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  1. I haven’t seen Scott for a bit and yours he's overly negative but he took way too much criticism and has been right pretty often.
  2. One year closer to retirement 😢
  3. Too slow to even show up for practice
  4. Excuse me but Duke Williams?!!??!
  5. You’re screwed . But you could take up the local Kabaddi, badminton or sepak takraw teams perhaps.
  6. Geez he’s already older than Tremaine Edmunds?!?!?
  7. Geez once again McDermott prioritizing special teams over everything 🙄
  8. Maybe they are just adding and not subtracting?
  9. This is the problem with mid QB’s like Tua. You still have to pay them enormous top 5 money even though they stink because that’s how it works Until a GM has the balls to simply step away from a mid QB and try again this cycle will continue We are all hoping Grier continues the cycle and overpays for Tua
  10. I have no idea the rules in Missouri im Canadian lol
  11. Such quality people over there in KC
  12. I disagree. We had zero pass rush last year and we did almost nothing to improve it. Douglas was our best corner once he arrived and Benford is solid. We lack depth but to me DE is a much more concerning question mark.
  13. Yes if it’s financially feasible. DE is our weakest position on the team as it stands. Von looked like a shell of himself and Roussea or anyone else hasn’t stepped up in the pass rush department. If it makes sense I think Beane will do it
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