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  1. If a literal miracle doesn't happen in the Cinny/Balt game, we don't make the playoffs. That 2017 team was no better than the Marrone or Ryan teams, just a few extra bounces and calls went our way that year. The 3 best things to happen to his regime are, Dalton to Boyd, Allen falls to 7 & Brady leaves the division.
  2. I know and I was one that agreed with his assessment of the offense, while he was always a downer he was usually right. Josh’s response was the correct one, but he was not put in a position to succeed
  3. Beane has not been a successful GM, yes he hit on Allen & Diggs, but missed on basically every other signing/draft pick, he's batting well below the Mendoza line. People were rightfully calling for McDermott after we were 7-6 last year and then lost in the most embarrassing ending of a playoff in a while. Sully was wrong for calling out all women, but he was right when he criticized the offense and many other flaws this team displayed. We had the opportunity to be a championship-caliber team, but we are nothing more than playoff-caliber. The process hit its ceiling and we need a new direction
  4. We are a wildcard team at best next year. We’ve hit out the ceiling with this regime and the rest of the division/conference knows how to beat us. The only thing the Bills have going for them is that Josh Allen is better than everyone and will find ways to win
  5. Having Peterman has the “vet” for Allens rookie year was another dumb decision. There is just no way Beane & McDermott are here in 2023 if Denver picks Allen.
  6. Well if his role is to handle the cap, he’s done a piss poor job of that too. I just feel like we are going to be dead men walking next season. The book is out on us and we’ll lucky to get a wild card, hopefully the rest of the division sucks too. Oliver for anything. He played himself out of a contract last Sunday
  7. The wild card game against the Patriots is known as “The Perfect Game” we don't have many good ones when it counts. We can call the Dolphin game “3rd string survival”
  8. In 12 years the most successful run in franchise history will still be the 90s, so you are right we won't remember this game. My names for the games are: No Show in the Snow Revenge of the Tiger King Clone Killing Window Closed Game Lake Erie Sunset
  9. Josh Allen and Josh Allen alone is why we win. The swings and misses is why we have 0 afc championships
  10. I think moving White to safety and hope he restructures is our best move
  11. Not at all, whats there to buy into? I am talking the resell market though. No one should be surprised if tix on Stubhub are cheaper next year than they were this year.
  12. Ticket prices will drop next year if changes arent made.
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