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  1. Pete

    Most Famous Bills Fan you ever met

    I went to a dinner party in Hartford, and I talked to Summer Sanders. I didn't realize she was a Bills fan at the time though
  2. Not to mention if Robert Foster works out. His potential is intriguing. Also Levi Wallace
  3. Pete

    Week 10 Pre Game thread Bills @ Jets

    if there are TDs, I am guessing pick 6s are the offense for both teams
  4. Pete

    Week 10 Pre Game thread Bills @ Jets

    I imagine a 6-3 snoozer with lots of punts
  5. Pete

    When did the French become prudish? (Would ya)

    ***** yeah! Oui Oui!
  6. Nice win Sabres! They never quit. The Sabres are fun to watch
  7. "I'll have a beer"- but before he could have a sip, it was intercepted
  8. does he mean this ***** show of an offense is by design?!? I was giving him credit for building D and then tanking for a better pick
  9. Pete

    WR Prospect talk

    I am banging on the table for Anthony Johnson. He is 6'2 and the best deep threat in this class. Just what Josh and the Bills offense need I would love to see the Bills trade down, get some more picks, draft Johnson, and load up on offense
  10. Pete

    LAMP: I Just Need to Vent

    I have no time to deal with cunts - tell her and her mom to ***** off. Tell your fiancé to find a real friend
  11. Pete

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be cut

    ***** stop trading our draft picks away for tomato cans and start acquiring a high volume of draft picks
  12. Pete

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    we should have traded him for whatever we could get. He is overpaid. We need the picks. Not to rebuild around a 31 year old RB
  13. Pete

    Second half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

  14. damn that beats Sabres 9 goals yesterday