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  1. Hahaha remember people saying Lamar is a good QB? Hes trash and still only a running back
  2. And Epenesa and Ford? Because none of those guys were BPA
  3. The only position we dont need is QB. Take the best player available period.
  4. Wait a minute funny guy...are you trying to say that this oline opens up holes?!?!
  5. I dont think you could pay me to click on that link House. I'm leary of guys dressed in green Robin hood outfits
  6. Amazing turnaround in his game. I was a naysayer and thought he needed to be replaced with those brick hands. Love him now
  7. Between him and McDermott it would be clapping all the time lol
  8. Star will be back when the cow jumps over the moon.
  9. Anyone know if he can play guard?
  10. He also has legs which isn't really a requirement to play RB in Buffalo.
  11. This board needs free antidepressants the moment you log in
  12. You mean a diet coke, a Joe Louis and a pack of smokes before the game is NOT the answer? 🧐
  13. Is that the ref thats always invited to Tom Brady's family get together's? Or is that someone else?
  14. There should also be a space between Alpha and you misspelled Dog. Perhaps you are now simply banned? 😉
  15. If we play with no pants will that make some of you happy? 🤔
  16. Jauron is the greatest coach in Bills history
  17. Actually technically there are no spelling errors, but a grammatical error. So leave House alone!!! GIF by gochirp
  18. Did you just say you were in the Jets tent?
  19. This is why I come to TBD for this type of in depth analysis
  20. Well if this helps you sleep at night I like you and @Sherlock Holmesloves you. 😉
  21. I've said it before the season started and I'll say it again. Sam Darnold is going to be a Buffalo Bill.
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