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  1. Bundesliga has officially re-started. First big team-sport domino to fall...
  2. Who knows.. all these “what-ifs”... that can’t be what prevents us from moving forward. The Southeast has been re-opening for weeks now and is doing ok. No fans certainly is not ideal, but it would be better than no season.
  3. Beane about to show up to owners meetings like Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder
  4. Deep ball accuracy was an issue... I think we can all agree on that. Short to Mid, he’s fine, and in the 10-20 yard range Josh throws one of the best darts in the league. I don’t think it’s a secret he had a mediocre receiving core last year and was among the league leaders in being affected by drops. Diggs alone probably accounts for those two more catches per game that the OP is referencing, and that doesn’t even account for slotting Brown down to the #2, Beasley to the #3, improved depth and Josh - hopefully - spending the summer working on his deep ball.
  5. Ok, so how do we account for the home field advantage we have in Miami and Tennessee?
  6. I think a lot of us here are optimistic, but still cautious, until as you say - we prove year in/year out this team (and mainly Josh Allen) can be trusted. That said, if Josh Allen makes any semblance of a jump, this team is very talented, very deep and very well coached. Week 1 Jets will be interesting because I have no idea what y'all are. Darnold could be solid but you'll be trotting out a brand new OL with two new WR's, one being a rookie. Our defense was Top 5 last year and our DL should be much better this year. On offense, i'd be very disappointed if we can't hang a decent number on your defense. I think your defense is solid, but i don't think the Jets revamped secondary should be able to contain Diggs, Brown and Beasley.
  7. That’s why I referenced red state governors. SEC and BIG XII governors shouldn’t be much of an issue. ACC will be interesting with Cuse, Pitt, BC and the Virginia schools. The governors could cause issues for them.
  8. ACC, SEC and Big XII are in primarily red states. Can’t see them throwing in the towel. B1G is a mixed bag. PAC-12 can cancel their conference this year and no one outside California/Oregon/Washington would even notice. I am friends with a few USC grads and they want to use this to leave the conference, should the PAC-12 shut down for Fall sports.
  9. Oh boy! I can’t wait until it’s a tight game, 4th quarter, and we have a former rugby player back there at our own 15 fielding punts....
  10. You’re right... Week 1 flukey turnovers and Week 17 resting our starters definitely didn’t play a part in any of that.
  11. This graph is to Completion Percentage Truthers as a globe is to the Flat Earth Community.
  12. If a business re-opens before we have a vaccine, they need to operate under the assumption that people in that business will potentially catch it and have contingency plans for when that happens. NFL included. If not, stay closed until we have a vaccine. (Hint: that’s not sustainable) So sick of hearing people pontificate about what-ifs? “What if (Person X) catches COVID!?” Guess what folks.. people will continue to catch it. Operate as such, while mitigating risk as much as possible. Or live in fear and stay closed indefinitely.
  13. I was so jealous watching all the videos of the Nashville takeover last year. Really hoping we have fans so I can make the 4 hour drive over. Kind of like Miami, it’s the perfect location to have Bills Mafia invade. Destination city plus a ton of NY transplants within driving-distance.
  14. In a thread where everyone is talking about going to a game, yes, nobody is forcing you to partake in conversation about and/or consider going to a game. Let us optimistically talk without you going all “Karen” on everyone. If there’s no fans, there’s no fans... so be it. We all know this is a possibility.
  15. No, the constant need to jump in and rain on everyone’s parade by “doom and gloom” folks is obnoxious. We all know what’s going on, and that there may or may not be fans at the start of the season or at all. If people want to be optimistic in their view and talk about going to the games (which very well could happen), just let them.
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