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  1. Really, as the "max comedy" candidate, he might even have Trump beat at this point. Are we sure he recovered from his stroke?
  2. John Cazale. He was in six movies in his life. Five of them were from 1972-1976. Four of those were: Deer Hunter, Dog Day Afternoon, and Godfather I and II. And Godfather II isn't nearly as great without his performance as Chris Cuo - er, Fredo Corleone.
  3. Fake news. The only way an F-35 is hitting a ground target is if it crashes on it.
  4. And then slap a tariff on it because Space Battleship Yamato is Japanese.
  5. Far more likely. The Saudis and Israelis were discussing overfly rights and cooperation against Iran ten years ago. Undoubtedly they've had the groundwork laid for this sort of cooperation for a while.
  6. And what did Lee and Yang win their Nobel Prize for? Madame Wu's experiment (and a truly extraordinary one at that - she proved the universe is left-handed.) I had the pleasure of meeting Rubin in college, though - she was friends with my advisor. So it's a little more personal for me. And she's also why I tilt at so many scientific windmills (e.g. global warming.) Rubin - and Wu (and Lee and Yang, honestly) - didn't blindly accept "but there's consensus" as a scientific principle, but made an effort to experimentally verify consensus...and in doing so, overturned it and made extraordinary discoveries.
  7. Actually, it's the perfect size for a tennis court. That measures at about 85 feet by 37.5, by the scale at the lower right. Which is well within the bounds of error of my measurement (with an index card on a computer screen). And you should check other mapping sites. https://tools.wmflabs.org/geohack/geohack.php?pagename=Little_Saint_James,_U.S._Virgin_Islands&params=18_18_0_N_64_49_30_W_type:isle Acme shows a construction site - it's an early image, with the "temple" to the south not even shown. Apple maps shows a weird little ugly courtyard-looking ***** thing (but the temple exists; it's later.) Copernix has the same map as Google, but crisper (and the tennis court isn't lopsided - I know Google does some image cleanup, that's probably an artifact.) Wikimapia has an accompanying description of the history of the courtyard (being crowsourced, take it for what it's worth). Berms are also used for ammo dumps, radioactive waste disposal sites, airplane revetments. And if you look at the northern side of Great St. James Island, to the north of Epsteins, you'll see a berm around another tennis court. It probably was a tennis court. The real question is: what was it before it was a tennis court, but after it was a construction site. A courtyard...with a berm around it blocking the view? No shade, and no view, and no amenities, on a Caribbean island? That is ***** weird. And then...where'd the court go? Need to look at TerraServer - they have the most recent satellite shots, and historical ones, too. You'd get a better history of the place looking there. But at $45/month, I'm not signing up without a GoFundMe page.
  8. No, you know what's a great twist? In looking at the timing of that (Cooper dies in 71, Epstein starts at Bear-Stearns in 76 - so he could have been Cooper), I just noticed that Epstein, while at Bear-Stearns, advised Edgar Bronfman. And the rest of the Seagrams Bronfmans. Including Clare, who's name should ring bells in connection to NXIVM. Ain't that some *****? Epstein's connected to NXIVM through the Bronfmans.
  9. Probably burying the evidence proving he's DB Cooper.
  10. My cousin died when a deer ran out in front of him and his wife. Residential road, doing the speed limit (30), they both were experienced riders wearing good leathers, and did exactly what they were supposed to: laid their bikes down instead of hitting the deer. She got up...he didn't. I think everyone in my extended family sold their bikes after that. Although grandma still went riding with her boyfriend...
  11. Vera Rubin. Astronomer who discovered dark matter. Never got the Nobel Prize she deserved.
  12. Saw a cyclist decapitated by a street sign once. Of everyone I've ever known who's rode a motorcycle, I know exactly two people who weren't killed or badly injured - my dad, and my cousin's wife. Everyone else I know who's been on a motorcycle has spent at least a week in the hospital, or died, because of an accident.
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