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  1. I didn't see Dane Jackson get hurt today. 🤔
  2. I honestly thought I was going to click and see the green "fairy"
  3. Ragland was before Bean so thats moot. Oliver was drafted as a 3 tech and we need a 1 tech. I think we all underestimated the value of Star whom we criticized. Regardless he could be upgraded as well.
  4. Two key off season acquisitions we need via draft, trade or free agency. A run stopping DT and a MLB who actually plays the run.
  5. Could have had Dobbins and his 4.32. Instead we took a skinny DE
  6. How the heck did we not get in on this? I'd easily have parted with a 2nd
  7. Finally back to running the ball. We need to control the clock. Wear down the D and keep Pat on the sidelines. Run the ball and the pass will open up.
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