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  1. I'd be "intrigued", if we took DK Metcalf. Can't say I'd love it or hate it, but the thought of Metcalf, Brown and Foster with Allen's arm is pretty enticing.
  2. My guess is we roll with: Dawkins - Spain - Morse - Long - Nsekhe Waddle - Feliciano - Teller Maybe it’s not a Top 5 OL out the gate, but it’s got a lot of potential, experience and depth.
  3. I think this sets us up nicely to draft pieces for the Front 7 in Rounds 1& 2, then go TE/RB in Rounds 3 & 4.
  4. That's because it's purely my opinion, and one I'm sure most Bills/Jets fans hold, as Rosen gets excuses made for him left and right lately. You can list whatever rankings you want - I simply don't believe he had it any tougher than Allen/Darnold.
  5. Meh.. His OL wasn't any worse than Allen or Darnold's. He's just completely immobile. As far as WR's go... again, Allen and Darnold didn't have much to work with either. I'd absolutely trade a 2nd for Rosen if I was a QB needy team, but I'd also have serious reservations about the guy that wouldn't be absolved by cherry-picking stats.
  6. Huh?... If they sign Spain, we’re potentially looking at one of the better OL’s in the NFL.
  7. Report: Bills furious Raiders signing Burfict.
  8. We'll have to see how it plays out, but most NFL OL's are not the Indianapolis Colts.
  9. Bills fans actually have a great rep with the Bills Mafia. Some may think the antics are childish but whenever I'm wearing Bills gear in ATL, I get people respectfully saying "Bills Mafia!" when they see me.
  10. Yes, and while concussions are risky, he's younger and hasn't shown any signs of body wear/tear like Paradis.
  11. If we sign Philon (excellent move if we do), I'd really start to think we're looking to trade down. I still think we get a DE in FA/Trade somehow, someway, which would mean we'd essentially be set with Hughes/Shaq/Murphy/TBD & Star/Philon/Jordan/Harry
  12. I feel like we’re really just missing one “stud”. Solid OL with a lot of depth and potential. Solid RB’s in Shady/Gore. Solid WR’s with Foster/Brown/Cole/Zay Tight Ends are the weak spot with Kroft/Croom, but if we add say, Hockenson or Fant, they could be that stud of their positional unit and immediately bring the TE position up to par with the rest of the team. Now, if Josh Allen is a stud, then that brings everyone up a level. I believe he is, and want him given every opportunity to succeed - a stud TE would be huge. Im going DT at 9, but using pick 40 in a package to make sure we grab a top TE in this Draft.
  13. Unless we take one in the first 3 rounds, I don’t see it....and I don’t see us doing that (unless) there is a run on defensive guys and we’re tempted to grab Taylor or Williams. Dawkins - Teller/Feliciano - Morse - Long - Nseke Waddle - Teller/Feliciano - Bodine Thats a solid veteran group, with a lot of potential. I wouldn’t be opposed to taking one of the highly rated OL early, but taking guys for the sake of depth seem like wasted picks at this point.
  14. How do you feel about the Jets WRs, or Dolphins or Patriots? .....because we have a better WR Corp than any of them. Maybe that’s just a referendum on our division, but I think you need to see what Foster/Brown/Beasley/Zay look like with Allen and an improved line.
  15. Spencer Long was also injured, playing Center. We have him playing back at Guard.
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