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  1. Before anyone asks....yes the Patriots do indeed get a comp pick because of this
  2. Bradberry was likely never an option the monent we went CB round 1 But im glad he went to the NFC.
  3. I mean he has played for every NFL team. Maybe he is just tired
  4. Would love nothing more than to see the Dolphins and the Patriots finish 3rd and 4th in the division
  5. Anyone know the best site to buy tickets to the Jets away game Nov 6th?
  6. First person to get when the Bills.vs Jets on the road ill show pics of @Augie toupe and give you the black object that was tossed at Brady last year.
  7. It looks like that ball was thrown 3 times and they pieced all 3 throws together. Amazing what they can do with film these days
  8. I've always wanted to know what the search is for this one?
  9. Oh we will lol. Shes always game for that sort of thing no matter the rules
  10. All i need to know is when the Bills are playing the Jets at Metlife. GF is a huge Jets fan and she wants to go to that game
  11. Were there 19 disciples is that why the Punt God took that number? 🤔
  12. How has he not been inducted into the Bills Wall of fame yet?
  13. This guy was my favorite
  14. If we dont score 40+ McBeane needs to be fired. Im doing this correctly right folks?
  15. Has Beane spoken about this kid yet? And any mention about concerns with holding or anything?
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