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  1. What part of "axially variant" did you not understand? "Righty tighty" becomes "lefty tighty" if you turn it upside down. "Right" and "left" are arbitrary terms, entirely dependent on perspective - specifically, on the perspective determined by the choice of axis. So if you choose the axis, say, with your thumb, it becomes invariant.
  2. Historically, we let anyone in. You did say "historically." I can see it above. "What's the difference between them and us historically?" Direct quote. You wanted history, I gave you history.
  3. Historically? We let migrants in. (We only stopped when we ran out of Indians to displace.)
  4. But not to everyone. Just Booker, Bernie, Beto, and Swalwell.
  5. How long ago was this, that they hadn't heard Tom Petty yet?
  6. One was actually found, shot five times, stabbed, drowned, and then hanged. He was found with half a bumper sticker in his hand saying "I'm Wit...," and lime green fibers were found at the scene consistent with a cheap polyester pantsuit. Police have ruled it an accidental death.
  7. I can DEFINITELY write a script that takes EII posts and turns them in to that sort of "poetry."
  8. Seven of those fifteen have already died in mysterious circumstances.
  9. I think they showed Coach as a father for one episode...but it was a very good episode; showed how much he loved his wife and daughter.
  10. No, the "Our economy's in the tank and we can't afford to provide basic services or security to our population because we're overrun with a criminal element we can't effectively combat" effect.
  11. I can write a script that will create "poetry" indistinguishable from that.
  12. Charles Ingalls Martin Crane Ernie Pantusso
  13. I just found an article claiming pot decreases opioid deaths; one that says it has no impact, and one that says it increases them. And they were all from CNN.
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