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  1. That is a very lazy comparison. Ever heard of a RAS score?
  2. I see signs all over the place "motorcycles are everywhere". I drive over 100 miles every day., I will go days without seeing a motorcycle. I always chuckle to myself, "I thought they were everywhere" LOL
  3. Agree. WGR on Saturday morning is puke worthy. That Sperm Bank commercial WGR commercial they run 100s of times a day makes my skin crawl
  4. I drive a lot with my job, and I have a list. cars that merge into 70 mph traffic at 50 mph. Do these nimrods not understand flow? cars that do the speed limit in passing lane, have cars continue to pass on the right, yet do not move over to the traveling lane where they belong. #######s who when three lanes morph into two, and there are signs to merge, these selfish idiots wait until the last second to merge. I NEVER let them in. people that do not use turn signals. brake happy people, that constantly brake. You control speed with gas pedal. Lay off it, and you don’t need to brake a dozen times. Slow turns into an empty parking lot.
  5. I grew up in West Seneca, and we moved to New England when I was in 5th grade. I took an old girlfriend to Buffalo for the 51-3 Raiders game. We got in town Friday, and first thing I grabbed a pizza from Santoras and some Genesse Cream Ale to show my girl the Buffalo experience. “This pizza was my favorite when I was a kid. It’s such awesome pizza.” I was saying to my Connecticut girlfriend, who was used to New Haven Style Pizza(the best). We got to our hotel room, dug into the pizza- and it was awful! We threw it out and went for dinner lol. Santoras was no where as good as I remembered it
  6. I don’t watch much TV- but Ron from Parks and Rec is one of great comedic characters. I watch sports, documentaries, and the rare funny series. IMO- Seinfeld, it’s Always Sunny, Curb, Derry Girls, and Park and Rec are the 5 funniest sitcoms. Most every other show is trash IMO
  7. me too! I love vintage gear! I have Marantz, Rega, Technics 1200, Pioneer, Kloss, Onkyo- I wish I had Sansui!
  8. One basic social skill is to be able to read the room. It’s obvious this dude lacks this basic social skill
  9. I collect vinyl, and I have a nice collection. I also collect cassettes, CDs, and 8 Tracks- but vinyl is my love. I collect useful nonfiction books and I have a great cookbook collection(actual chefs- no Rachel Ray). I collect cast iron pans, and tools. matchbooks. and of course, anything Bills related. If you decide to sell your vinyl, I’m quite interested in buying it. One of my biggest joys in life is digging through record bins for hours, and finding a few gems that I need. 45s are my latest addiction
  10. I would of bought those- I love vinyl, and I am sure you had some good stuff
  11. QB- Allen/Mitch (2 total) RB- Cook/Davis/Ty Johnson (3 total) FB- Gilliam (1) TE- Kincaid/Knox/Morris (3 total) WR- Shakir/Coleman/Samuel/MVS/Hollins/Shavers(6 total) OL- Dawkins/McGovern/SVPG/Torrence/Brown/Edwards/Van Denmark/Collins/Anderson/Grable (10 total) Offense- 25 total Defense DT- Ed Oliver/Daquon/Carter/Johnson/D.Williams (5 total) DE- Groot/AJE/Von/Solomon/Smoot/ (5 total) LB- Milano/Bernard/Dorian Williams/Ulofoshio/Morrow/Deion Jones (6 total) CB- Douglas/Taron/Benford/Elam/Ingram/Hardy (6 total) S- Edwards/Bishop/Rapp/Cam Lewis (4 total) Defense total- 26 Specialist Bass/Martin Specialist Total- 2
  12. I know Reid Ferguson is one of the better long snappers in the NFL. But I have read reports SVPG is best long snapper some scouts have ever seen. Taking both the salary cap and roster spots into consideration, could Reid be a surprise cut?
  13. Reggie is a swiss army knife. Reggie was on the field for over 450 plays, and is a great athlete, and a key contributer, who is underappreciated by most
  14. Hartford is not a nice town. It has a nice section around the capital, and there is the bar district there with clubs. That’s what most people see when they visit Hartford. It’s a very rough city besides that. Stay out of the north end.
  15. Slight exaggeration? That is so nonsensical it cannot be considered hyperbole
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