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  1. I remember very well when I blew out my ACL while in the USAF stationed in Germany. We had soccer practice indoors due to some torrential rain we were experiencing that day, so we were using the base gym. I jumped over a makeshift goal net to avoid a collision and when I came down I heard a discernible "POP" and immediately collapsed onto both knees. The pain was the worst I had ever experienced up to that point of my life. I had tears coming out of my eyes. I could not control them. 5 minutes later I was up and about shooting hoops, no pain at all. As if it never happened. Of course I was then mis-diagnosed at my base clinic.. and then a few months later had major knee surgery with my ACL and medial and lateral meniscus but I digress....
  2. Anywhere and anytime is always the place to thank a Veteran!
  3. One if those games where were not meant to win. Too many weird plays. Bad penalty calls. Etc.
  4. Honestly. Isn't it time for the playing field (pun intended) to be the same league wide and for all stadiums be domed?
  5. What percentage of those same people have killed another human being while driving under the influence? 🤔
  6. Funny? Did he kill another human being while drag racing? Apples & Oranges. What percentage of those same people have killed another human being while driving under the influence? 🤔
  7. May be my friend. I'd like to think it was her way of saying " We've got this. I love you ". ❤
  8. Some of you are aware of my Mom passing away in March due to complications from the coronavirus disease. She was a HUGE Bills fan and supporter. I have to tell a story of what occurred during Monday night's Bills/Titans game. This honestly did take place. Some of you know how much of a Bills fan my Mom was. She loved "Her Bills". She had Bills memorabilia all throughout her home, she made various crafts with Bills themes, loved watching the games on TV and loved talking to me and my little sister on the phone during the games. Also, I was very close to my Mom. We live across the street from her and she was a big part of our daily lives. I was the only boy with 6 sisters so we had that "Mother/Son closeness". Earlier in the day my wife put up a few Bills momentos that Mom kept on her porch year around in support of her Bills. One is a Large cardboard cutout of a Bills helmet and the other a four foot tall wooden sled with Bills Country on it and a wooden Bills Buffalo. We were sitting on our couch watching the game on pins and needles of course. With a little over 3 minutes left in the game, the Titans kicked the ball off to Bills returner Isaiah Mckenzie. As soon as Isaiah caught the ball and started to run, we heard a crash behind us. We both jumped up and saw Moms Helmet & Sled had crashed to the ground as McKenzie was running for a 102 yard Kickoff return Touchdown! I know this was Mom sending us a message that she was there with us and rooting on her Bills, I KNOW IT! Of course a penalty negated the touchdown but MOM was there, letting us know that she still loved her Bills. I know in my heart Mom was there, sending us a message that although not physically with us, she was with us in spirit. I had posted this very picture before the game.
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