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  1. I thought it ended in "bored of scr**ing her"
  2. At the risk of sounding like a broken record in multiple threads, the next assets we spend should go towards the OL and maybe a speedy WR (if one becomes available). Enough with the spending on D!
  3. Hence my disappointment. There is no other position group on this team which has such uncertainties. Cant expect Allen to always mask the deficiencies. I realize the "value" may not have been there but I would have preferred an OL pick instead of Cook. I dont have anything against Cook, but protection is relatively more important. I still hope Beane can swing a trade or some aging vet comes free.
  4. The way I see it, the lack of a speedster limits the advantage we have in Allen's arm. But that is not a fatal flaw to the receiving game as a whole. John Brown is the one who gave Allen a consistent deep threat. Sanders was almost washed up and was no good. So we will be no worse than the 2021 season in that regard. Stevenson is just a hope so we can't base the strategy on him suddenly performing well. But overall, we should have a more balanced passing game with lot of step ups in the short to medium passing game. Perhaps the long yards are going to come from medium completions + YAC
  5. Coach can only do so much . But if the line indeed takes a step up, it will point to Bobby Johnson as having been a problem
  6. # 1 Frazier - His group has gotten the most attention in the McBeane era. Top draft picks, FA ... He delivered a top 5 Defense last season and yet the Colts game happened, 13 seconds happened. This season the excuses end. He has to prove that the D can deliver in every game and at critical points of pivotal games # 2 Edmunds: reasons have been stated plenty of times # 3 Spencer Brown: He was up and down so we eagerly await to see where his second season leads. With the OL being the most uncertain group, Brown is very important to the success of the OL #4 Moss: Which player is he? The one that showed promise in his rookie season and showed the tough running ability? Or the one that disappeared in his soph outing? Was it blocking, scheme or him that caused him to regress? #5 Davis: Can he elevate himself and grab hold of the #2 WR spot for good?
  7. This is my single biggest concern about this roster, and also a source of frustration about the relative lack of attention to an area which is critical to protecting Allen. Beane did say after the season ended, that we need to protect Allen more. This is the single area where I don't see his words followed by adequate action. ' Besides OL, I dont see any position as short staffed.
  8. You mean that in TC, the DB that doesn't intercept Peterman is cut? 😁
  9. Good story! You have to go with your feelings when selecting a job. Trust it worked out for you.
  10. Packers @ Bills has long been my other wet dream
  11. I should have seen this before I typed in every Bills game into my calendar. My annual routine, a particularly satisfying one today
  12. My annual calendar is now updated.
  13. From a football perspective, Rams-Bills would be a compelling match up. Any opening day match up that includes Cowboys, Giants, 49ers is not due to football reasons.
  14. Looks like a solid headline for his resume. How could the Bears turn him down?
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