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  1. Not that Trump has any integrity himself. Which goes to show how utterly bereft of any class, humanity, dignity, or basic decency these dregs of humanity are here. And they wonder why we got tired of their *****.
  2. What possible evidence do you have that I'm racist?
  3. No, it makes you wrong, because you said she posted it less than a week after an attempted coup. She didn't. And I already said she's an unholy dingbat. I've always thought so. I have no idea why people follow here. I've heard some do because she's hot...I don't even see that.
  4. YOU were FDR. Shut the ***** up Gary. No one cares.
  5. Check the date. She tweeted this before the election. THIS is why this board went completely downhill. You people simply can't read.
  6. She's an unholy dingbat. Fact is, either side was going to riot if their candidate lost. Both parties spent the better part of a year convincing their base that a loss meant the election was stolen (hell, most of you idiots here still think the 2016 election was stolen). This is what happens when you call your opposition your "enemy" and judge process solely by outcome.
  7. Um...because it is? Have you seen what's happened in the past 48 hours? Opposition is being silenced. There have been two bills in Congress to expel Republicans from Congress en masse. A third bill is being introduced that will declare the Republican Party a domestic terror organization. I know most of you here agree with that. But a one-party state that considers opposition True Evil that must be silenced is an extraordinarily bad idea. This is what most of you claimed was Trump's goal in the past four years. Now you're supporting it - driving your opposition to the fringes
  8. I frequently questioned him. I just didn't think he "lied," so much as he was too stupid to understand reality. To lie, you have to know what the truth is first, and he never did. And in my job, I had direct experience with some of his bull####. He's not some criminal mastermind genius Hitlerite. Never has been. He's just a boorish carnival barker from Manhattan.
  9. You'd be hard-pressed to find any such statement of support. Just because I don't support you traitorous idiots, doesn't mean I support the other traitorous idiots. The only real difference between you and your enemies is that your enemies don't want me dead.
  10. I am not and have never been a Trump supporter, you mammoth idiot.
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