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  1. That dude is a freakish looking player. Popped off the screen whenever I watched them.
  2. Dude was billed as this strong and violent, albeit bulky and lumbering DE... instead we got a guy on a low carb diet chasing down Kyler Murray. No idea what to make of him.
  3. Give me Shelvin to go with Ossai. The Offense, as currently constructed with zero additions, should be a league leader in scoring. I want this DL to be transformed if we’re going to invest in defense via the draft. Rotate Star and Shelvin so Oliver and Butler can do their thing penetrating the interior of opponents OL’s, with 2 young pass rushers is Epenesa and Ossai to utilize with Hughes, Addison and Obada.
  4. What constitutes “hyper-religious”? Sean McDermott is pretty open about his faith, and it’s woven into his coaching philosophy. I spend a good deal of time in Greenville - basically the city connected to the University. I know quite a few people close to the program. Nobody has ever given me any reason to believe Dabo isn’t legit.
  5. In regards to point 3.... ok, but the refs allowed it. Where are the adjustments? On the offense, we let Brown go and signed Sanders. That seems like a direct reflection of the KC gameplan where we needed healthy, separation WRs who don’t get jammed up by physical corners. On defense, I’m still seeing the same guys plus Star. Edmunds, Oliver and Epenesa are all candidates to make a needed jump and the coaching philosophy against KC can certainly be improved.
  6. Draws in the red zone and JA scramble drills all day. Random designed runs in the middle of the field with defenders flying in from a dead sprint.... stop it.
  7. I think we owe them the benefit of the doubt that this past year was more of a fluke, than it was the new normal. That being said, they better figure out how to defend KC, because we had two cracks at them, and both times the defense gave us almost no chance. (Do not try to convince me the slow bleed of Game 1 was an ok defensive effort).
  8. Burrow was a mid-late round pick after that year. Not until lighting it up in the Natty season, did he start to garner 1st Round/1st Pick hype.
  9. Yup.. Suck for Luck, Tank for Trevor... Seem to be the only two insanely hyped prospects I can remember. It's interesting to look at the top QB's and see that none of them were even taken Top 5... Patrick Mahomes Josh Allen Aaron Rodgers Deshaun Watson Justin Herbert Joe Burrow did seem on pace to have a Herbert-like rookie year, before getting hurt, but he wasn't on anyone's radar until halfway through the season at LSU.
  10. Im just stating who he espouses to be, you can absolutely make judgments about how he ran his programs.
  11. Not sure.. Considering the top recruits are typically from the south, with devout Christian moms, probably best to not advertise you’re an Atheist program.
  12. Kirk Cousins seems to be a guy who has a similar mentality... just minus the talent Trevor Lawrence has. I can respect both vibes. Love Trevors vibe, and love Josh’s vibe. I wouldn’t trade Josh Allen for anyone at this point, but if Mahomes is off the table, the next guy for me would be Trevor Lawrence. Im typically a contrarian, but reppin Wilson over Lawrence is even too far of a take for me.
  13. We may not even have had college football if not for Trevor Lawrence, tbh. He was lobbying to play in the ND game straight out of COVID. He’s durable and tough. Plays through injuries and pain. He just doesn’t believe football is life.
  14. He’s a really interesting guy. Knows exactly who he is and has strong leadership qualities. By all accounts, he works hard. He may come off as not caring but he clearly does. As far as meshing with Urban Meyer... Trevor, a strong Christian himself, came from a heavy evangelical influence at Clemson with Dabo, and Urban is the same way. Id imagine, due to that, Urban Meyer gets where Trevor Lawrence is coming from when he readily admits football isn’t the most important thing to him. Trevor is basically a way more talented but less competitive Tim T
  15. If Josh Allen was held out of games because of our county.. yikes. We all know it won’t happen, but that might be a tipping point when Tom Brady cites his TB12 lifestyle, doesn’t get vaccinated, and is starting games no problem because he plays in Florida.
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