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  1. Last time they went on a spending spree, they got Hunter Henry, Jonu Smith, Nelson Agelor and Kendrick Bourne, so probably not much
  2. I think Dorsey will get another opportunity to call plays and probably be a good OC down the road. He clearly knows football and had some impressive numbers at times, but his consistency and rhythm was bad
  3. And Ramsey and Howard and Chubb… Miami is stacked and it got them a wild card and a 1st round playoff loss for the second consecutive year
  4. Probably, but he should have a pretty reasonable salary and any bonus money would be on the Jets. I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone take a chance on him. Plenty of talent and some of the worst coaching I’ve ever seen the last few years (especially last year) My dream scenario is Wilson goes to the Giants and wins a Super Bowl
  5. I mean, he was a 4/5 safety after starting most of the year prior. He has enough talent to be in that role. They signed Rapp to be the first safety off the bench and Cam Lewis has more versatility. I think there was maybe a small PR component to it, but it’s not like Hamlin was some make a wish kid. He is a legit NFL player
  6. Confirmed that Hackett had absolutely no other job than to do what Rodgers wanted to do. Hell of an organization they got there
  7. Does OP know the game is over? These tickets won’t get you into the game
  8. Yeah, scouts just missed on him. I get it, he doesn’t look like a pro QB, but he’s the real deal
  9. Easily? He’s sucked as a passer for 3 years. It’s not like he hasn’t had proper coaching or good talent. Kmet is good TE and their running game has been very good while he’s been there. This year with DJ Moore he had 1 game over 300 yards. That’s not a high bar for him to overcome and he just hasn’t done it. Is that suddenly going to change in year 4? I highly doubt it
  10. Fields is terrible. People keep trying to make him some guy who has just been overlooked but he hasn't been much better than Tyson Bagent this year. He's just too streaky to be the guy and if you are asking after 3 years, you already know the answer
  11. I love Purdy. He is efficient, confident and makes good decisions quickly. He does things off-script pretty well too and is a good enough athlete to get 5 yards and a 1st down. He won't wow you with any plays but very rarely is going to make a mistake. I think he's better than Tua in a very similar system. There is a reason he's only lost 5 (not counting the NFCCG last year) games as a starter, one of them being the Super Bowl in which he had a lead when he left the field. To say he's just a game manager is absurd. Scouts missed him, it happens. He will be in the top QB group for a decade
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