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  1. Bring him in. Then see if he gets the itch to come back and play come playoff time and only wants to play for the Bills!
  2. AJ Dillon in round 5. 6 feet 250 and runs dudes over.
  3. Shenault my guess doesn't run well in the 40. He bullied some DB's in a weaker conference. Both Higgins and Jefferson are better at creating separation imo and I think are going to be better at the NFL level
  4. I'd rather have Juann Jennings Ten in round 3 then take Shenault in round 1. Shenault is so overrated. I think he runs slow at the combine too
  5. Pass on Shenault. There are better WR in this draft that could be available when we pick. Higgins and Jefferson are two of them
  6. For those that enjoy the PFF ratings . Josh Allen Passing - 61.9 Rushing - 65.8 Overall - 64.2 Cole Beasley Recieving - 73.8 Overall - 73.6 John Brown Rushing - 50.9 Receiving - 75.9 Overall - 75.8 Isaiah McKenzie Rushing - 73.7 Receiving - 66.0 Overall - 68.8 Duke Williams Receiving 64.8 Overall - 65.3 D Singletary Rushing - 74.9 Recieving - 47.7 Overall - 66.0 Dawson Knox Recieving - 55.3 Rushing - 62.8 Overall - 60.0 Dion Dawkins Pass pro - 76.4 Run block - 64.0 Overall - 73.3 Q Spain Pass pro - 70.4 Run block - 45.8 Overall - 55.4 M Morse Pass pro - 71.1 Run block - 62.6 Overall - 66.4 J Feliciano Pass pro - 66.6 Run block - 63.2 Overall - 64.1 C Ford Pass pro - 57.7 Run block - 49.4 Overall - 52.4 T Neskhe Pass pro - 71.1 Run block - 69.1 Overall - 67.3 Some thoughts - Beasley and Smoke were solid - Singletary was terrific running the ball and needs to work on the recieving game - Knox was average. He was pretty decent when it was a TE run which reflects his numbers there - Dawkins is a solid LT. - Spains numbers reflect the eye test with me. I thought he was poor all year long and the numbers agree - Cody Ford is a work in progress. Probably should be moved inside - Feliciano and Morse are solid - Neskhe had great numbers and deserves to be the full time RT next season
  7. I love that we have scouted Dobbins multiple times. He's my favorite RB in this draft ANY chance this will get updated again ?
  8. There is a chance Houston let's Carlos Hyde walk in FA. He would be a decent option for a power back.
  9. Who's the dink that voted QB?
  10. Good break down man. I'd love to see Spain signed, Long cut and Ford to the bench as a backup G. Spend some $$$ and get a real RT or draft one high and move Neskhe as the swing T.
  11. Also Matt Barkley is going to be in at QB. That should REALLY throw them off!
  12. Call it whatever you want but to me the offence is vanilla and predictable . If Daboll has an outstanding game on Saturday I'll forgive him because he saved his best plays . But I'm not holding my breath
  13. http://dfl.buzzsprout.com/689434/2380646-season-1-episode-12-a-way-too-early-2020-rookie-mock
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