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  1. The Ronald Wayne of the NFL?......they’re more like the Ronald McDonald of the NFL.
  2. Sweats

    Rams & Chiefs Offensive Lines

    The OLine isn’t the sexy pick in the draft, but it needs to be addressed early and often. The Hood has made a long career out of non-sexy draft picks, but he picks for need and understands the trenches......OBD picks to put asses in the seats
  3. Wow!!!......that was a tremendous signing right there Bills fans, we will not be disappointed
  4. Sweats

    Bills fire OL Coach Juan Castillo

    Bravo, OBD..........bravo
  5. Sweats

    White trash: Ohio style

    She looks like a fine upstanding young woman
  6. Sweats

    I'm So Done With This Team

    Merica.......nuff said
  7. Sweats

    Christmas Movie All-Time Recommendations

    Horror flick series and definitely B grade. if you’re into low budget horror Christmas movies, these should top your list.
  8. Sweats

    Christmas Movie All-Time Recommendations

    Silent Night, Deadly Night......parts 1 through 4
  9. Sweats

    Why I gave up on the process

    Oh mykidsdad......
  10. Shadys doing his best impression of Reggie Bush out there.......and not the Saints Reggie Bush ether
  11. The rest of the league figured the Jags out pretty quick.
  12. In typical Buffalo fashion, we let players and coaches go and they end up with stellar careers. Aye Carumba
  13. Sweats

    WHY is Allen really starting?

    I say we throw Allen to the wolves and he either figures it out or he doesn’t.......sink or swim.
  14. Sweats

    Where did they conceal the evidence?

    I want to hear the prosecutor yelling out in the courtroom while shaking that big old rubber ****......”Do you understand the penal codes of this state!!!!!!”
  15. Sweats

    I have a mouse

    Old school traps with peanut butter works for me every time