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  1. The problem is they said they don't use video replay as a source in their report so the doctor could just as easily say they didn't see them when they were walking off the field and no video evidence was given to them creating the loophole.
  2. And this is the NFL response to washing their hands of the rest of the investigation.
  3. They can issue suspensions and fines though. Maybe not to the doctor but to the team and coaches.
  4. Having the extra tackles is probably the smart move to make sure the middle stays closed up so Lamar can't take off. I'd assume that the DE's will be able to keep contain well enough.
  5. The member of the team's medical staff would have had to clear him on sunday as well as the UNC and I would assume that the UNC would only be required for Tua to clear concussion protocol (which they never put him in).
  6. At the very least the Miami doctor should be fired as well if the UNC made "several mistakes" then you know the Miami doctor likely went along with it. That's clearly negligence (malpractice) on the doctors part. Be interesting to see how far it goes up.
  7. And what about the Dolphins mistakes related to the matter? NFL:
  8. That fumble was the biggest bunch of BS. He had forward motion stopped and was being held up in the air and couldn't get down. The play should have been whistled dead before the fumble.
  9. The difference was that he needed to pass the 5 stages to be able to return for that Sunday. Tua was checked on the field or in the locker room and then returned to the game after the half and no other followup was required prior to the Thursday night game (this is the part I still wonder about). They can say they checked him through the week but that could be as simple as a doctor saying "you good?" each day and Tua just replying "yup". Related to Tua during the Buffalo game I mentioned above. Does anyone know when the concussion test was done? They could have pulled him from the game and took him into the locker room and waited 20-30 minutes before checking him and allowed him to get his head cleared out before testing him so he would clear.
  10. That's what I remember from the 2019 game against the Pats. Allen was out on the field got up and was able to walk off on his own and looked upset that they were taking him out of the game. McD wasn't going to risk him being out there and they put him right into the protocol.
  11. They changed the rule because it was unfair to the Bills. How you feeling bud?
  12. He's right, it's not THAT cold. But it is still pretty damn cold. That being said, living in WNY I could never live anywhere where it's over 75 most of the year. I don't do well in hot.
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