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  1. These could also revolutionize smuggling alcohol into sporting events: https://slate.com/human-interest/2019/10/whisky-pod-edible-seaweed-encased-cocktails-why.html
  2. I was wondering how that <code> tag would work. Didn't. Shaq Lawson was on that team but not active for that game, so officially we'll say 11 are still here.
  3. Someone posted a video of the Snow game on FB, and watching that and seeing who was on that roster less than 2 years ago it really struck me just how Beane and McDermott have remade this team in short order. Only 10 players from this game are still on the team. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/201712100buf.htm#home_snap_counts::none Dion Dawkins Pat DiMarco Micah Hyde TreDavious White Jordan Poyer Matt Milano Lorenzo Alexander Jerry Hughes Reid Ferguson Stephen Hauschka
  4. That's gonna look great with teal... NOT
  5. 😄 If his back toes and his front knees (and chin) are even with that hem, he''s face-planting. It's a classic knock-off giveaway.
  6. I still laugh about the jersey I saw at a preseason game 3 years ago - was a chinese knock-off Dan Carpenter jersey. Or it was supposed to be, but it said 'Carpernter' 😂 Dude was wearing it anyway, oblivious.
  7. My 'Whitner' jersey now says 'Rosen'. Wore it yesterday. My 'Dareus' jersey now says 'Phillips' My Bledsoe jersey is now blank, and is not allowed out of the back of the closet. I don't really wear the Moulds jersey any more either - I associate that whole period with those uniforms with losing. My Johnson and Spiller jerseys are worn out-and-about, but not to games. But my authentic Jeff Wright and Chris Spielman jerseys are still viable, and my new throwback Kent Hull jersey was worn last week.
  8. Lots of buildings hire out parking spots for game days. I found a Days Inn when I was there 3 years ago online via this site: https://www.parkingpanda.com/tennessee-titans-parking/buffalo-bills-at-tennessee-titans-1357662 Not a bad walk, easy out
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