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  1. Thank you Mr. Wison ❤️
  2. I'm sorry, but Brady has more than earned a top tier $$$$$ Contract. 6 Superbowls says so! 😉
  3. Haha. I said " Could have been Einstein" . I didn't say should have been. Every QB pick is a gamble.
  4. Jesus. He could have been our QB 🤔
  5. Because he was contemplating running the ball out. That's why he was so ambiguous with his signaling 😠
  6. You get the ball in your best offensive players hand as often as possible. We did not do that today.
  7. Let's be serious about this. We're a few players away from being a serious contender. How crazy would it be if we could sign the GOAT for a year or two to not only take a legit shot at a championship BUT also to mentor JA. Bizzaro world?
  8. A few NFL level WR's sure would be nice, along with an OC that can help develop JA.
  9. Take the one run for 14 yards away and FG averaged 1 YARD PER CARRY! Singletary would have had an additional 40+ yards had he FG's snaps. Would it have made a difference in the final score?
  10. Horrible call! Either fair catch or take a knee! These putz announcers saying " Common sense" pisses me off! In 50+ years of watching pro football I have NEVER seen a player just stand there and get a free pass like this. HORRIBLE CALL!!!!!!
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