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  1. Best QB in the NFL. Strongest arm in the NFL. Pass Offense elite. If Diggs or Davis go down, we run the Ravens Offense? Thanks, i hate it.
  2. It does, but the “pass catchers” term was in response to questions about Outside WR Depth. Grouping all the weapons together doesn’t change the fact that there is no proven outside WR depth behind Diggs & Davis. Diggs is top 5. Davis has the ability to be a top tier WR, but this year is where he’ll prove it. Crowder is a very good slot WR. That’s a Top 10 trio dependent upon Davis being the guy we all think he is. We probably have the best slot depth in the league with McKenzie and Shakir. For a team that throws the ball so much, it’s still concerning that the current answer for outside WR depth is 1) Kumerow and/or Stevenson 2) Moving a slot WR outside 3) Flexing Howard and Cook outside. Just seems like a very patchwork approach to outside WR3 on a pass heavy team, but hey.. this team has earned my trust so I’ll try not to be too annoying about this concern ha.
  3. “pass catchers” is definitely going to become the most annoying term of the off-season.
  4. Watch Mina Kimes talk football for five seconds and then watch Kay Adams. Kay Adams is girl next door cute and good at moving the convo along.
  5. Yea, I don’t think you can really count the season opener as a typical TNF Game. It’s going to be a completely different atmosphere, and obviously neither team is coming off a game 4 days prior.
  6. The schedule to start the season is tough. Was thinking we can just bring Tre White back slowly, but him being ready to start the season would he massive. Either way, him staying healthy is far more important than rushing him back. Kaiir, Taron and Dane will have their hands full Week 1 against Stafford/Kupp/Robinson/Jefferson if White isn’t ready to start the season. Same thing Week 3 with Miami and Hill/Waddle, but Tennessee (2) and Baltimore (4) don’t exactly have a ton of ammo in the WR passing game. Also glad we don’t open with Miami, so we can get a glimpse of their new offense and how they plan to use that speed.
  7. Schedule makers would be wise to put Russ and Kyler in primetime early season.. Nobody wants to watch those two struggle after the mid-point.
  8. Oh, I’m not worried about this year. I’m talking about having a developmental prospect on the roster who can eventually become TE2.
  9. I’d feel a lot more comfortable at TE if Wydermyer beats out Sweeney. Sweeney had a chance this past year, specifically Jax, and was a disaster. Last year of his deal.. he doesn’t seem to show TE2 potential.
  10. Is Oweh a bust? Seems weird to make that comment regarding a late 1st in Rousseau and a 2nd in Basham. If people want to make judgments about Epenesa, valid.. but it’s way too early for the other two.
  11. We're basically adding three high end pieces in Von Miller, Kaiir Elam and Tre White to the Defense that finished the year. Also upgraded the DT room with a true run stuffer and more talent in the rotational guys. DE room, outside of Von & Shaq, is comprised of 3 guys who are all at the point where big jumps are expected. Should 1 or 2 of them make that jump... this Defense will be absolutely dominant. I've been pretty consistent that we are investing way too much in the Defense at the expense of the Offense... and I do still feel that way while looking at an OL that's decent, but could use another piece or two and the lack of a true Outside WR3, but I have to admit that this Defense - on paper - looks absolutely insane.
  12. I don't know if they'll be statistically better, because we play better teams/quarterbacks this year. However, I do think they will legitimately be elite/feared.. and not in the paper tiger sense that they were last year.
  13. Beane was on WGR this morning and it certainly didn't sound like we're all set.
  14. Interesting interview with Beane on Howard and Jeremy.. Sounded like we are still very much in the outside WR market. I think our top five are locked down, but only two of them are pure outside receivers. The other three are more suited for the slot role. Not sure what we'd do with Kumerow if we brought another guy in. Stevenson & Hodgins could probably be stashed on the Practice Squad.
  15. You seem to be the only person on the internet that doesn’t think Kaiir Elam is a Day 1 starter. You say you’ve seen him play quite a bit.. So have I. I live down south, best friend is a Gator fan and I’ve been to multiple UF games. Elam can ball.. and his ‘20 tape is up there with Stingley’s. ‘21 fell off a bit, but the team around him was a dumpster fire. Also, this isn’t old school football, teams typically have multiple RB’s… especially a team like Buffalo that is never going to value the traditional workhorse RB position. Pass catching RB was our RD2 pick.. not a starter, per se, but he’s going to play a lot. After CB & RB, the only position where we could’ve drafted a starter was at OG. Tell me which Guard we should’ve drafted, and when? You can say Parham, who we clearly didn’t want, but someone like him likely isn’t beating out Saffold or Bates.
  16. We took a starter in RD1 After CB, the only places we had openings for starters were RB and OG. The only RB1 that made sense for us was Breece Hall, and the Jets snagged him in the very beginning of RD2. Im not sure there were any late RD2 OG’s that could supplant Bates or Saffold.. perhaps. Definitely not in RD3, and we had a chance with Parham on the board and clearly weren’t interested. My only criticisms of this draft are that I don’t buy the whole “look at the group of pass catchers as a whole unit and not by position” line WGR folks keep telling us. Perhaps that will work just fine, but I’m still worried about Diggs or Davis missing any time and all of a sudden it’s Kumerow/Stevenson out there or a Slot WR, of which we now have 3. Also, I feel like we simply threw away our only OL pick. Dude is a less athletic, more awkward Tommy Doyle.
  17. This is his ‘21 highlight film. He’s not going to die the second he gets hit.
  18. You would think Trevor Lawrence would be lobbying for him in Jacksonville.
  19. One of my best friends is a huge Gator fan. He’s always pretty honest about guys from there and Kaiir Elam is one of his favorite players since Tebow.
  20. Really a sad story. Ross was destined to be a Top 10 pick before the injuries. I’d have loved to take a flyer on him in the 7th given we don’t have much depth as true outside WR’s, but there must be the thought that he's never going to play football again.
  21. James Cook. Get him a bit more bulked up and he’s designed in a lab for the Bills Offense.
  22. Beane already said he would’ve used the 4th on Shakir if he had it. He doesn’t give af about our OL worries lol
  23. Completely agree with you about the worry at outside WR. Sal keeps tweeting about “think of the group as pass catchers and not positional players” but that still doesn’t make sense to me, even if that’s truly what we believe. Diggs and Davis have different skill sets and strengths than Jamison Crowder and Isaiah McKenzie. That’s a fact. As talented as our weaponry is.. and Singletary, Cook, Knox, Howard, Diggs, Davis, Crowder, McKenzie, Shakir etc is a very talented group…we are still a high angle sprain or hammy pull to Diggs or Davis from Kumerow, Stevenson if he makes the team, or a slot guy having to take meaningful snaps outside. Im guessing Shakir would be outside depth, but while he can do it.. it’s not his strength.. at least based on his college film.
  24. If Tua and Wilson make any kind of jump, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see NE finish last in the AFCE. Unless NE builds Mac a dome and Kraft can pay schedule makers to schedule all Northeastern away games in the early Fall, he’s going to struggle. Mac might get somewhat better, but high floor, low ceiling and once it got cold, he turned into a pumpkin. Doesn’t help that NE easily has the least amount of top end talent of anyone in the Division.
  25. Wilson doesn’t have a noodle arm. I’m not saying he’s very good, rookie year was rough, but he can sling it.
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