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  1. DJB

    Clay Matthews signs with Rams

    Seemed destined from the beginning. Just glad he didn't go to the Cheatriots
  2. Reading comprehension not my thing lol
  3. Prwtty sure White signed with the Cards
  4. Off season is our Super Bowl!
  5. I never said it was a WNY only problem. But that's the problem with society these days where telling people to kill themselves is the problem of the person being bullied.
  6. DJB

    What about Jay Ajayi?

    We have Ivory who basically the same player granted Ajayi is younger. Hes a two down banger who does little in the passing game. We are paying Shady to carry the load and Gore too. Your 3rd RB should be cheap not expensive to sit on the bench. Makes no sense. If we didnt have Shady then ya i wouldn't mind him but given our situation giving big money for a depth RB is silly
  7. I dont mind the lighthearted jabs at either guy. But telling people to go kill themselves? That's just way over the line and unnecessary
  8. Yeah im a big Donkey Kong fan too!!!!
  9. But we didn't and that's my point. The rest of the roster around Mario was barren so signing him was a waste
  10. DJB

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    Anyone know the actual date he is in town?
  11. DJB

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    Im glad we are doing are due diligence on him
  12. Same. But i actually do think they pass on QB and simply tank for a QB next year