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  1. My most random one by far is at a bar in Fargo ND. I was the only person in there besides the bartender and in walks a guy with his girlfriend and he has a Bills hat. I said "hey man, go Bills!" Turns out he was from Victor (outside of Rochester) graduated the same year as me and grew up about 20 mins from where I did. His GF was from Fargo Small world
  2. Yes, this is what caused a 17 year playoff drought in Buffalo and Cleveland. The Bills led the league in rushing once and had 54 sacks another year and missed the playoffs both times. QB is the most important position and pulling Phil Simms stats to prove your point shows you don't have a logical point. Comparing how football was played in 1990 to 2021 is like comparing 1990 to 1959. Same 31 year gap
  3. Getting the QB leftovers in the draft and FA and hoping they don't suck
  4. You are pulling numbers from 1990 and 2003 to say that they can win like that today? Have you watched any football in the last 10 years? Those are Tyrod Taylor numbers. You get to 500 with that at best. We watched it here for 17 years cmon man
  5. I wanted to buy a Hamdan one when I was in college but I needed beer money instead
  6. I remember watching EJ during the Houston game thinking his footwork was an absolute mess. Pulling him was the only decision, but he should have started week 17. Marrone was coaching for his job, got to keep it and promptly quit
  7. Right? Even signing Boldin when he was 38 was seen as this huge win and in reality, even hed played he would have gotten like 500 yards and 2 Tds
  8. His Wrs that game Robert Foster Calvin Ridley Jerry Jeudy Henry Ruggs Davonte Smith 4 1st rounders. Holy smokes
  9. He had two games under 100 yards passing! Miami has good WRs and TE too. Tua could be good, but if I was a dolphins fan, I'd be very worried.
  10. Cardinals would have a better draw. They would show Kliff kicking it with his players being cool and then trying to find Murry behind a group of children visiting.
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