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  1. Harris is a stud....imagine a RB double threat who can effectively catch and is an elusive runner. This kid is generational.
  2. Najee Harris is electric....the dudes an elusive runner and catches better than alot of WR's
  3. Maybe, just maybe this team over-achieved this year. We're not ready to make a solid run without a quality RB, a pass rushing threat and a better TE.
  4. Dont tell me what to do....I like pain and depression
  5. Draft order means nothing to Beane.....trade down into the first and grab Harris at RB. That'll cure what ails ya.
  6. McClappy was playing checkers.....Reid was playing chess. FG's weren't going to cut it against the reigning SB champs. We needed to be aggressive....we weren't and we lost the biggest game of the year. It happens....live and learn.
  7. We were finally exposed as a one trick pony.....good teams tend to do that. We did the same thing to the Ravens last week and KC exploited our weakness this week. It happens. Were good, just not good enough........yet.
  8. Maybe he just wanted to see what a winner looks like
  9. I lost the power at my house for 30 minutes and missed most of the 1st quarter. Imagine my surprise when the power came back on and we were getting railroaded in the 2nd quarter......that's a bad omen, man
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