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  1. uticaclub

    Bills have #27th ranked Defense according to ESPN

    The always start with the worse field position so there isn’t that many yards to give up
  2. uticaclub

    Bills have #27th ranked Defense according to ESPN

    No it’s not. The Bears or the Pats could have knelt every play and still won. Our defense played a lot of basic, vanilla, preseason style offenses because our offense was that hard
  3. uticaclub

    Bills have #27th ranked Defense according to ESPN

    A lot of our defense's success has to do with the fact that opposing offenses didn't need to score to beat us.
  4. Let’s grab some players off another teams practice squad.
  5. If you are trying to tell vets like Zo, Kyle & Shady that they are trying to win today you start Barkley.
  6. uticaclub

    Josh allen is mcbeans cam newton

    Honorable Mention. Not even 2nd or 3rd team All-Mountain West Rocky Long, long time NCAA football coach, current SDSU coach has been quoting saying how he’s gameplaned for a lot of QBs & you can tell who has pro potential & he never saw it in Josh Allen
  7. Looking at the 2018 free agent class & how they handled this QB situation, if this them trying to be good, they need to be fired yesterday
  8. uticaclub

    Who has the best stadium in the NFL?

    Seattle's pretty cool, where the fans are covered from the rain but the field is in the open.
  9. uticaclub

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    That’s the recipe for beating the 2018 Bills
  10. uticaclub

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    Yes, but those players are trying to fit new schemes and getting used to the NFL in general. I'm talking one game, Bama vs Bills. Bills probably win but they aren't winning by 4 TDs. They are baiting Nate into one pick 6
  11. uticaclub

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    Always one what? You actually think Nate Peterman and this offense could move the ball against Alabama
  12. uticaclub

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    We don't have much NFL caliber talent on the offense side of the ball. I would take Bama to cover in a heartbeat & a ML of +1650 i might even take that. Nick Saban would stop anything this we try to do offensively and as long as their offense doesn't turn the ball over, I think they honest have a shot. There's enough talent on Bama to prevent this joke of an offense to score 5 times
  13. uticaclub

    Predict Buffalo at Jets score

    Jets 34 Bills 3
  14. uticaclub

    Why did Rex only get 2 years?

    Remember when that top defense he inherited, folded like a cheap table against the 3-13 Raiders? That D wasn't perfect and Marios rapid decline I think had alot to do with it. If that ***** PI isn't called against Jax in London, we make the playoffs in 2015
  15. uticaclub

    We gotta find a way to lose this one boys.

    Peppers could have busted and Williams might still be playing OL if roles were reverse.