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  1. Mahomes is on another level in the playoffs sans a second half against Cinci, where they ***** around in the entire 2nd half. Let’s say KC gets the ball with 45 seconds left, down by 4. Who do you have more confidence in, Mahomes leading a game-winning drive or our defense getting a stop?
  2. We won week 17 a few times during the draught
  3. Add to the pile of Claypool, Hamler, Isabella & MVS. See if one sticks.
  4. I certainly hope you are right, I think he’ll be given a long leash to show he has something. But if he's still at goose eggs in all categories by like week 4, you have to bench him.
  5. We’d be over the cap if we cut, he’ll make the team and be a healthy scratch for most games.
  6. So fitting it happened against the Pats too! I think all of our players held and not a single flag was thrown. The 2nd was more impressive.
  7. It was always intended to be a 3-year deal; this is likely his final year unless he delivers a Pro Bowl-worthy performance, which is highly improbable.
  8. Miller will probably retire after back-to-back season with no production.
  9. There was way too much time in the KC game for his kick to matter. That being it's a terrible contract and the Bills are stuck with him for another year. I have no confidence in him and neither does his teammates or coaches
  10. True, but the AFC East has been dreadful where the AFC North is a bloodbath.
  11. You can say the same with McD with a much better and stable QB situation
  12. Yep, that's right and he won coach of the year both playoff years. I still might have McD above him, but last year Stefanski did do a hell of a job last year with all the injuries Cleveland had at skill positions.
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