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  1. Would be impossible to enforce social distancing. How are you not going get out of your car and hug & high 5 every single fan after a big play? Not going to happen. 6k spread our in the stadium is a lot easier to control then 2k in a parking lot.
  2. Was I the only that was still sad we canned Rex at that point?
  3. Kiper also said he would retire if Jimmy Clausen was a bust
  4. My drywall hates when the Bills lose.
  5. The betting line opened at 6 and dropped to 4.5 with Eckler playing/Brown & Ford not. Please dont look into 538 for anything other than entertainment
  6. Not looking good for our 2019 draft class
  7. Mike & Mike ended up hating each other. If it was up to ESPN it would still be on
  8. Wade CAN NOT play in 2020. He is on an exemption list, meaning he is ineligible to play this season. 2021 preseason will be key for him, he will be one of the older running backs, but he hasn't played or got injured the last 2 years, so he should be fresh.
  9. Some places refer to Utica as ”the city”
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