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  1. I agree with you 100%. But scroll through here and note the "this loss is on Allen" comments. That's all I'm referring too.
  2. Because it's the hot narrative here. Always. Defense gashed? Nope. Kicker missing a 34 yarder? Nope. In position to tie, another missed FG? Nope. Defense allowed 0. Special teams were immaculate. Entire loss is on #17. Duh. Not an Allen defender or supporter, but it's ridiculous in here.
  3. That was absolutely horrid. Do they even practice their 2 min drill?? Yikes.
  4. Yeah I was shocked when walking in. Eagles fans everywhere. I know the weather was crappy, but at 5-1, I would've thought we would have had a full home crowd.
  5. Based on your own logic, if 30 out of 32 sucks, then top 10 guys should be yearly studs. 2017 - Keenum - 2nd; Alex Smith - 8th; 2018 - Trubisky - 3rd; Winston - 8th Those guys sure are world beaters right now (apologies to Alex Smith and his robotic leg). Goff went to a Super Bowl and is currently 25th, he must suck too. Carson Wentz was 26th in his rookie season (which Josh just barely got out of in terms of games played), he must be trash. While I'll agree that Josh has his problems and there's plenty of work to do - you can't rest solely on one stat. One season and one stat does not determine whether a QB will be successful or not; especially considering Allen was always considered to be a project. I don't recall anyone ever saying "this kid is a year 1 starter, pro-ready". Instead, I recall hearing, "has all the physical tools, is super raw, needs to sit and learn (which he never got the opportunity to do) and he could, potentially be a top guy." 18 starts in, we're 5-2, we lost one game where we got our asses kicked as a whole, and now the multi-year project QB is now an immediate bust.
  6. Wore the same t-shirt for every win this year. Went to the game and sat on bills side so I wore my bills hoodie (shady and cold). After halftime, I removed the hoodie and the winning t-shirt was out in the open. Froze the rest of the game. Worth it.
  7. What I don't understand is WHY the favoritism is so blatant. I feel like if you asked most NFL fans who their least favorite team is, the predominant answer would be the Patriots. The NFL would likely gain fans and ratings if the Pats came back down to earth and were beatable. <Pause> Look another blocked punt! I get the Kraft/Goodell thing, etc. But it just seems like bad business when the favoritism is this obvious.
  8. Hahah, so true. <45 mins later, next possession> THERE IT IS!!
  9. Because: "Don't touch Tom." They probably weren't even paying attention to the rest of the play once they saw #12 on the ground.
  10. You have gotta be kidding me with that penalty. What a freaking joke.
  11. So you're saying we should take over First Energy Stadium...I like it!!
  12. Haven't had a chance to see Mahomes play much, but watched all of this game. I know Indy had a great game plan, but without Hill and Watkins, I thought he looked extremely human. Everyone has bad games, but still not the omnipotent God of quarterbacking that I expected to see.
  13. Yep. I'm thinking of the same shot. I viewed it more as if he jammed the thumb and was putting pressure on it and pulling the thumb outwards to 'unjam' it, which a lot of people do as an immediate reaction. Definitely could have been a cut though... Oh well, no injury news is good news!!
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