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  1. Returntoglory

    Happy Birthday coach McDermott

    Happy Birthday Coach!
  2. I lived in Manhattan for 7 years. No other city on Earth like it! You don't know what you're missing if you've never been there. Go with someone who knows the city intimately.
  3. The distraction of signing Kap and what craziness it would bring to a team, any team, would have been a monumental undoing for that team.
  4. Returntoglory

    Great Job by Wade Phillips

    Awesome job by Wade!
  5. Returntoglory

    The Media Hypes The Potential Return of Rex Ryan as DC

    Perfect scenario for Ryan. How can he do worse than his predecessor?
  6. Returntoglory

    Predictions - AFC & NFC Championship Games

    LA and NE 😁
  7. Returntoglory

    Sunday Wild Card Game: Chargers at Baltimore, 1 pm on CBS

    They need to put Flacco in if they want any chance of winning.
  8. Returntoglory

    Von Miller’s mom wants a trade, blames Elway

    My thoughts exactly
  9. Returntoglory

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    I just find it amusing when someone feels the need to ridicule someone over something trivial like you have done. Does it make you feel better? We're you bullied in school? Daddy issues? Want to grab a latte and chat? 😘
  10. Nope. Exactly as I thought.
  11. Returntoglory

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    Luck, as his name implies
  12. Returntoglory

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    Feel better? Good.