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  1. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Never. When I go away on vacation, it's basically all I wear. And every day it sparks some kind of conversation - somebody with a tie to the team, either as a fan or an opponent or someone who has lived in the area.
  2. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Tyrod is back with Lynn

    NOPE! Not gonna do it.
  3. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Matt Milano update

    He's the calendar boy this month - good things.
  4. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Wanna be the next Billy Buffalo?

  5. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Wanna be the next Billy Buffalo?

    https://www.buffalobills.com/news/bills-seeking-energetic-passionate-fans-to-audition-to-be-the-next-billy-buffalo Maybe before they cut his balls off...
  6. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Hot for school nurse-- Maryland edition

    Isn't that Mayhem?
  7. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    I'm doing St. Baldrick's again

    https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/991167/2019 Sadly, beating childhood cancer isn't enough. I am raising funds for childhood cancer research in memory of Sweet Sally Sunshine - Sally Kabel. Sally was the daughter NYCBBB co-founder Matt Kabel, and she was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia with a MLL Translocation of her (4;11) chromosomes when she was just 10 months old. Over the next 2 years she endured treatments meant for adults in an effort to "cure" her rare and aggressive cancer. And those treatments worked. She beat it. The cancer was gone. But those adult treatments took a terrible toll on her young body. Her bones became brittle and she broke her leg 3 times while trying to learn to walk. Gastrointestinal complications forced installation of a feeding tube. Sleep apnea. Neuropathic pain. Developmental delays. Repeated bouts of pneumonia and other infections due to a weakened immune system. Worsening epileptic seizures. SO MANY hospitalizations. For 5 years this brave little girl and her amazing family fought the cancer and then the post-treatment complications. This all ended at 2:01pm on September 19th, 2018 (a week after her 6th birthday) when she passed away after her tired and battered body was overwhelmed by yet another infection. Sally was my hero. I went to her funeral and celebration of life, and saw for myself just how many people she touched and inspired during her short lifetime. And she continues to inspire me every day. And in July, the young son of another friend was also diagnosed with leukemia. The prayers begin again. And so I do what I can - raise funds for Pediatric Cancer Research via St. Baldrick's. Something must be done to develop treatments more appropriate for pediatric patients, so that we can reduce the trauma they themselves cause. Only 4% of current funding is earmarked toward pediatric cancer research. #ItsNotOK #MoreThanFour #SweetSallySunshine #BeLikeSally http://www.sweetsallysunshine.com/ https://teamnaaman.com/
  8. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    RIP Red Cashion

  9. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    FYI: My season ticket invoice just arrived for 2019

    looks like mine in section 136 went up $3.70/game, to $93.70 (or up $37 to $937 for the year)
  10. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Do you ever donate blood?

    Was a constant platelet donor until some health issues stopped me, and then I got a tattoo which defers for a year. We'll see how I'm doing in November...
  11. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Rich Stadium concert question

    Happened during a Bills Monday Night game I was at, 1975 vs the Giants. We were 4-0 going in and took a 14-0 lead when some dude did that. We weren't the same after that delay and lost 17-14. Then lost 3 of the next 4 and the season crumbled.
  12. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Charles Clay impressions?

    Sadly my impressions are: Can't stay healthy Misses too many catches he should make (like the one above) But also: Prior QB unable to correctly utilize his talents Even so, led team in receptions and/or yards for prior 2 years Also, a good dude who appreciates fans (personally seen during camp and on-field pre-game)
  13. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Brandon Beane letter to Season Ticket Holders

    I guess players who weren't given an individual action plan of improvement should be spicing up their resumes. postage just went up to $0.55...