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  1. I find it so interesting that almost 2/3 of this board is outside Buffalo. Bills Mafia is legion!
  2. It will come down to Yeldon vs DiMarco IMO. I'm thinking Senorise stays because he is a beast on special teams. That might make DiMarco expendable as well. Singletary will be the main back by years end IMO. His pass catching ability might make Yeldon expendable too. Shady-Gore-Singletary-Senorise is who I have so far. We got down to Keith Ford last year, so I can see us keeping 5. Yeldon pass catching upside vs DiMarco special teams for 5th spot
  3. at some point Aerosmith went from rocking to sucking pretty instantly . I'd say after Draw the Line
  4. I'm considering both for my last 2 picks in fantasy. With Bills D with my 3rd to last pick
  5. He should go down to children’s cancer section of hospital and tell them how hard his life is. This shortie is an angry, beaten, loose cannon I caught that too. What a psycho! A weak ass psycho too- he couldn’t break a mini bat against a tree with all that anger? and how the hell did he hit his leg while swinging at tree? I guess he sucks at baseball too
  6. I will add filed. Smooth nails are the way to go for finger activities -Do you moonlight as Roger Federer ? -😄
  7. ***** yeah! Branford is not too far away from me. Jodi, I am by the casinos. If you are ever up this way message me baby
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/internet-reacts-unfavorably-to-blackhawks-trading-henri-jokiharju-to-sabres/ar-AAE5Ln6 Jokiharju, Montour, and Johansson were great pickups and great value. Our Defense is finally solid. And our depth chart is much improved. There is still work to do. Botts is not done. So far, so good
  9. The draft is 1:00 today I think. I would use a 4th on Thompson- we could use Safety depth competition. My guess though is some teams drafts him in 3rd
  10. I'm glad we didn't draft any of those players. And I am thankful the Pegula's are running the Bills now, and not Ralph. I do not miss hold outs
  11. We have KC's starting Center. No Kareem Hunt. No Tyreek. That's 3 huge losses for Mahomes. Me myself, I will take Buffalo's roster and cap situation over KC all day
  12. I'm taking the over on Bills winning 10. If Buffalo can stay healthy, and Josh continues to develop, and our D can improve with Oliver and company, we will be one of top teams in NFL IMO. That's a lot of if's. But this is the deepest Bills team I have seen since the 90's. We will run the ball. We will play tough D. And we will be ready to play. This is a new Bills team and a new Bills era. We are starved for a great Bills team. This Bills team has swag, and some great leaders with Josh, Lorenzo, and Tra'Davious. Just my opinion, but I expect big things from Josh and our Bills. Let's go Buffalo! Sabres are making some nice moves too. The City of Buffalo's arrow is pointing up! Disclaimer- I am a hopeless optimist for Buffalo, and have been wrong many, many preseason before
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