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  1. His ankle has been aggravating me for 3 seasons now.
  2. Literally what they were just talking about on First Take. Bart Scott said players did it all the time so they didn't have to worry about being taken out of the game when they know they were concussed.
  3. I don't think that's right. Bates was limited yesterday and he is in the protocol. I'm sure limited is a very broad term but he was still practicing.
  4. Well, Beane and McD don't exactly give you the sound bit but they at least take responsibility for a lose even though it might not be their fault so yea. Completely agree.
  5. McDaniels sounds like he's full of ***** with that response. "I should not be in this position". You're the HC. He wanted to win and it didn't matter to him since he played Tua tonight after being in "Back pain" protocol 5 days ago.
  6. When it comes to throwing more than 20 yards I would agree. Otherwise, no. Tua has been doing a good job this year at quick shots to move the chains. His deep ball and pocket awareness are the worst part of his game. His rare deep ball has been successful but wasn't going to be sustainable.
  7. Thought the same, but then thought it's teddy at qb.
  8. I just found it funny how Amazon posted on the ticker about when the TO was called so figured it had to do with gambling.
  9. Serious question to ask the gambling addicts, can you bet on when a timeout will be called in a game?
  10. I was making the same comparison. Assuming you know who Scott Sterling is. Is not, look him up on YouTube for soccer.
  11. I don't know how hospitals work. Is 1 considered high or low in this case? Serious question. Like a 5 alarm fire is the worst for firefighters a level 1 could be the same in terms of head trauma.
  12. Right. His head hit the ground but he basically fell backwards from a push and hit his head hard.
  13. Head and neck was the last thing they said.
  14. You know that INC isn't getting hired again and his name will be released by the fins to cover their asses.
  15. I wanted to see how he responded after taking a hit today. Now I'm not happy about it. Shame on their staff for letting him play this game, let alone finishing the last game.
  16. Neurological response. Watch the video of mahomes concussion against the Browns. His arms did the same thing. They lock up.
  17. His hands weren't even touched based on the replay. It was concussion posturing.
  18. Straight fencing posture with those hands locking up like that. He's done for the night. If he's lucky, only tonight.
  19. Just his back again, no concussion protocol needed.
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