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  1. uticaclub

    Would Cordy Glenn be an option in FA?

    Because every player that has been bought it during this regime has that in common
  2. uticaclub

    Would Cordy Glenn be an option in FA?

    Not a process guy. Nothing on his twitter bio about faith or God.
  3. uticaclub

    Andre Reed Criticizes Personnel Decisions

    He’s not wrong. The amount of talent we gave up is substantial. If the process works, Allen is a stud and we are long-term contenders then it’s fine, but that’s very unlikely. 2019 is make or break for McBeane. He’s got experience, his QB and a few drafts and free agent periods to build their team. If we continue to get out coached and blown out as often, it won’t matter who is on the team
  4. You're probably right, but right now we're all hoping that Allen can be as good Mahomes is right now. Mahomes would probably have done terrible here in Buffalo and JP Losman might still be playing if another team drafted him. No one can know, it's a fun debate
  5. Right, I'd rather have Mahomes production then Allen's potential
  6. uticaclub

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    Kind of pissed Gase gets a.chance with a QB
  7. uticaclub

    McBeane Confidence Update

    I also picked 20-40% Beane has yet to bring in any free agents worth noting that weren't that weren't Carolina retreads & I don't know what to think about McDermott (going back to Peterman so many times, the multiple blowouts, consistently being out coached, overly conservative calls) but keep in mind they are new to the job, not everyone was a rockstar at their job day 1, he's had time to learn & improve. 2019 is big.
  8. that no one is going to call him a Poor Mans Josh Allen
  9. I would definitely take a career like that. I'm just saying Lawerence will be viewed as Luck or Manning where everyone will think he's the future of NFL before he takes a snap. While Josh will be considered a solid NFL QB. The whole notion of a "Poor Mans Josh Allen" is laughable, Lawerence already accomplished more in college then Allen did
  10. And I project, teams will be tanking for Lawerence and/or giving up the house for the chance to draft him, while Allen will have won some games with his ability and established himself as a starting NFL QB, but he'll also have lost games due to some poor throws and there will be questions if he can ever win a big game
  11. Lawrence is a generational talent. While I warmed up to Allen, he has never had a game that good against a Mountain West opponents on a Saturday afternoon, let alone Bama in a national title game. Allen is a grinder and will do whatever it takes to win. Lawrence is a natural QB that makes the game look easy
  12. The Super Bowl is much more important than an election.
  13. That's one of the reasons for an 18 game season. That would push the Super Bowl to Presidents Day weekend, which that Monday is a federal holiday
  14. uticaclub

    Who was GM when Jason Peters was dealt?

    I wouldn’t call Langston Walker or Demeteris Bell pretty good. I remember wanting to run Peters out of town but it was all part of the losing culture that elite players didn’t want to be a part of