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  1. 100% me and my family. my daughter has an autoimmune disease and we arent taking any chances. If we are in stores around people not wearing them we simply walk away from them. Not going to make a big stink about it bit not going near them either. We still have not been out to eat. We do take out but that's our limit.
  2. Dear Mr. PRESIDENT, You're a moron. Sincerely, Normal people
  3. A lot. Why couldn't this virus just attack MORONS. the world would be much more bearable
  4. I know 5 people and I live in WNY and not in buffalo
  5. I'm really not sure what the morons in this country look at..... This virus is real and is killing people. What is so hard to understand about all of this. Are people really that ignorant??? #IHatepeople
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