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  1. Yeah but Fox put Mac Jones picture up instead of Josh. Doomed or something
  2. I think anyone starting either of those guys would be screwed.
  3. His shoulder is shot and he doesnt have the mechanics to overcome it. Dude just got injured. It happens
  4. I tore my PCL in HS. Its mostly a pain thing after a while. I think it lingered for me all season. I probably wasnt fully healed until after the season
  5. Jones is such a weird player. Sometimes he makes these amazing plays and throws where you think he’s got a shot, then he gets flustered and throws an awful INT. There’s some early JA in him (although not nearly as talented). But in year 3, these should be few and far between. I think he will be like Derek Carr. Too good to replace, too bad to win anything This draft looks more like Geno and EJ
  6. People that do these sorts of things likely aren't too worried about the consequences in that moment. You are hoping that a very irrational and violent person has a moment of clarity. It just doesn't happen
  7. What a piece of garbage. Lock him up and throw away the key. Disgusting behavior
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