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  1. ROCBillsBeliever

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets first half thread

    Who took the handcuffs off of Daboll? Dude is calling some ridiculous plays... and they are working??? I'm dumbfounded, but very, very pleased!
  2. ROCBillsBeliever

    Coach Length To Put Program In

    Hey bud, I bought you a pony 🐎
  3. ROCBillsBeliever

    Coach Length To Put Program In

  4. Let's see how many potential career opportunities we can offer our boy, Nate. Lord knows he needs options!
  5. The "Full Peterman" sounds like a wrestling move from the 80's... makes me wonder if Peterman has a future in the ring 🤔
  6. I'd agree. He wouldn't be the Mahomes we see, today, though.
  7. If Mahomes would be a leading MVP candidate with our WR group and OL, then I, good sir, am a taco... a fish taco.
  8. ROCBillsBeliever

    How would you fix the Offense?

    Yep. I mean, his ability to identify offensive talent has significantly decreased since our win over Minnesota... Or was that your patience I heard decreasing? I'm not calling YOU out; I'm just calling out THIS line of thinking. Let's be honest: 1. We are not getting better on offense, this year. 2. A number of decisions made in the offseason had negative impacts on the offense. 3. A number of unfortunate injuries compounded those negative impacts of those decisions, particularly noteworthy on the offensive side of the ball. 4. We are stuck with what we have, and will continue to struggle on offense. 5. Daboll is stuck with this cast of characters. Can't draw blood from a stone. 6. McDermott and Beane are also, at this point, stuck with this cast of characters. 7. We are getting 10 draft picks, high in each round. 8. We have 100 million in cap space freed next year. So, if you can't bear to watch this year, that's fine; punch out, and come back next year. Please stop making up false narratives that anyone at OBD is becoming better or worse at identifying offensive talent. What we got is what we got. Accept this: Some mistakes were made; some unfortunate injuries happened; we are in cap jail; we fixed the defense this year; they will work on offense next year. Or, don't, and become a Pat's fan.
  9. Five foot seven... Six fumbles... When you have more fumbles than feet and inches, automatic pass.
  10. ROCBillsBeliever

    McDermott's Judgement on offense is impaired.

    How dare you use logic to formulate a reasoned argument? Do you not know where you are, good sir?
  11. I hear that those are the only significant indicators for QB play. No sarcasm here... none at all.
  12. Hey, don't publish that script! You know Belicheck reads these boards, don't you? He will learn all our secrets, man!
  13. I would only wish this low a bar on the Cheatriots...
  14. I'll take "Not a good QB", over "Worst QB in NFL history..." #justsayin