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  1. The Bills are drafting a TE top 3 rounds, most likely sooner than later IMO. Then we are drafting all D
  2. We only have 2-RBs on the roster- and if you added the weight of Cooks and Hines, Ted Washington outweighs the both of them. How many carry’s did Hines have for the Bills last year? What if Cook misses games? Aren’t we trying to help Josh out? Give the man a backfield please. How about a running back that can actually block?
  3. And Williams is one of the best blocking RBs in the NFL
  4. im guessing that Lions signed Montgomery means they are moving on from Jamaal and good news for the Bills IMO
  5. Have you seen him play? He is an excellent blocker and a great short yardage back. The Bills need both badly. He has Bills DNA, is a leader, a character, and great teammate. Jamaal is my second choice after Bijan
  6. How about that Bills running game in the playoffs! attempting the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity
  7. Let’s stop using Josh as a battering ram
  8. Michael Karolis who you might ask? Quality headphones would be ideal. sit back, get comfy, grab a tea and or a drink and or a joint- listen for 14 minutes or so and go an amazing musical journey.
  9. If you are listening to Clapton, to Mark Knopfler, John Mayer….you are listening to JJ Cale the original Slow Hand. Cocaine- that’s JJ Cale. After Midnight- that’s JJ Cale skynyrd- Call Me The Breeze- That’s JJ JJ is the real McCoy.
  10. There are 64 starting guards in NFL. 17th and 31 is well above average, and much better than the tomato can G Saffold
  11. Hell yeah! Awesome blocker! Great teammate! 17 TDs! what is not to love?
  12. Diggs, Aiken,Gabe-we need 2 more WR at least, and preferably upgrades besides Diggs. I think it makes sense to add a dependable veteran at the very least. Two rookie WR is not optimal
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