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  1. Agree with this take. Although Tua certainly played well, I'm curious to see how he does under some pressure and the fact that Hill was left 1 on 1 on so many occasions is either brilliant scheming or just major failure with the Chargers defensive staff. Given that it's the Chargers, I'm guessing it's the later.
  2. Dear Chargers, Maybe it's time to double cover #10. Just a thought. Xxoo, Every Football Fan.
  3. https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/35584036/caddie-collapses-given-cpr-att-pebble-beach-pro-am Yikes. Hope the caddie is okay. Josh has to feel cursed at this point, even just being part of the event.
  4. Wait...did the Bengals and Joe Savior just lose in Burrowhead?! "Cancun on 3" , Eli. You POS. "Have fun in Cabo with your boys."
  5. You've confused the second game last year with the first game this year. See post above. And cmon man. It was 27-3 at halftime and you're going to talk offensive stats? Of course he's going to have a decent stat line at the end of that game, the entire second half was virtual garbage time with defense playing loose off the ball just trying not to give up the big play.
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but does anyone else find it weird that every single time they show Tua he's just sitting on the bench blankly staring. Why isn't he moving around, hyping his guys up, cheering the D. He just looks uninvolved and unpopular to me. Not someone I'd rally around... Could just be the broadcast, but weird dynamic to me.
  7. Unfortunately, you're 100% correct. While I see all of the posts about "why didn't we shotgun, etc." and I understand the hindsight of that - a QB sneak is the most basic football play that there is - especially with forward progress and 250+ lb. quarterback. The play call was fine. The players didn't execute it. I'm sure adrenaline had something to do with it - but it's still inexcusable. I'll fault Dorsey for a bunch of other things (i.e. abandon run and placing the entire onus of winning squarely on Allen who, through common observation, anyone can see hasn't been 100% right these past few weeks), but I won't fault him for the sneak call.
  8. 100% agree on the abandonment of the run game. Although Allen "is" a large majority of our offense, we are starting to see what it looks like when the OC puts the entire weight of winning solely on Josh's shoulders. He reverts back to hero ball, doesn't take the underneath, and makes bad decisions. Even an average run game allows him to take a play off, collect himself and take a breath. Instead, he's constantly forced to be thinking - and eventually starts forcing things downfield because he wants to make a play as the game becomes solely on him. As he slowly gets rattled he loses his short/medium field vision and starts to solely focus on Diggs or chunk plays to Davis. Rams, Titans, etc. he took what was there and the results showed with points. He's definitely forcing - and I believe that it's partly due to elevated weight on his shoulders only in close games when we abandon the run - and also the "Super Bowl" expectations of this team - kind of a "***** - we need points, I NEED to make something happen.
  9. Maturity, time and resources. Cupcake classes or not, he's still in school, taking classes, etc. He can't dedicate 365, 24/7 to his craft in that environment. And then compare Wyoming's coaching and resources to that of an NFL team (especially one such as the Bills, run by McBeane, which has proven to be one of the best in the league). Add in the money to pay Jordan Palmer, the pure dedication to improve and the time to do so...boom.
  10. And the Ravens first pressure of the game smacked Allen directly in the helmet. No call. McKenzie hit. No call. Especially when compared to the defenseless receiver call against us last week against Miami. Calls are made and missed on virtually every play. You're just focusing on this because it fits your narrative of finding something negative to complain about. Did the penalty matter? Sure. If it wasn't called would we have still won? Maybe. If the 1000 other random missed calls happen do the results of many other games change? Probably. Enjoy the win. If you're "elated" about the win like you said maybe you should stop focusing on the random bull#### and just enjoy the win.
  11. 100% agree with Dr. House. Oh and by the way, let's cherry pick stats - the Bills are the worst team (other than the Texans) in close games since the beginning of last year (cherry pick last year to fit the narrative). But wait - let's look at 2020 (still have the same core of players and coaches). Week 2 - Beat Dolphins by 3 Week 3 - Beat Rams by 3 Week 4 - Beat Raiders by 7 Week 7 - Beat Jets by 8 Week 8 -- Beat Pats by 3 Week 10 - lost to Cardinals on Hail Murray after last second JA TD Prior to us destroying teams - JA was well known for his late game heroics - but due to recency bias, JA is not a clutch QB (I read it here, it has to be true!) and the Bills are horrible in close games. Awful take with selective stats being used.
  12. How freaking hilarious was that?! Gotta love the passion. Dude cares arguably more than some of the players. Can someone make a "that's my psychopath" tshirt with him losing it?
  13. Are you kidding me? Down two starting CBs, down two starting S, down two starting rotational DL, down basically an entire offensive line and this is your take? You're right, no longer a super bowl contender because our backups couldn't win a close game. Turn in your fan card. What a joke.
  14. Was just about to list the same thing. Definitely a 'gotta hide my arousal' thigh squeeze.
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