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  1. Haven't read the whole thread, but I hope I'm wrong about Damar Hamlin. I want him to succeed, and write a story for Hollywood. But I don't think he was that good a player at the time of "the incident", and I'm not sure he's better now. We definitely have needs at safety so the opportunity is there.
  2. 22 can only be Chris Conte's daddy Fred Jackson
  3. 32 Gary McDermott, whose unwillingness to give it to Simpson probably got him cut (see #36 above...)
  4. My family moved from Chicago to Buffalo in 1966 when I was 3. So... Bills = football = good.
  5. IN! PS - there's a whole board for this kind of thing
  6. The one i have tattooed on my arm - Grace Under Pressure. The first of my 23 Rush concerts was the final date on that tour in Halifax Nova Scotia
  7. I do think that Kim's absence is what has led to the degrading of the team's apparent care for the fanbase. She was always the champion for the fans.
  8. Bought tix yesterday to see Cake https://thebroadberry.com/event/cake/browns-island/richmond-virginia/
  9. WRIR-LP 97.3 FM. Got a weekly show Thursdays 1-3 PM https://www.wrir.org/show/alternative-milestones/
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