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  1. Ill admit that I was interested in Ford at RG, given he was projected as a stud G in the Draft. That said, most rookie Tackles struggle. I’m not sure how to evaluate guys on the OL and how to project a young guy developing, but clearly this staff wants Cody Ford at RT, all things being equal.
  2. Think Star Lotulelei... not a bad player, just not worth (at least to us fans) what we’re paying him. Winters was getting paid a good bit on that contract from the Jets.
  3. From what they’ve said.. Sounds like he played injured a lot and struggled as the lead guy on their dumpster fire OL. Ford, as of now, isn’t any great shakes next to him (yet) but Morse is legit at C and the left side of our line is pretty good, so he’s surrounded by a lot more talent here.
  4. I wasn’t advocating for this signing, but I’m here for it. Pretty sure Beane wants ALL the FA O-Lineman. Smart strategy. At best they’re a starter or decent depth.. at worst, you can flip them for a pick.
  5. https://www.si.com/nfl/saints/news/saints-bubble-sequester-at-hotel
  6. I'm warming up to the idea of playing Cody Ford at RG. He was projected as a stud at that position in the Draft. To me, i'd rather have solid to above-average play at 4/5 positions on the OL, with RT being a question mark and Darryl Williams and Ty Nsehke competing for that spot. Of course, RT is more important than RG and they have invested a rookie year in breaking in Ford there. If he makes a jump, i'll certainly trust the staff keeping him there. No need to go out signing guys, especially if they're only on one year deals... We have depth, just roll over everything into next year so we can do what we need to do even if the cap is $174 mil.
  7. The Bills clearly aren’t hiding Allen. The reason his YPG aren’t where we want them to be is due to his inability to connect on the deep ball for most of the year and the WR talent around him. The Ravens tailored their Offense around Lamar Jackson running, his threat to run and passing over the middle. Lamar Jackson has, so far, shown to be a beast (until the playoffs) in that system. It’s not ideal for QB longevity and we sure as hell shouldn’t be trying that with Allen.
  8. At least we don’t play in Atlanta... Lou Williams, Florida Marlins, Yoenis Cespedes etc.,.. That city is like a Bermuda Triangle for teams in the COVID era.
  9. I’m interested in how the games translate to tv. MLB is pretty meh. It’s already a boring sport, so I’ll admit that I’m biased, but it’s a rough watch with no fans (IMO) NBA translates extremely well with the giant screens around the arena, virtual fans and home court advantage with graphics and crowd noise piped in.
  10. Not sure what that poster meant, but I’ll chime in and say I believe this is a real concern AND also election related. Not in the sense that it was unleashed for that purpose, but in how it’s being covered and weaponized. FWIW, I lean center-right, but am not voting for either of these disasters. That said, I can make the logical observation.
  11. I have family in healthcare and they’ve mentioned how often people come in for unrelated things, a test for COVID is done and the patient (many times older patients) are shocked to find out they’re currently COVID positive.
  12. I understand that, but nobody knew the bubble would work as well as it did. There was certainly a lot of hand-wringing and worrying prior to what we now view as a success. We have yet to see what the NFL will do. With MLB - Teams have had positives and not had their rosters ravaged. The Marlins are the example of what not to do.
  13. You’re assuming rosters are all ravaged. So far we’ve had some opt-outs, but a very small amount and no players that really move the needle. Will the Lakers, Clippers, Celtics or Bucks not count their ring because it’s in a bubble? If MLB gets its act together and the Yankees roll through, are they not going to claim it? Personally, this is why I love Beanes approach of year after year success and not just loading up for one year at all costs. If Allen improves, we’re set for a long while and that’s all that matters to me.... SB trophy or not. Might fall apart and the season might play out great. Hard to envision anything right now.... but people worried about the NBA bubble and it’s been absolutely phenomenal.
  14. NFL teams playing one team/one game per week is a massive difference between them and MLB. If the players, coaches and organizations take this seriously, they should be ok. It seems there’s strict protocols in place if someone tests positive, at least for Buffalo, and id imagine league-wide. For games, I’d imagine pre-game will include mandatory testing... and if everyone in the game have all tested negative, it’s very unlikely they’ll pass it along should they test positive a couple days later for whatever reason. MLB is dealing with the worst case scenario right now and I’m sure the NFL has been examining this case study in as much detail as possible in order to avoid what happened to the Marlins, happening here. The other teams/games affected by the Marlins recklessness is already somewhat mitigated by NFL teams only playing one game per week against one team.
  15. Sounds like we may be out of the woods on opt-outs? Knock on wood. Apparently all players have reported and, clearly, it seems like Star and Gaines gave Beane/McDermott a heads up given the quickness of these two roster moves with King brought in before the Gaines news broke.
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