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  1. Eh.. between the drops, lack of production and constantly pulling himself out of the game, I’m starting to wonder what his deal is. Hopefully he makes me look dumb and balls out next week.
  2. Falcons are right in the playoff mix. I wrote that off as an easy win for the Colts in two weeks, and maybe it still is, but their defense keeps them in games.
  3. Jags have three relatively easy games to finish out, but with Baltimore next week, they’re looking at being a hiccup away from being on the outside looking in potentially. That haven’t really been that good even before Lawrence got banged up last week.
  4. Their schedule is tough. We can hope for Minnesota and/or Kansas City to beat them .. and the other two games are against teams we’re chasing also.
  5. I honestly don’t even know how people can argue against the great reset at this point. It’s beyond obvious. It’s also beyond obvious how China is destroying us from within with cultural Marxism and their allies in media, tech & Hollywood. Furthermore, the borders are open for a reason. We all know this. Even those that want to argue on behalf of team blue know this. What is that reason? Some of it surely is vote-share, but one cannot dismiss the more sinister notion that this is being done to usher in terror attacks, cultural decay and the accompanying governmental power grab. It’s so brazen at this point that there is no reason to give them any benefit of the doubt that it isn’t the most nefarious reasons possible.
  6. Halfway through the Alex Jones interview. Those who need to hear what he has to say will simply dismiss him as crazy, because they’ve been trained to do so, but it’s truly an incredible exchange. “When the first world collapses, the third world dies .. the survivors then flood what’s left of the first world” And that my friends, is what we are on the precipice of.. How does America die? Cultural Balkanization. And his breakdown of city flight to suburban/rural land, leaving the cities as the access point for power which will eventually creep into those areas people fled the cities to is one of the more chilling predictions I’ve heard .. and we’re seeing that play out in real time. He can be over the top. He says things that I disagree with. But he is worth listening .. and sadly those that need to hear him have been conditioned to refuse that invitation.
  7. Patriots fans punching air right now. Appreciate y’all though!
  8. Didn’t think I’d ever feel bad for this man based on how much I want him gone. I still want him gone .. but I’m there. I feel awful for McDermott. This has been a pretty brutal day.
  9. Legitimately seems like this team in its current form is fighting for its life on Sunday. (And moving forward) The amount of chaos and trauma this group has faced together.. They’ll either band together or come apart at the seams.
  10. For all the jokes I find hilarious about this situation, I will admit that this comes across as a pretty dirty hit piece and while I would love a new coach next year … I don’t think McDermott deserves all this.
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