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  1. For those readers not familiar with the term "3-technique" here is a simple article explaining the concept: https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2011/4/11/2082375/draft-terminology-the-three-technique-and-the-five-technique Here is a much more advanced article on the 3 tech's role in the 4-3 defense: https://myemail.constantcontact.com/3-Technique--Block-Destruction-vs--Run-Blocking-Schemes.html?soid=1104030277664&aid=kBQJqIuy0Ug
  2. The Big Nickle subs in a safety for the slot cover DB. From an X's & O's perspective how is the Big Nickle formation used? Obviously it gives up something against the slot receiver. Those guys are small speedy & shifty and can cut both ways. They are harder to cover than a WR flanked out wide because the DB can't use the sideline defensively. This is probably why the Big Nickle formation is usually a sub package used only against certain formations. I can see that a Big Nickle DB formation would be better against the run than the standard Nickle. Also better
  3. Some of the 1960 Bills held unofficial workout on the athletic field behind Amherst Central HS. I saw them.
  4. The Cover 2 guys have an insightful analysis of the performances of Moss & Singletary during the 2020 season:
  5. Agreed. But in the playoffs the opponents' D will have more talent and better coaching than the typical NFL defense & therefore is more likely to stymie our offense. It's difficult to conclude whether our poor execution was the result of poor play on our part or the Chiefs' disguising their D. At this level of competition a split second's hesitation is enough to get you beaten.
  6. I agree that Thomas was a key (perhaps the most important) component in the K-Gun. But Kelly called the plays at the line in that no-huddle offense. Kelly's job after the hike (as he described it) was to find & hit the open man. BTW the K-Gun was called that after Keith McKeller, the speedy TE whose nickname was "Killer." (for his killer speed).
  7. The Chiefs did something in the AFC Championship game that the Bills will need to address going forward because they'll see it from other teams: Our offense runs through Josh Allen. Therefor, if a defense can confuse him, it stands a good chance of shutting down the Bills' offense. One Josh looked over the Chiefs' D and after the communication to the sidelines was cut off, the Chiefs' D shifted to another D. Unless Josh's audible play was more effective against the new D, the Bills were running a play designed for the initial D. As an aside I recall a description of
  8. Interesting X's & O's study on Chief's play design that gets Kelce open: https://weeklyspiral.com/2021/01/28/how-the-chiefs-use-travis-kelce-to-make-him-unstoppable/
  9. These re-signings say a lot about how the players view our team. The Bills are no longer a minor league club that develops players who go on to sign with competitive teams.
  10. One of the Bill's games at the Rockpile in 1960. I went with my dad. We paid to park near the stadium on some guy's front lawn. I remember Mack Yoho returning kicks (the crowd would chant "Yo-Ho", Yo-Ho" just before the kick, Elbert "Golden Wheels" Dubenion playing flanker and Laverne "Tarzan" Torzcon on the DL. The QB was Tommy O'Connell, I think.
  11. The Mad Bomber -- Darryl Lamonica
  12. Well I'll be hornswoggled. I never thought that the eagles would eat 33 mill in dead cap space. Looks like they plan on doing a complete tear-down and rebuild.
  13. Played in high school. We ran the T Formation in the early '60s. Passing, what's that?
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