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  1. Captain Hindsight

    Why didnt we sign WR Tanner Gentry?

    Jets gonna Jet They also signed this guy to be their coach
  2. Captain Hindsight

    Buffalo Bills Schedule Leaks

    If thats true they may just stay in NJ
  3. Captain Hindsight

    Your draft sleeper pick

    Chase Winovich
  4. Captain Hindsight

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    I'm sure it was. Just terrible
  5. Captain Hindsight

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    Just awful to see. I dont think it can be saved by the looks of it. From what I'm reading they are trying to save the art now more than anything Just a huge cultural loss. I went to some churches in Croatia during my honeymoon and the art and care that went into these buildings is incredible. Notre Dame was on my list of places to see and it looks as though that will not happen
  6. Captain Hindsight

    Man caves - who's got them? Let's see them.

    Just moved into my house this past weekend actually. Have some ideas for a man cave but nothing concrete yet. I have every ticket and program from every game I've ever attended so I'm hoping to do something with those. I have a few jerseys I can display and a signed Jim Kelly football
  7. Captain Hindsight

    Star Wars - The Rise Of Skywalker

    How'd you get this picture of me? Also I've now watched this 6 times
  8. Captain Hindsight

    Chris Hogan makes a stop in Charlotte prior to Canton

    Oh I agree. I think we could have used a guy like him the last few years, but in terms of actual production, he was an ok receiver
  9. Captain Hindsight

    Chris Hogan makes a stop in Charlotte prior to Canton

    That pick turned out to Milano. I was upset when they lost him. Partially because it was the pats**** that took him and partially because Whaley wouldnt give him a higher tender to recoup a draft pick if he left. It was poor management and showed me he didn't know how to keep his players
  10. Captain Hindsight

    A message to Bill fans

    Has to be some truth to it. Wouldnt shock me at all to find out that Rodgers is a difficult guy to get along with. He doesnt speak to his family IIRC
  11. Captain Hindsight

    Where Are They Now? Safety Coy Wire

    Met Coy Wire (and Travis Henry) at an autograph signing a loooooong time ago. Travis was not thrilled to be there Coy was one of the nicest individuals I've ever met.
  12. Captain Hindsight

    [Vague Title] whole day shot to he1! on wgr....

    Anybody have a snickers?
  13. Cool story, I hope he works out.
  14. Captain Hindsight

    What NFL executive is this?!!!

    I can see not liking the players but there is clearly a plan. The O line and receivers sucked last year. So they signed 8 people to those positions Corner Depth was an issue last year, so they signed some highly talented players who have played extremely well in the past. They have injury issues which you could argue is a problem, but we keep hearing about the high level of treatment available for players as a reason guys sign here
  15. Captain Hindsight

    Fox Sports: NFL’s best fan base, Bills vs Titans the Final 4

    I tweeted at Waddles wife about doing something like this (I'm thomas Joseph) and then I got some text from a friend of mine that it blew up. Feels really nice to turn something like this into a major positive If anyone wants to donate to charity that means a lot to me http://www.marysplaceoutreach.org/ in Rochester is run by a friend of mine and they do amazing work for refugee families. I know it would mean a lot to me and my friend and she would be able to continue doing some great work