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  1. Marcus Easley was a beast on special teams IMO
  2. Pete

    Bills 53 offensive line projection

    I get a feeling the Bills are going to trade up for Lindstrom with our second selection
  3. BTW Everyone talks OL and WR . I myself am talking about DT/Edge. WR is much lower on my priority list below-OL,TE, RB
  4. Pete

    Bills 53 offensive line projection

    The oline is fluid Beane still has more in store for us
  5. Pete

    New rule to replace onside kick?

    I always say that if we truly want to get rid of head trauma- minimal pads and no head gear. There would still be big hits(not as big) and the game would be faster and safer. The nfl is elite athletic warriors. No helmet can be designed to prevent a brain slamming against its skull
  6. I like the idea of using one of our later picks on a FB/ HB like Trevon Wesco. We get cut DiMarco, free $1.1 million in cap space. It will interesting what Beane does with all those draft picks
  7. I predict we trade back into the 1st for a player, and possibly again in the second. And I predict that somehow we end up with some 2020 picks
  8. Pete

    Bills work out CB Neiko Thorpe

    special teams demon
  9. Pete

    Share some music thread

    Kyuss ***** rocks!
  10. Give me Ed Oliver and Chris Lindstrom ....and they can battle each in training camp and make each other better. Oliver and Lindstrom 1/2 . TE, Bryce Love, and DeMarkus Lodge in subsequent rounds. The offense rebuild is almost complete
  11. Pete

    Bills official Top 30 pre-draft visits

    RB is so deep that we should be able to draft one with one of 4ths
  12. Pete

    Bills official Top 30 pre-draft visits

    yep. I believe in second chances, especially when you were 15. And I don't believe in double jeopardy. Why should you be punished for something you did when you were 15, and already paid a price?