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  1. He did this last year with his kicker I believe
  2. Dude, I hate Taiwan Jones. He was in for one play last year on offense and dropped a TD
  3. Glad to see that word of the day calendar finally getting some use
  4. Wouldn’t shock me if he’s brought back after some IR moves. Just to mess with everyone
  5. Watson made his bed, now he gets to sleep in it. Oh and hes being paid 10.54 million bucks, he will be fine
  6. Did you watch week 17? They aren’t in the same class as Buffalos backups
  7. They weren’t even competitive against the Bills backups in a must win game. They aren’t even close
  8. Me too. Lawson is serviceable. For a 6th rounder pick? If I was the Jets I would do that deal
  9. Just finished watching the two Bears preseason games. Fields is nowhere near ready to start. He might make a few plays because of how athletic he is, but he’s got a long way to go. Reminded me of Tyrod I thought the Bears made a big mistake letting Mitch go. Nagy should have been fired and I would have let the new coach decide in Mitch.
  10. Update: Got the offer and it’s a pretty substantial raise. Honestly a no brainer so I’ll be accepting and resigning my current role. New job wants me to start 9/7 so I’ll have to give up two weeks of my leave, but with the pay raise it’s honestly worth it, plus I’m working from home anyway Hopefully My boss appreciates all the heads up. I told one of my coworkers this past weekend and he said it’s unlikely they replace me. Sounds like they are trying to run as lean as possible and might be glad more payroll is off the books. Makes me even more confident in my decision to leave
  11. The Bills had 50 sacks one year and missed the playoffs Its all for naught without a QB
  12. I hope so. I was pretty open with the recruiter on the inital call about my situation and they didnt seem to think that was a problem I will do this, this is good advice. Thanks, I have only used 2 days of PTO just to finish out the week my son was born, so I still have a week or so built up. I am getting the FMLA through a company called shelterpoint, only got one check so far last interview went well, he basically told me I'm going to get an offer so I guess I will just have to review it and make the best decision for me and my family thanks everyone
  13. I am currently on FMLA with the birth of my son a few weeks ago and was contacted to interview for a position right after he was born. I decided to take the interview because it was a good company and a good job and the interviews have gone well so I am expecting them to make me an offer. Assuming it’s a good offer, I think I will be accepting the position My question is how to handle leaving my current role. I obviously don’t want to burn any bridges, but I don’t want to end my leave early (I’m only on week 3 of 8 ) just to put in my two week notice. Would I owe them any money I’ve been paid through FMLA if I were to leave the company?
  14. Daniel Jones is such a weird QB. He is talented and a good Athlete. He will make these eye popping throws and great runs then trip over himself and fumble or throw a horrible pick Every time I watch him I am both impressed and wondering how he is in the league
  15. You would think after watching what Josh Allen became, the Jets would have taken Lance instead of a Darnold Clone
  16. Dude has one catch as a Bill. I think he’s good and an intriguing prospect, but the Bills cut him for John Brown last year when he came back.
  17. If it’s really over the bonus structure and offset language the Jets are beyond stupid. Especially the offset language, NFL teams can basically print money and if you were worried Wilson wasn’t gonna be the guy, why did you pick him at number 2???
  18. Well said. This is why I don’t think Miami is a threat. Flores doesn’t respect his players all that much. Yanking guys in and out of the lineup. Cutting guys left and right and giving no explanation (Van Noy) specifically Tua better be good Or Flores is going to try to having trouble keeping that team together with Jacoby Brisset as his relief pitcher
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