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  1. Weather forecast hasn’t changed all day. Between 1 pm and 4 pm.. Moderate rain Winds 13 mph
  2. Yup.. and then we lost to KC in Arrowhead, for the second time in two years.. somewhere we might as well plan on playing again if we lose any game where everything isn’t ideal.
  3. Pierce is out, but Raekwon Davis was out for Miami and we couldn’t run on them either, so probably doesn’t matter.
  4. Looks like light rain to moderate rain all game. Winds 12-15 mph
  5. Could have also just been plain ol’ exhaustion.
  6. Putting a damper on your thoughts of winning the 1 seed should be a big deal. Outside of whoever plays the AFC South winner, any AFC team playing on WC Weekend is likely playing a tough game. Nevermind the hope that we stop playing KC at Arrowhead if we see them again.
  7. Don’t care. Just pick one. Make Singletary or Moss the lead back. Singletary is a better RB, but Moss might be the better back for a heavy pass team. Make the other inactive or emergency depth. Keep increasing the James Cook workload until he hopefully becomes our lead guy.
  8. The media loves Josh Allen. He and Mahomes are generally regarded as the two best in the NFL. Lamar Jackson is the story the NFL media wants though.. He can be incredibly exciting, extremely polarizing and has a contract situation hanging over his head. Lamar provides a lot more juice for certain people who’s job it is to get clicks.
  9. It’s not the end of the world, but there’s a lot of cope in this thread… it’s still a big deal. 14-3 or 13-4 is where im expecting the 1 seed to land. Baltimore is a team that could be in that range. Losing a head to head to them is not ideal. Baltimore is banged up as well. Figure it out. Again, if we lose, not the end of the world, but im not into making excuses two weeks in a row as to why we lost. Get the W and be the team everyone thinks you are.
  10. If we get back Oliver, Poyer and Jackson... That's about as good as it gets. Only missing Tre White, Christian Benford and Jordan Phillips. Two of those are big pieces, no doubt, but getting the other three back means we're fielding a realistic representation of what I believe to be the best defense in the NFL.
  11. I think it's fair. I don't necessarily disagree with the Bills approach, but a guy like Xavien Howard probably doesn't play last Sunday or last night if he's on the Bills.
  12. He has the same shtick about Lebron. Skip is probably the most obnoxious hot take commentator in a world of many obnoxious hot take commentators.
  13. OL depth.. more could have been done. I won't kill the Bills on this though because most teams don't go past six deep with any semblance of quality. We are no exception. The bigger issue is getting more out of the starters - looking at you Saffold, Bates and Brown. WR depth.. I was definitely worried about outside depth, but Kumerow played well when called upon.. then gets hurt. Not really sure anyone can prepare for your #2 outside WR getting hurt, then his backup also getting hurt.
  14. AFC is loaded, but nobody (us included with injuries currently) look like juggernauts. 14-3 / 13-4 is what I'm thinking gets it done, but Baltimore could very well be a team we're fighting with for that 1 seed. Would hate to finish 14-3 / 13-4 and lose a tiebreaker with the 14-3 / 13-4 Ravens or Chiefs because of head to head. Two big games upcoming.
  15. Do they get to play the Jets every week down the stretch?
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