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  1. Which is the best way out of this situation for all parties concerned. Rodgers will still be motivated to do well because he will also be auditioning GB get a transition year and prepare plans for next year (backup to Love, bridge QB if required etc) Other teams can plan their trades, financial, roster in preparation for the offer to Rodgers If Rodgers doesn't play well or if the team is not winning enough , I won't be surprised if LeFleur benches Rodgers and goes with Love to see what they have/don't have
  2. PJ Bottoms does ring a bell. When were you in UB? I was there 1989-91. Found a job 2 hours away from BUffalo and used to visit almost every other weekend till 1995. Other (cheap) memories: Movie theater near Amherst campus for $1 movies, bar next to it had cheap (cant remember prices) pitchers of beer and fish Fry on Fridays. A bar at the corner of Minnesota & Main which had $4 all-you-can drink between 7 and 10 pm. Oh those days! Back to the original topic, I have a soft spot for Duffs as I was introduced to wings there, back in 1989. Still enjoy their wings. N
  3. After he decides, should we trade Trubisky to the Packers if the price is right? I don't want the Bills to do it considering how valuable he is as a backup but I wonder if Beane will take a call from the Packers on that. I know they have seen enough of him to know he is not much good but they would be rather desperate given the drama queen's late decision. If Rodgers does decide in that direction, it must call into question the league rules against such an escape clause which enabled Gronk to do the same. Stinks of tampering to me
  4. At first glance, I thought he is heavier in last year's picture. But then it could be a number of things that could affect my opinion - Jersey versus Tshirt, camera angle, camera quality etc. So on second thoughts, it is tough to tell without knowing his comparative weights and measurements. In the games last year, he looked fat for a person playing that position. He was also a lot less mobile which could have been the condition of his knee(s) or by design to protect him
  5. Question is what would a Bills fan do to see the Cowboys get their rears kicked by the Bills in a SB?
  6. Or it could be that GB showed how much they value him but he still wants to pout and complain for no specific reason. He had a tough time initially with LaFleur, threw a hissy fit when they drafted Love and now doesnt want a shiny new extension. Nobody knows what will make Rodgers happy, including himself. He had one of the best seasons by a QB last year. If the guy were to take a more positive attitude and help the team, FO and coaches, he may have had more rings. He is just a whiny baby who likes to create drama and portray the image that no one loves him. Well, the latter part is now entire
  7. if we want to compare facts Final score 26-15 On the road Total yards 334-224 Rush Yards 104-47 TOP 35:15 - 24:45 I remember this game as us pretty much having our way with them after mid way through the second quarter. We trampled them
  8. Bills are bringing back most of the roster that went 13-3 and trampled the Steelers last year. I dont see the Steelers have upgraded so much that they would have a large advantage in Game 1 of the season. Setting aside "anything can happen on a Sunday", I would be completely shocked if we lose to the Steelers and start our SB campaign on the wrong foot
  9. Can't wait! The season is almost upon us. History will look back and admire this first Superbowl winning season
  10. Not a jersey per se but I do have 2 old Bills tshirts which were fine after the first few washes but started shrinking a bit every year for the past few years. Very strange
  11. I kinda disagree re:Tomlin. I am not a big fan of his but he hasn't really had a healthy and young Roethlisberger at his disposal the past few years. The Steelers should have drafted his replacement (1st round) two years back. But given where they are, draft one next year, hit the reset button and give Tomlin 1+2 years more.
  12. If you mention a drop in a playoff game, you also have to acknowledge the fantastic catches he had in the Colts game. Much depends on Beasley's situation but Imo, this season he will get a lot of balls thrown his way as Sanders will be used primarily as a deep threat.
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