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  1. I think McKenzie will be back. Give me the following for the Steelers game: Diggs McKenzie Shakir Austin Hodgins Stop playing games with Davis. He doesn’t seem remotely healthy. Those who watch him at practice/warm-ups also believe he’s noticeably hampered by the ankle injury. Rest him up and hope he’s close to 100% at KC, because he’s pretty useless out there right now.
  2. Great play. Great player. Seems like a good person. Content creators once again urging the Bills to “Pay Po”… completely annoying. Who would they like us to sacrifice for an over 30 Safety? Or are they just cool with kicking the can down the road and wasting an eventual year of Allen due to cap penance so we can extend anyone who plays well. If we let Oliver walk and/or don’t plan on paying Gabe Davis (not necessarily against this) then - by all means - extend everyone we’d like.
  3. No chance in hell the NFL was going to let Miami play Tua this week.
  4. I think McKenzie has been very solid. Should've had a game winning TD against Miami as well. He's a different player than Cole Beasley, and due to Crowder not making much of an impact, the slot position has been less effective than year's past.. but McKenzie is a good player. I do agree that McKenzie and/or Shakir should be given more gadget/screen type opportunities.. especially if we need to pass as an extension of the run game.
  5. Is Benford a Safety in your scenario? He looks too good to keep off the field, and - as good as he looks - I think he's 4th in the outside CB pecking order once everyone is healthy. Not sure if there's precedent to convert a guy mid-season, but might make sense to start having him practice at Safety over the bye week to see if he can unseat Hamlin/Johnson as the guy opposite Poyer.
  6. Sorry to hear that about Crowder, but I'm really hopeful that Shakir takes this opportunity and runs with it. He looked great in his chances on Sunday. We need to get Davis healthy. I'd honestly sit him against the Steelers. Call up Austin and roll with Diggs-McKenzie-Shakir-Austin. Given how dominant our Defense is, and how rough the Steelers Offense is, I'm hopeful we see the Bills give reps to Shakir and Cook... we need those guys long term and it's tough to find out what you have when they don't see the field.
  7. They need to go with Singletary as the lead back and rotate in Cook (and deal with the growing pains). Moss should be injury insurance.
  8. Disappointing how ill informed GMFB was about the end game situation. Ravens absolutely did let us score once we got to their 10 yard line. Singletary had a run where he realized that and went down at the 3 on his own. Then Allen somehow executed a 2 yard sneak for a first down while making sure he didn't cross the goal line.
  9. They hit their stride because they eventually just let Allen take over. Which he can absolutely do. But it's Week 4, and the goal is a 1 seed... Every game is important and this team needs to figure out a sustainable way to beat teams without dialing up the Allen nuclear code.
  10. Yes. It is, as it's always been, completely Josh Allen-centric. It's not efficient and not sustainable. We can unleash Allen in the Playoffs and in big games.. but to have that be the only go-to move we have when the Offense is struggling is not ideal, at all. We have a ferocious defense, and I don't think Mahomes can do to us what he did to the Bucs, but that's the standard and they are the most efficient Offense in the NFL... we're teetering on falling out of the Top 10. Allen is elite Diggs is elite McKenzie is a decent piece Knox is very good, but he seems to be blocking more than being used as a weapon After those two.. OL has underperformed RB's have underperformed Davis can't stay healthy Crowder has been a complete disappointment, and now is also hurt We can probably give them some grace trying to figure things out under a new Offensive Coordinator, but it's looking all too familiar right now.
  11. If we see him running like that against the Steelers on Sunday, we will be vocal about it again ha. Allen unleashed is as close to impossible to stop as there is in the NFL. However, the coaches need to pick and choose their spots. They've clearly realized this when he doesn't run at all in the Titans game. This game though, coming off a loss, against a team we may very well be competing against for the 1 seed... I'd rather we have any semblance of a traditional run game, but since we don't.. this was a big win, and they did what they needed in order to get the victory.
  12. I’d offer Moss and a 4th for whatever kind of economically feasible upgrade we can get. If that means no upgrade, so be it. Im not trading a Top 100 pick when we need those for OL/WR & potentially LB/S. We need an outside WR more than a RB right now. Nobody is fearing a hobbled Davis and McKenzie. (Crowder has been useless and it’s probably time to give Shakir his shot given the inevitable Crowder injury)
  13. Credit to Howard and Jeremy this morning. They are 💯 on point discussing the offensive issues/frustrations this morning.
  14. It’s obviously Allen. By a country mile. After Allen, the Defense is definitely Championship Caliber.. and might be the best Defense in the NFL.
  15. Dont disagree .. but Cook plays random downs once in a blue moon. Definitely agree on the lack of big play ability. Clearly coinciding with Gabe Davis and his lingering ankle injury. Still hoping for Odell later in the season and then a high pick at WR in the draft. Davis had a chance to squash all this talk but, so far, can’t stay healthy.
  16. No Oliver, basically all season so far. Jordan Phillips missing 2 of 4 games. No Tre White yet. Those are 3 big time defenders we get back soon. Easily the defense. Practice Squad DT’s playing fantastic.. Milano is a top 3 linebacker in the league. Elam vs Dane for CB2 is going to be a straight up dog fight.
  17. Not worried, but I would like to see an actual plan for him. Seems we just throw him out there when the other two RB’s are being useless, and then he comes in cold and keeps messing up as well. That’s on him for not being ready, but everything about our running game/running backs feels disjointed right now. On the bright side, Shakir looked really good out there. We needed the rookie to step up with no Kumerow or Crowder, along with a still hobbled Davis, and he did.
  18. I take back everything I said in the first half. GUTSY One order of crow for me please!
  19. I’ll be honest.. I’d take Duke Johnson over Moss/Singletary at this point. Just chalk them up to mistakes and move on.
  20. Phew.. when Diggs is dropping TD’s I almost turned it off. Now let’s regroup at halftime and find a pulse.
  21. The Offense is fully healthy and looks absolutely awful against a defense that’s been roasted all season. The Defense can’t get off the field with names like Rousseau, Miller, Poyer, Edmunds and Milano. Baltimore is literally on a backup, backup LT and has no Michael Pierce to stuff the run. It’s the same issues year after year. Can’t play in weather and have a game or two where we are completely lifeless.
  22. Eagles wet/windy game. Colts wet/windy game. Now this Ravens half.. Im getting real sick of having a team from ****** Buffalo, of all places, that cannot execute in wind or wetness.
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