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  1. There’s no way the Leafs are winning game 7 in Boston and thus, another year that the Leafs couldn’t get past the Bruins. Aye Carumba
  2. I crop dust everyone all the time
  3. Mcbeane runs a tight ship........he’d never allow 2 Josh Allen’s on the roster Aye Carumba
  4. We used to sit around the bar on Sunday afternoons betting on the games. I lost a lot of money on the Bills in the 80’s, but man when the Bills hit the he 90’s, I made a killing.........until the Super-bowls and then I lost my shirt again. Aye Carumba
  5. With your title, I thought you were talking about me there..........and yes, I’m worth the risk, by the way
  6. I thought our FO was planning on building through the draft and then I see we signed about 8 guys as Free Agents yesterday.. What gives?!?!?!?!?
  7. ........excellent blumpkin skills
  8. That there, is rusty trombone worthy.
  9. You wash them?........I always found that it’s the crud, filth, beer, swill, Cheetos, urine, garbage, snot, feces on ones Zubazs that brings us all together as fans. Who knew?!?!?!?!?
  10. Wow.......we might as well start comparing Brady to Secretariat
  11. He’ll get more than enough meat jammed down his gullet in the joint, boy
  12. Wow, they should just do what we do in Buffalo.....put up a billboard advertising the obvious disgust
  13. The Ronald Wayne of the NFL?......they’re more like the Ronald McDonald of the NFL.
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