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  1. Got it. Rob is a bud of mine who is a huge Bills fan, but I didn't know if he was on here. Lots of folks call him Nucci, so I figured it was worth a shot.
  2. @nucci I always thought it was cats and porn, but whose counting? P.S. Are you Rob Antonucci? Hey, if this iteration thereof begets some Super Bowl teams, I'm all in!
  3. Cyrus... Cyrus... The cows are calling for you
  4. I heard he 🎵 Rode down to Nazareth... 🎵
  5. But have we had a Jason LaConjecture sighting, yet? 🤔
  6. The Ghost of Whaley Past, strikes again! A gift that just keeps on taking.
  7. I posted a "Shocked" emoticon because I didn't realize the Bills retained rights to EJ Manuel, that he bulked up, and that he made the switch to Defensive End. That fish is all sorts of cray, LOL!
  8. I need a "Partially Agree" button... What's all this "become" business? When were they ever not?
  9. Correct, but he is a little light in the pants, as they say, for 1-Tech. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Harrison as a good dude, hard worker, great attitude, lots of community outreach, team player, but he doesn't have 1-Tech measurables. So, yeah: too many 3's and not enough 1's. I think it was "Vanderdoes", and I think he also got released, but I may be wrong on that. Haven't checked the most current Bills official depth chart.
  10. Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying. They need other people in there, and I'm speculating that, even though someone like Hester isn't a prototypical 1-Tech, they'll throw him some snaps in camp.
  11. Camp body. They'll probably line him up as a 1-Tech, just to put someone there. Plus, Star shouldn't have to take all the 1-Tech reps!
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