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  1. I remember when he retired it was kind of a surprise, but you have to be younger than 36 to become an FBI agent, so he wanted to focus on that rather than continue his career
  2. I work from home so occasionally I have GMFB or Get Up GMFB is ok on mondays when they go through each game. The rest of the week is just filler stories that I rarely watch. I used to love Mike and Mike so I turned on get up. It was unwatchable. Greeny and Rex Ryan talking about the Jets and other loud people talking. I had to turn it off
  3. He shouldn’t. Romo was a very good QB but his accomplishments are relatively limited. He won two playoff games and only played in 6. If he gets in, I think it really devalues the hall even more than it is
  4. Must just be waking up from that late august bender
  5. Coaching made him blind to wide open receivers while the Bucs played the softest high school coverage I’ve ever seen? Just like Jalen Hurts!
  6. And then said they didn’t realize he partied so much. Like dude have you ever seen ESPN?
  7. Moss looked good. I was surprised it was him, but he looks like a solid NFL back right now
  8. And we also had Derek Carr and his eyeliner on National TV Burrow looks hurt to me. Him reaggravating that injury is really bad news for the Bengals
  9. We had a Raiders fan in our row Sunday. I walked up to him and asked if heard the rule that opposing fans buy a beer for everyone in the row. Dude laughed and shook my hand. It was fun the rest of the day with him. That’s how it’s supposed to be. I can’t imagine getting so angry I’d punch someone at a game
  10. You’re kidding right? Just watch this and tell me what you would do if Josh Allen made this read Lawrence is a good one. Mac could be a low end starter for a few years, otherwise woof
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