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  1. Pretty sure they said they red shirted him for the season.
  2. Did I want it to be a fumble, yes. Was it a fumble, it was right on the line of fumble/incomplete. Blowing it dead removed all possibility of it being questioned by review.
  3. This game stuck with me longer than normal. I usually get over it in a few hours but it really wasn't the game that I was pissed off about, it was the officiating that I'm still wondering how these guys have jobs.
  4. Just took a look at a random Top 75 draft prospects. 18 of the first 25 are offensive players. You know 1 of those other 7 on defense is going to be the bills pick. Obviously the QBs are ruled out of those top 18 picks but most were either T or WR.
  5. Starters, yes. Most of our depth, only at DT. Still have Elam, Benford and White at CB. Poyer, Hamlin, Lewis(in a pinch) and Neal have another year at safety. We have been playing down 4-5 starters on defense already this year and they have been doing well enough. They can add more in the draft but I would prefer them to add it on the scoring side of the ball. One player on offense can make everyone else better that is already there. I don't one player on defense is going to make them shut teams out every week.
  6. Though I don't disagree with you, now is the time to build on the offense and let the defense have some growing pains. We have Allen, Diggs, Kincaid, Torrence and Cook ready to roll. Adding to that will only make the offense better and I would prefer to be a team you have to go blow for blow with vs being a team that you can nickel and dime your way to a win.
  7. When Ralph built the stadium on the Indian burial grounds.
  8. So listening to WGR and talking about the bills and one score games I was curious. They are 17-17 in one score games. The chiefs are 29-10. Yes that may have to do with luck and officiating but I figured I would take a look and see what this year looked like. This years one score games for the bills (8 games). OT Loss: NYJ 16-22 (punt returned for TD) Loss: Jaguars 20-25 (kick returned to mid field and 3 and out. Bills get the ball with 21 seconds left on their own 5) Win: NYG 14-9 (PI not called against Bills) Loss: Patriots 25-29 (unable to stop mac jones) Win: Bucs 24-18 (hail mary failure because Bucs WRs are blind) Loss: Bengal 18-24 (unable to stop the offense) Loss: Broncos 22-24 (12 men) OT Loss: Philly 34-37 (letting them march down the field for the game tying FG) The only time the defense was able to stop someone was in the Jags game when they were losing. Otherwise, while they were ahead, the defense went soft and allowed the other team to get down the field and put the points they needed on the board to win (including the 2 games that they probably should have lost that they won). And I don't believe they "stopped" philly before the 59 yard fg. Philly just got as far as they could before time was against them. Then they took 2 penalties and couldn't risk another play with only 23 seconds left and no TOs.
  9. Floyd I like what AJE has turned into but Floyd has been an every game player. AJE turns up every 2 or 3.
  10. And NFL officiating has been a model of inconsistency for a long time now. This year has probably been the worst it's been in a while. I agree, it shouldn't have been blown dead and then went to review but I don't think it would have stood because the NFL knows that a game decided by a booth review is just as bad as the game being decided by the refs.
  11. Do you honestly think it would have mattered if it was reviewed?
  12. For those that actually take Spears seriously, consider this:
  13. No, they let multiple calls decide a game. The bills should have been up by at least 20 going into the half and had egregious calls against them over and over. For some reason, they stopped after the half.
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