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  1. 3rd and a 5th. Plus 3 year extension for $50 mil, $30 guaranteed. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28925520/source-lions-trade-cb-darius-slay-eagles-two-draft-picks
  2. I want to be that guy in the ESPN playoff commercial in the Vikings jersey screaming in happiness. Please Joshy, please D, please Bills?!
  3. @Real McNasty- can you please post faster? You're about 10 seconds ahead of me on feed and I love the security blanket feeling of knowing what happens before I get to see it. Heheheheh.
  4. That the rules no longer apply and you no longer have to even take 2 seconds to take a knee on a kickoff anymore. Absolute garbage. Rules are rules. Edit: I'm fine with the end result, whatever, it is what it is - but don't selectively enforce the rules because its a playoff game.
  5. Looked like trainer shook his head and then mouthed 'stinger' to McDermott.
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