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  1. It seems like we run a lot of chunk plays, which results in deeper patterns thus opening up the field. Also remember how tall Allen is, he's not getting swallowed up or having his vision blocked so he can see the entire field at all time. Combine that with his ability to make guys miss and long stride speed chews up yardage quickly.
  2. If BPA every round ends up being all defense, I'm not doing that. Our defense is fine for next year, and I'm ok adding an elite pass rusher or stud defensive back if that's sitting there for us in the 1st Round, but it's imperative that we build an offense around JA.
  3. 2 WR's 2-3 OL 1 TE 1 RB Re-Sign Jordan Phillips and Lorenzo Alexander Free Agency: WR - Tyrell Williams OL - Best Available at any position BPA Draft: Round 1 - BPA Round 2 - WR/OL Round 3 - WR/OL Round 4 - RB
  4. SCBills

    Big Picture: I am optimistic

    Those FA moves you laid out should be Plan A for the staff. Tyrell Williams opposite Robert Foster will be fun to watch, especially if we fortify the OL with the C & T signings you described.
  5. SCBills

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    Ok? I doubt too many teams have as follows: Lowest Paid OL in the NFL: 2nd Round LT 5th Round LG Center that won’t be on the team next year RG that won’t be on the team next year RT that has a 50/50 shot of staying Reliable Weapons: Chris Ivory Robert Foster Isaiah McKenzie ....that’s it. Even then, Allen did enough to will the team to wins these past 2 weeks if our Special Teams are simply a minor dumpster fire, instead of a roaring Cali Camp Fire.
  6. SCBills

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    I’m all in on Allen. He’s one more UDFA WR away from having 250+ yards passing/100 yards running game in - game out. This all without an offensive line, zero running game, no tight ends and our best WR (who’s actually legit) being a guy who went undrafted.
  7. Agreed. I actually think he’s been decent in the pocket when given time. Every QB misses throws. Projecting into the future - Allen might miss a couple more than other elite QBs but can maintain elite level by his arm/legs resulting in chunk plays. If he ever gets more accurate.. We’re talking potential league MVP in Allen.
  8. I disagree about our WRs. They are not better than we think. Foster could be legit. McKenzie is worth keeping as a weapon. That’s it. That’s all I’m confident in. Zay is a huge question mark after that embarassing performance today. Way too inconsistent after two good games. Our Tight Ends are bad. Deonta Thompson is good for a drop per game. Who else do we even have? All purpose backs can’t run through defenders. We need an OL or Allen has to be Aaron Rodgers on steroids for us to win. Even then he can’t catch for himself. We need OL/WR way more than a great back.
  9. In Allen’s defense, it’s tough to throw from the pocket regularly when the OL craps themselves the second the ball is snapped and there’s a 50/50 shot the Receiver catches a pass that hits them in the hands.
  10. SCBills

    Man just give Josh one Amari Cooper level receiver

    Robert Foster has been a revelation. He’s doing things way beyond just stretching the field. Very impressed by him. I would love to get another speedy, big bodied WR opposite him. #1 Priority is definitely OL though. Today was a disgrace. No chance to be successful when your OL can’t hold up longer than 1 second and has zero run blocking ability.
  11. About to trim some fat off Special Teams..
  12. Foster and McKenzie have become legit weapons. One was a castoff and the other an UDFA. You’re clearly trolling.
  13. Raiders traded away the best defensive player in the league and, perhaps, one of the best WRs. Gruden makin moves out there!
  14. Bad moment for all the Vander Esch fanboys here as Sproles just embarrassed him for a TD.
  15. SCBills

    Week 14: Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    Another thing worth pointing out, in addition to trash OL play and Zay/Clay being terrible... how many times is Josh faced with 1st and 20? Im so sick of the offense surrounding Allen letting him down. It’s Allen, Ivory, a couple WRs, 2 young Lineman and that’s it. Everyone else might as well be wearing the opponents jersey.