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  1. I like Tua, and I have loathed the Dolphins over 50 years. But Tua is a good dude. So likeable, I can’t hate him, even though he is a Dolphin. ***** every other Miami Dolphin! FU Griese! FU Cox! FU Tyreek!
  2. Beane will work some roster magic. I don’t think they want to lose Kingley
  3. Brandon Beane…..you have to bring in a Corner. that is no way to speak to a wizard! Beane is a wizard stick to checkers, and have some reverence
  4. Lawson is really playing great as well. Bills are getting quality reps out of Lawson, and every DL they roll out. Kingsley too
  5. I don’t recall Phillips. But the Bills DLine dominated the line of scrimmage , again. Daquan has highest interior pressure rate in the NFL. DL are doing dirty work occupying multiple blockers, enabling an onslaught of Bills pass rushers a
  6. Settle made a big play in the 2nd half
  7. August 12, 1973 against washington. I have the coin Bills gave to ticket holders celebrating our new Bills stadium
  8. Galvanizing loss for the Bills. Bills are better off after losing week 1 IMO. Pressure is off. The Bills refocused and will be better. Look out NFL. If Bills can stay healthy, no one is stopping Buffalo from winning the Superbowl this season!
  9. it's 5 hours ahead. When we play westcoast that is 3 hours behind. I think the fact the Bills need to travel to England is no big deal. I think Josh and the Bills are laser focused. IMO this game is personal for Josh, who wants revenge for that costly loss to the JAGs a few years ago. Bills by a Billion, plus a few rouges
  10. They just put the whole NFL on notice. Be afraid NFL. The Big Bad Bills are smashing every team in their path!
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