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  1. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Pancho Billa just on GMF NFL Network

    Pinto Ron is a probably the number 1 reason that Pancho has gotten this recognition. The Red Pinto Tailgate crew started the #PanchosPick movement last winter, and non-stop promoted #PanchoPower and his GoFundMe page among Bills fans across all social media platforms.
  2. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Bills schedule next year?

    That's exactly what I was doing Lots of driveable games. But I'm thinking either Miami or the AFC south game at this point - been a while since I've traveled to a warm-weather game.
  3. I love Zay for this, but is he the new Kay Stephenson? Battles through resiliency???
  4. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Happy 47th birthday to Mrs. SDS

    Happy burfday, Deborah!
  5. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    “Pinto Ron” streak hits 400 games today

    The not quite so big one It’s Ken. Ron was a mid-print in a magazine that has stuck with him.
  6. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    “Pinto Ron” streak hits 400 games today

    We both did
  7. Amazing. If you’ve never been to the Red Pinto tailgate, it’s a must-do.
  8. The bond between Pancho and Harrison Phillips will last forever
  9. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Iron Maiden 2018/2019 World Tour....

    Definitely hitting the Buffalo show
  10. Just read that Fred will be signing at the Amerks (short for Americans, for you non-locals) game on Friday 12/7. Was kinda buried in a Bills communication this week, just thought I’d call it out.
  11. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Yahoo Pick 'em and Survivor leagues

    I've been picking KC for most, Buffalo for least. Sad to say it seems to be working...
  12. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Yahoo Pick 'em and Survivor leagues

    Ummm.... #26. Just sayin'
  13. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    One Less Bills Fan....

    My Dad, who passed in '90 but was a true Bills fan since we arrived in Buffalo in '66, coined a phrase I still use today: "Kick the field goal, boys"
  14. JÂy RÛßeÒ

    Jimmy Kimmel shames Bills fan's sign

    Best sign I saw Monday night - dude holding up a sign saying "The guy behind me can't see"