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  1. Seriously, people...I have no followers on Twitter (don't really want any), so this'll never get noticed. But if anyone here could get this some traction, it'd be appreciated.
  2. Take your outrage and make it mean something.
  3. And you and Jay here now? This is like a 25-year reunion thread. Was thinking, too, when I saw The Dean's reply, "How many of us remember the old times, with Dean's drinkling (side note, Hi, Love Corn!), Rosen's panda fetish, and Ann's House of Pain?"
  4. @JÂy RÛßeÒ Longest-living male giant panda in captivity An An dies at 35
  5. Oh, "saddest" is just ***** brilliant. I couldn't call him an idiot for that. I might hurt his self of steam.
  6. I'm a homophobe because my gay friends are Republicans? You're a mammoth ***** idiot.
  7. Would have been her birthday today. Happy birthday, Cindy. Hope you're having a good time under the couch with your uncle.
  8. Probably...but let's be clear: I don't discriminate. Regardless of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or political bent, you're all idiots
  9. Not that Trump has any integrity himself. Which goes to show how utterly bereft of any class, humanity, dignity, or basic decency these dregs of humanity are here. And they wonder why we got tired of their *****.
  10. What possible evidence do you have that I'm racist?
  11. No, it makes you wrong, because you said she posted it less than a week after an attempted coup. She didn't. And I already said she's an unholy dingbat. I've always thought so. I have no idea why people follow here. I've heard some do because she's hot...I don't even see that.
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