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  1. And for my last post, you're all ***** idiots.
  2. That was a damn nice throw by Watson.
  3. What the *****? I go get a haircut, I leave the barber and it's 24-7. I get home, and it's 28-24?
  4. Sirius Deep Tracks (channel 29, in my car at least) seems to be playing all Rush this weekend, which is nice.
  5. The missiles Iran used have an error in aiming of +/- 500 yards. Meaning that when they're launched the safest place to be is pretty much where they're aimed.
  6. Still better than Olympus Has Fallen. Ooof. That's a Decade Volcano. That's not good.
  7. But he shot down a plane and killed 200 Canadians when he started WWIII and invaded Iran!
  8. Could hear some from the stadiums, too. Not just Tom Sawyer, which isn't uncommon.
  9. Did you hear Neil Peart died too?
  10. The irony is if you saw "Pegula vs. Wozniacki," and knew nothing else, you'd assume Ms. Wozniacki was the one from Buffalo.
  11. Congratulations on hitting 250 posts. You're an idiot.
  12. This is like watching Jim Kelly in a Superbowl...
  13. Clean and beautiful. I'm amazed it wasn't flagged.
  14. Ryan Tannenhill has more rushing TDs in this game than Lamar Jackson.
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