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  1. Levi Wallace is an average CB. And that's not a bad thing to have when you have Tre on the other side. But there are too many times him and Johnson just get picked on and picked apart. Honestly, even though it has been in limited snaps so far, until he proves otherwise, Dane Jackson has been our best 2nd CB this season. Will it stay that way with more playing time? I don't know. But to this point, he has been real good and I'd be rolling him out there as our #2 CB until he does something to lose the job.
  2. Look.....it's 3rd and forever. Most likely going to have to punt. I just want Josh to chuck it as far as he can and hope for a PI. Picked, fine. Incomplete, fine. Just punt. Hate being so conservative there. Just chuck it. Who cares....
  3. If Beane would have just listened to virtually every fan and media member that follows the team and knows what they are talking about, Murphy would have been cut prior to the season and we'd have the extra cap space we need for flexibility at times like this. But no.....we keep him and he ends up not only being a healthy scratch for games this season, but an anchor on things we ant to get done at the deadline.
  4. We'll take the win, but man......this team is in desperate need of a dominant 1-tech DT. That 1 piece alone would make the entire defense better. Beane has a couple days to make it happen. Really hope he is able to find a beast up front.
  5. The O-Line The RBs Allen Oliver Hughes Basically everyone but Klein and Davis. On a side note, this team desperately needs 1 dominant 1-tech DT...... It would literally make everyone on defense better. Go get one, Beane.....
  6. Really need to let Allen run it a bit. Have to give the D something else to think about and then try to hit some passes in the intermediate areas.
  7. I get the edge rush need, but what this team really needs right now is someone that consistently hold the point of attach at the 1-tech. We need a big hoss inside that can line up next to Oliver and demand a double team on most every play, be an anchor, not get blown off the ball and let those around him eat. Star was good at this, but I'd like someone even better if possible. You put a huge nasty guy inside and watch what happens to the production from Hughes (who is having a good season if you turn on the tape), Addison, Oliver, and even Edmunds. One beast inside affects so much around him if you can find that guy.
  8. Huge spread. The Chiefs will have that covered by halftime.
  9. Outside of the TD count, his stats today were virtually identical to the game he had in Week 1 vs the Jets. He wasn't great today, but was solid. He was a solid B at worst today.
  10. Allen couldn't get it in the endzone, but he was pretty good overall today. I think he learned a bit as well. He was much more patient, especially as the game went along, took shorter throws and moved the chains consistently. He builds on that, finding a way to get TDs at the end of drives, and he will be tough to stop. If he can find some consistency in beating zone, as well as man......we're good. Solid outing for Allen overall, though. The defense finally woke up in the 2nd half. Hopefully the can keep it going moving forward. This effort doesn't beat the Pats*, Seahawks or Cardinals over the next few weeks, but if they can find a way to get a couple TDs mixed in there, we should be OK.
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