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  1. Oh wait... The Chiefs signed another player with a shady history? Wake me when there's some news... 😴
  2. Dri Archer - Signed, but never showed up. Stupid fast. Also stupid, in general. Admiral Marcell Darius - The admiral cap... The drag race... The synthetic weed... The memories 🙄 Vonte Davis - Half time is as good a time as any time to quit. E.J. Manuel - Manuel is Automatically setting the franchise back a decade. No thanks...
  3. That, and how many wins your team has, even though as Bruce Nolan has firmly proven, wins are NOT a Quarterback stat! Have a listen: https://megaphone.link/VMP2689096692
  4. I sort of wish this was funny... Unfortunately, it's more accurate than any of us are willing to admit 😞
  5. Possibly, but so far my niece and nephews have all turned out alright, so who knows 🤷‍♂️
  6. True story: My brother in law calls any television remote "Ray-Ray". Like, if my sister loses the remote, he'll start asking his kids: "Have you seen Ray-Ray? Did somebody put Ray-Ray under a cushion?" All stone-faced serious. Dude is hilarious!
  7. @Augie Don't put it past us Americans. Heck, we already took The London Bridge, and planted it in the Arizona desert: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Bridge_(Lake_Havasu_City)
  8. Probably thinking of McCloud, from back in the day.
  9. Awesome! Now, unless they break the bank for Tuna, they're going to have The Cheetah tossing bombs to The Penguin! Hate to see it...
  10. Hey, you take half of my Blue Heeler's name out of yer mouth!
  11. Boy howdy, and I came here hoping to find a new, old dive-bar that recently became a Bills backers bar in Rochester. Man, am I disappointed!
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