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  1. If you think of it as an entertainment device it works out better. You can stream with it, play dvds/ blu ray and play games. Its an all in one system and how I justified buying the PS4 a few years ago
  2. Sometimes at work, I read a Bills message board. Am I a bad person?
  3. I would love to go a championship game for each major sport, but if the ticket price was 6k, I don't think i could ever justify it
  4. Rosen was traded for the 62nd overall pick last year. At points last year in the draft it seemed like the dolphins were basically bidding against themselves Maybe someone else can track down the video, but the trade had been reported as nearly a done deal, then the dolphins TRADED back from 48 to 62. so they were willing to see if 14 teams would be more willing to grab Rosen and no one bit. That told me a ton about how the NFL perceived Rosen after one year in the pros. Rosen did nothing to change that perception last year and will likely have even less of a market this year If Belicheck takes him over Stidham I will be absolutely shocked
  5. What exactly does Rosen do well? Thats the question you need to ask Is he a quick decision maker? Is he deadly accurate? Is he a good leader? A play maker? To me he is a JAG. If he was drafted in the third round he might be out of the league already. I'm not sure I can say he does anything well. His best hope is a career like Blaine Gabbert. Hang around for 8 years backing up and hope you never have to play Nope. he just sucks
  6. If you feel like you need "backup" at a Bills game, you might be the problem
  7. I'm sorry but this is just bull####. Nobody should be worried about their safety at a football game. Ever. Under any circumstances. Society should never get a free pass because alcohol and football is involved. To suggest otherwise is ludicrous IMO
  8. I'm not a lawyer so I won't try to determine who should be responsible.
  9. I got a concussion in high school and its no joke. I had a hard time remembering things and places for several weeks. I feel terrible for this women. I can't even imagine if this happened to my wife. As for the lawsuit, as someone said earlier in the thread, bad things happen to people. I know someone who was in a car accident and had a broken collerbone. Couldnt work and she is self employed. The guy had some BS insurance that wouldnt even cover the cost of her now totaled car. So she missed work, lost wages, needs a new car and its because some guy ran a red light? She hired a lawyer to make sure she got was she was entitled to and all those things were now covered Why shouldn't someone get what they are entitled to in a situation like that? Or for this poor women?
  10. First thing i thought of when I saw the news. Loved watching him play and in the All or Nothing for Carolina a few years ago. Just a good dude. Wish him nothing but the best
  11. Dude was supposed be a HC candidate a few years ago. Now he is out as OC in Jacksonville
  12. Awful news My blood pressure was over 100 during the Texans game. I decided then I need to just be more calm about these games.
  13. Lining up Demarco or Smith wide helps identify the coverage for his young raw QB. If a LB goes with one of them, its probably man coverage. if not, its probably a zone How is that not setting up Josh to succeed? I wont try to defend running Gore so much. That probably comes from the HC more than the OC IMO
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