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  1. Top 5 roster? I don't think so. Hell, I don't even think we have a player in the top 101 of players in 2019 according to a website I can't remember.... That's a paradox right there.
  2. The problem is it's not a forest that is standing still. You got the trees that self-isolating, the trees that are running around touching every other tree and all the trees in between. When a forest fire start, the trees either burn where they are growing or don't.
  3. I feel like that is a ringing endorsement as to why players should have to get new helmets every few years IMO.
  4. Which seems kind of odd to only use one helmet if they are trying to lessen concussions. Think of how worn a pair of shoes just from walking around in them. I know it's not the same since they are only used during games but still. They probably get worn down pretty quickly.
  5. I feel like you left out a laser pointer being shone in one of our offensive players face but you covered most of it.
  6. Still needs to pass his physical before it's official. Physical won't happen while this is going on.
  7. And I'll likely be working from home for the remainder of the semester now that RIT announced they are switching to online only. Waiting to see what's going to happen with my kids in grade school still though.
  8. The second part is a point that was brought up on WGR before. Basically it was something to the point that teams that have QBs that can make plays with their legs have a hard time with screen plays because the defense is playing contain on the qb. This wasn't just about the Bills either, they had stats on multiple QBs that were mobile but had bad screen pass success.
  9. This hire makes no sense at all. At no point in this writeup does it say "Carolina" What is Mcd doing?
  10. Interesting considering I argued with someone that the Jags were looking at a permanent move at some point. So now 1/4 of their home games are away. How many does it take for me to start rubbing the other persons face in it that Khan has "no intention to move the team"?
  11. They had to convey the name of the game to how fans felt when their team gets screwed by the refs. "Nutshot" was too on the nose so they went with "football" instead.
  12. Great. How many comp picks are the pats getting from this idea? I'll say this, have the Bills play on Saturday vs the pats and Houston this year made recovering the next day much easier.
  13. They have. Josh is still having trouble with his footwork.
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