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  1. Somewhat true, but this board is pretty knowledgeable and the “call-outs” for those attacking our team, more specifically Allen, usually focus on the guys who clearly never watch us. It’s fairly evident when they quote blind stats and “completion percentage” as their sole metrics. Those writers/analysts deserve to be called out. Now, this year, it’s also on Allen, with a better supporting cast, to show them how ill-informed they were.
  2. I live in Atlanta, go to the game in Miami every etc.. I don’t know why certain Bills fans whine about Bills Mafia all the time... Bills Mafia is synonymous with Buffalo and is respected af outside of this board apparently. I see it all over the southeast, where football is king - anytime I tell someone I’m a Bills fan, they respond with how much they love Bills Mafia. Now, harassing people on Twitter, that’s stupid no matter what. No arguments there.
  3. Trying to put homerism aside, the Jets seem a lot like the Bills but with a worse OL and Secondary. Two positional units that could be strengths for us. (Secondary should.. OL could).
  4. Yup - For instance, can't stop the run = 8 yards on first down.. 2nd and 2. 7 yard sack = 3rd and 9. Still a good shot at converting. Stop the run on 1st down. 2nd and 8. 7 yard sack on 2nd down = 3rd and 15. Probably not converting that.
  5. What did you want though? Beane chose to sign a lot of good players as opposed to 1 or 2 elite players. It's not like there's a plethora of great TE's out there. Everyone in our division is in the same boat when it comes to this position right now. We did end up getting one of the tight ends considered by most draft experts to be in the upper tier before the drop off.
  6. Tight End seems to be the most up in the air position we have at the moment. OL will have some interesting battles, but we know we have some good players there. Tight End has so many question marks.. High ceiling rookie who was barely used in college, an elite blocking tight end, a late round rookie, dude who's dating the owner's daughter and an injured semi-proven guy.
  7. If you watch ESPN, you'll never hear about our offseason because we didn't bring in guys like LeVeon Bell or Antonio Brown. If we're good this year it will be a complete shock to them. However, the analysts who truly follow football seem to know what's up. They won't be surprised.
  8. I think this group has a shot at Top 10. We tend to think other teams have studs all across their OL's.. Nobody, aside from maybe 1 or 2 teams do. It's typically a couple above average players mixed in with plug n' play guys who fit the system. We clearly have talent on the OL now in guys like Morse, Dawkins, Ford and Nsekhe. Waddle is a solid swing tackle, Spain & Feliciano have the ability to be those plug n' play guys who fit the system and Spencer Long was actually pretty good 2 years ago in Washington before he played injured at Center for the Jets last year and had a down year. Factor in a new coach, power scheme that fits these players and the addition of Lee Smith at blocking TE, and I think this unit has potential. The biggest hurdle is getting them comfortable with each other as quick as possible.
  9. Not for nothing but we just had an UDFA WR last year who was widely mocked in the 1st Round of various "NFL Re-Drafts" that followed the season.
  10. Where do you think we're drafting this year, with Clowney? Because I think it would be in the 20's. Even without him, I think we have a solid chance at a WC. At the very least, it would be a VERY disappointing season to be drafting top 10 again. If there are stud WR's next year, they won't be around in the late-teens/20's.
  11. I think our scouts knocked it out of the park with this pick and Vosean Joseph. Both, I believe, are instant depth and future potential starters.
  12. We have the money to extend Hughes and give Clowney a new deal. Our defense is set for the next few years at an elite status with this move. What people may or may not be factoring in when it comes to a 1st Round Pick, is that with Clowney, we should expect to be a playoff team. That means we're drafting in the 20's. This most likely wouldn't be another #9 pick. I'd still be 50/50 on it, but would be ok with giving up Lawson and a 1st if that's what it came to. We'd still have money next year to resign our guys and then have an entire draft, 2nd Round on, to focus on the offense and depth. Defense would be stacked this year and next. Ideally OL is set for this year, and next, with Nsekhe, Ford, Morse, Dawkins and then we hope that some of Spain, Long, Feliciano etc warrant new contracts after 2019. We're all cautiously optimistic that we have our QB in Allen, and we can focus on RB/WR next offseason/draft.
  13. Would be 50/50 on this. Would be ecstatic with a Lawson/2020 2nd for Clowney.
  14. Jets and Bills are eerily similar teams in regards to their rebuild. Both drafted pretty well. Jets made splashy signings in Bell and Moseley, while the Bills fortified the OL, Secondary and brought in 2 solid WR's aka moves that don't get the attention of simple minded hot take radio hosts. The Dolphins may have upgraded with Rosen, but they still have the least amount of talent in the division with the lowest ceiling at QB. Pats are obviously still the Pats until further notice. All I take from Cowherd's segment is that he looked at box scores and splashy headlines to make an uninformed hot take. Probably an easy way to look stupid, but there's zero ramifications for these guys being wrong so, whatevs…..
  15. If we’re going with an increased importance of interior pass rush vs edge pass rush, do y’all think going after Gerald McCoy might be the move to keep an eye on?
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