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  1. The Mind Growth Set? Is that like, when The Brain (from Pinky & The Brain) joins Dipset? 🤔
  2. Hi Jerry 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
  3. I was reading through threads this morning, in anticipation of the Bills v Brownies, when some poster mentioned Davis Webb, and I had to think for a second... Is he still on the team? And then it really hit me: for all of us who weathered the drought, think about how many times we pined for Thad Lewis to run & gun, or prayed that Derek Anderson's entire, ancient skeleton wouldn't crumble with the next hit, or placed bets on how many swigs of whiskey Orton was taking from his flask, hidden between the Gatorade coolers, or wondered when Tuel Time would come (or expire)... Man ALIVE, isn't it GREAT to NOT be hoping for some 3rd-string, D-IIa, trick-shot-video-toting, leader-of-castoffs to sweep in at the most important position in all of sports, and somehow win a game for us? I'm just saying, folks... Perspective is a lovely hand to hold. Now, go beat the Brownies, and make Mayfield shave his head! #gobills
  4. So does Tasker, on One Bills Live. He sounds hilarious, struggling through it, and you know they have it printed out, phonetically, for him, by the way he reads it, on air. Don't get me wrong, I love Tasker, but he kills me, sometimes.
  5. @Call_Of_Ktulu And winning with pawns and knights... that's the imperative.
  6. I'm honestly more afraid of the Bolts.
  7. CARL JOSEPH WITH THE INT!!! That's a W for the Bills!
  8. There seems to be an undercurrent of bad attitude / locker room poison that follows Z. Brown around. I can't obviously verify it, but enough of the armchair GM's on here have pointed it out that I'd be willing to believe there may be some credence to that point.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma Learn to use the comma, Pat%$@# fan...
  10. Oh, my dear... I am so sorry that the Bills won, and your beloved, Tom Sh!**y and Bulls*!^ Bellicheat lost today. I hope you have a pleasant and enjoyable Monday.
  11. I always wonder whether the real McKenzie ever reads these posts, and what he thinks about the whole Mckittrick charade 🤔
  12. By your very own negative correlation, you must be either: a) Wrong more often than right (and a Bills fan). or b) Not a Bills fan (and right more often that you're wrong). Pick which, and let us know. We're all ears.
  13. Nah... More likely badminton... Or goodglove (which Schopp invented, so he could be right about something).
  14. Why not? With locks like those, he's a PR dream 😂
  15. I'm not going to give that a like, or anything, but for once, @ScottLaw, I agree with you. Now, go put a feather in yer cap, smoke a stogie, and watch some Pats Super Bowl victory re-runs 😂
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