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  1. Just imagine if Covid hit Florida first, and northern states had the time Florida had to prepare for it. Northern states would probably be under 10k deaths each and Florida would probably be close to 400k. You definitely won’t hear the word “Covid” come of of DeSantis’ mouth 2 years from now. They screwed up real real bad.
  2. Florida just broke 50k Covid deaths. They misplayed this badly. The entire country is disgusted with Florida and Texas right now.
  3. Do I have to keep south Jersey? Scranton, Pa. will be the nation’s capitol. That’s where Uncle Joe will live. You have to take Staten Island. That’s non-negotiable.
  4. I would like to propose a trade. I will give you Wisconsin for Maine.
  5. Oh that’s right. The Carlyle group. They’re trouble. Did you know that people have been talking about them for 50 years? Way worse than Koch. They’re what people original meant by “New World Order.”
  6. Lol. Who do you think built everything in the south? It sure as hell wasn’t southerners! The trades were always far superior in the north and always will be. To answer your question, I would look for the group carrying around a bunch of little suitcases and wearing neat watches. Ok, these are your Jewish bankers, clock/watch makers, gem dealers, etc. I would get on that plane with them. That’s my people.
  7. I sure would like to give it a try! It still wouldn’t work because red states are the welfare/poorest states and they wouldn’t get federal dollars from blue states.
  8. Basically, every item/product all the way down the line comes from a blue state. People in rural areas would absolutely starve. Their feed, tractor, supplies, tools, etc. all comes from blue states. How would they get these items? Through the port of Wilmington, NC? Lol.
  9. In your scenario, businesses would be forced to pick sides or they wouldn’t be able to do business with the north. Other than Bob Jones University, Greenville would be empty in 5 years.
  10. SC wouldn’t last 10 years if that actually happened. What are they supposed to do? They don’t contribute anything. BMW would pack up and leave. It would be a total mess.
  11. I know exactly what would happen with the border. Red states would let them pile in and go back to slavery. They would have no choice.
  12. They would lose since red states don’t contribute any money to the pie. They would basically just have to wing it with tourism. There’s no industry. Its more like, what would blue states “save” by not having to support red states?
  13. It’s become the Responsible Party vs. the Irresponsible Party. Vaxed vs. Unvaxed Policy vs. Grievance
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