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  1. the NFL gives harsher sentences for under inflating a football then raping someone. The NFL's asinine weed policy the past decade ha e cost them lots of talent-Blackmon, Ricky Williams, Josh Gordon, etc To recap-the NFL goes hard at underinflated footballs and weed, but is tolerant of rape
  2. round 9 Most likely the best pick in that Bills draft. Our first rounder that year was Booker Moore.
  3. Ed and Knox are no brainers imo. Oliver and Von Miller will be a ferocious tandem together
  4. I' m a Yankees fan, but bleacher bar is awesome. What a view! Even from the bathroom. I went with my gf who is a red sox fan- we shocked to see it's a Bills bar! ill have to watch a game here this season!
  5. Imagine the Bills lining up Cook, Knox, and 3 WR (Diggs, Gabe, Isiah or _____! mismatches galore!
  6. If I was ODB, Id sign a one year contract with Bills, workout non stop, get in best shape of life, befriend Josh, win Superbowl with Bills, and get a big, fat contract
  7. The 2022 Bills WR group is light years beyond that 2019 Bills WR group. Its rags to riches. Our 2022 WR cuts would be the starting 3 2019 WRs . Kudos Beane once again
  8. this was spectacular to witness live! what a play! MNF in 90s was awesome!
  9. go to the 4:30 mark- thats when the quake happened during live 1989 World Series broadcast 5:04PM
  10. It was a Ravens-Steelers MNF in the 90s. I was watching with two good friends- one a fun loving, good hearted, wild man.... like me, and the other a straight edge, preachy, family man. Me and my brother from another mother both bet big $ on Ravens, big $. Ravens were favored by 3. Steelers are winning by 1. There is 5 seconds left. Steelers have the ball at the Ravens 8. They decide are ahead by 1, 5 seconds left they decide to attempt a gimme FG. Ravens are life support. Big $ down the toilet. Family man "how much did you guys bet?!?" "What were you thinking?" "Let this be a lesson" me and my buddy are getting a earfull, can't we lose peacefully? "betting doesn't pay" "that amount has to hurt" Pitt attempts FG, Ravens block it, the ball bounces to returner, they run 90 blocked FG return, no time left! Me and my buddy are jumping up and down cheering. My preacher buddy shut up. "What were you saying? Something about gambling not paying? lol absolutely amazing MNF game ending! Nice play for us that bet the Ravens. But the converse is true as well. Thats an awful loss if you bet the Steelers
  11. a 314# man that can out jump you and beat you in a race certainly is a point worth making. It defies physics. 99% of 300#+ citizens cannot beat me in a race or out jump me. The ones that can are in the NFL
  12. athletes come in all shapes and sizes. Fat man Kyle Williams was the best athlete on those Bills teams. OL don't look like athletes, but they certainly are. Dion would beat me and most all of us in a foot race, he most likely has higher vertical, and hes built like a strong man contest. All NFL players are freak athletes, even OL Dion Dawkins NFL Combine Stats Guard | Temple | American Athletic Conference | Division I-FBS Player Info First Name:Dion Last Name:Dawkins Nickname: Position:Guard College:Temple Draft Class:2017 Draft Age:23.0 Measurables Height:75.88 inches Weight:314 pounds BMI:39.27 Arm Length:35.00 inches Hand Size:9.88 inches Wingspan:85.000 inches Birthdate:4/26/1994 NFL Combine Scores 40 Yard Dash:5.11 seconds 40 Yard (MPH):16.01 (MPH) 20 Yard Split:2.94 seconds 10 Yard Split:1.79 seconds Bench Press:26 reps (225 lb) Wonderlic:12 (0-50) QB Ball Velocity:(N/A) (MPH) Vertical Leap:26.0 inches Broad Jump:106 inches 20 Yd Shuttle:4.78 seconds Three Cone:7.30 seconds Shuttle Split:(N/A) seconds 60 Yd Shuttle:(N/A) seconds Four Square:(N/A) seconds Pro Day Scores Pro Day Date:3/8/2017 40 Yard Dash:(N/A) seconds 40 Yard (MPH):(N/A) (MPH) 20 Yard Split:(N/A) seconds 10 Yard Split:(N/A) seconds Bench Press:(N/A) reps (225 lb) Vertical Leap:28.0 inches Height:75.88 inches Weight:314 lbs Broad Jump:(N/A) inches Hand Size:9.88 inches Arm Length:35 inches 20 Yd Shuttle:(N/A) seconds Three Cone:(N/A) seconds
  13. Cincy and San Diego are our two(and only?) biggest obstacles on our Super Bowl quest IMO
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