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  1. Because he's an idiot and no one cares. At least I don't but the way people here bring him up make it seem like his opinion is all that matters.
  2. Then you go with your gut on who is going to be the best of the bunch.
  3. Really would have been funny to see Pancho mess with them and be like "Oliver? Really?" but that was still nice to watch.
  4. OK is the key word. If we went into the season today as is, it's already better than last year with the additions they made. They can add more talent for sure but at least they are trying to get better players.
  5. Here it is.... I think. https://www.buffalobills.com/news/band-together-press-play
  6. Same with Murray. Looks like he just got picked up from the front steps of school and dropped off at the draft. Or I'm just getting old.
  7. Well, it was for me at least. Still finished my degree but took me another 5 years to get around to it. I was never a classroom learner though so I guess it depends.
  8. You'd probably have a hard time finding someone that would prefer to stay in school. Whether it be to pursue a career in the NFL or packaging science.
  9. Yes, and you have to call every other team twice to be sure they don't want the pick.
  10. Only took 14:40 to pick the player everyone knew they were going to pick.
  11. I already voted but I'm curious what the Vegas odds are.
  12. Based on what I have read, don't necessarily trust the source but, the "missed" pick can be made at any point during the current round of the draft. So with that logic, if we pick 9th, we could submit our pick anytime from when we are on the clock until the 32nd pick is submitted. This happened in 2003 with the vikings picking 6th and time ran out. Jags and panthers made their picks before the vikings submitted their pick. So in this case, the pats only have the 10 min window and then they lose the pick altogether.
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