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  1. He was absolutely horrendous the last time he played and can't throw the ball more than 15 yards downfield. Add in the distraction and diva factor and I doubt he gets signed
  2. My ex wife said that to me once. I don’t think we had the same idea when she said it.
  3. Time to offer him 10 million before someone else gets him
  4. Like I’ve been saying for 3 years. Oliver sucks
  5. Can we get an elite 3 down type for once? it’s painful watching small scat back types or slow jags Get a complete bell cow please
  6. Better player and cheaper contract too Beane fumbled the bag again!!! Lol
  7. Enjoy being 4th in the Division next year Juju. Make a TikTok about that The Patriots are irrelevant
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