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  1. Looking forward to the camp updates so I can....
  2. Diggs Mercedes shows up at camp and all hell breaks loose.
  3. Honestly if I was an owner I wouldn't take Watson for free. I dont want people like him in my organization especially at the QB position representing my franchise.
  4. The Texans are better off telling Watson to stay home until there js more clarity on his legal matters. Once that is settled teams might be more willing to pay a premium to acquire him. I'm pretty skeptical that a team and an owner would move 3 firsts given the current state.
  5. I'm confident he will lead the Bills in all offensive categories.
  6. They will have cap space once they trade or release Ertz to Buffalo.
  7. I suppose that's true if the Cardinals plan on playing the local retiree football team located there.
  8. Good thing JJ Watt chose Arizona. Real contenders there.
  9. I dont feel well unless there is at least one thread on the first page with speculation about adding X player. Feels good man
  10. Does he mention anything about going to Josh' birthday party or anything?
  11. K what's going on with the posts on the first page? Let's just whip it out and get it over with boys.
  12. How is Lee Smith not on this list? That's despicable. Also anyone that votes Bojo automatically gets banned I've been told.
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