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  1. Nothing wrong with shoring up the trenches
  2. All that D line draft capital and still couldn't pressure QB's........................sigh
  3. The whole AFC got a lot better after that first round.
  4. I cant root for a guy who's name sounds like an hor deourve, for christ's sakes....mitch trebisky anyone?....oh, you just have to try the trebisky.
  5. You jam the TE at the line of scrimmage and throw the timing off....dont know why the Bill's brass didn't utilize this strategy against the Chiefs.
  6. My VCR has been flashing 12:00 for going on 9 years now
  7. I'm willing to buy them.....name your price, man
  8. Years ago, i contacted OBD about their gold seating packages (they were alot of money, but I had the cash at the time....still do, but that's a story for another time my friends). Anyways, after sending countless emails and phone calls to them and getting nowhere, I waved the white flag and abandoned that idea faster than an Italian ship captain. So, I bought a new truck instead.....thanks OBD.
  9. Have you ever watched Harris play?.....the kid is generational
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