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  1. DV, two games reduced to one. Just don't get caught betting on a game though or suspended indefinitely. 🙄
  2. I hope one of the clauses in his contract was to get a haircut.
  3. I don't know what you are into but you should see the rest of the internet if you're not on it. Honestly these are the most civil discourses you will see. The people on here at least want to feel like they are held accountable. So there might be some that don't care about that. But I feel like most can get into a conversation and at least respect another person perspective even if they don't agree with it.
  4. I'd rather you donate to him than Tyreek's vasectomy fund. Need to bleed Miami of every cent they will give him.
  5. I will reiterate again, I never said it did. I'm just putting it out there for everyone else to know that it's something I saw. I read it that way at a quick glance. It could mean he just wants to be a dad when he has the chance or he wants a new contract. I'm not a reporter so I don't know how to spin a story into something it's not but apparently I might have. 😐
  6. This would be a lot easier if he was a 25 yr old CB or WR. "PAY ME MY MONEY!"
  7. Sorry on both parts. Just came up for me on twitter and the first thing I thought of was him not being at OTAs and knowing his contract is up this year after taking a restructure. Not trying to be misleading so I will change the title at the very least.
  8. As I wrote in the topic, it was a question. I didn't know what to make of it so was honestly asking the question of whether or not that was the case.
  9. Hence the question marks and not knowing what to think of it when I made the post. All I know is he didn't so up for OTAs (which you said was something he normally doesn't do) but he's also looking for a new contract as it expires this year.
  10. Just saw this, not sure what to think about it but seems like he really wants a new contract along with him not being at OTAs.
  11. I don't think it's that unlikely since they have basically treated Tua like a player they want to replace since year 2. First there were rumors of trading him to several different teams and then the "getting caught with Brady on a boat" when trying to lure him to Miami. It sounds like the front office just doesn't want him.
  12. Soon? They are projected at -6m right now for next year without Waddles contract and Tua extension. They are screwed.
  13. Not that I think it matters but December 11th. No game that day!
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