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  1. Suck it, PEDelman! You're a has-been twerp.
  2. "He's a magician... And we give him an F-minus, minus, minus for today's game, because we are trolls." --P.F.F.
  3. Come on, Fitz! Please end the long, National Nightmare that IS Mike Schopp!
  4. I seem to recall a certain Buffalo Bills QB who had a knack for punishing defenders...
  5. There... I fixed it for you, @Penfield45
  6. THIS is the headline on E-Sucks-to-be-a-joke-and-a-Bob-Kraft-disciple-PN... They patently ignore the fake interception, and use BS calls to make it seem like the Bills stumbled into a win... The narrative SHOULD be that the National media stumbled into reporting, when it comes to the Bills. They flat out INVENT $#!t to keep their fat, stupid trolls happy about their HOT takes from the 2018 draft... Hope you, National FLEAdia, enjoy the FACT that the MF Buffalo Bills are 3-0, despite your BS narratives, invented calls, and $#!T excuses.
  7. Cheat all you want... we are greater than your BULL$#!T
  8. The big money is pouring in, fast, kids... #lieslieslies
  9. Fake interception... no facemask call... money is winning...
  10. Sometimes, you feel like... https://youtu.be/NyhAJEPEHk4
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