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  1. Probably doesn’t even know his ABCs or how to count to 100, yet he knows the Bills have never won a Super Bowl. Wild. Hopefully that monkey gets off our backs within the next 2 years!
  2. If the top 4-5 rookies hit, I actually think ‘25-‘26 will be the Super Bowl year, the best Bills team we’ll have under the McD era. If we win it all this year, it’ll be akin to the Chiefs winning after they traded Tyreek and had a bunch of rookies starting. Everyone expected them to take a step back in a retool year and they go and win the whole thing. I think that’s where we are now and will be setup much better next year to be the clear cut best team if those rookies hit.
  3. I’ve definitely seen him bail from clean pockets at times, which also messes up the timing of the routes. Not that we had receivers that could always be counted on to get open if he stuck it out and waited for the route(s) to develop, but Josh brought some of that pressure onto himself. If there’s one thing I’d love to see him improve in his game, it’s the pre-snap processing, immediately knowing where to go with the ball if the defense gives you a certain look and stays in it. I think if he were to elevate that aspect of his game, the Mahomes/Allen debate would be more fruitful - and this is with the acknowledgment that Mahomes isn’t the best pre-snap processor, he just makes less mistakes than Josh and is willing to hang in the pocket longer, or scramble around like a squirrel until a guy pops open.
  4. Anywhere but a football field! Did I do that right? 🤣
  5. They say by the time the lawyers get through, those subscribers will be lucky to get $100 from a class action lawsuit.
  6. The literal world knows who this girl is now. I saw people from other countries asking what is America’s fascination with this girl/conversation? It was cool for the first couple days, but to hear it still being talked about on the radio after that? It’s weird. Like we all needed something to cling onto or connect over.
  7. Reading this board, you’d think almost every pass play Allen was under duress, when that couldn’t have been further from the truth. The line pass blocked very well, even with Allen holding the ball. If he was a first read QB like Tua, Cousins, or Purdy, the protection numbers would look even better. The OL last year was a strength for the first time in years. No Vlad Ducasse types starting. We’ll see if it can match (or exceed) the production this year with potentially two new positional starters.
  8. Someone else said to use that money to give Allen a pay raise in an effort to keep up with the QB market. I don’t like that option, even if Allen deserves a contract at $55M/yr.
  9. I saw this thread yesterday, but didn’t bother clicking on it because I wasn’t really interested in learning about the “National Girls Flag Football League” (I thought it was this given all the coverage of the high school girls). How very wrong I was having just seen an article by Beasley questioning “why?” I immediately came to this thread to see what I missed!
  10. At the end of the day, the article released by Dunne may have done McD and the Buffalo Bills a favor. Does the team rally in the following games without the shakeup? Was it a distraction from whatever else may have been going on at the time? Did McD read the article in its entirety and learn truthful things about himself? He seems like a very self reflective man. Where you all might condemn Dunne, I’ll thank him. Time will tell, but it might’ve been the shot McD and this franchise needed.
  11. Punter or not, this still stings.
  12. I don’t know how Japanese women are with respect to riches and especially in 1974, but you could also look at it like this: if Hiro Onoda was an American citizen with millions in the bank and came home in 2024 to a hero’s welcome, my guess is he’d have a much tougher time finding the genuine love of his life, the woman who only wanted him because he was a hero. He’d be swarmed by American women and likely would’ve chosen someone else before he ever got to the one he married. I don’t mean to diminish his hero status, fame is a measure of power, but money AND fame? Forget it. That’s what already grants you access to 50% of women you’ve never even met.
  13. I do think a woman might respect a man for his genuine skills and talents if those are the reason for why he’s a millionaire, but at the end of the day money is money. $50M is $50M no matter if earned or won. Take the ugliest man, gift him $50M and make it public, then circle back a week later to ask him how it’s going with the ladies. I’m sure he’d tell you something similar to what Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) said, “feels like I got a facelift.” Money is power and they all want it.
  14. Oh yeah, it’s obvious what Bill would see in dating a woman that young and of course it’s not as a soul mate. Don’t know why you think I implied as much when I mentioned sex from her perspective.
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