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  1. I was skeptical and thought Rosen was a safer pick. Went to his first start against the Chargers and Josh threw some deep out on a rope like a 40-50 yard throw and I audibly gasped. From then on, I knew he had a shot to be really special. The Vikings game the next week just showed just how athletic he was and what he was capable of. Its been bumpy at times, but from that one throw, I had a feeling he was going to be great
  2. They should give him the award whenever they play the dolphins. That is his 3rd against Miami I believe
  3. If the Lions ever gave Stafford a RB which the rest of the league finds without any issue, he might have actually won a playoff game or two
  4. Oh gosh not with the Fitz wheel of death. We would have Fitz start a few games
  5. You are correct. I was surprised he had almost 400 yards because it honestly didn't feel like he was playing that well. Thinking back to the broadcast, Seattle lost nearly their entire secondary in the 1st quarter. So that 400 yards is less impressive, although its still a very good night
  6. Sure, and if he had a 200 yard game and 1 TD in each, I'd feel differently. But he absolutely demolished these "bad" teams. Against Miami when the game was in doubt he was 6-8 for 145 yards and 2 TDs. I don't care who you are playing, 400 yards and 4Tds is a hell of an achievement
  7. Loved it when it happened and it has already exceeded my expectations. What a great feeling knowing a GM is going to make that call and be willing to pull the trigger
  8. How do you get sacked there? He had 10 seconds!
  9. Agreed. I think if Milano or Edmunds had played it wouldnt have been that close. But I also think Miami is better than people think. They wont win a ton, but they wont be an easy out most weeks
  10. Cam looked good last night. I was surprised to see he had almost 400 yards last night. If I was the Pats**************** I'd worry about all the shots he takes. Its working now, but hes 31 coming off a few seasons with multiple injuries and ending up on IR.
  11. I'm an engineer. Which means I know nothing about football
  12. You are supposed to declare on Friday if a player is in or out. If they keep it secret, they could be fined money or draft picks. To beat the dolphins, i think you just come out with it
  13. I was impressed with him last night. Bengals got to give him an O line. He was getting blown up a few times, but I was impressed with him overall
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