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  1. I heard CBS put out a 2019 mock draft in May... of 2019. They had the Bills picking 3rd. They're really giving us a lot of credit here, folks. We'll be one spot better next year! You really gotta love the genius takes from CBS. Can't wait for next week's article on who has the best slam dunk in football! I'm salivating.
  2. It was actually a differential thread, but who's counting? 🤣😂🤣
  3. True, but perhaps the Jests suffer from their environment. Are they not just a reflection of New Jersey: a quagmire of endless construction zones?
  4. I feel like he was speaking to the 20 years of ineptitude. If the Jets are spiraling that toilet bowl, count me among those cheering their descent! You're right, though: The Jets have nothing on us!
  5. Zany eyes aside Gase is actually, probably right, here... Just sayin'
  6. You know, I was thinking deeply about EJ's retirement, and wondering, with him gone, who will take up the mantle as the NFL's leader in hard counts 🤔
  7. 500 and change yards from #3 all-time in rushing yards, and he's going to retire? Do you think that kind of attitude is what got him to #4 all time? https://www.footballdb.com/leaders/career-rushing-yards Wow... Slowwwwwwww clap for you, @#34fan
  8. But that's what I'm saying: there is a potential downside of the injury not healing up, but nobody here can know that, either way. My argument is that there is a potential downside of the injury persisting, and us not getting sufficient value out of Ansah. I look at the money under the cap as a non-issue; not even a negative. We have it to spend, so I'm fine with spending it judiciously, as Beane has tried to stick to.
  9. That's a BIG if... we don't know the medicals.
  10. Well, I'd say that in light of the the squad we had last year, and the QB question lingering throughout the season, our 6 and 10 record was a success. We weren't the 2 or 4 win team almost everyone predicted. Wherever a team lands in the standings, bad calls can still influence their W/L totals. We weren't going to make the playoffs last year; Jerry Hughes should have had more sacks and holding penalties called against OL trying to block him (for one, egregious example). Would those calls have translated into wins? Debatable.
  11. You're right about the context being different, but the face of it (i.e. Bills fans complaining about a DE with an injured shoulder that we spent resources on), I would argue, is the same. I mean, I'm just saying that we shouldn't complain about not getting Ansah because we've been through a similar situation before with a player we invested in. Ansah may not be the answer, here or in Seattle. Time will tell, though.
  12. Tom Brady had some intel on that, but he "accidentally" threw his phone in a toilet... it's a travesty. Anyone remember how pissed this board got when Shaq pretty much was useless his whole first year, due to a... wait for it... wait for it... shoulder injury? And you all wanted Ansah on a 1-year? Those who did either have really short memories, are newbz to the board, or a straight up trolls.
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