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  1. Why are we abandoning the run?!?!?! and please if you want to pass use a RB screen to slow down the pass rush
  2. Elam has been banned onto the naughty McDermott list . Doubtful he plays
  3. I’ve talked Nabers up relentlessly but the one guy in that round 1 range I wanted to do with is Coleman. Hes the one guy that I will be super disappointed in if we draft. He has hands like Gabe Davis
  4. DJB

    NFL fines

    I‘m new here and this is the first I’m hearing about this .
  5. Hes been carried by the rest of the line and specifically Torrence. Hes also had help from chips by the RB, and TE’s. We need an upgrade
  6. He always looks like he’s out for a brisk jog when he has the ball. No passion, no anger no heart. But I guess that’s why Pacheco is my favourite RB
  7. Excuse me but the old thread should have been bumped
  8. WR is a massive need. Good chance or hopefully Davis isn’t back, we don’t have a clear #3 either and Diggs is old. If Diggs goes down so does our season. Thats not good enough. WR is a massive need and thankfully it’s a great WR draft.
  9. Outside of Marvin the clear best WR is Nabers and it’s not particularly close for me
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