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  1. Still uses blue cheese, gets a pass.
  2. Blue cheese. Boneless are chicken nuggets. End of discussion.
  3. Definition of creature 1: something created either animate or inanimate: such as a: a lower animalespecially : a farm animal b: a human being c: a being of anomalous or uncertain aspect or naturecreatures of fantasy d: Josh ***** Allen
  4. Some places I eat at, 12 is like 4. Other places, 4 is like 12. I also stopped buying wings unless I'm ordering pizza. Otherwise I just air fry my own.
  5. Dorsey told him he would be TE in the new wildcat formation.
  6. I agree with you about the companies in a sense. A lot of the time they are forced out without incident or public knowledge is the issue. I've seen it happen right under my nose with a co-worker that no one outside of the place ever heard about.
  7. Sadly the law is the law and the people that make you money are above it when it comes to these decisions. Most companies punish people for this type of thing when the law fails. The nfl uses their "shield" to protect themselves instead.
  8. The worst take will come in the form of "but they haven't won a championship". Every time. Never mind @Alphadawg7 This one is worse.
  9. If not already posted and those in the area that need it. Lyft/Uber offering up to 8 free rides to Tops on Niagara and Price Rite on Elmwood, respectively. Also bus fairs suspended for specific routes. https://wbuf.com/free-rideshare-rides-in-buffalo/?fbclid=IwAR3OJvj43nnaUbPFuN2PFc34XF73QiqQvGH4aKk8jrOqLkTvjIrl2niTfGk
  10. It has motivated has players to sign with other teams after Brady was no longer in the picture. The "you're not good enough" mantra has lost its shine post-brady.
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