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  1. Cool. I don’t think any of us, including you, have a clue of what we have in Duke or Foster. They could be anything from pedestrian to studs. Both have the physical tools to at least be somewhere in-between.
  2. Are we sure those 1st rounders will be "very late". NFC is tough and they're currently 2 games back of San Fran and Seattle in their own division. Nevermind the fact they have a ton of money tied up in two guys with the jury out on their ability... Goff/Gurley.
  3. Either our ability to move the ball and score TD's in the red zone are an outlier or PPG is. I think most expect our PPG to move more towards our ability to move the ball and be strong in the red zone. Mistakes are holding us back. The ability is there. Moving the ball and red zone efficiency hasn't looked flukey at all. We also get a lot of skill position talent back this week.
  4. I'm starting to think the only move they would potentially make, would be for a big time pass rusher, should one come available. Shaq and a pick dealt out for said player. We're investing in someone at that position this offseason, whether it's Shaq, a FA, or a high draft pick. On offense, tackles just don't come available (Laremy Tunsil aside) and i'm not really interested in Trent Williams given his age, injury history and the fact we have a young, talented LT. As far as skill positions go, almost half of our skill position players are coming back this Sunday.. We've been playing with Gore, Yeldon, Brown, Beasley, McKenzie, and Knox. Now add into the mix, Singletary, Kroft, Duke and Foster. I doubt Diggs comes available and I don't really see any other guys who make sense for us given what we have coming back.
  5. I 100% agree. If Singletary, Kroft and T. Johnson can go, it will definitely be beneficial to get them some action to knock the rust off this week. Wouldn't mind sitting the guys you mentioned. The 3 listed above, along with Foster, all need to get into the groove. Milano, Ford and Murphy just need to get healthy.
  6. If we can get Howard for a mid-round pick, i'm all for it. We don't know if Kroft can stay healthy and Howard is an upgrade to Sweeney. Did Daboll's time at Bama coincide with Howard at all?
  7. I put Pats-Texans-Chiefs, but those offenses are developed.. Ours is a work in progress. I have confidence that by the end of the year, we can be every bit as good as those teams.
  8. It doesn’t even matter. They don’t overturn obvious missed calls. Even if they could’ve challenged those hands to the face penalties, they would’ve stood.
  9. Saw his comments and actually had to read them multiple times like nahhhhh he didn’t say what I think he said. Yup.... Hes backtracked a bit but I guess supporting prison camps and organ harvesting is woke now.
  10. I’m actually sick to my stomach for Detroit fans who had to watch that. Im at a loss... That game was, unequivocally, stolen from them by the refs.
  11. Remember when Detroit was up 9 and getting the ball back before the refs decided to get involved? That was fun.
  12. Yup... I’m 99% sure they wouldn’t even overturn an exact replica of the Robey-Coleman play this year.
  13. I’d sure say this qualifies as game changing...
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