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  1. We've been together long enough that most of my advances are usually unwanted anyways.
  2. My wife at least thought about letting me join her in the shower this morning but instead made me a cup of coffee so I'd say that's a pretty good start to my day. Made cupcakes with my girls this morning also which was also nice.
  3. But I heard Ford wasn't a starter by some guy with a Twitter account?
  4. Better than a 10 minute video of the same catches over and over from different angles covered by some ***** rap song by Lil young cheezy or whatever they call themselves now.
  5. I vote they use the Styrofoam beads inside of bean bag chairs.
  6. They are but will the NFL do its copyright crap and make you go to YouTube to watch it instead of just viewing an embed?
  7. I can respect a dad being a good dad. I still hate him as a player though.
  8. The reality is I don't care as long as they win it all. The dream scenario would be anything is related to the pats losing. There really isn't an nfc team that a truly dislike other than when the Bills pay them so that's a wash for me. I guess Dallas would be the best of the worst.
  9. I used to think so also but realized when I drank and posted I made too much sense for some people.
  10. She's not a prostitute if they record it, she's an actress!
  11. I'm pretty sure someone tagged Oliver as a bust waiting to happen after he was drafted.
  12. Maybe they thought bills would be picking #1 overall and I believe Oliver was being gushed over as a potential #1 pick at the time.
  13. Just had to point out Josh's accuracy with the shrimp flip. Barkley didn't have the arm strength with his.
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