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  1. He clarifies that he means Allen's restructure will be about 23.1m when he says "not nearly enough for Allen"
  2. Floyd already said he's chasing a payday so that's almost guaranteed. The door for Davis and AJE staying on the bills opened up slightly. I think the number of d-lineman we have under contract right now though is going to lean toward trying to get AJE and Jones signed more than Davis though since it seems like the draft is going to be where they do their shopping for WR.
  3. Oh I know. But contracts are also going to increase so both the inflation of the cap and contracts will likely still be in line with one another. Like I said, it was a rare situation where the cap was basically doing a "bounce back" from a bad economical standing so the teams that were willing to pay more and play the long game are now going to benefit more than the teams that played the "wait and see" game.
  4. I agree but also this is a rare situation considering all of the covid money during the shutdown years and now next year they are getting the new tv contract so the numbers were going to increase significantly more compared to years past, JMO.
  5. I remember when this was a big controversy when I was a teen.
  6. The thing I would like to know is the real life uses that this "wind confusion" meshing has been tested out/used in. Can't help but think it's likely something that was designed for places that have never had snow let alone the amount that usually hits Buffalo.
  7. My hatred is different for both. I hated the pats because they curb stomped is for 2 decades. But that was pretty much the bills own fault with awful hires and bad draft picks. I hate the chiefs because we are finally a good team and every time we end up coming up short against them in the playoffs.
  8. Which is why Allen will never win MVP and why guys like Edmunds and Smith are pro bowlers. The narrative is the lack of consistency with Allen (which to be fair, is accurate) but at the same time, the other guys will never win you the game on their own, Allen and Lamar can and have.
  9. That looks like Tremaine Edmunds Pro bowl year. Which is kind of my point. Reading a stat sheet is all these voters do just like you did.
  10. Because they can't fight anyone bigger than them is my guess. Unrelated to him, just a napoleon complex that they develop once they get paid. Look at a bunch of RB's through the years and it's the same thing.
  11. I don't recall any Allen receptions this season but agree with what you were getting at.
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