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  1. I love it! We have deepest team in NFL- give us play makers! No matter a CB, Edge, RB, TE, S- get us some more play makers!
  2. any info on his abilities and expectations? 37th pick overall
  3. i was going to say lay off the booze
  4. Yes, I do believe the Bills have players targeted each round. I am sure Beane has run through most every scenario. The first pick of 2nd round is one of the most coveted picks. Pick 30 is action spot. Some team will want to jump ahead of 2nd round, and select highly graded player that slipped. I'm guessing someone trades up for OL. Beane loves his draft picks. Another guess-Beane adds a 4th rounder. I could see Beane trading back and adding 2022 picks. Based on all the above, unless a highly rated player on Bills board falls to us, I am alm
  5. we are still looking for our Big Nickel
  6. No doubt the rope is harder. I do push-ups feet on stability ball, And lower on bosu ball nfl freaks do much more to impress me i love the nfl training videos https://youtu.be/F3b8U_-ReVE
  7. there should be a friends exception for- Don't watch it!
  8. I moved to CT in 1979 and have been getting laughed at for being a Bills fan ever since
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