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  1. For those wondering where the "Trump is using law enforcement to target political rivals!" narrative is...it's coming. Here's part of the setup: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/24/us/politics/trump-clinton-justice-department.html
  2. Private individuals have mounted automatic shotguns on helicopters. The Turkish government has caught up to where the American redneck was 5 years ago.
  3. By the way...for those who foegot, the Rwandan genocide was in full swing 25 years ago this month. Which is one of the top reasons I truly hate this "female dog in heat."
  4. Okay, since you're begging. He's Canadian anyway, so it's not like ignoring him is out of my way, really...
  5. Or like when a Canadian like you calls someone else a Canadian, and you're both insufferable idiots.
  6. Well, hell... Note near the bottom of the third column: "people who don't tip." So now tipping is racist, but not tipping is bigoted? What the hell am I supposed to do now?
  7. Last time I tried to discuss climate change, I was blocked on Twitter by multiple climatologists for daring to point out that crying "We're all gonna die in 12 years" for the second time in 20 years was a counterproductive strategy for countering climate change. Climate change is never a worthwhile discussion. It SHOULD be. But it's not.
  8. When the con man's fixer calls the con man a con man, do you believe him? Or do you instead ask yourself if you're being conned?
  9. So I read the patent application. My second thought was "I wonder if this inventor can explain turbulence?" (My first thought was that someone trolled the Secretary of the Navy and the Patent office.) It's dilithium-crystals-in-the-Jefferies-tube level nonsense.
  10. Plus, when you get down to it, their purpose was to sow discord. If manipulating an election were as cheap and easy as this, then Clinton would have done it - and won. Russia didn't "hack" the election. They "hacked" American society. They still are.
  11. How is it that anyone believes the Democrats stand for anything?
  12. No, I was actually told that tips are racist and tools of oppression. So I only tip white, straight men now, in the interests of equality.
  13. Conte di Cavour class. Good, solid, decent design for its weight, along the ideas of Cuniberti. After they were rebuilt between the wars, they really were pretty sleek. You can still see some of their influence on late-Soviet ship design.
  14. It's bull####. Between them, I count about 20 in the last six weeks alone. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-last-10-weeks-of-2016-campaign-stops-in-one-handy-gif/ The Boston Globe has a better tally, but I'm not paying them to see it.
  15. You knew the Italians had problems with air conditioning their powder magazines in 1910? Bullfeathers.
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