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  1. I dont see the big deal. Hes cleaned up. Hes an inspiration for those struggling with addiction
  2. I guess Broncos fans arent too bright .
  3. Very good chance we sign him to the PS . Are the Pats really going to sign him to their active roster? Doubtful
  4. Changes nothing. They will still suck
  5. Come on. Being a Bills fan without question its Bruce. If any y'all choose White you can go cheer for the Patriots
  6. Bills FO has made it a priority to fix and build the line. We have the cap space to make a deal. It's not totally out of the question that it can't happen
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/JasonLaCanfora/status/1136311148775653376 Jason La Canfora ✔@JasonLaCanfora Trent Williams issues with Skins are not financial at all according to numerous sources with knowledge of the situation. He's told teammates he has demanded a trade or his release from the club due to their handling of his recent medical situation. Has vowed not to play for them 506 12:37 PM - Jun 5, 2019 https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-the-redskins-would-be-wise-to-come-to-terms-with-lt-trent-williams Excellent numbers from PFF ranked #3 over the past 3 years. Josh blind side would be rock solid
  8. I wish Tasker was still calling our games. Id sign the guy just to listen to Tasker butcher his name
  9. I also look for 6 '5 250 pound hairy women to be my wife someday too!
  10. More like replacing the facial tissue in the bathroom id guess.
  11. Appears to have at least 4 possible high end WR and high end DE. Two positions we are likely looking at come draft time
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