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  1. Yeah that was one of Allen's worse games. He played well at the end but he had two picks and KM was running all over us
  2. NERD! Just kidding, I wish I was that good with math
  3. It was a great play. It sucked being on the short side of that, but it doesnt take away from it being a great play I do think its weird that AZ fans keep digging at the Bills. We play each other every 4 years. This is hardly a rivalry
  4. As to the bolded, yeah I am. Putting in your 38 year journeyman QB to win the game tells Tua and the rest of the team you don't think he can do it. Guys aren't going to forget, especially Tua As to your second point, its just my opinion from an outside perspective. I could be wrong, but from my perspective Flores is more likely to burn out than be a long term coach. JMO
  5. I'm not saying Flores doesnt know how to coach, he clearly does. I worry more about his culture. He jerks guys in and out the lineup and not backup corners, the "franchise QB". Signs guys to big contracts and cuts them a year later. It could get old. These are professionals with families and I'd be willing to bet given an offer between a team known to cut bait on guys quickly and someone who honors the deal more often, they are going to go to option B. Is the coach gonna have my back? I would wonder about that if I played for Miami And Miami needs to prove they can win a big game.
  6. Cutting a guy after the draft is a dick move IMO, especially a team captain and starter. Flores has this "smarter than everyone else" attitude and has given out big contracts only to cut or trade a guy a year later. Soon that schtick will get old and unless Tua turns into a star, I could see FAs not wanting to go there due to the uncertainty of their spot of the team
  7. Gotta McKenzie out first so they feel like they have a shot
  8. The Bills would have absolutely destroyed the Browns in the AFC Championship game if Cleveland could have just stopped Chad Henne
  9. I think Wilson is better but I'm not super worried about either.
  10. Thats how he had to win back then. The offense was below average and the defense was solid and opportunistic. He was putting his best players on the field to win the game Since it resulted in a playoff appearance, I'll take it
  11. I guess what does that mean? Gruden isnt going anywhere and Mayock is probably safe. Who can they fire?
  12. I agree with this to a point, but last year was basically a gap year for Lance. Why not just let him play in a QB friendly system with the best TE in football I think the NFL wanted a big shock at 3
  13. Should go great. Also this was in 2012
  14. I don't hate Teddy, I just don't know what it does for the Broncos. Is he any better than Lock? Hes good enough to win you 7-8 games and keep you out of range for a top QB in the draft. We saw that happen a few times in the drought and we kept spinning our wheels with other teams castoffs Also, Denver was the only team interested and Carolina is paying him 7 million to not play for them. Thats what the NFL thinks of his potential right now
  15. Supposedly, Trubisky wanted to go to Denver but they werent interested I'd rather have Trubisky than Brigewater
  16. Albright is a pricky fellow, but hes got good sources
  17. It shouldn't take them out of the QB market, but it probably will As to the bolded. You know the old saying. When you have Case Keenum, you gotta draft a DE, so you can Trade Keenum for Joe Flacco and Drew Lock and then get destroyed on National TV by the QB you passed on.
  18. I'd take Lance 2nd. Take the guy with the most tools and develop him. Swing for the fences if you are picking that high, especially if they all have things that arent perfect. I think Lance goes 3 to the Niners. Also, If the Niners gave up that much for a guy whose pro comp is Kirk Cousins, I think they are idiots Fields probably isnt judged as harshly in NFL circles. Media loves a good story, but I havent gotten the vibe from NFL teams that Fields isnt highly rated
  19. And they beat one team with a winning record (rams) when they had a whopping 145 yards of offense In fact, they remind me of this team https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_Buffalo_Bills_season https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Miami_Dolphins_season
  20. The tackle looks like he might be ok. Not first round pick worthy, but decent. Tua and the corner are not looking great right now
  21. They tried. No WR wants to run block 40 times a game
  22. I wasnt sure until Allen's first start against the chargers. He made one sideline throw that moved so fast and was so on target I was in shock. I'd never seen such velocity on a football. I knew then Allen had a great shot to be the QB we now see
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