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  1. I agree. The OL needs to execute better.
  2. I'm of the opinion that the O & D played well -- just not well enough to overcome the occasional mistakes -- e.g. blocked punt, the three or so holding penalties on 73, ther Keystone Kops play on 4th & 1 and (and this is a big and) Josh's inability to hit any of his deep throws. We put up 350 yards on a D that thpically allows less that 300 and we limited their O to about 250 yards. Our execution (particularly on O) needs improvement. As for the empty backfield formation, one of the broadcast commentators said this formation made it easier for Josh to identify potential blitzes. I also note that when we ran it was a power run game rather than a zone run game. My 2 cents
  3. It is an intricate dance. This is why coaches study and classify tendencies by down, distance and location. They then design plays to take advantage of what the opponent is likely to call. For example, n offense might design a pass play so that the routes on one side will work if its cover 4 and the routes on the other side if cover 2. Alternatively the receivers may have read routes so they are reading what their man does and reacting accordingly. But wait, there's more. The DB's are also reading the receivers. This is one reason that defenses usually are built conservatively -- so they won't get beaten deep.
  4. Read somewhere that being hit by a blitzing LB is like being hit by a car doing 5 mph.
  5. First team offense looked sharp today which is good but remember they played Packers' 2d & 3d team stringers
  6. Meh. Nothing to see here. Just a frank discussion over the pros & cons of investing in collateralized debt obligations.
  7. Overall a good writeup. I have a question about the run blocking scheme against Detroit. Was it zone or power. I think power because, as you, say, Devin hit the hole quickly. In a zone scheme the RB takes the hole that develops.
  8. "Why does the national media act as if Brady was never in New England?" Same reason that the messes in Puerto Rico and the southern border must have been cleaned up. It's yesterday's news and the media have moved on.
  9. How about a minor league sports franchise. The Sabres would do nicely.
  10. Shrewd paln. What could possibly go wrong.
  11. Cover 1 Guys analyze Sanders' ability to get open vs Zone or man coverage:
  12. Was he Jeff Kemp? Jeff played QB in the NFL for several teams.
  13. True but not all disguises are created equal. If your disguise is a common one & on tape, Josh will be prepped for it but if its a new disguise or a new D, that will cause Josh to hesitate and that gives the pass rush a better opportunity to get to him. Again see the KC game where they unveiled a new D. That said, I expect that as Josh gets more experience at recognizing D's he'll make faster decisions.
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