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  1. Thats a win for both sides honestly. Not a huge investment for the Colts and a pretty good return for the Eagles
  2. My wife is pregnant and I just pictured the horror on her face if I did this
  3. Stayed up wayyyyy to late the other night watching this. I miss my Bills Sundays
  4. Most likely, this isn't a big deal. But Mahomes is a bit of a crossroads here. His early career has been wildly successful, he has become extremely well paid, the face of the league. This was the first game in 3 years as a starter where he just got hammered. It happens. How does he handle it? A presser where he passes blame on his teammates? Ok not great, but he was frustrated GF and Mom taking to social media to blame everyone but Patrick? Not great Media still kissing his ass over his incompletions? This I don't get. Mahomes is great, but he is not without
  5. And the players see that their contracts can get torn up in a random Tuesday in April.
  6. Don't worry. I already sent all my notes to Sean
  7. McDermott always seemed to have a good plan vs Brady, but that front 4 was nasty. Josh would have been running for his life
  8. Thats a good comparison. My thought was Kelsey and that took me to a dark place
  9. I always catch Zimmer going full bore every play. It reminds me of those crazy effort guys we always had during the drought except the team is good now and I don't have to buy his jersey
  10. Again, why would he do that? He is going to finish in the top 3 of MVP voting, has won two playoff games and a pro bowl appearance all in his third year. He is going to be very well paid
  11. Why would Josh sign that? One bad hit and he loses millions and millions of dollars
  12. You lose a ton of value at that point if you are the Texans. Watson is coming off a season where he led the league in passing yards and had a top 5 QB rating of ALL TIME You think after Watson sits a year and proves he is never coming back teams will offer more? They know you have to dump him and the offers will get lower. Trade him before FA and cut your losses The difference between Adams and a top 5 safety is also huge
  13. AJ "I lost a starting job to Nate Peterman" McCarron is their backup
  14. Josh seems like he would make lots of coaches look really smart
  15. Going from Watson to Tua is like going from Josh Allen to Trent Edwards.
  16. This is a good point. This is why a team like SF makes a lot of sense. They can part with a few high picks over the next few years and give you a viable starter in Jimmy G so it doesn't look like a complete tank SF with Watson absolutely goes back to the Super Bowl. That easily makes them the best team in the NFC
  17. No one wants to play for Belicheck. Players wanted to play with Brady. The Pats*** are going to have to pay a bunch of middle tier guys a ton of money to try to be competitive, just like the Bills for 17 years
  18. Ok as a dude who has suffered from depression....... F*** you Skip
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