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  1. Great. How many comp picks are the pats getting from this idea? I'll say this, have the Bills play on Saturday vs the pats and Houston this year made recovering the next day much easier.
  2. So when does the video of him making a call from jail saying "grandma, im not free!" get tweeted?
  3. Shady came in with his "ladies only" party and later turn himself into a professional while here so I'm happy he's got a shot at a ring. That being said, I prefer Jimmy G. get the win because then either belichick or kraft were wrong about their future (granted they have won since he left but the future looks in question). Cuz ***** the pats.
  4. It was because of the lack of Duke Williams through most of the season, obviously.
  5. That sounds like 2nd base with kids today actually. You need to be watching with a midget hittng you with a weedwacker to get to 3rd.
  6. 3rd base (of the past) has become pregame warm ups at this point. I wish that were the case with my wife.
  7. Then floor it to 60 again with him between the headlights. Was that over the top?
  8. Watching the Raven/Titans highlights and not once but twice in the same play #73 on the ravens blocked two different guys illegally with no flag. Video wont work with the timestamp but it's a t the 11:40 mark.
  9. Welp, there's another comp pick awarded to the Pats for being involved in another police report.
  10. This just means we get to hear about how we missed on Mahomes all off season. I personally don't care but everyone wants to hang on to the ifs and buts for some reason.
  11. I will root for both... To lose.... For as long as the stench of their reputation(cheating) still permeates through the NFL.
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