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  1. DJB

    OT Jonah Williams in the first

    I juat think the Bills are going to invest their free agency money on more proven line players than drafting a tackle or guard high in the draft. If a WR is worthwhile at #9 hopefully Beane takes him. But with everything Beane has said about taking BPA i dont think we go WR round 1 any more. Round 2 seems like the sweet spot for a WR That dude can ball. He looks like a first round talent though so unless hes there at pick 2 i doubt and hope we dont tske a RB in round 1
  2. DJB

    OT Jonah Williams in the first

    Ferrell showed why J Williams is not a top 10 pick. Hes just not that athletic
  3. DJB

    Lorenzo is back

    Excellent! Beane best free agent signing this year ! Lol
  4. DJB

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Im pretty excited about this hiring honestly. Too many times 65+ old dudes with one foot in the grave and one on the banana peel tend to be coaches. Looking forward to his high energy
  5. Awesome work! This thread deserves to be pinned !
  6. DJB

    What's the most trouble you got in as a kid?

    If I said the word "Dolphin " or Jets" I got the belt Let me tell how how much my backside hurt after going to Animal Kingdom and the Air Force museums.
  7. DJB

    Antonio Brown to the Bills?

    We have a giant Antonio Brown thread going? Why not put it there? Its also entirely speculative by the writer. No meat and potatoes or anything of substance
  8. Dude has bricks for hands
  9. I prefer Josh Jacobs Alabama. Electric with the ball, runs with angry power, soft mitts and easily catches balls coming out of the backfield. Best part? Daboll would know lots about him and it appears our offence is mostly suited for a power running game. Jacobs fits that perfectly
  10. EVERTHING IS BRANDON AND WHALEY'S FAULT ! !!!!!!! I blame those two for all our Super Bowl losses too! I wish we had Reich here.
  11. DJB

    Kingsbury finalizing AZ HC deal

    Good luck!
  12. DJB

    Pre-Combine Receiver Rankings

    Stopped reading when i saw DK at 12
  13. Class coming from Pig Ben fans in Pittsburgh? Ya colour me as surprised
  14. http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/d'haquille-williams?id=2555210 Pretty sure that's his combine. Sorry if already posted