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  1. ROCBillsBeliever

    Gronk likely headed for retirement per Rapoport

    I love how, in the OP's article, it mentions that Gronk, and I quote, "elbowed" Tre White... E-L-B-O-W-E-D Patsie apologists abound in the media...
  2. Oh, Sully White Shoes, Pretend Time is over; you can come out and be Sully, now. Thanks.
  3. ROCBillsBeliever

    WR for this offense do you prefer the Bills target size or speed?

    I agree, at the moment... But I think back to when Bills fans gave Marquis Goodwin the moniker "Glass". WR styles are like politics: one election swings right, and the people eventually get pissed; next election comes, and they swing left; then they get disappointed and swing back... ad infinitum. I jut want somebody who can catch the ball. Is that too much to ask? I think we drafted Zay with that in mind (CFB record for career receptions), but he got the yips (year 1), then came down with a nasty case of the Peterman-and-journeymen-are-passing-me-the-footballs (part of year two).
  4. ROCBillsBeliever

    Which prospect do you NOT want the Bills to draft?

    I scope out a lot of mock drafts, and we keep being paired with DK Metcalf. NOT impressed... The numbers: Receiving & Rushing Receiving Rushing Scrimmage Year School Conf Class Pos G Rec Yds Avg TD Att Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD Career Ole Miss 67 1228 18.3 14 0 0 0 67 1228 18.3 14 2016 Ole Miss SEC FR WR 2 2 13 6.5 2 0 0 0 2 13 6.5 2 2017 Ole Miss SEC FR WR 12 39 646 16.6 7 0 0 0 39 646 16.6 7 2018 Ole Miss SEC SO WR 7 26 569 21.9 5 0 0 0 26 569 21.9 5 Also, neck injury... Hello, Eric Wood... Don't want to lose a valuable player and draft position due to injury. How do those numbers garner a #9 pick? Either 1) the national mock authors are idiots, 2) they think we are idiots, or 3) they see a need at WR and just plug in the name they hear a whole lot of draft talk about. Also would pass on Noah Fant, TE - Iowa. Saw his snaps decreasing; mentions by coaches of "lack of desire." Smells like Benjamin at the TE position...
  5. ROCBillsBeliever

    New Restricted Prospects Member Group

    Ha ha! Thank you. Few know Old Greg. Fewer still make an assessment thereof 😂 Thanks, Mods 😀
  6. ROCBillsBeliever

    New Restricted Prospects Member Group

    I've been here awhile, and I don't post often. I actually do praise other people's posts daily, though, giving positive reactions. I don't post much ecause I don't like being a loudmouth, but it's kinda sad not to be able to support other people's opinions I agree with 😪
  7. ROCBillsBeliever

    Cool Detailed Analysis - Zay Jones

    Facts: Peterman Taylor Anderson All threw many passes to Zay. Fact: All threw many bad passes.
  8. ROCBillsBeliever

    Andy Isabella: Josh Allen's potential new toy

    With a few joints hanging out of the intake thermocoupling 😂😂😂
  9. ROCBillsBeliever

    When should the Bills look at drafting another QB?

    But we have to get him in the 6th round, McBeane... 6th... NOT the 5th round. #petermanneverforget
  10. ROCBillsBeliever

    Bills fire OL Coach Juan Castillo

    Dear, sweet Baby Jesus... 1) You exist. 2) You've been listening. 3) Thanks.
  11. ROCBillsBeliever

    Draft "misses" by Buffalo

    Wide right Thanks. I appreciate it. It appears some folks in here are capable of applying logic.
  12. ROCBillsBeliever

    Draft "misses" by Buffalo

    By saying that I can put ranch on wings, I'm implying that anyone can do that, BUT they'd be wrong. Its implied sarcasm, but I'm done. If that flew over your head, then I can see why you would also miss such nuanced occurances as miss blown holding calls, or the result thereof: of the 10+ blown calls against Hughes this season, if 5 led to sacks, he would be considered elite. I really can't argue with you, if you can't read sarcasm, or understand what I meant by the ranch on wings comment. You missed that; you miss clearly blown calls. You miss, sir. You miss. I'm done.
  13. ROCBillsBeliever

    Draft "misses" by Buffalo

    You are putting words in my mouth. I never said leaguewide conspiracy. I watch every game, and every game, Hughes is held, repeatedly. There is no denying that. Also, the NFL realized it cannot support refs who cannot make fair judgements, because they badmouth players, and turn their heads when they are blatantly being held. That's also been proven, by the NFL's decision to suspend that particular ref. If you want to call those two points a crazy conspiracy theory, you sure well can. I can call ranch the right thing to put on wings...
  14. ROCBillsBeliever

    Draft "misses" by Buffalo

    So, you do believe that a ref who calls a player the B word can be an impartial judge of their play? Just admit that you believe this, and I'll stop arguing. You win, if this is what you believe. Enjoy your cake.