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  1. This board is absolutely insufferable after a loss.
  2. Brian Dabollas the healthy scratch! Oh wait do we like him again ?
  3. Don't we always control our own destiny? Nobody is helping us go to the playoffs if we go 0-16 right?
  4. Fire Daboll! Fire Daboll! (Just in case) lol
  5. Play calling started great until two minutes left in the first quarter. It was creative and a lot of moving parts. For the love of God can we stop ramming Gore up the middle? Why not fake thr hand off and roll out Allen ? Or how about fake hand off and quick throw to the TE? I cant believe how bad play calling still is
  6. Oliver's natural position looks like QB to me. Then we no longer have to suffer watching Oliver get stuffed at the line or that horrible Josh Allen guy!
  7. Im gonna guess the poster said "See Eagles game"
  8. Yeah we scored but how did McDERMOTT not challenge that John Brown hold? Ridiculous
  9. How can you call that play so deep in your own zone. Dumb
  10. Good. Because Haskins has looked terrible . Time for Ed O to eat up some sacks!
  11. Isn't that guy Duke? Hes looked good so far. Im definitely comfortable with Foster as our #4. So i dont see the point to acquire a guy as depth since we have Foster. If we are indeed looking for a WR then it must be a guy that can be our Alpha dog
  12. I agree we need another WR but not Anderson. We need more of an Alpha not a situational deep threat guy
  13. My point exactly. Anderson is so overrated and limited as basically a deep threat guy. We have one of our own and we don't even use him. Thanks for fuethering my point!
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