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  1. Don't cut off your leg to get tickets. You'll need it to get to the game. Sell a kidney instead -- you've got two. Save the other one for Bill's SB tickets.
  2. He took a wicked lick in the Dolphins game. The LB blind-sided him with a helmet to helmet hit. I'm surprised the refs did not call a penalty.
  3. I have a foolproof system for making a small fortune on sports betting. First, start with a large fortune.
  4. Boy, you had a soft coach. In my day for a bell rung you rubbed some dirt on it & got back in the game -- broken bone, have some smelling salts & get back in. Head torn off -- tape it back on and get back in.
  5. Could be the weather in Miami. That weather is said to have contributed to our first Super Bowl loss against the Giants (Wide Right). WE had to slow the pace of our no huddle offense to avoid exhausting the players.
  6. The offense played "stall" ball; that is, short passes, because Miami was blitzing and Josh was playing behind a make-shift OL for most of the game. He mostly did not have time to wait for deep passing routes to develop. The offensive game play was good but as a result of other factors (mosyly the beastly hot & humid weather) the offense could not get it done.
  7. You have to catch, control, two feet AND a move common to the game. He didn't have the last bit. This is the rule for non-TD catches. Does it apply to TD catches? If so how are those toe drag TD catches with the receiver making the catch while leaning out of bounds ruled catches. There is a catch, control and two feet in but where's the "move common to the game?"
  8. This was a one off game. One cannot draw sound conclusions about the team given all the injuries and heat-related effects.
  9. We guys are lucky you dont live in Warsaw. At the Warsaw Sportspalast no matter where you sit you're behind a Pole.
  10. I agree heartily and applaud this decision. The announcers said that Josh had taken 683 hits in his career. Can that be correct? In a 4 years career that's 171 hits per year or about 10 a game.
  11. Cover 1's film analysis is excellent. The RB here executes what is known as a "look-out" block, as in yelling to the QB "look out!!"
  12. "Brownies" is an old term referring to elf-like creatures who lived in tree trunks. When I was a boy my mother game me a book on Brownies. It was full of illustrations of these elves in elaborate tree trunk houses. It's adoption as a mascot by the then Browns owner followed. The Browns, BTW, were named after their original coach HOFer Paul Brown.
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