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  1. A guy that spent 2 years starting ***** in Buffalo suddenly says he wants to return? Call me skeptical
  2. He retired https://www.nfl.com/news/cole-beasley-retiring-after-11-seasons-buccaneers-bills-cowboys Also Beasley said this on Twitter
  3. I was reading the email about this earlier today. The deadline to request a refund is the 30th and refunds will start December 2nd. My guess is the credits will Start showing next week
  4. Can’t wait for Josh Gordon to make his 15th comeback and Todd Gurly to visit
  5. Really? The division is all within two games and you want to rest a HOFer just because?
  6. Do you think NE* bothers to practice punt return this week?
  7. My son was awake for the entire game. He will be sleeping for the Pats* game so if tradition follows, if he is awake or asleep the whole game, the Bills win
  8. They are a good team, but this is a good point to bring up. They also needed every second to beat the Steelers. I think it’s likely we see a bit of a regression starting this week
  9. Lol no it’s not Watson was accused of some pretty heinous *****. Even had a grand jury and multiple settlements. Got a 250 mil guaranteed contract Lamar tells a guy to eat a dick and he’s not gonna get paid? Cmon guys this is the NFL, not corporate America
  10. Hopefully a sign of the ***** storm to come with employing a guy like Watson
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