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  1. After chilling out a bit since the loss.. I don't think firing McDermott, this year, is the right thing to do. I do think Frazier needs to go. I honestly am at a loss for words that he is still here. I also believe this season needs to show a shift to heavy Offensive investment around Josh Allen, with McDermott showing us that his scheme doesn't need to rely on elite talent when it matters. Philosophically, the fact he's a Defensive HC and seems to, so far, be reliant upon a high level of investment for a Defense that doesn't show up in the Playoffs, is extremely problematic and worrisome. I wouldn't move on from him this year, but his trend/data to this point is starting to become a huge red flag when looking ahead to getting to, and winning, Super Bowls under him. He, and the team's philosophy, needs to change. So far, we're keeping Frazier it seems.. Not a good start..
  2. And if McDermott can't bring himself to make tough decisions like this and/or have a capable defense that doesn't need pro-bowl talent at every position, then he should be willing to tie his fate to Frazier if we bow out in similar fashion next year.
  3. Why does it matter if fans are, in his words, "hypocritical" for touting McDermott as a COTY and then wanting him gone after the Bengals loss? Those aren't mutually exclusive, at all... I think McDermott could, maybe should, be COTY. We were 13-3, won our division, finished with the 2 seed, all while sustaining pretty tough injuries (both season ending and game to game), as well as dealing with way more adversity than any other team in recent memory. The way he handled the Hamlin situation was a masterclass in, not just leadership, but humanity. McDermott is a really good coach, and an even better man. That said.. -4 postseasons in a row where our Defense was a disaster in the game that ended our season.. under a Defensive HC. -2 postseasons in a row where we were Super Bowl Contenders, yet bowed out in gut-wrenching fashion in the Divisional Round. -Backed up a once in a generation type of late game collapse with a complete no show game. At the end of the day, we're past program building and good regular season leadership. We have one of, if not the best, QB's in the NFL. It's perfectly normal to want a change of direction from someone you still consider to be a good coach.. even a COTY, after back to back years of not even making it to the AFCCG as heavy Super Bowl contenders.
  4. Not that we had much of a shot in the Bengals game given the lifeless performance, but his drop down the sideline effectively ended the game. RB will simply be upgraded when Cook becomes RB1. I don't even want to offer Singletary a contract... I'm beyond sick of the good/not-great players on this team eating up so much cap space and investment.
  5. I would absolutely sign him to WR2 this off-season. Much rather a FA signing in OBJ than a trade for Hopkins. The next option is likely Jakobi Meyers, a clear WR2/3 to pair with Davis opposite Diggs. I have a feeling Beane won’t go into the Draft still needing to fill that WR role. We saw what happened last year with Chiefs jumping us for McDuffie then us trading up for Elam. I doubt he wants to be picking late RD1 having to hope we don’t have another bad luck WR run before we draft in RD1 or 2.
  6. Gross.. For some reason I thought he was Rd1. You're right. And therein lies the difference, in a nutshell, between the personnel on KC and on BUF. They get Bolton. 2 picks later we take a JAG DE.
  7. If we can sign an upgrade at Tackle in FA, it's a no-brainer (well, I say that knowing full well what we'll probably do). You sign the Tackle. We draft late in RD1, late in RD2.. etc. Legit starting Tackles out the gate aren't just there for the taking in the late 20's. We can get a LB to put next to Milano on Day 1 or Day 2. Chiefs drafted Nick Bolton late *RD2.
  8. I wouldn’t fire Dorsey. For better or worse, you have to give him a year to grow once you made that decision to go with him last year. Im honestly so down on our team given the fact we seem to be running it back with Frazier. 1) I think he’s a dinosaur in the playoffs who gets circles coached around him by the the coordinators for KC and CIN. 2) Keeping Frazier just seems more emblematic of an entrenched mindset at OBD. No accountability. No urgency. Cover 1 nailed it when they talked about Frazier and his “it’s the players, not the scheme” thus somehow needing all-pro level players all over. We have a Defensive HC. It’s all so tiresome. For the first time in the McBeane tenure, I just feel pessimistic and apathetic about the team. And it really all boils down to the absurdity of keeping Frazier around. I really though after 13 seconds, multiple playoff failures and then the Bengals game, we’d pull the plug. This organization isn’t what I thought it was… or maybe, what I thought they could be.
  9. Literally could not care less about this when we have 4 postseasons in a row (2 where we were legit contenders) of defensive dumpster fire playoff performances where our season ends.
  10. Beane is 100%, for the first in his tenure here, worthy of some heavy criticism .. but, in fairness, Dak did not have a ton of weapons around him. I’d say they were quite similar to us.. WR1, above average TE, decent backs with an RB1 who always should’ve been supplanted by RB2, a mediocre OL and not much else.
  11. Depends. Every team carries some level of dead cap into a season. If you restructure guys who are in your long term plans, and they continue to play at a high level, it's not going to hurt you with the ever-increasing salary cap. Mess around with guys who's play falls off and/or you decide to cut, and then you're stuck with underperforming players with large cap hits and/or dead cap.
  12. Seems like 90% of the fanbase wants to trade Oliver. Which means I'm sure we won't do that. And normally I wouldn't question the GM, but lately it seems like this forum makes better Day 2 picks than our front office, so...
  13. Putting on my GM cap.. Trading Oliver, re-signing Phillips to a team friendly deal and drafting a space eating DT in the middle rounds to back up Jones seems the move to me.
  14. What are the chances anyone plays and doesn't get hurt? Von is a physical freak. I have no reason to believe he won't be a force next year, whenever he gets back on the field. That being said.. Our Defense is definitely going to be reliant upon guys coming back to full ability post-injury recovery (White, Von, Hyde). Not ideal, but it's the hand we're dealt.
  15. Game was over midway through the 3rd Q. Bengals could have scored alot more.
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