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  1. It's a passing league. You pass to score points. I have no problem with them passing the ball a lot and trying to win that way. It's time for the Buffalo Bills to step out of the dark ages and try and compete in a league that is passing them by......literally. Now, does that mean they are using all these throws correctly? NO!!!! Most every pass is being designed for WRs to hook up, square in or square out to the sidelines, and come back to the ball. They are hardly running enough plays that are designed to get run after the catch which is how a lot of offenses put up big passing numbers. Now, I don't know if this is because they have determined Allen can't throw slants, crossers, etc. effectively enough on a regular basis or if this is just the general scheme of our offense in general. But whatever. We have a long way to go on offense whichever way you want to put it. But, I have absolutely no problem with trying to light up the scoreboard throwing the ball all over the place. We've had 20 years of ground and pound and it has gotten us nothing. But, with the offense the way it is designed, and the lack of overall talent on the offensive side of the ball outside a few guys, I'm not sure our version of this passing offense will work. But, I have no problems with them trying to build an offense around the passing game in general.
  2. What a wild game...... Fun stuff. And look, no huddling to waste 30 seconds off the clock to settle for a 53+ yard FG on grass.
  3. Not true. I see him throwing ahead of the receives every time he throws a deep ball...... /Ducks
  4. Nick Filipowski @NEWS4_NICKĀ·2m Devin Singletary hasn't touched the ball since the 12:52 mark of the 2nd quarter -- on an 8 yard gain. Makes a lot of sense.....
  5. Man....the Browns getting that false start may have cost us 3 points.
  6. Man....I wish that terrible game that Josh Allen had against the Pats* never happened. Ever since that game, he has hardly pushed the ball down the field and has been scared into taking no chances at all. The play calling got substantially more conservative as well. You can trace a lot back to that game and it pisses me off that because of 1 bad game, everything since has been so conservative.
  7. This coaching staff making their best case today that they are definitely not it........ This game would be long over with competent coaching.
  8. As bad as our run defense has been in the game, the coaching staff has been 10x worse.
  9. This coaching staff sure has their share of awful moments. Where is the guy in the booth that is supposed to tell McDermott to challenge that spot. We can see it clearly after 1 replay but yet they can't after 3 minutes? And then to not sneak it needing a foot? What the heck are they doing?
  10. Knox was on top of that guy and rolled to the first down. Bills should challenge.
  11. This defense is built to stop the pass. Most weeks in the NFL, you can get away with that in a passing league. But, when you run into teams with big, powerful strong running backs with a team that loves running the ball, your personnel becomes physically over-matched. This is exactly what is happening right now. We need to have some guys start to win their 1 on 1 battles because they are getting beaten across the board,
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