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  1. I'm very happy that I was able to witness his entire career. A career that shall never be equalled. I salute the G.O.A.T !
  2. So you think the tumble Mahomes took was fake? What about both of his feet clearly OOB when he was pushed?
  3. Disagree. There are basic packages that he would be a part of. The problem is that Dorsey has tunnel vision.
  4. Rehabbing? How about showing support for your team?
  5. I saw a glaring lack of team leadership yesterday. Was Von on the sidelines? We were completely lost. Who are the "leaders" on this team and did they step up??
  6. I'm very confident. We will see an exceptional Offensive game plan with an equally aggressive Defensive game plan as well. Josh will be the Josh of the 2022 playoffs. Bills 34 Bangles 17 ! Let's go BUFFALO!
  7. Another good read about our QB1. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/bills-josh-allen-breaks-nfl-legends-record-multiple-touchdown-performance-vs-dolphins
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