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  1. A late round CB I don't know? Probs going to be good. Given McD's track record, I will never doubt one of his CB selections.
  2. Beane on days 1 & 2: "I'm hording 6th rounders to move up and steal a pick in the 4th or 5th!" Beane on day 3: 😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤
  3. Crap... Whelp... Let's enjoy all of our sixth round bounty 🙄
  4. 5th and an early 6th to move into the 4th. Two sixes to move into the 5th. 7th round long snapper 🤷
  5. We had Doubs in for a visit, and from what I gather, he is both speedy, and underrated, and he played at Nevada, so probably doesn't have the buzz that a receiver of his talents should have. Color me interested.
  6. I needed some time to "process" this pick... I have come upon my conclusion: Vosean Joseph 2.0 (except Joseph was taken in the 5th... FIFTH... round - 2019). -Undersized LB "tweener". -Fast trigger. -Made splash plays, but also got duped, from time to time. -Vicious tackler, but undisciplined. From the bit of snatching at straws I've done, Bernard seems to be more disciplined, and a better character / smarts guy. TWO ROUNDS better, though? Well... I hope so... I really effin hope so. Beane: You are testing all of our collective hope. I'm praying you're right!
  7. The Bills will draft a Himalayan mountain goat and a bumblebee with an odd number of wings. Beane will tell us, in the pressers, that the NFL is moving towards low-oxygen playing environments, and that nobody has figured out how to cover a bumblebee with five wings...
  8. I am only here because maybe four sixths equal a third? Ok... I'm going to find a newspaper salesperson who specializes in obscure Baylor, TX sporting print, and shake him down for some intel on this pick...
  9. Beane: "Trust me, guys, we don't need more football players. This guy knows how to cross-stitch, is a former choir boy, helps old ladies cross rivers, and has an elementary level of comprehension of Mandarin."
  10. I have no clue who Bernard is... I mean... I have zero clue if any team had him on their radar... And now Parham goes? I don't even... Undersized unknown tweener who would have been available as a UDFA? 😭
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