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  1. This offseason gives us almost zero weaknesses, defense stays filthy (probably gets better) and the OL/Running Game would be a huge strength - but, as everyone is pointing out, that’s expecting a lot out of Edwards and AGG to get our WR room to the level needed.
  2. Seems like a bit of an overreaction to adding 2 more playoff teams, no?
  3. Brown and Beasley put up some of their best numbers of their career. That’s with Josh spending 90% of the season unable to calibrate his deep ball. I’m not too worried about Diggs getting targets in our offense.
  4. You’re right, I’m sure Josh wouldn’t utilize someone like Diggs. Decoy SZN
  5. They got the Sonics stolen from them and have proceeded to go bonkers for every team they get since.
  6. Agree to disagree. They don’t want to be a flash in the pan, then be completely handcuffed and not make any noise after one run. The Rams are a disaster cap wise. As far as being “old” I mean, really, you’re not truly throwing the literal argument out there, are you? Gore and Lorax are gone. Our top players are a young QB, young LT, young RB, young TE, young DT, young LB, young CB, with the following in their prime years - Morse, Brown, Beasley, Hyde. Tons of cap space, all our draft picks and you choose to be salty?
  7. Interestingly enough, they’re building the team to NOT be what the Rams did.
  8. Definitely very reminiscent of some Bills games we saw this past year, but the comparison ends when it comes to Jimmy G vs Josh Allen. Jimmy G has shown he's a solid game manager. Josh Allen has already shown to be much more, with much less around him. I still think we should follow their formula, to a degree, continue to build the OL, get a speed back to pair with Singletary and upgrade our EDGE rush in FA. Then go after WR in the Draft. San Fran's achilles heels were Jimmy G, Coaching and their Secondary. Again, Jimmy G isn't bad, but you can't rely on him to make plays.
  9. That straight brim hat looks real stupid when you keep blowing leads in big games.
  10. Jimmy G is a good game manager. You can win with him, but he’s not winning games for you.
  11. This game is giving me serious Buffalo Bills 2019 vibes. Get a lead, rely on the defense, defense that’s been lights out all game lets you down.
  12. I do. This is the year we were close but not there yet. These things happen in stages.
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