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  1. Curious to see the cost difference for people with YouTube TV vs YouTube users that just want the package.
  2. Well at least we know the receivers will be "well rounded"
  3. The conference championship games are a bigger pull for "actual" fans at probably a 1/10th of the cost. Super bowl is all about celebrities and businesses. Even if I had the money to blow, I would never do it.
  4. It still generates the league money and players can use it in contract negotiations. Those are the only reasons remaining for the pro bowl to happen.
  5. Well then I can't help you other than recommending visiting an optometrist or psychologist if you think that the Bengals O-line isn't better than the Bills. Also remember, they were missing 3 starting lineman in this game and last game against the Bills.
  6. Congress always acts, they find out how to invest and then make a decision before the general public can.
  7. I would have rather than won, that way they can challenge the bills 4 straight SB losses.
  8. better than the bills line did against the Bengals.
  9. Tell me the bills offensive line is anywhere as good as KCs and I'll show you a liar.
  10. Half the league have a 1,000 yard+ rb and we have two that get 1300. Color me not impressed with the running game. Not specifically the running game, but the fact that it's not used is more of the point I was making. CMC would have been a waste of a position, draft capital and cap space in an offense that doesn't use RBs enough.
  11. That's kind of the point. No one on defense masks the deficiencies that were there when Miller went out for the defensive line. Allen has been masking them for 3 years now and they refuse to help him. It doesn't matter where they rank in scoring because pretty much everyone watching the game knows that it's all on Allen and Diggs.
  12. This is a moot point since we don't run the ball unless Josh decides to pull it down and run it.
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