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  1. we come in peace for all mankind Peace for the aliens. If only we had peace on earth for man
  2. Elizibeth Montgomery and my 1st grade teacher, a cute blonde, Miss Jablonski were my first two crushes in life
  3. one more funny Bills fandom story- a couple years ago I saw Gronk walking in Mohegan Sun- I yelled "Go back home to Buffalo! Your family misses you! We will forgive you! Do the right thing prodigal son! Do it for your hometown!" Gronk was laughing as he walked away lol I have a ton of Bills stories. Ive been a die hard Bills fan my whole 52 years life. Ive been catching hell, and giving it back my whole life....well since the 5th grade anyways when my family moved to New England
  4. I told this story in shout box earlier this month. I was at a 4th July parade, Bristol RI, which is pretty big time, and I had a Bills hat on. So the military processions were marching by group by group. Navy was walking by, marching in formation. Then one Navy man ran from formation straight to me, and said "Finally a Bills fan! So great to see!" "Let's go Buffalo! Bills Mafia" I yelled. He went to shake my hand, then instead gave me a big hug, and then ran back to get into formation lol. My girlfriend thought it was hysterical. She sees that no matt
  5. 6” 244- human bowling ball. Must be hell to tackle
  6. I represent Bills Mafia in Massachusetts. We are everywhere!
  7. true. Give me a screen a la Princetown - I will rain 3s. Foul me, I score on free throws. Chances are I won't score in NFL, MLB, NHL, or Champions League- all far superior sports to NBA IMO In sports who scores more points wins. My point is an average athlete can score in NBA with help from his teammates. Not so much in the other 4 sports
  8. Baseball and Football are America’s sport IMO. not to mention, I can hit a three and make free throws. I’m not sure I could ever score in NFL or hit a MLB pitcher
  9. Growing up I always loved #11- Gilbert and #9 Graig Nettles
  10. Yeah, Mama don't allow no reefer-smoking round about Yeah, Mama don't allow no reefer-smoking round about Yeah, I don't care what mama don't allow I'm gonna smoke my reefer anyhow Mama don't allow no reefer in here
  11. I was 9 years old and at that game! I also remember when he was drafted, the headline read “ it’s Miller time!”
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