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  1. Kelce has a new gig too. He’s host of a show called “Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity.” I went to a couple tapings, Fitzy was on the panel of one, Ochocinco was on another.
  2. I feel like this is roughly the same number every year. It doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things. There are UDFAs who go on to have a more meaningful career than a 1st rounder. 150 might have draftable grades, but of those some shouldn’t have even been drafted.
  3. Interesting that he’s played for 2 leagues, yet isn’t seen as an UFA, free to sign with anyone. What’s the difference between his situation and someone like Cam Wake?
  4. Sweet karma would be for Diggs to sign with the Chiefs next year and the Bills finally beat that team in the playoffs.
  5. I’m not sure either QB has regressed since 2018. Mahomes has had weapons stripped away from him, while Allen’s weapons have arguably improved from his rookie year and on. That opening Jets game last year was striking to me because I didn’t think a 6 year superstar QB could still play that badly. It was a little embarrassing watching him throw into double and triple coverage when other players were wide open. I especially hated that it was prime time. I’d like to see Allen take another step forward on the mental side of the game. I don’t think that has improved a ton since 2020, but I also don’t think it’s regressed.
  6. Knox is big, fast and strong. He doesn’t have the best hands, doesn’t run the best routes, & doesn’t block well enough to be a Lee Smith type (nor is that what he’s being paid to do). He already took a discount to stay, so he’ll be TE2. I wonder if he could assume the Reggie Gilliam HB role in addition to playing in two set TEs which would make Gilliam expendable.
  7. I think he fears paralysis by analysis and would much rather try to figure it out in real time. It’s no secret why he averages nearly 3 seconds to throw the ball, he’s not always sure where he’s going with it presnap. But like others have said, even if Josh isn’t obsessive about football to the point he lives in the film and weight room, he still has played well enough in the playoffs for the team to win it all. It’s those around him that have let him down. Where would he be if he put in all that extra work? Conventional wisdom says he’d be even better, but he seems to know what’s best for his process, so it’s not necessarily a given that he’d be absolutely better.
  8. You paint Diggs as though he’s the victim here, like the trade wasn’t justified due to his off the field (and on the field issues). Players aren’t going to publicly trash their peers or especially their employers, unless they have no intention of working in the NFL again. Diggs is gone because he wanted it that way, not because of the media.
  9. Can’t totally neglect the defense. Mahomes doesn’t win 3, let alone ONE SB if his defense hadn’t stepped up and made a big time play in a big moment. They’ve done it every single year, going back to their first SB, their comeback against the 49ers. Buffalo’s defense hasn’t stepped up when it’s needed most, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected.
  10. I understand where you’re coming from, along with everyone else who wants to trade up. Well, except for Warriorspikes, he’d happily give up every pick in the next two drafts for 2 receivers from this one 😅 (just messing with you Warrior) The rare prospects have a term: “can’t miss.” How many players in NFL history had that tag coming into the draft and then… missed? I don’t expect any of the top 3 to bust, neither do NFL evaluators, but man oh man, we just don’t know. In many ways it is a lottery, so many variables go into whether a player has success or not, so I just can’t get behind sacrificing what may be other big time contributors, to take a position that isn’t absolutely crucial to a team’s success. There’s only one of those positions: QB. And that’s the only one I’d be willing to mortgage the future for.
  11. While I agree with your greatness to good comparison, it’s not where a player is selected, but rather who is selected. We’ve passed on a number of GREAT talents in the draft, quite a few at WR, and didn’t have to burn a single pick other than that round’s selection. Trading up doesn’t guarantee us a blue chip prospect. It gives us a chance to take a player we believe will pan out that way, but once these guys get to the next level anything can happen - unrealized potential, injury prone, or just a flat out bust. I’m still not trading multiple premium picks for any position that is not a QB. Period. By trading those picks, how many other players did we bypass that would go on to have blue chip NFL talent? Beane has to get the selections right, it’s not about where.
  12. The first time Allen has to sit in front of mics, I hope he has his opening Diggs speech rehearsed because 90% of the questions will be about their relationship.
  13. Yeah, I think they would’ve been moving on from him at age 33 or 34 anyway - when the dead cap was manageable. What were his cap hits those later years? I still think it was a deal that could’ve gone for half the length at the same $24M AAV. If Diggs and his people rejected that (they wouldn’t have) then he would’ve had to play out the rest of his deal. Gotta be more shrewd. Now we’re left paying him $31M NOT to play this year.
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