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  1. That game didnt shock me so much so that Cleveland won. The Steelers are old and tired. I thought if the Browns got rolling like they can, it could get out of hand quickly I did not expect the Steelers to spot Cleveland 28 points however
  2. ESPN is so lazy. The bottom line has JA taken 10th. Like does nobody even use google over there? They broadcasted the draft!
  3. Frazier took Christian Ponder to the playoffs. He is a good coach and a good man. He deserves this interview and if he gets the job, I'd be very happy for him
  4. Only until it was a close game late. Then you bring in the real QB
  5. Josh had like 4 incompletions the other night. Lets keep things in perspective folks
  6. His initial press conference was..... interesting. 49ers would have been better off just saying "April Fools!" 3 months early and trying again
  7. Maybe, I also think they didnt think he would actually leave. Newton was a panic move, that if he was healthy probably would have been fine. But with how poorly Cam has played (and I do believe his should is simply shot), Stidham hasn't even sniffed the possibility of starting until week 17? He is terrible and every talking head this offseason proclaiming him an instant success was an absolute joke of analysis. The Pats****** are quickly becoming irrelevant. How long does Bill want to be associated with that? I would not be shocked if he had a "health issue" and retire
  8. Me too, Kraft and Bill took Brady for granted. They had no other options. Look at the list of FA QBs last year. Its horrendous, they signed Hoyer and Cam in desperation, hoping they could cobble together a decent offense to sneak into the playoffs. In the draft they could have taken Love or maybe Hurts, but they would still stink. Their skill positions are an absolute joke
  9. YUP Who wants to play in the cold with Jarrett Stidham and a miserable coach? I think 8 guys opted out because they knew they were going to suck and NE is not a fun place to play. Think that magically changes with a mid first round pick of a DB to replace Gilmore?
  10. I saw Webb taking handoffs from Josh the other day in practice. This game plan is gonna be lit
  11. Johnny Manziel played way better than this clown and had exactly zero offers after being cut. Sometimes, its best just to move on. If someone claims his contract, call it a win
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