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  1. The loss of significant players during the game didn't approach meltdown status, in your book? We were literally shedding starters like sweat!
  2. I haven't been able to look at this board, or anything Bills related since our epic meltdown. I'm just here to tell the Phins fans:
  3. Thank you for the memory! I'll have to bookmark the link, this time.
  4. Maybe they're just uneducated Phin fans... We should probs send this gentle educator, to help teach them a thing or three:
  5. He's got the heart of a wrestler; makes sense.
  6. Winner, winner, chicken dinner, right there!
  7. I think he's going to have to go back and watch the film of Daboll, prior to making an assessment
  8. The real question is, will McDermott dance like this if when we win the big one?
  9. My response to the game, the level of play, and both teams involved (in the words of a Babely Canuck):
  10. Ah, the annual culling and day-drinking event known as cutdown day! This clip is great, ha ha!
  11. Yeah, but do you get The Buckeroos, too, or are they extra 🤔
  12. Preseason W/L is a thing... Probs a thing you concern yourself with when the monkey on your back is a 2,000 lb gorilla that's been suffocating you for the better part of two decades. But when you cannot help to imbue confidence, as a team, games like this are fish scales and sand-in-your-loafers... A.K.A.: Nada. Interested in how it all shakes out; glad to catch the game at home, where I could post; thankful that thee were no major injuries. #gobills
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