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  1. I don't trust AZs coach. The other 3 coaches have all coached in the Super Bowl. Kingsbury got fired after having Patrick Mahomes in college Also they kind of sucked at the end of the year. Their most impressive win was vs Buffalo. After that they lost 3 straight They lost to the Lions, Panthers and Dolphins (with Tua) and then finished the season 2-5 with wins over the Eagles and the Giants.
  2. Brian Flores and his patented platoon system Play the ***** guy first, get them to let their guards down, then bring in the good one. Gonna blow up in their face sooner or later
  3. Agreed. Glenn was a top 12 tackle when he was here. Highly respected enough in the league to be worth a 2nd round pick (essentially) when we traded him to Cinci
  4. I think they would have taken Wilson in the 4th. After that draft Nix said something to the effect of you can't wait to draft a QB if you like him. Hence the "reach" of EJ
  5. I know EJ wasn't great, But calling him one of the worst picks in NFL history is a bad take. That 2013 draft was horrible and the Bills needed a QB. If they had picked him at 8, that would have been awful. But they traded back, got a second rounder too which eventually became McCoy The real mistake was doubling down on EJ a year later
  6. Is there really no one else who can make videos in the world?
  7. Met him in Indy. Was possibly the nicest man I've ever met Praying for you sir.
  8. Pretty small return for the Eagles. A 2021 3rd a 2022 2nd that could become a first
  9. Wildcard maybe, but with the way that team is built right now they are going 9-7 at best and thats it everything goes right. Right now I'd put these teams in front of them in the conference Bills Chiefs Ravens Titans Browns Chargers Raiders Colts Dolphins Steelers So that puts them at 11th best in the conference. You think key FAs are going to flock to a team that has an AH HC, no QB and no skill players? The allure of playing in NE and the Patriot Way is throwing around trophies in Florida right now. Pats*** are
  10. My favorite book of all time is The Alchemist. I've read it a few times in my life and always have a new perspective after reading it. I just finished the Martian. They made it into a movie with Matt Damon, but the book was better
  11. Pats* should just blow it up and start over. There isn't much to build with on that roster. Reminds me a lot of the drought era Bills. Defense is decent. but thats a 7-9 record every year
  12. Bears are in a bad spot. They dont have a QB but they have a team built to win now and a coach who is trying to keep his job. They would be better off trying to get a high end rookie. But Nagy doesnt have the time to develop somebody
  13. I think I'd be pretty nervous if Josh tried to throw the Lombardi out of the stadium, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it Its not my trophy, I didn't do anything to earn it.
  14. Cots are in tough spot. That team is built to win right now. Losing Luck was completely unforeseen. I'd argue they had a better plan than most to get through it. Brissett is a top backup in the league and he played reasonably well in 2019. Going to get Rivers who is likely a HOF QB who used to play for your HC is a smart move. No panic moves and doesn't look like they are not going to overpay for Wentz. Personally I would have loved to see Stafford on that team.
  15. Thats a win for both sides honestly. Not a huge investment for the Colts and a pretty good return for the Eagles
  16. My wife is pregnant and I just pictured the horror on her face if I did this
  17. Stayed up wayyyyy to late the other night watching this. I miss my Bills Sundays
  18. Most likely, this isn't a big deal. But Mahomes is a bit of a crossroads here. His early career has been wildly successful, he has become extremely well paid, the face of the league. This was the first game in 3 years as a starter where he just got hammered. It happens. How does he handle it? A presser where he passes blame on his teammates? Ok not great, but he was frustrated GF and Mom taking to social media to blame everyone but Patrick? Not great Media still kissing his ass over his incompletions? This I don't get. Mahomes is great, but he is not without
  19. And the players see that their contracts can get torn up in a random Tuesday in April.
  20. Don't worry. I already sent all my notes to Sean
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