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  1. Cody Ford instead of my gosh-darned laundry hamper... Worst pick, ever! At least we got a pick back from AZ for him. That's literally the most important thing Ford ever did for us.
  2. Different strokes for different folks. Also, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a distance runner for a college program (DIII) that took 1st, 2nd, 2nd, and 1st in the nation, the four years I ran for them (and, yes: I raced in each National meet... Not a benchwarmer or flag-waiver). Anyhow, my coach once handed down a bit of colloquial wisdom, that applies to JA17. He told me: "There are two types of women: The ones that make you run faster, and the ones who don't... Make sure you're with the right type!" Let's just hope Steinfeld is the "right" type.
  3. I doubt Mahomes became a great QB by practicing against Jackson, as a DB 🤔😉😂
  4. @BillsFanForever19 As the Almighty Bruce Nolan says: "Expectations minus reality equals disappointment."
  5. The ranking or the author of the article?
  6. Time and attention of coaches, reps, time on task.
  7. Precisely! Resources are limited; focus on the ones with a chance to stick.
  8. I just hope we get some DT's! Any DT's.
  9. @LyndonvilleBill Yeah, in his 30 minute post-draft presser, Beane mentioned that we won't likely go all the way up to 91, and mentioned the mid-80's as a rough estimate. Makes sense.
  10. I sure do need a little copium, ha ha! Thanks 🙏
  11. Well, I guess they'll be able to entire priority USDA DT's, since they'll all know the cupboards in Buffalo are bare AF! Not pleased that we completely ignored the DT spot. Otherwise, I generally like this draft. First two picks were phenomenal. Jury's out on Williams, but at least our Williams cupboard is no longer bare 🤷‍♂️ Beyond that we just have a few guys with some measure of potential. Given a weak overall draft, it looks like Beane did alright with the resources we had, and laid a solid groundwork for next year's draft, with some pick swaps.
  12. Yeah, yeah, I just want Ojomo. Hope he's still there at 215. In truth, it was a good move. Initial reaction was lacking the context of what we received.
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