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  1. I guess the push back would likely be from a result of final standings. If a team that was rescheduled was in the mix for a playoff birth or the seeding changed then sure, push it back. If it does nothing to the overall playoff picture then I feel like they could just as easily call it a tie or don't even count it toward their overall record to keep the draft in order.
  2. I mean, it is the legendary Duke Williams he's going against.
  3. Thought so. Probably keeping him limited/out of practice to let it heal up.
  4. His pronunciation of Cheektowaga is perfect.
  5. I thought that was against Miami that he did that?
  6. I dunno but they are really padding their resume with this.
  7. I still remember the picture they sent out with seasons of him punting out of their own end zone. https://deadspin.com/bills-entice-potential-ticket-buyers-with-punt-from-ow-5496097
  8. I wouldn't hold your breath on any action happening soon.
  9. His PFF grade should be lower though because his receivers are usually 20 yards away from the nearest defender. 😉
  10. His 47 yards this season isn't exactly daunting. Though he's 4/4 on rec/targets this season so at least he's figured out how his hands are supposed to work.
  11. Well 10/16 were limited or did not practice so not that belichek-ian.
  12. All those players should be fine 25-50k and the fine should go to the charity. I understand the event was for a good cause but they should still be held accountable. This way it at least shows some sort of disciplinary action.
  13. Funny after he picked the bills over rams because he thought Allen would do something special to win the game.
  14. I always remember that article where they talk about McD and Beane saying that if allen succeeds it would be a statistical anomaly. I can't find it anymore though. It says "Cantaloupe Farmer"
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