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  1. So both Rous and Boogie looking good so far? Things that are great to hear.
  2. No, that's Josh Allen. Are you blind? 😆
  3. Wait till you see the red helmets I hope anyways. Out of red non-contact jerseys is my guess?
  4. His actual thought was "I had to spend a lot of time watching new bills QB Mitch Trubisky today because he followed Allen is QB drills but he looked sharp I guess 🤷‍♂️"
  5. Sounds like they told him he was going to be cut during practice. Ouch!
  6. I think it means more about Beasley than it does about the other 3. They are outdoors and aren't required to wear a mask. The only way it could matter is if it is part of the NFL policy for unvaccinated players to require a mask when meeting with the media regardless if it is indoors or outdoors. Nice catch though.
  7. Come on! Practice started 27 minutes ago and no pictures of Josh in shorts yet?!?!?! Well that explains it.
  8. Unless he was misquoted, Beane specifically said that "just over 80%" of players have had their first shot so this isn't including staff. He also said that all the staff had been full vaccinated with the exception of one person who was medically exempt from it.
  9. They still don't know how to broadcast their press conferences in stereo. Adding another mic would blow their minds. It's about 72/90 guys. So 18 guys not taking their first shot. Beane also said that guys have come in and talked about starting the process (getting their first shot) that haven't yet.
  10. LOL, Sal and Beane interaction was great. Sal: If you don't mind I'd like to talk a little football if we could... Beane: Yea. Thanks Sal. I'll give you a $20 when we're done.
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