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  1. OJ Simpson... Not a jew! But guess who is hall of famer Rod Carew.
  2. No wonder why they needed another 500m
  3. Once he gets that TB12 (hgh) treatment, he will be like he was when he entered the league.
  4. I get the feeling she's was just listening and not chiming in with her personnel preferences on 3rd and long. No issue with it.
  5. Well Jacksonville will need to find a way to add more fans for their max attendee level.
  6. You're forgetting about the Civil unrest that has been caused by chicken wings though in the form of blue cheese vs ranch.
  7. You also skipped a phase. Tua will start and then get hurt and then your post will happen.
  8. So basically the same thing that happened to the grandma in Dantes Peak?
  9. Something along the lines of the "bruce almighty riot" would have ensued a long time ago.
  10. He's no hernandez that's for sure.
  11. I dunno. The carpal tunnel might be setting in from holding those print outs.
  12. He's just trying to promote the teams that are irrelevant.
  13. It's a particular type of rage I'm guessing. I think another word proceeds rage though I can't think of it.
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