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  1. Maybe now the league will take what happened against the Bills seriously. He was concussed against us and now again
  2. I told this to my ex wife after she was sick for a week and she knew what was coming next 😉 Didnt go so well
  3. Well at least we know that you aren’t Gisele posting here with comments like that
  4. If he has a pulse he instantly becomes a starting corner lol
  5. Somehow I need to get Tremaine Edmunds in here as well and really see some explosive stuff
  6. If the line was Baltimore favoured betters would smash money down on the Bills This is the only way
  7. Im not quite 100% sure of the policies, but I imagine the physicians must make a report for assessment. Cognitive function, sensitivity to light and sound, fine motor skills, pupil reactions etc (if they are specifically assessing for a concussion). But everything coming out of Miami is that he was being checked for a back injury even though I believe that Tua failed some on the field https://www.nfl.com/_amp/concussion-protocol-return-to-participation-protocol That’s info on the concussion protocol; This part is key; When a player receives an impact to the head, the player goes into the Concussion Protocol if: the player exhibits or reports symptoms or signs suggestive of a concussion or stinger (a nerve pinch injury); or, So a few points here ; 1. Tua did hit his head is step one to be considered 2. Tua showed signs of a concussion on field with the unsteady gait. 3. Even if the Dolphins are claiming it was a back injury, the fact he wobbled and dropped to a knee can be back or neck related but is usually associated with nerve pain (I.e Stinger etc). So even the back injury that they are going with is still supposed to automatically put Tua in concussion protocol. The NFL independent physicians failed miserably here.
  8. I’m a paramedic and my sister is an emergency physician. We both agree that he was concussed on the play 100%.
  9. Yeah but how much beer did you have? I saw Josh shotgun a few and was totally fine
  10. RB still suck. Get a damn BELL cow please! 3 headed monster of crap doesn’t work
  11. Concussion protocol does not apply to the Dolphins lol
  12. I think OP is right Bills should go straight to amputation right away
  13. I think he’s playing corner today as well so we should be fine
  14. I was gone for a few minutes. What did I miss?!!!??
  15. Still waiting on renderings if it’s grass or turf. Stay tuned
  16. You have to wait until tomorrow like the rest of us to once the renderings come out
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