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  1. Yeah I thought Flacco looked done. He wasnt getting much help from his O line to be fair, but very little urgency or much at all for him SOOOOOO glad John Elway felt secure enough in *checks notes* Case Keenum.... to pass on talents like Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson
  2. John Clayton says Kitchens was almost fired after the Seahawks game https://www.totalprosports.com/2019/10/16/nfl-insider-claims-freddie-kitchens-was-almost-fired-after-seahawks-loss-unlikely-to-return-next-season/
  3. I get trying to retool a roster and get a QB, but you still need some pieces on the roster. Drake is a young, cheap and talented RB. Is the 4th round pick really worth it to miami? They still have to find someone to run the ball
  4. I am O+. Ill make a plan to donate
  5. How so? I would argue this is better than outscoring everyone. The defense isnt forcing a bunch of turnovers and if Josh can cut down on his, this team will be really sound and mistake free. Hard to beat a team that doesnt beat themselves
  6. Not if they continue to draft and sign FAs well. There is a ton of depth on this roster right now as evidenced by guys getting claimed and traded at the end of PS. Its one of the reasons the Patriots are so successful every year. They always have some UDFA start at a key position and play well for peanuts Not unlike Levi Wallace
  7. Apparently 5 years from now. Once he gets the perfect situation. Not unlike Nate Peterman At least Peterman would throw the ball. Rosen wont even do that
  8. Fitz to start Sunday. So much for Rosen starting the rest of the year
  9. Fitz to start Sunday. Guess Rosen will have to exact his revenge in a few week
  10. Vrabel always seemed like an odd choice for a HC. What exactly has he done to earn that role? He doesnt seem especially innovative or super motivating. What was the appeal? Mariota has always been...ok. I always expected him to play better and he just never did. Hes had a ton of OCs which didn't help but he is super conservative. Gotta take chances in this league
  11. Marrone finally got those two first picks back for Sammy Watkins
  12. I think hes good enough to play in the NFL. I do think hes being black balled. I wouldnt be upset if the Bills signed him or any other team for that matter That all said, the NFL owners can sign whoever they want
  13. It is fair to say he hasn't been in a good situation, but he has also done nothing to make the players around him better. To me, he is a backup at best and I'm not even sure hes a good one
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