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  1. Even assuming Goldberg's tweet is factually accurate, it's saying that it's fine to abuse the FISA process to start an investigation.
  2. Of course he would have. The President can't request foreigners look into any accusation of wrong-doing by a political opponent, even if that opponent isn't an opponent yet, and especially if it's backed by evidence such as a public statement about his actions. The President needs real evidence, like a half-assed dossier.
  3. I think what amuses me most about this theory of the crime is how it presupposes Biden wins the Democratic primary. Really...was Trump trying to aid Warren or Sanders against Biden? Is that the accusation? How does that amount to soliciting illegal campaign contributions?
  4. But any evidence Ukraine presents in Trump's defense is proof of Trump's guilt, as the very nature of the power imbalance between the POTUS and the Ukrainian PM mean that the PM was coerced/extorted into defending Trump. Therefore, Trump should be impeached for abuse of power for this.
  5. That's just bizarre, considering there was concrete factual evidence of perjury against Clinton, but absolutely no such concrete factual evidence against Trump.
  6. Starting topics on PPP is a heavy responsibility, to be sure...
  7. Really, "watch TV" is the only one of those I can do. "Take a walk in safety?" In DC?
  8. Why do you bother replying to yourself? You're really bad at this.
  9. And I would like to add: Your all idiots.
  10. I thought the Clinton impeachment was woefully silly...but at leas t it met an evidentiary stabdard greater than fourth-hand gossip.
  11. That debate would devolve in to "Republicans want to kill grandma" nonsense inside of an hour. Trump isn't the problem. He's the symptom.
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