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  1. 4k from Allen, with this defense, could mean a Super Bowl Run.....
  2. I agree with his thoughts for the most part. I may keep an additional lineman instead of the extra DB, but I think this is as good a projection as any out there right now. Also, DiMarco is not a must-keep for me either, so I may look to keep someone different there. The biggest thing I take away from here is that for the first time in YEARS......we are going to have to cut some decent players. While we still have some positions that we can strengthen for sure, the depth on this team is better than I can remember in a very long time. It's nice to actually have a couple of tough decisions to make for a change. So ready for this season.
  3. I'll wait until the pads go on and see these guys actually hit each other and try to beat each other in a legitimate setting before writing anyone other than Morse in stone at this point.
  4. Rodak has a couple pictures on Twitter.... https://twitter.com/mikerodak/status/1139208194838990849
  5. RIP, Pancho...... Our Bills family will miss you, but will carry on and do you proud. This season is for you..... Viva Los Bills!!!!!!
  6. I've seen these stats several times now and it still blows me away how crazy that number is. Freakish......
  7. There's a reason those slant passes were not in the playbook very much, especially early in the season. The short, timing throws are the ones he has always struggled with the most in college. The thing is, when you have a bunch of speed WRs on the field that get off-coverage more times than not, these are throws that are necessary for him to hit 8 times out of 10. They are easy completions that are out there for the taking. Now, Allen had a few things working against him, especially early in the season. He was splitting reps with 2 other guys all camp, rarely working with the ones at all. So, it's hard to get those timing throws down with guys you don't get a chance to work with. It also doesn't help that there were WRs on this team, in featured positions at times, that were not good enough to be on an NFL field. Couple this with him focusing so much on his mechanics last off-season and the chance to improve going into the year was really diminished. HOWEVER........ Year 2? No excuses. My guess is that he has been working very hard on these kinds of throws all off-season. The coaches gave him a list of what they wanted him to work on and I can pretty much guarantee that his footwork, mechanics, and touch on these short, timing throws were at the top of the list. I expect him to be very much improved this season on these throws. Coupled with the work he his doing this off-season, being the unquestioned starter and working with the ones every day in camp on every route should allow him to improve on these throws heading into the season. We all knew he had a long way to go to be a great QB in this league when he was drafted. We knew it was probably going to be 2-3 years before we were able to see what he actually is. It's the reason why many, myself included, would have rather had Mayfield or Darnold coming out. It wasn't because of Allen's potential or talent. In fact, every time I said I didn't want us to draft him, I always made sure to say that i truly believed he had the potential to be the best QB in the draft class eventually. And that does remain true, but he still have a ways to go. However, Allen showed enough of a work ethic last season, and the desire to be better each week that with time, we are encouraged he will get to where we need him to be. If nothing else, he has a lot more talent around him this year thank last season. If he puts in the work, he should see the results, especially improving on these slants and other short, timing routes. We as fans are really excited about this year, as I think we should be. This team is talented enough now to compete with every team in the NFL. Not saying we are among the best, but we should never be truly outclassed by anyone on our schedule. If Allen is good, I'm not sure we should put a limit on where this team can go. If he's not.....well, let's hope we're not having that discussion this time next year.
  8. Hey, I wanted the Bills to draft a WR as much as everyone else, but they must really like what they have in the room. Foster showed a lot in the 2nd half of the season and has been there the entire off-season working out. They know where he is at. Duke Williams is another guy we as fans don't know much about as to where he is. They have seen him pretty much every day since they picked him up as well. If they are confident that 1 of them has a shot at being an "X", I understand why they didn't draft one. Also, next year's WR group has the chance to be really good as well. We can run with what we have this year and see where things are at. If we still need "that guy" next year, there should be a way to get one. But they obviously really like what is in the room and they know where guys are at physically and mentally at this point. I'll defer to them for now until we actually get to see these guys for ourselves..
  9. NFL Draft Diamonds‏ @DraftDiamonds 8s9 seconds ago Bills take VOSEAN JOSEPH
  10. I take it all back..... I am more than fine spending both 4th rounders on this guy! With friends like these, you can't go wrong! Let's go!!!!!!
  11. My biggest issue with this pick is not the player. He could turn out to be awesome. My only concern is giving up 2 4th round picks to get him. But, it looks like Beane is starting to feel like our roster is getting very close to where he wants it to be and that the chances of these lower round guys making the team is slim. If that's the case, then this makes giving up the 2 4th rounders a bit easier to swallow.
  12. I guess I just rather not draft a project with 2 4th round picks, that's all. He may turn out to be great. He has good measurables and I do think he was a bit misused. But 2 4th rounders is a lot to give up on a guy with his level of production.
  13. Not saying I do. What I am saying is that what he did instead isn't a great idea value-wise. A RB in the 3rd round I think is a fundamentally bad move. Trading 2 4th round picks for a project TE that was a backup QB and that has never scored a TD just doesn't seem like a great idea. Forget the players I mentioned. They don't matter. It's more on the fundamental decisions they made than anything else.
  14. Bills could have had both Hakeem Butler and Jace Sternberger. Before the day started I never thought that was possible because both wouldn't be there when they had their picks. They were both there 3 times and the Bills didn't draft any of them. Not a fan of what we did in the 3rd round at all. On top of all that, we are out of the 4th round to do this.
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