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  1. I would SO be on board with this! Where did you see the report? Link?
  2. Dude, somebody needs to get AB back into the league, just so he can participate in the Pro Bowl Spelling Bee! His answers would be effin' GOLD!
  3. The Queen Mum KNEW that LSU would win the college championship, this year!
  4. It's likely that Orgeron smokes actual grass... King Nebuchadnezzar style 😂😋😂
  5. Clowney strikes me as the type who will play for the Pat*#$@, thinking they're going to the Super Bowl next year, because PFF and ESPN and the national polls and Vegas like them... let him join the Evil (crumbling) Empire, if you ask me.
  6. Giselle is a witch... is Tanny's wife a witch, too? Are ALL NFL QB wives witches? 😳😟😱
  7. I've been running draft simulators since our draft position was finalized, and Shenault is available in about 92% of them, off the top of my head. That's without a trade up. I'd take him at the 22nd pick, in a heartbeat!
  8. Didja get all exxxxited cause ya did wiiiiiiiiin da misspelling beeeeeeee, buckeroo?
  9. Soooo, do you mean to say that the Jets special teamer who wrecked Hauschka got a fair shake, in light of Ford's treatment by the NFL? Asking for a friend...
  10. Oh my F*#K... the Jet who sent Haush$ into a year long funk got zilch, and Ford got a FAKE blindside block penalty AND fine? Tell me the NFL isn't biased against the Bills... TELL ME... absolute steaming horse dung...
  11. How can you NOT love this team? Seriously, thanks to the OP, to Dawk, and to all of The Mafia!
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