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  1. The other night, I watched the Fitzpatrick roast of Fred Jackson (yep... I am that deep into missing sports...), and Murphy introduced Fitz. I was actually blown away at how witty, and probably not-radio-friendly, some of Murph's quips were. He had me LOLing a few times, no doubt. It makes me agree with many on here that maybe the three hour propaganda fest, and some of the callers who had next to nothing to say, were wearing on Murph. He may be a homer, but he kinda is paid to be, and you never doubted that he loved the Bills (compare him to Mike "I enjoy peering at pictures of Tom Brady by candlelight, while touching my nether regions" RODENT, covering us for ESPN...). I have to say thanks for the years of service.
  2. What about Mother Dahmer? I hear she's a real hoot!
  3. My question is, does running uphill make you a better downhill runner, tho? 🤔😂
  4. Fire them. Now. We need more blue-collar UDFA's with amazing trick-shot videos and calves like Michael Jasper
  5. They'll be hunting us like a floating taco, @LABILLBACKER... Like a G.D. floating taco... You captured the smoldering, tar-covered wasteland part, but the eye isn't quite... Googley enough... I would consult with Bob Ross on that...
  6. Deshaun Watson: 45 mph... Quit this Peterman-rag-arm talk. Fromm's arm is decent, and he has more than enough arm strength to be an NFL backup; probably plenty even to be a starter, if you consider Watson's MPH. #getwoke #scienceiscool #watchingtapeiscooltoo #numbersareimportant Cut Davis Webb. 3 QBs on the roster (two extra spots; one for Fromm/Barkley, and the other for an extra OL).
  7. Yep. There's got to be more behind the Baun fall. He is undersized, but maybe there's more to the diluted drug test than us pleebs have heard about. H.I.P.P.A. has some protections for things like that leaking out. Wouldn't be surprised if there's fire where there's smoke.
  8. Agreed, but I feel like McBeane have Vosean Joseph in their back pocket. He was stashed on IR last year because we were worried he wouldn't clear waivers and get to the P.S. May not pan out, but he's in the mix, at least. Tyrel Dodson, as well. They must like their chances, between those two.
  9. How'd you get the rights? He is so smahhht. He'd never let an oversight like that slip past his ever-vigilant eye.
  10. Draft is over. Broke open a bottle of wine. Celebration / relaxation time. I literally cannot relax during the draft. It's an intravenous soap opera.
  11. Either way, it fits their culture of terrible humans.
  12. Just a note: in the last Mock I ran, prior to the draft starting, I had Dane Jackson (CB - Pitt) as my 2nd pick in the 6th. I do like him as a zone corner in McBeane's system. I mean... 7th rounder. Not expecting a ton, but I saw the fit.
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