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  1. Stuff like last night is what keeps me hesitant on being a firm Trump vote. Took out a top tier conservative to replace him with a moderate simp all because Good “betrayed” him. Hes still better than Biden, but he shows over and over again that he’s just a liberal to moderate Republican, with fiery rhetoric and a demand for pure obedience from his associates. …and re: Youngkin. If he was the nominee, he’d put almost everywhere except the bluest of blue states in play. Absolute landslide.
  2. Interesting side effect of the minimum wage hike in Cali that I would’ve never foreseen. Comment from a lawyer in the comments intimates it’s from the employer to cut down on cc processing fees.
  3. No thanks. Terrible idea. Our DE's are just as good, if not better, than what Kansas City has. Difference is they have Chris Jones. Most recent Super Bowl Champions: Chiefs - Chris Jones Rams - Aaron Donald Bucs - Vita Vea Common theme? The DL's are anchored by elite DT play. Can't hold a monster DT as easily in the Playoffs (which is clearly allowed at a much higher frequency) Also allows the DE's to feast when the OL is worried about making sure the pocket doesn't collapse up the middle. A non-Nick Bosa/Myles Garret type DE isn't changing anything.
  4. Dont need to harp on anything from a year ago. Mainstream media is literally telling us, this week, that Biden videos are “selectively edited cheap fakes”. It’s a talking point from the WH with zero basis in reality. The videos aren’t edited .. in fact, videos being shown on NBC, ABC, CNN etc., when discussing the story are edited to make Biden look more competent. So unless you want zero outlets to exist.. the best we can do is push back. (Like was done on the abortion story) I have no problem when it’s pointed out sources I’ve used were wrong or biased. And im not calling on Orwellian censorship of outlets I disagree with. Same can’t be said for everyone.. and only one side is calling for mass censorship campaigns (when they themselves literally spread misinformation)
  5. Cant wait to see Diggs vs Benford/Douglas/Johnson. Im sure they’ll move him around and given we still have to worry about Collins & Dell, it will be interesting to see what McDermott/Babich truly think about Diggs and trusting those guys in single coverage situations.
  6. Attempting to seize his means of expression. Nah, this is about more than damages. Tim Dillon (guy in the clip) and those like him are pretty normal people politics-wise. Sorry that people are noticing how over the top this has become. Infowars is insane most of the time. Remember when they spread the Russian collusion hoax, told us Hunter’s laptop was fake and lectured on how the covid vaccine was safe, effective and stopped transmission of the virus? Oh, wait.. that was our mainstream media. I’ll assume you have the same issues with legacy media.
  7. Higgins looks like he's going to play nice, but Aiyuk is out here on TikTok telling Jayden Daniels that the 49ers just told him they don't want him back.
  8. That bill was already addressed in this thread. It was a joke. I don’t disagree that the GOP doesn’t have any urgency to help Biden do anything on this issue …. but they should let him flail. He had 3+ years to go back to Trump’s border policy and instead inundated our county with pseudo-open borders. He owns it now. What his administration has done is deliberate. He’s failed Americans in his duty to protect our borders. People like myself, who have never viewed border/immigration as a big political issue now see this as THE issue. We see what’s happened in parts of Europe who have lost any semblance of their former culture and we don’t want it happening here. We don’t want fentanyl, terrorism and a welfare state streaming across the border with tacit approval from our leaders. And yall messsed up because you throught Hispanics would vibe with this policy. Turns out … they don’t. The ones who have come here and obtained legal status moved here to live in a country. Not a dumpster fire absent a border.
  9. We do have to deal with home grown crime. Doesnt mean we need to willingly import more of it. Just this week we’ve had an illegal charged with the rape & murder of a mother of 5 and multiple terrorists arrested after being vetted and allowed into the county. You want to grapple with gun control, go ahead.. we can have that conversation (although I doubt it will be in good faith with your “bump stock” comment.. however we also have the 2nd Amendment. We don’t have any amendments that require us to import crime and a welfare state.
  10. That bill codifies thousands of illegal border crossings per day. That bill was a joke and Trump was correct in his actions. Biden could’ve simply gone back to Trump era policy at anytime. He chose not to and is now panicking.
  11. Weak men create hard times but some white Manhattanite libs who will never be affected can feel better about themselves
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