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  1. if we could acquire a good WR, make the deal!
  2. Pete

    Foster Drops Another

    The Bills must draft Anthony Johnson from UB. I am campaigning for this pick! And we must also draft and sign more WR. And more offensive line!
  3. Pete

    Bills vs. Vikings 1st Half Game Day Thread

    same here. It;s like bizarro world. But man the Bills look good!
  4. Pete

    Bills vs. Vikings 1st Half Game Day Thread

    another bad trade for WR. So far we traded up for Zay. Traded for Coleman. And traded for Kelvin
  5. Pete

    Bills vs. Vikings 1st Half Game Day Thread

    our #1 WR 🤮
  6. Pete

    Stainless steel straws.

    The next front should be on extra packaging. And plastic bags. George Carlin said paraphrasing "we have no choice. The only thing we can choose is paper or plastic?" Well now we don't even have that choice
  7. I haven't had cable in 20 years and loved it- but I broke down a couple months ago and got an ok deal for internet and cable packaged. I only wanted YES network, Bien Sports, and PBS- and after a sports package, the deal is not that great. But while I am splurging for sports. And the fact that it is easier to find Waldo then hockey on TV, let alone the Sabres. I am adding NHL Center Ice Sept 30. It's been awhile, this years Sabres will be quite enjoyable to watch! Welcome back in my life Sabres! Let's go Buffalo!
  8. Pete

    SpaceX Announcement

    his face looks Trumplike
  9. Pete

    Would you draft Oliver or Bosa?

    Trade down and draft UB's Anthony Johnson
  10. Trade shady Benjamin and our # 1 for bell and brown!
  11. between the Sabres and Bills I am all tanked out. I guess tanking beats mediocrity. And the future does look bright for the Bills and Allen
  12. Tre'davious, Allen, and Edwards are a great core to build around. Dawkins, Milano, Harrison, Poyer, Hyde are great Bills. And we do have 10 draft picks, and tons of cap room next year. So I am very hopeful for the Bills and Josh Allen. Last year we almost beat Jacksonville in the playoffs. I don't understand how we regressed this year
  13. what is that son? I have been going to Bills games since the early 70's and seen my share of 2-14 seasons. The truth hurts. Whats your problem with what I wrote?
  14. 16.5 dog LOL The Vikes are Oklahoma. We are Saint Marys of the Blind. I don't think I have ever seen that large a spread in the NFL. Respect the process
  15. you get what you pay for. If you are a miser when it comes to oline, you get garbage