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  1. Nah. I think Jeudy's floor is Diggs. Jeudy celing is Reggie Wayne
  2. Jeudy, Lamb and possibly Ruggs are the only possibilites for me. No guarantee though
  3. If they are smart they go OL. But this is the Jets we are talking about
  4. Matt Miller thinks the Jets are going to target Lamb.
  5. Diggs is also 26. Hes about at his peak. I say we trade him now at peak value.
  6. Gee thanks This is how my afternoon walk went after I read this.
  7. I guess the offensive philosophy? Albeit to me it really only changed last year when they went to a run first offence. Hes had 84, 112, 95, 149, 94 targets the last 5 years. Anyone know the timeline as to when he became upset?
  8. Did Matt Milano actually vote himself 5 times in this poll?!?!?!?
  9. Had he chosen Mack instead he might still have a job here. Trading up wasn't the poor decision, the poor decision was taking Sammy
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