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  1. To each his own I guess. When I read that morgues are full in several states and we have to put bodies on trucks, i tend to be a little more cautious and not just resign myself to "oh well were gonna get it anyway" I firmly believe it doesn't have to be that way. I'm hardly doom and gloom either, but this isn't a broken leg were talking about here, death is a very real possibility for people that get infected. To not consider that when making decisions related to this is irresponsible IMO Players are human and employees and no matter how well many of them are compensated, they still have a right to a reasonable level of safety. With a novel virus that is spreading rapidly and killing thousands of people, any person has a right to be concerned and should be free to make the best decision for themselves and their families. If the Billionaire owners are going to not pay players their full agreed upon salaries, then the players absolutely should make a big stink about it.
  2. How much is your life worth? Your mom's life? wife? Kids? This is a situation where its not just about the player. If a guy gets covid, but is asymptomatic, visits his mother and she gets sick and dies, would that game check have been worth it? I think thats the issue with playing this year, as opposed to the other issues you outlined
  3. So the smartest and brightest universities are shutting down, in early July. This is not good news for the sports world. I'd expect more news like this soon
  4. New Zealand has ZERO cases. Don't give me this BS that we can't eradicate this. We absolutely can and are actively choosing not to because people can't be moderately inconvenienced by wearing a piece of cloth over our mouth and nose for less than an hour at wal-mart. Its embarrassing to watch
  5. Shockingly, people can change their opinions once they learn more about this situation. In January, I went out to dinner with my parents and told my parents I thought this would all blow over in a few weeks. I now believe that was incredible incorrect and I'm worried about football season being played at all this year Can you blame Diggs for being concerned though? Hell I'm worried just watching the NFLPA and NFL argue over whether meetings should be held virtually or if any preseason games should be played. This isnt a normal virus and this isnt a normal year. If you are not concerned, you are either lying or just denying what you see in front of you. Experts are doing fine. People who arent wearing masks or following the basic rules of sit in your house and watch netflix are who is screwing this up You can place blame in lots of places for how bad this has gotten. Those evil scientists are nowhere near the top. Mistakes made? Sure, but the message has been consistent. This is serious, wear a mask, social distance Odd how other countries did exactly that and are returning to mostly normal life right now and were wondering if we can have fun anytime soon or can travel to Canada
  6. Assuming they are able to make one, which is no guarantee. The whole thing just sucks
  7. Actually I think that was discussed, I'll see if i can find the article, but i think it was PFT
  8. Sports are for countries that did their homework. This nation collectively has failed
  9. Luckily she really could have retired at any time, I think she enjoyed it tho so thats the real loss
  10. To your first point there, for me I'm not sure its worth it. My mom is immune compromised and basically retired in the middle of the week back in March because of her health concerns (she works with kids so this is pretty warranted). So for me, to have to not see my mom for a few weeks after going to a Bills game wouldn't be worth it. This whole situation just sucks. Wear your masks, people Me too, the money is already allocated in my budget. Guess I just roll it to another account
  11. More likely to be honest. I'm optimistic but as more and more states shut down, I just dont see it happening. Cuomo will be very careful (as he should be) and I think a large gathering for a game isnt being careful
  12. Just saw this and was coming to post it. I'm not surprised given a few other teams have started to do this. Not sure how I feel right now, I'm torn on taking them up on them up on it and hoping to go to games if it is safe to go in September (although i doubt it) Hopefully we have some more time to decide.
  13. It is but most of it comes from mechanics, not unlike golfing if you are off in your motions, grip, speed, torque ect, the ball is going to move on ya. If you have good mechanics, you get more accurate. IMO Josh's accuracy is more than adequate. He just doesn't checkdown on 3rd and 18 so he has a 58% completion percentage instead of 65%. You will punt if its incomplete or only gains 10 yards. Might as well go for it
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