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  1. If we're not going to use McKenzie in the jet sweep game, let's activate Duke. If we decide to run those, Foster can run them and i'm beyond sick of seeing Josh throw one contested sideline pass per game to the smallest WR on the field.
  2. Teams have been blitzing Allen since the Pats game, but it wasn't until Sunday that his long ball issues seriously impacted the offense. Not everyone has Baltimore or New England's secondary. Allen has to be better though or we will continue to be susceptible to teams stacking the box and flooding the short to intermediate routes.
  3. Im a big Allen guy, but he was bad today. It’s ok to admit that. He’s made a ton of progress and has really played well against a few above average defenses (Dallas/Denver) of late. What he needs to improve upon is his performance against elite defenses and for the love of all that’s holy, figure out the deep ball... He’s a young QB, struggling is ok, but he’s been a dumpster fire against the two elite defenses we’ve seen - Baltimore and New England. Of course, he’s not alone. The entire offense has failed against those two teams, which leads to a larger point of us needing to upgrade at WR, RB and probably TE this offseason. Brown, Beasley, Knox and Singletary is a good start but obviously not the finished product, and by design.. we all knew this needed another offseason to complete. The OL was uncharacteristically bad, but most OL’s will look bad when your QB is struggling against zero blitzes all game.
  4. I don’t blame Daboll for today. Next to impossible to look good when your QB & OL are a disaster for most of the game.
  5. Higgins, Jeudy and Lamb look about as surefire as it gets for WRs coming out of college. Unfortunately it’s probably going to take some extra picks in a trade up for us to get any of them.
  6. Higgins X 100 He’ll probably ball out in the CFP so I doubt we have any shot at him, but he would be so perfect on the outside with his catch radius.
  7. Completely agree. If he wants to ride the back all the way down the LOS, hit him. I don’t care if he’s obviously handed it off. He’s a willing runner who needs to be treated as such. Drives me crazy that other teams seem to be approaching this idea with kid gloves as we constantly see players ease up and get caught in no man’s land while the run goes for 8 yards and Lamar is standing there untouched.
  8. It’s such a weird game because nobody does what Baltimore does. If we can’t stop it, oh well, nobody else has figured it out yet either and we won’t face anyone who does this unless we see them again in the Playoffs. That being said, it’s a huge game given the KC/NE matchup immediately after, along with the tough upcoming schedule of two primetime road games against good teams. Our defense has shown it can shut down passing offenses, while seemingly rebounding from the 3 game skid where they had run issues. If they can shut down Baltimore to some extent, and our offense continues it’s upward trajectory against a very good Ravens defense....we can legitimately talk about this team as a Super Bowl contender. Getting a win puts divisional pressure on NE against KC that they haven’t felt in over a decade.
  9. Dak’s accuracy vs Jaylon’s tackling 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. I’ve began listening on the radio.com app and would agree that they are really disrespectful to callers. I’m not the type that would ever call in, but I can respect how important callers are to an afternoon sports talk show. Francesca can be rude to callers as well, but he doesn’t just dismiss people mid-sentence, with regularity, and move onto other callers.
  11. I like this idea on the surface, but with Knox looking like our TE1 of the future, I don't know that this is the financial move unless we simply have $$$ to throw around. Up-Tempo 11 Personnel looks to be our identity on Offense. Probably doesn't make a ton of sense to sign a FA TE, when we're only needing one of Kroft/Sweeney/Croom to be a TE2. I'd spend in FA on keeping this OL together and continuing to solidify this defense as a top 5 unit. Draft WR/RB/EDGE in Rounds 1-3.
  12. That was a clear fumble by “Decaf Metcalf”
  13. Don't hate this idea at all. AJ Green would make sense in your scenario as i'd want a young WR ready to take over for him if/when he gets hurt. I just hope signing Green wouldn't dissuade us from drafting a WR in the 1st or 2nd as I don't trust his health to rely on him. If we sign Cooper, then yea, i'm good with Brown/Beasley/Cooper and Foster/McKenzie/Roberts as depth. That's a young enough group that a rookie WR isn't getting much playing time for years.
  14. Haha, I just think he's a good story, but not a realistic option. Singletary looks like he is capable of being the lead RB, so i'd draft another guy in the 3rd Round to go with him. Seems to be the sweet spot for running backs.
  15. I just wouldn't. At least not Foster. He's way too electrifying in his potential for me to move on from him, especially in a scenario next year where he would be the 4th WR. McKenzie I could be swayed either way, although as a gadget player/5th WR, he'd be in the position he should be on this team. I just can't see us investing in more than one WR this offseason with either FA $$$ or a high draft pick. We run 11 personnel most of the time. It's not like we're going 4/5 wide with all WR's. One WR is needed. Two is overkill, IMO.
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