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  1. The Rosen one has elevated, @Ridgewaycynic2013; didn't you hear? He's so much better than all of us that he has his own list 🙄
  2. Aww, gee... Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...
  3. @NoHuddleKelly12 Nope. I hear the kids these days are using SpaceBook, MySnap, and FaceTok, exclusively, all at once 🤔
  4. Texans may have won the playoff game, but you know Beane the Witch consulted with Jobu about this, told him Watson had drank his rum, and the inevitable results came, in due time...
  5. Imagine being so petty that you join an opposing team's message board to troll them... Oh... Wait... You don't need to imagine this... You live it
  6. Thanks for the tape, @Motorin'! Hadn't heard of Tonga, before, but he looks like Star on juice! I'd take a late round flier on him.
  7. I wish there were an A-EFF'IN-MEN emoji... I would bless this post with it, countless times.
  8. Dude should quit football, and open up a sub shop, featuring the Brodacious Ham Sammich... Hey... It'll fly in New Jersey...
  9. PEDelmen has been peddlin' meds to his own veins for a decade... Rob-you-blind-and-take-an-orchid-rub Graft stopped paying to gloss over his side-steps and, low and behold, the brown log has hit the proverbial fan. Justice is finally served. Drink your bitter cup, you Great American Pat****... I am in no way sorry for this cheat.
  10. I feel like this is a foreign concept to us Bills fans, since we are so used to being the poachers rather than the poached. In fact, we should take it as a tip of that hat to our depth and player development that our reserves are being recognized and offered the chance to start on other teams. And, as other posters have mentioned, this may be Marlowe's shot to make a run at a good contract and a starting role. It's actually good for the Bills, the Lions, and for Marlowe.
  11. @Albany,n.y. I'm in the same boat: I was livid that Beane LET us get jumped by the fuggin' JESTS. I thought that was the nail in another 16 year (at the time) coffin. Man alive, am I glad we were stone-cold wrong!
  12. Personally, I'm hoping that would be Bobby Hart, with his conspiracy theories and incredibly poor R.A.S., but hey...a future sixth is a future sixth, am I right?
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