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  1. Hold on now. Let's not belittle his importance. Can't forget having to hold for the PATs. This has belichick 4d chess all over it to steal our playbook.
  2. I'm sure his leg is well rested considering they never punt.
  3. Now all I want to see is that 5 minute video of bills drops from last season with the audio of sea lions barking over each drop.
  4. I only play in a pick'em league so I will pick all of them.... or none of them. Depends on the week.
  5. Well it looks like the app feed is broken right now. I can still access it when it's on but it's on a 10 second loop. When I turn it off it gives me a "not available in your area" error.
  6. I'm on mobile network so IP address won't matter. I had a vpn setup but it's not working for some reason. I don't know if they are able to trace based on the tower I am connected to or not but that would likely be the only check they would be capable of. Either way, it would be good to know that location can be determined that way as well.
  7. It's not the cleanest app but I tested it using life360 with my kids phone and it showed them in a different location on my phone.
  8. I'm trying out an app I have used before called GPS joystick. You can set your GPS location with it and all the other apps that I have used for location report me as being in that area (for mobile viewing anyways). I can let you know if it works at game time.
  9. The wording on that is odd. It sounds like they are saying you can stream it if you are local. If that's the case, I'll be able to put my GPS joystick app to good use.
  10. Thanks. I thought that was the case but feel like someone said they couldn't watch the game last week even though they were out of market. It's a trial either way so I'll give it a shot later.
  11. So to all you people that sign up for game pass for the trial to watch the games, will it work if I am out of the Bills/panthers TV market? I've heard mixed results on here for the first preseason game.
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