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  1. BPA always. Espenesa all day over Shenault. We have 8 more picks-plenty of draft value WRs on board post round 1
  2. Bills are definitely in contention- get it down Beane. Clowney>Shaq/Murphy and cheaper
  3. Clowney and Mathew Slater- pass rush and special teams improved- spend rest of draft picks and FA $ on offensive weapons, depth, and special teams
  4. WR 1- #1 priority DE -#1a RB—2 LB-3 CB-4 OL-5
  5. So she was freaky. What’s the problem? Man up and take care business. Some like rough
  6. Carlin is one of all time great comedians
  7. Small child doing burlesque for Pope
  8. I got caught making out with a hot chick in cooler by her older sister head chef, who I went on a couple dates earlier that year Another time I got in trouble for playing hackysack in prep area of kitchen
  9. I’m banging table for signing Clowney and Mathew Slater. That gives us much draft flexibility. Harrison can replace Jordan, and Levi can replace KJ- our D returns in tact, and we can devote rest of draft/FA resources on offense BPA at 22, and every pick
  10. Clowney and Mathew Slater would be my top FA priorities. Clowney would replace Lorax. Slater is the greatest special teamer not named Steve Tasker of all time. Special teams need much improvement
  11. Beane trades multiple times. We are in a good spot at 22- a great player might slide to us. But I am guessing Beane trades down for 2nd and 3rds, draft picks next year, and trades up for 4th round picks, consolidating all our picks into top 120 picks
  12. Mathew Slater and Clowney would be my FA priority
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