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  1. Flutie routinely threw for 300 yards in the late 90s. We haven't had a 300 yard game (in regulation) in 5 years in an era when guys throw for 300 years blindfolded. Is that you Rob Johnson?
  2. Helped Eric Moulds obtain the most receiving yards in a playoff game.
  3. We’ve been saying that for 10 years
  4. Did he admit to fixing games against Buffalo, unless they build a new stadium that won’t attract a Super Bowl?
  5. He was legitimately our best player for a few seasons
  6. I remember watching that game and just realizing how many light years ahead Belichick was from McDermott from a game planning aspect. Completely just outclassed that game. Yea our defense being ranked #2 is the definition of stats lying
  7. Didn't they run for like 300 yards that game
  8. Bortles & Keenum were QBs that led teams to the conference championships the year before, Jensen & Carrie were fairly solid given their positions, you are just naming names. Murphy was outperformed by several undrafted rookies
  9. And he was ranked the 108th ranked EDGE defender on scout.com
  10. Realists? Who has a worse contract? Murphy was a product of PEDs and Star is one dimensional who is on the field less than 50% of the defensive snaps.
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