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  1. Thank you for the info!!!
  2. My fault guys. I washed my underwear after not changing them for 4 straight weeks. Never changing my underwear again
  3. I only noticed him when he jumped offside. (That was a marginal call anyways since the ball wasn't snapped)
  4. I've heard of him! Did he previously play for Carolina though? 🤔
  5. Not completely sold on Knox as I want to see more. I've been a big hater of his but he's played awesome the last couple of weeks.
  6. Remember all those Dolphins fans talking smack about winning the division? 🤔😂
  7. Bojo's weekly game results 1. Bomb a 65 yard punt 2. Mess up the hold and K misses FG 3. Shank a 15 yard punt. Repeat process.
  8. And you were just referring Mahomes brother and mother here right?
  9. I was going to take Zona + 2.5 but now I'm going with Cleveland to cover. Nobody to call plays and bad weather = good for Cleveland
  10. I'm going to wait and see what a more credible source like PFF has to say about this
  11. Just wait until he adds man strength. Goodnight o lineman
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