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  1. Hey Promo-is that walking distance to stadium? Or are there shuttle busses?
  2. We can’t stop a 4th down today. A stop at either of those- we take over the game
  3. Tre will be back next Thursday for the Pats game. Just in time for Pats-Jets-Fins. That is the word on the streets. And that is my gut feeling. Tre wil be a big boost for our D at the crux of the schedule
  4. If Bill D is healthy playoff time, and Josh is healthy and playing well- we win the Superbowl!
  5. who is E.J.? Have you watched the Bills this year? For someone that did such thorough research about some illogical "Beane did a bad job constructing roster" rant- at least get the names right of the players you choose to bash
  6. The Bills should beat the Lions comfortably. But it matters what Bills team shows up. But if Bills take care of business, Morse-Edmunds-Groot-AJ all get one more week to rest and recover. And then the Bills have their most important 3 games- at Pats, Jets, Dolphins. Sweep those take control, of the AFC East, and start dialing in on Pole Position and who knows? Maybe Tre makes it back for the Pats game? When Tre comes back, the Bills are that much better!
  7. was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
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