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  1. I think he's one of those players that is still ascending. I think there is more there than what we've seen and with good coaching and the right system, he can really be a very good WR. I don't think his tape shows everything that's there yet. We'll see, though. So hard to tell who's going to be good and who's not, especially when we don't know how interviews go, how smart guys are, how fast they pick things up, etc. As fans, we have the games, but there is a lot more to it.
  2. Of the guys we realistically have a shot at where we're picking, Mitchell is the guy I am targeting. The problem is, his workout is maybe going a little too well. We might have to trade up to the late teens to get him. The last thing I want is for us to sit on our hands if there is a guy at 17, 18, 19 that we really like and watch another WR needy team actually do what it takes to get there ahead of us. The Chiefs have already done that to us in the past, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them be aggressive to get the guy they want to again. We have to be active.
  3. Seriously? No way.....it's way too low if anything. I think they should give him $80 million per (fully guaranteed).
  4. When people were brainstorming ideas on how to make the kickoff a safer play years ago (before this XFL kickoff was even a thing), I actually had a very similar idea. I didn't have teams lining up straight across the field from each other like that, but instead had "pods" of players scattered all over the field between the 40s with the same rule that you couldn't go until the ball was caught. This accomplished basically the same thing by eliminating the running start but allowing for more returns. When I saw what the XFL did, I was kind of excited because even though it wasn't my exact idea, it was close enough to see what it would look like. I still like my idea of scattering players at different levels instead of right across from each other from one side of the field to another, but if I can't see my idea in practice, this would be a step in the right direction because I do think you would see a lot more returns than what we do now.
  5. It's all about winning the big games. To this point, he has performed progressively worse the bigger the moments get. Until he wins in the biggest moments, I won't have an ounce of faith that he can. If he leads this team to a Super Bowl win, I will be the first in line for my plate of crow. I just have no reason to believe he will ever overcome his panic in the biggest situations enough to win one. I pray that I am wrong, though.
  6. They are good friends and Kelly beat the brakes off him more often than not. Kelly is one of the main reasons Marino didn't win a Super Bowl. This make complete sense coming from Dan. Kelly would say the complete opposite. He'd have Dan on his list for sure and I think Kelly would even say that, as great as he was, he's not in that top 5 range all time. I mean, he's already said on multiple occasions that Allen is already better than he was and Allen still has a decade (we can hope) of Bills football ahead of him. All that said, it is literally impossible to compare QBs of different eras. It was a totally different game in the 80s and 90s. Not saying it is better or worse, but the game has changed dramatically.
  7. This really is great news for us. Not in a way that we will just go out and spend it, but it may let us not have to restructure a contract or 2 that we really don't want to restructure. Maybe they front office was thinking of reworking Diggs' contract again. Now they maybe don't have to do that. So, yeah.....I don't think this is money that is going to help get us a new player (it could, but I am not expecting that), but it could help prevent another bad contract on the books in a couple years which is pretty valuable.
  8. If you don't think they talked about how this would troll the Bills, you aren't paying attention. They absolutely brought this up when considering signing him. Not necessarily a reason to sign him, but more of an added bonus. And that's fine..... They don't punt against us in the Playoffs anyway so it isn't going to hurt us much. But regardless, you just knew it would be the Chiefs. He should have been signed back to the Bills already and competing in our camp for a job, but you know.....guilty until proven innocent and then even after being cleared, still not good enough to bring him back. Meanwhile, we have a guy making too much money that spent 3/4 of the season shanking punts and holding for a kicker that had his worst year as a pro. But sure....status quo. (And the coach of the worst special teams unit in the league is still employed here as well).
  9. Make no mistake about it.....Knox is a good football player. I just wish we weren't the ones paying him $14 mill a year. He'd be fine as another team's number 1 at that money, but on this team, that money should have been invested in getting better at other positions. Now, maybe it's because this team is littered with offensive talent that can't hold onto the ball in crucial times, but he's always had a drop problem. He'll make the occasional outstanding play, but then drop the easy 3rd down conversion that we really needed in that moment. Unfortunately, he's not the only one on this team that has ben prone to do this in recent years. Cook, who I never saw drop a ball in college, has dropped what.....5 easy TDs? Gabe Davis, who won't probably be on this team going forward, was prone to not coming up with the ball when needed the last couple years anyway. Even Diggs, who has shown to have some of the best hands in the league at times, has recently not come up with catches when needed. You throw Knox's drops that have been there all along, and it just makes that contract tougher to swallow. That's not his fault that these other guys drop the ball as well, but it seems all of our playmakers are prone to come up short when needed the most and when he drops the easy ones sometimes, it is just frustrating. They could have waited on the contract too.....they didn't need to do it when they did. Throw in the fact that they drafted Kincaid (who is a much better and more talented player) who is forcing Knox down the depth chart, and that doesn't help either. I think a combination of all these things play into the frustration with Knox and his contract, but he's still a good player. Just shouldn't be making that money on this team.
  10. Somebody just needs to hire Spags as their coach. They should not be allowed to have probably the best offensive mind and defensive mind in the league every season. Not that I will ever root for injuries (that's the dirt worst when people do that), but the next time they get an injury to a key player at an important time will be the first time. They are very fortunate to stay as healthy as they do. And until a defensive coordinator has the balls to stop playing petrified of Mahomes and figures out how to prevent Kelce from getting wide open at every crucial moment, they will always have that psychological edge. I mean, I know he's great, but you have an entire team to find a way to take 1 guy out of the offense and you can't do it. Nobody seems to be able to and I just don't understand it. Find a way to make someone else beat you and if they do.....hats off to them. But every single game.....every single season..... It's the same story. Teams never try jamming him, they play him one on one, or let him find the openings in a soft zone defense after giving him a free release on almost every play. It's just maddening to watch.
  11. We don't have the cap necessary to do something like that. Yes, the cap isn't real in many cases, but it would be super tough. But you're right......he was absolutely the Chiefs best player tonight and it wasn't particularly close.
  12. Maybe it's because I've watched this movie too many time as a Bills fan, but that is why I am seriously thinking about going for it instead of settling for a FG the possession before. You just know with the way it seems like every NFL team has decided to "defend" the Chiefs in crucial situations; that you are not holding them until at least they are in FG range anyway. So you might as well try for your own TD. That was the FG of death. And why are you not kicking off after winning the toss? All that did was make it easier on the Chiefs knowing that they had all 4 downs to work with no matter what. Makes play calling even easier on them. If I'm a 49ers fan, I am furious with the coaching staff right now for everything that went down late in that game.
  13. You will not convince me otherwise....... If we're healthy, we beat this Chiefs team by 2 scores in the Divisional round. We're a better team and it absolutely sucks that we have to now watch this ball washing that is going to take place because we got key players injured at the worst possible time.....
  14. That felt like I was watching the Bills defense in every critical situation........ Just brutal.
  15. What the heck was that? It's like they actively got out of the way......
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