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  1. Ya, i'm sure they lost a lot of subscriptions due to people not commuting to work anymore
  2. No it's not, I bought a used truck in May and have XM until Nov for $2. At one point I think I had their most basic package and didn't get the NFL channel or any of the games.
  3. To listen to live games you need TuneIn Premium or a certain tier of Sirius XM (NFL games weren't included on the basic package at one point, not sure if that's changed) It's not like NHL where the out of market radio broadcasts can be found for free, the NFL wants you to pay for their product https://tunein.com/radio/NFL-c1736013/
  4. South Florida fish Will be fried like chicken wing Victory for us
  5. At the height of it, it was good and relevant, they were the ones that broke the Manti Te'o story. They just went too far politically & calling everyone racist, that even people that agreed with their takes thought it was overkill. That and Hulk Hogan suited the pants off of Gawker.
  6. Fair enough, there is a lot of wasted ad spend but a lot of it is accurately targeted. I work sales/biz dev in the digital marketing industry, so I do know all the pros & cons and many ads aren’t aimed at efficiency and optimization. I just billieve the fall of Deadspin had little to do with the ads on their site and more to do with the content. If valuable users regularly visited the site, the ad space would be much more expensive and the junk ads wouldn't afford to bombard the sites users
  7. So how are products or services suppose to acquire new customers?
  8. Exactly, the difference is The Athletic has valuable content where Deadspin is played out political jokes no one read when it was free
  9. Every game Allen proves his haters and supporters right. That being said stop watching the Dan Leberard show, some of the worse content on ESPN, which is saying alot
  10. You could say wait til next year, but what if you get hit by a bus?
  11. double digits wins easily is a stretch. I don't see him winning more than 8 games, 9 with some lucky bounces
  12. Grow up, let the kids have their fun. If you want to stay inside, please do what you have to do keep yourself safe. As days drag by, most people realize that the quarantine is doing more harm to more people than a virus ever will
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