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  1. Good for you. I hope he feels the same towards you. Sorry but that was perfect phrasing on your part.😁
  2. You don't do dat. Your just some dumb English pig. Go to the box and feel shame for 2 minutes then the mods set you free.
  3. Point being those things happened outside the facility. Why do you think the Texans handed Watson a stack of NDA's and told him to get his private massages somewhere else?
  4. I would have to guess that anything that happens within the team facility then the team could also be held accountable for his actions. I'm pretty sure the players got through informational meetings about what is and isn't allowed within the facility.
  5. A little disappointed they didn't go the little extra and change the rating to M for mature.
  6. officially signed. Released RB Isaiah Bowser.
  7. That's the problem with the NFL marketing and decision makers. All they see is dollars in the big venues but they don't realize how much people will spend in the small ones.
  8. I know it doesn't have to be there but why wouldn't the NFL love to showcase the new stadium that they wanted to be built?
  9. I mean, did you really expect it to be something other than a bunch of rich people patting themselves and each other on the back? If nothing else, Terry at least shows that he's carrying a heavy load, both professional and personally, and he's never afraid to show it. At the very least, it makes him a great person.
  10. Some of the replies will make you lose faith in humanity but good on RGIII for saying this.
  11. Old QB from GB signs with NYJ. When you take information in quickly and don't care about the details it ends up being the same thing.
  12. Chiefs and fins fans mostly. Others are asking "why not *insert my teams player*?" People don't like what they fear. We know this all too well when Brady was with the pats. happy to be on the other end of it.
  13. It's this Wednesday which is why I made the comment about the rumor mill heating up as it being Allen. Notice the blue and red at the bottom *hint, hint*
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