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  1. They couldnt get anyone to sign when Nate Peterman was the best option at the onset of FA. With a big armed Josh Allen, more WRs are going to want to play with him
  2. My wife really like Talley and keeps pushing for that
  3. They play in Carolina later in the week. Why would it be at Fisher?
  4. It is a goldendoodle for those asking 👍
  5. My wife and I are getting a puppy this weekend. We have a few ideas for a name but I'd like to propose a few Bills related names. Girl puppy Suggestions!
  6. She'd rip it off. Hell hath no fury like a women scorned haha
  7. Yup Watkins was incredibly talented, but the rest of the draft just didnt justify that move. Soooooo deep at WR, trading up for one was incredibly short sighted
  8. Agreed. Both parties have to be on board with proposals, ceremony, reception. Compromises of course, but if I'd proposed to my wife during a TV timeout at a game, she would have said yes, but wouldnt have been happy about it
  9. I think I may have been looking at a parody acct. My mistake
  10. Completion % is not accuracy. I wish people would stop equating the two because they are different. I have no issue with his completion percentage in his rookie year. I wanted Allen to let it rip and attempt every high risk throw every game. Let him see what his arm can do at this level. Can I make this throw? What about this throw? Can corners cover this throw? What is my limit? If he was making dumb throws into triple coverage on the regular, I'd be worried. But I watch him play and I see a game who is constantly looking to make a play. I love that about him and I hope he continues to do it. Big QBs make big plays in big time moments and you only have a chance to complete those if your willing to attempt it. I'll take a gunslinger with a never say die attitude every time over someone who is afraid of a turnover in that situation. Also, with respect to Darnold, that kid is an absolute stud. As a football fan I'm excited to watch him. As a Bills fan I hope he ***** the bed twice a year
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