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  1. At least Pouncey beat the crap out him. Our players would have just stood around waiting for someone else to do something, like they did when Gronk elbow dropped White. Process
  2. What do GB, NE, Seattle, Baltimore, KC & Houston have in common other than their best player being a QB? They are Super Contenders.
  3. we either get to win a Super Bowl or we get to watch him play ***** for 16 games, which is also something we’ve always wanted to see.
  4. Culture > Talent. Just look at what's going on in the locker rooms of Philly & Cleveland
  5. Chris Brown knows what he is looking at. The takes he has aren't much different than those outside Buffalo, the reason he is critical is because we have terrible personal on & off the field and have never had what he takes to win consistently in today's NFL
  6. I think having played them before gives Miami the advantage. Our team isn’t built to dominate, we might sneak out with a win but we don’t have the talent or coaching to beat an NFL by 20+ points, because that you mean that you would have to score 20+ points
  7. I think we were ahead of Texans on the waiver wire. He would have been a huge upgrade over Levi Wallace. Why aren't we trying to improve the team in season?
  8. You just admitted that you haven’t watched a lot but are saying that a guy that coached in the AFC Championship isn’t better than a guy that’s struggles mightily against teams with winning records
  9. It comes full circle, live by FGs, die by FGs. Until we control the tempo & pace of the game, it’s a coin flip of what team kicker screws up. That’s the process
  10. Allen is being held back from the coaching staff. If he’s going to fail, let him fail. Again, this is a coaching staff what thought having Nate Peterman be the opening day starter was a good idea because they were able to a 6th for McCarron
  11. Josh's floor = Tyrod's ceiling. Let's just hope Josh Allen is a penthouse instead of a loft apartment.
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