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  1. Random.. I mean, sure, go ahead Jets.
  2. As long as Josh Allen is here, we'll be doing a lot of these 1 year deals. This is why teams with elite QB's can typically keep solid rosters around their QB.. We're not getting Harris, Ford, Rapp and Floyd to sign here for what they did if our QB is Kirk Cousins.
  3. I'd be willing to offer something like 3/30 or 4/40, but anything beyond that and I think we should probably let him play out this season, recoup another 3rd RD comp pick and draft a WR early next year. So far, he's shown to be a high end WR3 or low end WR2, in a pass heavy offense, with upper tier deep threat capability. Maybe there's more there as he continues to develop, and with healthy ankles... but he's had ankle issues on and off for a minute now.
  4. I agree. Im fine with Lawson on the PS, if he’s willing to fill that role, but I’d rather keep Epenesa and Boogie. Not that I’m super high on either, but AJ has at least shown flashes of above average pass rush ability. Boogie has shown nothing, but has two years left on a rookie deal. Id rather bank on the potential of AJ & Boogie behind Von, Rousseau and Floyd, now that we have (when healthy) three legit EDGE players. We know what Shaq is. AJ has flashed more and Basham has another cheap rookie year on his contract on a team that doesn’t have many DL players under contract after this year.
  5. With how tough our schedule is, not gonna lie.. I feel MUCH better about facing off against the Jets, Dolphins and Jaguars early season (without Von) now that we have Floyd coming off the edge. Those are three, potentially, very good/elite passing offenses and - even without Von - we have a decent amount of firepower in Floyd, Rousseau, Oliver, Poona, Phillips and Jones.
  6. That Terry Pegula speech... Beautiful. Nothing much to add, except I am so thankful for the Pegula's.
  7. I mean... We've never seen a Bills DL in the Playoffs with Von Miller, Leonard Floyd and Poona Ford, under McDermott as DC.
  8. Tough decision, imo. Epenesa only has one year left on his deal, but has shown flashes. Boogie has two years left, but has shown next to nothing. We only have Von, Rousseau and Oliver under contract for '24 if we move Boogie.
  9. Agreed. So far, Beane has been true to his commitment. A little tight against the cap for the foreseeable future, but with quite a few core players locked up, along with preserving (and adding) draft picks.
  10. Im “ok” with the WR situation. Think it has a lot of potential, but also a lot of question marks. That said .. I echo that poster’s sentiment. It’s truly impressive to me that we were able to, thus far, come away with.. Key Losses: Edmunds, Singletary & McKenzie Key Additions: Rapp, Harris, Murray, McGovern, Shell, Harty, Sherfield, Ford & Floyd Not counting the draft picks, the roster churn this off-season (on paper) has been a massive upgrade.
  11. Love this move. Gives us a proven pass rusher to hold it down until Von gets back.. and also allows us to potentially use Rousseau more as an inside rusher, with Von and Floyd off the edge.
  12. I have zero patience for Pride at this point. I grew up going to the parades and events. Now I want nothing to do with these LGBTQ missionaries. It’s a state sanctioned religion.
  13. Why? His mom said Buffalo is perfect for Gabe. From everything anyone in the know has said, he wants to be in Buffalo long term. He can go to Florida in the off-season, and then focuses on football, with some hunting/fishing etc during the season.
  14. I cringe whenever people use the Rams as an example. I get the sentiment, but they are such an outlier and not, at all, emblematic of our FO approach. For one, they built around an aging QB who seems to, potentially, be breaking down physically. And two, not only did they hand out big contracts against the cap, they also traded away picks to do so. Therefore, they didn’t have the ability to backfill with cheap rookie contracts. The Jets are taking the Rams QB approach, but they have a ton of talented rookie contract talent so that they aren’t destroyed by his contract. It gets tricky for them, but manageable - especially given this is a 2 year run with Rodgers and then likely a cheaper QB or rookie again. The Dolphins are taking the picks for big contract talent approach .. but aren’t paying a QB yet, so, again it’s manageable. We’re up against the cap, but haven’t been trading away picks and - most importantly - have a QB just entering his prime.
  15. Yea, this is where I’m at too. We may have a small set amount for whichever pass rusher is eventually willing to take it, but I think the cap space freed up by this move may just be to give us the operating $$$ we want for the upcoming season.
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