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  1. Oh, cool... another weather game. Dome please.
  2. I’d be shocked if he stays in college, but he already stated he’s going pro after this year. He definitely walked back those comments, which is worth noting.
  3. Oh, I agree, but it’s still very different. Im from Long Island. I now live down south. Cartersville is not Atlanta, or even the sprawl or North Metro. It’s still pretty rural that way. Clemson is about 30 minutes from Greenville, which is a mid-size city, growing fast, but still with the southern vibe.
  4. I should rephrase, Tri-State area. Kind of how Eli lived in Hoboken. I’m more talking about the vibe, culture and media.
  5. He’s also as southern as southern gets. Born and raised in Georgia. Plays college ball in South Carolina. Has made it clear that he plays for his faith in God and the love of football. I’d still be surprised if he pulls some shenanigans to get out of playing for the Jets, but I don’t rule it out. He is not about NYC life at all.
  6. True, but they are not the same. Yankees/Mets are same market, but not really. Im sure Sam thought he’d be getting $$$ after 4 years with the Jets... not going to happen, and he never had a chance. Trevor is a thoughtful guy, don’t think that isn’t lost on him. He wants a 10+ year career, not a rookie contract with an organization that just ruined their last top prospect.
  7. Agree with a lot being said here. Allen’s “struggles” seem more due to refusing to take what the defense gives him than they do anything else. His pocket awareness has become a massive strength and he reads defenses pretty well. We could help him by establishing any semblance of a run game to suck safeties up a bit. Also, it’s not a coincidence that we’re easier to defend when John Brown isn’t out there. Even without a run game and John Brown, we can still be successful, Allen just has to be patient and then, we, as an offense, need to execute better in the red zone. That’s never been much of an issue with Allen, so I think we’ll get the RZ straightened out. The “taking what the defense gives him” issue... well that’s just going to be something we have to hope he evolves to doing when warranted.
  8. I’m good with Dawkins and Williams
  9. Im actually not a fan of Riddick on this. He reminds me of Chris Webber type announcing where he starts talking, I immediately lose interest and then a minute later, he’s still on the same point.
  10. Something nobody notes when taking about Lawson and Phillips is that Beane could have paid them, but didn’t want long term deals in place. The guys we signed can all be cut this offseason with minimal cap hit.
  11. I wouldn’t mind trading a pick for a speed WR that might fit here. I already think we should draft one early seeing as how integral that part of our offense seems to be.
  12. I think it has a lot to do with it though. 1) Brady clearly still has it. He’s balling out in TB. 2) He sets the culture. 3) Cam has looked awful throwing the ball. He has to elevate a poor WR unit and, thus far, hasn’t been able to.
  13. I doubt you’d have an issue with 350 passing yards and 2 TD’s if Davis is lined up correctly and Kroft doesn’t fall down. It is excuses, but they’re valid.
  14. Normally, yes... but the Jets may be the worst football team I’ve ever seen assembled.
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