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  1. More gun control and defund the police!!!! ***** idiots
  2. If you live in the area, just get cable and if you dont find your local Bills bar
  3. Would look cool with the red on red color rush
  4. Infrastructure has to be part of any new stadium. I think it's better for the general area to let downtown grow independent of the Bills and develop OP more, so now you have two hubs of commerce instead of one concentrated
  5. Love the idea of covered seats and open field. Any word of development in the area? Hotels? Bills hostal?
  6. Maybe it's in honor of Dakota Skye. RIP
  7. Big Wyoming Cowboy State Equality State Plays in the Mountain West It's like Delaware calling themselves Empire
  8. Olives are gross. 🤮 I get your point and wouldn't want to lose a home game for it but they have to travel to Seattle or Western Europe, it's not that much of a difference, they arent flying Spirit. I am actually in favor of the 17th game being played at netural international site followed by a bye in addition to another bye week in schedule
  9. Its awesome for fans that like to travel. I would love to see the Bills in Madrid.
  10. Didn't have that Tim Hortons down the street in India
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