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  1. ***** authority. Employees should be promoted for talent, not brown nosing. Any big ego boss who’s ego obscured the fact that he’s brown nosed, and promotes asskisser should be removed from gene pool
  2. San Angelo bar and pinch point. I’m not sure how utilitarian they’d be. But they are my two favorite tools. And I can move 800# boulders easily. Try doing that with your multi tool
  3. I’m digging these vinyl tips. Now I need a shop vac and film processing fluid, whatever that is. i just picked up remastered 180 gram Gish- Pumpkins. I love vinyl
  4. I met Cliff when he was at UConn. I was visiting a friend in dorm, and gigantic black man was sitting down ripping a big bong hit. My friend said “hey Pete, this is Cliff”. I’m like “holy *****- - you are Cliff Robinson! You rock at basketball and your from Buffalo! Let’s go UConn! Let’s go Buffalo!” Weed, Bills, and a common friend- we bonded that afternoon. Years later UConn won national championship. Cliff pulled up in this pimped out Caddy, ostentatious and borderline tacky- Cliff exited. Hey Cliff- how are you doing? “What’s up Buffalo?” Uncle Cliffy remembered me. RIP Cliff you were a good man
  5. one could argue Zepps best, for sheer volume of some of Zeppelins best music. 1, 2, Zoso, and Physical Graffiti are the 4 best IMO Then 3, In Through The Out Door, Houses of the Holy, Presence, in order, IMO
  6. Down on the Street is one of baddest song’s ever recorded. Rollins said it is music to fight and ***** to
  7. Amazing year. Genius was in the water. Some great bands best work. Workingmans Dead,All Things Must Pass, Cosmos Factory, ***** Brew, Deja Vu, etc, etc. No wonder Gen X has such excellent, diverse taste in music! Herbie Mann- Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty The Stooges-Fun House
  8. sounds like some fun drunken chess. I always found Chess Boxing intriguing
  9. Blitz chess, yoga, and bong hits is how I begin most days. I play blitz chess mostly online, but I have chess clock and play OTB often too
  10. Put it on the Underhill’s tab
  11. Because NFL leadership is an oxymoron. Goodall is overwhelmed by something as simple as deflategate, hes wishy washy for years. Ray Rice, Colin Kapernick and Eric Reid. Goodall is over his head. We need a pragmatic, forward thinking commish who has a brain, and is looking after players and fans best interests, not corporations and bottom line
  12. Beane never sleeps. If a player improves Bills roster, and the value is there, he will make the deal. Beane is turning over every rock,
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