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  1. Im sure the citizen called because he was black, they could obviously tell thru the tinted glass at night.
  2. Shaq Lawsons stats last year were: 6.5 sacks, 13 TFL & 18 QB hits, so let’s start there I am the only one slightly frustrated that we signed Addison for the same contract Lawson got in Miami?
  3. Kaepernick can’t throw from the pocket & wants $20M/year. I would love for the Pats to sign him so he could stink up the joint. D Coordinators figured him out this would be the best-case scenario.
  4. I heard a radio interview with Woods and he wanted to go to a pass heavy team and play on the west coast closer to family, he took the high road and said good things about Buffalo but at the time we were a run heavy offense
  5. That and its a transplant city. On Sundays you would see almost every team represented when you go out to bars & locals would ask what time the Charger game was. There was a vote for a new stadium that would have only had a 2% hotel tax and it was shut down.
  6. Not a chance they move back to SD, no one really cared when they left and New Era is Jerry World compared to the dump Qualcomm stadium.
  7. If they really cared, they would provide scholarships for minority grad assistants to get guys on track to be head coaches. I always felt that more white guys are in coaching because they learn at an early age their future in football is off the field
  8. 1999 had Flutie. Better team hands down
  9. McDermott still has a long way to go as far as game day coaching is concerned. His schemes and culture seem to be on point, but there’s certain points in almost every game, where you go “What are doing?” once he cleans that up he will be in the Top 10 for sure
  10. Jax D got elite after they traded for him & made a run to the conference championship, while our D couldn't stop a running nose. Still think it was a bad trade.
  11. I’m worried about them regardless of who their QB is
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