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  1. I know that you're basing a lot of this off of what Beane said (i.e. that we need to get faster), but if we compare our "speed" to the Bucs offensive "speed", it's basically the exact same. Fournette - 4.51 | Breida - 4.38 Jones - 4.65 | Moss/Singletary - 4.65/4.66 Evans - 4.53 | G. Davis - 4.54 Godwin - 4.42 | Sanders - 4.41 Brown - 4.47 | Diggs - 4.46 Miller - 4.36 | Beasley - 4.49 - this one being the only real difference with Miller doing nothing in the Super Bowl anyways. Speed-wise, Allen and Brady aren't in the same league, so we'll call
  2. I appreciate the attempt at being reasonable, but cmon, if any team loses their WR1 (or any of their key players) they take a steep loss. A rookie, third down, pass catching back that has been passed over by 32 teams on multiple occasions thus far is not going to replace Stefon Diggs. Arguably not a single player in this draft could replace Stefon Diggs in their rookie year.
  3. And Knox in his third year. And Breida. And whatever else we can add via trade and further free agency signings. But didn't you hear? That 3rd round WR that we didn't draft is a guaranteed future Hall of Famer!! 🙄
  4. John Ross ran a 4.22. He's had a really successful career...
  5. Great point. Hadn't even thought of that. If they all develop you could potentially have 4 above average pass rushers on the field at one time. Interesting thought.
  6. Ohhh fun! Care to elaborate? Good losing it or bad losing it...
  7. 2020 NFL GM of the Year and widely regarded as one of the top front offices in all of sports. A team that some pundits have stated would be a shock to miss the playoffs in 2021 (in the AFC). ...let's not trust the professionals though. "I read Walter Football's 2021 draft primer, listened to 3 NFL draft podcast episodes and watched 20 college games this year with my amateur eyes...and the Bills are horrible at drafting." Ugh. Smh. Can't some of you just enjoy this without being so overly critical? The results of this draft won't be known for years. We pick
  8. I feel like Goodell has the reading skills of a 4th grader.
  9. I get the Jones to NE thoughts, but if the Jimmy G rumors are true, they may just pass on a QB completely...
  10. Seriously, that was awesome. And screw Romo, "it's like kicking a guy when he's down." Oh kinda like when Hill beat his girlfriend while she was down? Scum bag. Hate how the media just acts like some of these dudes aren't Grade A pieces of *****.
  11. And off of the football field...but it's the NFL, and not any other profession in the world so we just pretend like those issues don't exist. 😁
  12. While I don't disagree with you, if I had also told you a year ago that Allen would be an MVP candidate this year and our WR1 would be the #1 WR in the NFL at the end of the regular season you likely would've laughed at me. But yet... The task is definitely huge but I think we have the staff to do it.
  13. Yeah you're right. Feliciano didnt take a hook to the face and Diggs wasn't suplexed. If you hate the team so much, why do you even frequent this place? I feel like you get off on the negativity. Fun way to live life.
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