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  1. And paying it forward apparently Oh. Just saw it posted above. Oh well, still awesome.
  2. Which also makes me laugh that his show is called "Unbuttoned" yet he got his shirt buttoned all the way up.
  3. Apparently NFL felt like changing the rules for coaching interviews. Probably a little too late for Daboll now.
  4. He makes fun of him too much in this video but it is still hilarious.
  5. One of the youtube doctors described this as something similar to hit to the carotid artery in MMA. Basically you suffer an instant loss of blood flow to the brain for a split second which causes you to look like Mahomes did. Which I think was definitely the case on this play with how the defenders arm was wrapped around Mahomes neck. As for any other damage that may have been done in terms of a concussion is something we are going to have to wait and see. Obviously he's in the protocol so they believe he suffered one it's just a matter of how bad it is.
  6. I don't post either and honestly, the people from here that do post are usually pretty respectful.
  7. Probably could have played but would have been 90%. He'll be back in next week.
  8. Pretty f'in cocky for sure. https://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=336394 Matter2003 was putting in some work and being respectful and they pretty much just pissed on everything they said (with the exception of one person on their board).
  9. Well next weeks postgame national headlines are already written. Chiefs win with Mahomes: He overcame the concussion and pushed his team to victory Chiefs lose with Mahomes: he was clearly not the same player and would have won if it wasn't for the concussion Chiefs lose without Mahomes: They would have won the game if Mahomes was healthy Chiefs win without Mahomes: (you can write whatever you want here because it shouldn't have happened with the bills playing the way they are)
  10. Anything can happen. They go into the protocol for a reason. I hope he plays but only if he's actually cleared. Don't want him less than his best and don't want him to risk his health either.
  11. I know that a HC job in the NFL is one of the rarest opportunities in the world but I feel like both Daboll and Frazier would prefer to stick with the team they are on and keep winning over going to a team with a QB who wants out (texans and Philly).
  12. Hopefully the outcome of both games are the opposite from week 6.
  13. Speaking of which, has it been "soon" yet? they announced this what, a week ago about getting a new name?
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