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  1. They mentioned on OBL that Singletary went out late in the game and speculated that it was his hamstring. Haven’t heard anything beyond that.
  2. It depends what you watch.. NFL Network gives us a TON of coverage/love. ESPN gives us love on their actual NFL shows, but the mindless debate shows.. not so much. Same for FS1 with Skip Bayless and Nick Wright.
  3. Keep them together at all costs. Elite QB + Elite pass blocking OL + Elite WR Room = Super Bowl Contenders year in/year out. Make it work at RB/TE and scheme up the Defense around a handful of cornerstone players.
  4. Yup - If Daboll is turning down HC jobs, he's clearly not worried about a regression.
  5. I'd hope he wants to go scorched earth every week, but the ingredients are certainly there.. Revenge game. He knows we likely need to put up a lot of points. Played a top 10 defense WC Round, then a Top 5 defense in the Divisional Round, now the Chiefs Defense.. one of these things are not like the other.
  6. Great news! If Daboll's endgame is HC, I'm glad he's waiting for the right opportunity and not just jumping at the chance anywhere. Also, the longer Daboll is here, the more this becomes "Josh Allen's Offense". We already know the plays are what he wants to run and that he has control of changing calls/protection at the line. The more time Daboll is with Josh, as Josh gains experience, the easier the transition to a new OC will be.
  7. Buffalo Bills: Develop an elite passer in Josh Allen. Build a top of the line pass blocking OL. (as a result, the run game can suffer - most lineman aren't great at both) Invest draft capital and cap space into a top end WR room. Can't invest heavy everywhere so we rely on 3rd Round Picks at RB1, RB2 & TE. Baltimore Ravens: Build around an elite athlete at QB who is limited in the passing game. Build a dominant run blocking OL. (as a result the pass pro suffers) Invest heavily at the TE
  8. THIS Diggs is elite. Did people consider him elite in Minnesota... talk of him being THE best WR in the NFL? Nah, not with Cousins and whoever else, they didn't. Through no fault of his own, he was held down by the scheme and QB play. Give Diggs all the love in the world, because he deserves it, but those with an agenda love to act like he made Josh Allen into what he's become. They helped make each other into what they are. There's a reason why every team playing for a Conference Championship has an elite QB and an elite WR1. Exception being Tampa Bay
  9. Gabriel Davis has to make that catch. He's good, but not great (yet), and that's ok... but in fairness to the Duke Williams portion of the fanbase, we killed Duke for not making a somewhat tough TD catch in the Texans game last year. Of course, that's where the comparison ends... Davis has a bright future and has played really well as rookie WR. The FG was fine given how the Ravens game played out, but we need TD's against KC.
  10. The Browns seemed to, somewhat, contain that Chiefs Offense after they jumped out on them early and before Mahomes went out. The biggest play of the game was Higgins fumbling out of the end zone. That was a killer, and credit to the Browns for not having their will broken after that.
  11. Teller is where he should be. He's an elite run blocker and meh pass blocker. We pass 80% of the time.
  12. Mahomes is playing. I'm not reporting any news, but I think we all know that he will be cleared. The injury to watch is Mahomes foot. He kills teams with his ability to prance for first downs.
  13. Yea, i'm from NY but have lived down south for 10 years now. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is awesome. Josh Allen would shatter records playing in a place like that. That said - I completely understand the sentiment you have. No Lambeau, no Brady snow games in Foxboro...like it or not, that stuff is legend. If we were a ground and pound team, I might even have a different outlook.. but we are a high flying pass heavy team and spending every home game watching wind forecasts is becoming incredibly frustrating. That said, with McDermott being a defensive b
  14. Ok then ha... well, apparently Deshaun Watson has full control. If that's the case, if i'm their GM/Ownership, i'm just asking him who he wants us to hire and then doing it. You can't lose a Top 5 QB and not get back the best haul possible. I say that second part because only the Texans seem capable of trading a young top 5 QB.
  15. You're probably right. When would Watson's cap hit start really affecting them? Neither the Dolphins or Jets seem like a place a WR would want to go without them overpaying, but with Watson in the mix, i'm sure they, Dolphins especially, would become the premier FA WR landing spot. Thankfully, IF Robinson, Juju or Godwin shake free, I don't believe any of them are elite WR's...and only A-Rob is a true #1.
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