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  1. How does this thread go 34 pages without someone sending up the DC Tom bat signal?
  2. How does this thread have 120 pages without someone asking me to call someone else an idiot?
  3. Hmmm. A very well-earned Bat Signal. Y'know, I've been accused of many things in my life. Theft, rape, murder, communism, Nazism, Republicanism, being a Democrat. General pedantic supercilious anal orifice-ness. But this is the first I've ever been accused of the inappropriate discussion of meal preparation instructions. You're a ***** idiot.
  4. You sent up the Bat Signal, so... Dolphins fans are idiots.
  5. On it. You're an idiot. Not quite sure why, but Limeaid sent up the bat signal, so...
  6. Happy birthday again Cindy. I'll never forget, at the first Hunter's Hope Ball, when you said "C'mon, I want to introduce you to Jim." Then surprise-hugged someone from behind and said "Hi Jim!" And he turned around, and was happy to see you. And all I could think was "Holy *****, you just surprise-hugged Hall of Famer James Friggin' Lofton!" Still think of you and smile.
  7. But did you look under the couch? My sincere condolences.
  8. Why? He can't see the field either way.
  9. Just send up the Bat Signal - tag me with @DC Tom.
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