he is guilty but will ride it out with a team-friendly contract. If the NFL does not lower the hammer on this POS.... He needs to be barred from the NFL...PERIOD!
  2. Wow. Crushing. Really the only time I would listen to WGR was when John was on or coming on. Such an amazing mind. Rest in Peace John Clayton ❤
  3. Mitch is a very good QB. Head scratcher really why he was not picked up as a starter last year. I wish him well.
  4. Lame response. MS watched her take a dive and IMMEDIATELY turned tail and ran. I'm sorry. It must be that I come from a different generation and was raised to be caring and helpful. Screw it. He's got his SuperBowl right?
  5. He should be ashamed of himself! My God.
  6. What a CRAP game! Happy for Donald and Stafford. Glad that punk Burrow was brought back down to earth with his cocky self. And best of all I won $2500!
  7. If so I'm in! Was stationed in Germany with the USAF in the 80's and lived there for 7 years. Would love to experience our team live in Germany. Mom used to send me VHS tapes of Bills games or we would watch them in our day room (or any NFL game on AFN ) late at night or early in the morning Germany time ❤
  8. Buffalo Bills @BuffaloBills · 5m We’ve promoted Matthew Smiley to Special Teams Coordinator. Congratulations, Matt! #BillsMafia
  9. I'm not concerned about any of this counselor. I gave an opinion and l viewed the potential consequences for both parties involved.
  10. If Flores is lying then he should pay a steep price, much like Smollett. Inciting racial tension by making false claims is despicable. In the end though, if and I mean IF he is not telling the truth, he most likely will never get another coaching job in the NFL because the owners stick together on crap like this. If Flores is telling the truth then he will undoubtedly profit by his legal action. Stephen Ross should lose his franchise.
  11. If he's telling the truth then there should be hell to pay in regards to the 100k to throw a game. Loss of the franchise would be first on the list. The Rooney rule is a tricky one however. I personally think most if not all teams have there minds made up who they want to hire and it's just a hand-job to satisfy the rule. In this day and age of win at all cost ad the financial rewards that come with it in the NFL , I find it hard to believe that any team would not hire the best qualified person, much like a GM would go after the best player available at the draft or during free agency. If there is a Black coach out there that can lead a team to the SB, then I'm pretty sure that most if not all teams will pursue that person. Then again, I'm sure there are still remnants of "The good 'ol boys club".
  12. I understand that. If found that he is lying then he should be banned from the NFL for life.
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