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  1. Cian Farley burner account would be my guess
  2. Holy smokes when I got my puppy I barely slept for a few weeks. I cant even imagine having 4 kids at once Congrats to him and his wife tho! Very exciting
  3. The whole situation is just so bizarre. I think Mayock has about had it with AB and now he has shot across his bow "show up or dont play for us" presser. I wouldn't be surprised if they issue the 5 day letter if he still hasn't reported after the week 3 preseason game. Thank god he said no to coming here
  4. Jordan Mills sucked before he went against one of the best DEs in the game. People love conspiracies but if were being honest, they just sucked and Tyrod did enough to make them look ok
  5. His QBs in previous stints Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn/Colt Mccoy/ Jake Delhomme/Seneca Wallace Matt Moore/Chad Henne Matt Cassel/Brady Quinn Jamal Charles had 1500 yards rushing in 2012, which is pretty impressive when you look at the rest of the roster
  6. He was kind of a weird hire. IIRC many people were downing down interviews before Pettine got a call
  7. When you have Case Keenum, you gotta pass over generational talents like Josh Allen in order to trade for Joe Flacco and draft Drew Lock
  8. And Beane admitted they should have gotten DA here sooner and cut Peterman as soon as Barkley was ready and Josh was healthy. They admitted their mistake, will learn from it and are moving on. Not sure why you feel the need to continue to harp on it What is any teams contingency if a starter gets hurt? Hope the backup plays well
  9. Tasker is rough. I'd love to listen to that show more but he makes it difficult for me personally
  10. Me too. He might rub some people the wrong way but I love his confidence. I would never bet against Baker
  11. Especially with the second ranked defense last year. Hughes, White, Poyer and Hyde are all deserving of recognition. Milano too
  12. You can, it just has to be after a certain point. I'm not sure the exact rule, but they were going to resign Rod Streater a few ago, then traded for Kelvin Bigman
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