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  1. I watched Burks highlight tape. I thought it was pretty similar to Coleman’s (contested catches) but Burks looked faster. Going off that tape I would’ve expected him to at least be a WR2 or WR3. Don’t know what hasn’t translated to the league for him, whether it’s his heart or work ethic. You really just never know with these draft picks.
  2. This is pretty extreme. I love Josh, but I’m much more a fan of the jersey than I am any one player, so for me it doesn’t matter if Josh retires, is traded, benched, cut, whatever, I’ll always root for and watch the Bills until my time is up on this spinning rock. Can’t see it any other way.
  3. I’d take the approach with Tua that Dallas is taking with Dak. These are good to very good QBs, but not so great that they elevate the entire team. Both crumble the more the game matters. They don’t deserve to approach highest paid at the position.
  4. Yeah, you guys are right. If he bulks up to 290 and doesn’t lose much, 6’1” 290 is basically Ed Oliver/Aaron Donald size. He’d be most effective with his wrestling background inside at DT. How effective in a sport he’s never played? That’s anyone’s guess.
  5. Which position are they considering for him? LB? Doesn’t look big enough to play DL. EDIT: 6’1” 265lbs, I guess he could try DE. We know he can scrap in the trenches, we don’t know if he’s fast enough and has the bend to get around the corner. He’d certainly be undersized on the edge and would lack the pass rushing skills of another undersized rookie Javon Solomon.
  6. Too bad she didnt make an appearance. No doubt she would’ve wanted to get paid though.
  7. When Beane selected Groot and Boogie back to back, he later told the media “we need to affect the quarterback.” Those two weren’t drafted to set the edge in the run game, they were drafted to disrupt the opponent’s passing offense. From that standpoint, Groot has been a miss up until this point, he doesn’t rush the QB very well or rack up sack numbers. He’s a good player, but not a difference maker and shouldn’t be signed to a contract that values him as such. Off the top of my head, I know that Aaron Donald and Maxx Crosby played in over 80% of the snaps for their careers.
  8. It’ll be a highly competitive receiver room full of JAGs trying to beat each other out. May the best man win.
  9. Not sure anyone is “obsessing.” It’s not our money, just a bad deal handed out by our favorite team. And yes, it’s in the past, but that doesn’t preclude anyone from talking about it.
  10. If Knox catches that easy first down against the Steelers, Bernard likely doesn’t get hurt and we have him for the game against the Chiefs. I’m not singling out that one play as a referendum on Dawson, but he lets too many routine plays get away from him. He’s 2nd string for a reason.
  11. That guy was dropping passes all year, even had a reporter asking him “whats wrong?” In the playoffs he made some tough catches. The WR needy Chiefs moved on, I don’t think we should pursue him.
  12. Can’t remember where it was that I heard it, but Beane sounded like he was in favor of some sort of QB salary cap rules. He said something along the lines of “yeah, these QB contracts are getting a bit out there…” EDIT: I do remember it came while discussing the approach to deciding who to pay when you’ve got a QB making as much as Josh (and Allen might not even be in the top 10 anymore!). It’s a quandary, you can’t win without a top QB, but their contracts make building a team challenging.
  13. The reworked one is fine, the one he signed a couple years ago was not.
  14. They already get more than that. It was hovering around 24% a year ago, whereas in 2010 it was closer to 16%. Contracts go up, but that’s entirely based on position. RB for example hasn’t increased and takes up a lower percentage of the cap than in the past.
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