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  1. This is on the Patriots* website. Thad brown is an idiot. Cover1 is doing nothing wrong
  2. Again proposing McKenzie does all of McDs interviews but nobody acknowledges that it’s McKenzie
  3. What are you talking about? Tua threw 3 picks today and is still wobbling passes and Mac Jones had a day last week where the offense couldn’t move the ball. Zach Wilson had surgery today after throwing a pick directly to a LB that didn’t move from the pre snap. AFCE QBs are trending down besides Allen
  4. I would kind of like to see Josh Allen go against 4th stringers just once just to see how amazing he is and some guy always has a great bar story about how Josh Allen effortlessly threw him to the ground
  5. The biggest difference is the Bills are actually good
  6. I mean personally I’d prefer that. This dude is a scumbag beyond belief, I just think Jimmy Haslam doesn’t care and will play him
  7. Cleveland made their bed already and has invested a lot of resources in Watson already. He will be their starter week 1 2023
  8. I feel you don’t understand the point of a message board
  9. My buddy from college is one of the owners here. He is a great dude
  10. He played likes capable of. Which for him wasn’t bad, he was going against a team they had no business against and it got out of hand quick. I think he’s was their best player that day. Not that that’s saying much
  11. Lots of people seem high in Wilson but he looks lost to me. Not confident in what he sees and making very poor reads sometimes. Last night with that pic was pretty awful. I’d get yelled at for making that throw in HS
  12. Mac actually didn’t play terribly in that game. Patriots* defense were woefully underprepared The defense needs that motivation more than he does
  13. Oh I don’t think that, but some draftnik said that prior to the draft. It was ridiculous then and still is
  14. His footwork needs a lot of work. There’s a reason the more athletic version of Josh Allen went in the 3rd round.
  15. Moseley was supposed to this huge difference maker for them and I forgot he was even in the league. Davis sucks. I don’t even know who John Franklin Myers is
  16. It’s so weird to me that they couldn’t find a competent OC. Beleicheat has been around forever, does he really have no connection that was willing to take the job? It’s almost like he doesn’t trust anyone outside his usual circle of assistants. But Matt Patricia? Seriously?
  17. A 1st next year will be in the high 20s+. Smith is a top ten pick, that would be an excellent trade. salary cap is fluid and only going up. Beane could find the money I’m sure
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