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  1. Enjoyed it. All the men in it except for her procurer friend were either bad guys or idiots. So it was very "girl-power" on one hand but on the other it still featured plenty of leather-clad bottoms and girls fighting each other. I did expect her to show up during that final scene. That would have been something.
  2. If the running game can actually stick the ball into the end zone, then we can actually go farther as a team with Josh Allen doing LESS. And the defense needs to follow Josh's lead from last year and make a jump. #Championship
  3. At a bar the night before the last game we played in New Orleans, I turned to my right and standing there was Leonard Smith. I drunkenly yelled in his face "YOU'RE LEONARD FU(#ING SMITH!" to which he smiled and quietly replied "No, I'm just Leonard Smith" and then walked away.
  4. Looks like it'll be replayed 6 hours later - 3:30 AM Monday 7/26. But that's the last one DirecTV is finding at this time.
  5. I heard a story from a reliable source that an ex-Bills player was afraid of flying and tried to open the door once. A team rep was assigned to stop him from attempting this on all future flights.
  6. This is why the 9/1 open practice date confused me. It's after the last preseason game. Might be the last practice of "camp".
  7. Jamie Mueller #39 Also an authentic (direct from Champion in 1990) white Jeff Wright jersey And an authentic blue Kirby Jackson #47 received from Kirby himself
  8. Brought me right back to watching that Bengals finish after our win and running laps around the house yelling "IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!" uncontrollably. I'll never forget.
  9. That was me. The Bills ticket office worked with me on that for a couple of years but stopped...
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