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  1. Some mid-60s for ya: I Dream of Jeanie Bewitched
  2. 7 pages and no love for That 70's Show? or Seinfeld? Really?
  3. On the post-game radio in Baltimore, the Ravens D were saying their instructions were to strip the ball or let him score. Everyone else decided to let him score, Oweh went for the strip. Personally I think Singletary was on his way down anyway specifically to NOT score that early so that it would play out exactly as it did.
  4. Is that John Hopate? (Look it up, Thurman)
  5. I bet Brady's un-retirement was a symptom, not a cause.
  6. The awareness on Poyer, in the middle of the end zone, to see a wide open guy in the back corner and dead sprint to him just in time to make the pick, then hold onto it?!?! Similar to Micah's playoff pick against the patriots* - Spectacular. And I had forgotten about that breakup earlier to force the punt leading to the first touchdown drive.
  7. Most of Slider’s is reserved for a private party but it’ll be open with drink specials. They’re offering a $60 food/beer/cocktails package too. The tailgate takeover is almost sold out from what I heard.
  8. weekend forecast for Baltimore doesn't look nearly as bad as it did. https://weather.com/weather/weekend/l/b9f68830e04a4b31ef75d363676088c2535e168516879561fa20fd8759edb5c0 It's still gonna be rainy and breezy, but not the 2-3 inches of rain they were talking about earlier.
  9. I think he checks out of bad pass plays into bad run plays. Even I know that if I hear ALERT or KILL out of his voice, a delayed run up the middle is coming.
  10. Haven't read the whole thread, but anyone think he might be fishing for someone who will tell him what he wants to hear?
  11. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2022/09/derrick-henry-awful-fantasy-titans-bills-von-miller-monday-night-football A good take on the different blocking tactics the Titans were trying to spring Derrick Henry against our defense, and how ultimately ineffective each thing was.
  12. Photo series I posted of this play: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0UgJH7KNKDUNaW5XuadftUowBLgGhZAv8DJqobZ6B48nUdGRvSLstyH7gwQEdfiQkl&id=100000412489023
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