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  1. Im from Long Island, my socials lit up with Giants fans losing it on Golloday after that.
  2. Giants fanbase was not having it. First time I’ve seen them protective of Jones.
  3. Giants out here giving Daniel Jones a dumpster fire OL while he out rushes their high pick RB, FA big $$ WR gets no separation ever and then screams on the sidelines and their 1st round pick barely plays. I almost feel bad for him because I have no idea if he’s any good or not, and the Giants apparently want to make this as murky as possible.
  4. I couldn’t be a Giants fan tonight. This is too painful to even second hand witness.
  5. Daniel Jones is ballin tonight. That’s even without the TD run and TD throw his WR’s apparently refuse to allow him to have.
  6. Daniel Jones is the most unassuming freak athlete I’ve ever seen. That dude can absolutely book it.
  7. Ive seen our Offense struggle against two teams recently… KC and PIT. Until that starts happening regularly, I’ll chalk it up to matchups.
  8. So we play WFT off extra days rest and Houston, in succession? Not that it should matter, but ok..
  9. Nobody cares about 1/6 except people in DC and guys with low testosterone who find their validation on Twitter.
  10. It really better not be. They have zero business keeping it close with us unless that Steelers game is who we are.
  11. I don’t have an issue with that hold call, but it was ticky tack and it ended up costing NYG 4 points. You also know that in another game this week, that some hold will absolutely not be called.
  12. Daboll about to draw up 40 QB runs vs WFT.
  13. I must be desensitized to this stuff because I didn’t even flinch on this one. Once you’ve watched a UFC fighter break their leg on a kick, you’re dead inside. Dyami Brown… yeesh… that looked like an overthrow pick alll the way.
  14. Well… that doesn’t sound good.
  15. Yup, I know a couple people who have had side effects. Thankfully none of them were long lasting, but one had a pretty nasty blood clot behind his eye for a few weeks. My brother is in PT and has both a post-vax client with vertigo as well as a post-vax client who’s blood oxygen plummets from just walking to the bathroom from her living room.
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