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  1. Im glad I'm not the only one. I love Fromm, Id have taken him over Murray this year and Tua is insanely overrated
  2. And next year's birthday gift is a trip to the nursing home!
  3. https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl/players/lee-smith/6311 L Smith was PFF # 4 overall TE last year. Lol
  4. I watched the video again, at the very beginning Beane says something along the lines of "Unless something changes with the Giants we are likely picking at 9 " Anyone else hear something similar?
  5. Dont worry Flacco, Lock won't want to mentor you either after a few games of you playing like crap.
  6. I agree with this. Anything top 15 should be considered a massive improvement and win. Ill be dissapointed if we are 20th or worse
  7. I keep seeing Clowney mentioned to improve pass rush but from my understanding he was the #1 DE run stopping but not an elite pass rusher. Frank Clark to me was the better pass rusher and Beane didnt pony up to trade for him, I doubt he trades for Clowney who to me would cost more in a trade because of age.
  8. I know many have alluded to how Beane reacted when Hockenson was picked giving us Oliver believing that his reaction meant we had no interest in him, but the amount of players and money Beane has invested in the TE position tells me that unless they are quite incompetent, Hockenson was high on their board. It just so happens that Oliver was higher that's all.
  9. My long range prediction of this thread is that it goes down in flames.
  10. I think it has to do with they aren't satisfied with who we have as far as starters and depth
  11. He was slow and a terrible pass catching TE a few years ago, I'm sure hes only slower now lol Guessing hes in competition with Fisher for that pure blocking TE.
  12. Excellent story. Hard to not cheer for the kid
  13. Ive heard of him. Bring him in!!!
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