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  1. I have only watched a couple of games on him to this point. Now that he's a Bill, I'll watch more. But from what I've seen to this point in my evaluation is that him not going until the 5th round was not a product of dropping balls, not being fast enough, or not being tough enough, etc. His issue is in his hips and the fact that he seems to be wound real tight which is not uncommon for guys that look like him. The things he struggles with the most are working in short areas and not being able to get out of his breaks quick enough. With his height, coupled with the fact that he is a bit stiffer in the hips, makes it so he can't (at least to this point) snap off his routes and he has a tendency to round them off. So, what separation he does create at the top of his routes gets eaten up by CBs sometimes because they have that extra half second or so to recover when he comes out of his breaks because he needs an extra step or 2 that the elite ones don't need to take. This shows up in his 3 cone and short shuttle results from his workout as well. Now, can this be fixed? Sure....to some extent. You can't change his height, but you can can work on flexibility and, in turn, help improve route running at the same time. Getting him in the building and having NFL trainers that are paid to work with players on this kind of stuff specifically can help maybe loosen him up a bit. Couple that with NFL coaches that will be coaching him up on every little detail of every route should help as well. Many times in college, while there are coaches there to help, they don't focus on every single detail and these physical freak athletes can just get by with their God-given ability. In the NFL, every detail matters and they will drill him on it relentlessly. By all accounts, the kid is an extremely hard worker. I mean, let's face it, you don't get to look like that if your not a hard worker and extremely motivated and disciplined. The staff will push him for sure and work to correct these issues. Make no mistake about it, though....this isn't the easiest thing to fix for a lot of reasons. But, it can be done. DK had similar issues when coming out. It was one of the reasons he dropped. But he was much faster than Shorter and therefore he didn't drop as far. But his route running in the NFL has improved over time. It's not perfect and he still gets by on physical talent, but he's much better than where he was coming out. There's reason for optimism. But it isn't going to be easy for him. We'll see what happens. Can't wait to get more into more tape this week.
  2. I haven't watched too many games on him yet, but from what I saw in the couple I did watch, and from gathering other opinions as well, it seems as though there were a lot of plays left on the field for this guy because of bad QB play or a breakdown in other areas at times. Will have to watch more, but those are some impressions I have already taken away. Can't wait to do a little more work on him.
  3. Again.....only Edmunds different in the LB corps. Same d line coming back with the younger guys having another year of experience and a couple of them playing in contract years which should lead to them providing their max effort. I don't see any difference from what we have had on the field the last couple years except for Edmunds.
  4. Outside of losing Edmunds, I'm not sure how you think the defense will be any worse than last year. In fact, with Tre coming back at 100% (hopefully), Elam taking the next step after closing the year strong, Hyde coming back, Poyer no longer being held together by duct tape, and Von getting back early in the season, it sounds to me like the defense shouldn't see much of a drop off in talent. If they can figure out MLB, they could even be better with guys coming back healthy. Throw in the fact with Frazier gone that we should hopefully see less soft coverage and more of an aggressive style of defense, I don't think the defense will be a disaster at all. The fact is, defense doesn't matter as much in this league as it used to. Look at the Super Bowl. The Eagles set records for sacks and had one of the statistically best defenses in the league last year and they got boat raced in the Super Bowl and never even touched Mahomes. Offenses are getting too good and if you want to win big in this league, you have to outscore people. No matter how good your defense is, in the big games, you will have to probably put up 30-35 points to have a chance at winning no matter how good your defense is. It's just super hard to play defense against the best teams in the league. Yes, you can win a lot of games in this league with a good defense because there aren't a ton of explosive offenses yet, but the league is heading that way and you can see it. But just because you can stop average offenses, doesn't mean much when you go up against the elite ones.
  5. Dan Fetes @danfetes · 9m “I could play tomorrow I’ve been working so hard.” - Justin Shorter
  6. Jonah Bronstein @lebronstein · 5m #Bills 5th-round draft pick Justin Shorter was the No. 1-rated WR in the 2018 recruiting class, ahead of Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jaylen Waddle & Ja’Marr Chase There's obviously talent there but he hasn't lived up to expectations for whatever reason. Up to the Bills to pull it out of him.
  7. Jonah Bronstein @lebronstein · 5m #Bills 5th-round draft pick Justin Shorter was the No. 1-rated WR in the 2018 recruiting class, ahead of Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jaylen Waddle & Ja’Marr Chase There's obviously talent there but he hasn't lived up to expectations for whatever reason. Up to the Bills to pull it out of him.
  8. This seems like the Terrel Bernard all over again. Basically the same player. Not sure about this one.
  9. He hasn't allowed a sack in his entire college career...... Obviously it hasn't been that easy to just "run or stunt around him". He's going to get beat in the pros. Even the best lineman do. But don't pretend he's just getting beat like a drum regularly.
  10. Cody Ford had slow and terrible feet. Should have never been drafted. This guy is miles better on tape.
  11. The front office was obviously just as annoyed as we were watching defenders fly by Saffold and Bates in 2-3 steps and making them look like turnstiles consistently last season. They are finally investing in the O-Line with young and hungry players instead of aging discounted vets that are passed their prime. A little worried about his size limiting his movement, but our strength and conditioning staff should be able to help him there. Excited to have a huge mauler on the line again, though.
  12. Protect Allen at all costs......
  13. Got a guy we were talking about at 27
  14. There are going to be a few good players at our pick. May consider a trade down if the right offer is there.
  15. Ugghh....the Dolphins got a good one there.
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