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  1. Fan in Chicago

    Sounds like Dolphins are headed for full rebuild in 2019

    But, would he be happy to just be a backup in 2019? I can't see Wentz and Foles both on the Eagles next year given what Foles has done this year
  2. Fan in Chicago

    AFC Divisional Playoffs: Chargers at Pats* 1:05pm CBS

    This is Reid's big chance to wipe out criticism of his playoff (limited) success. He has all the ingredients in place, can he avoud getting outcoached?
  3. Fan in Chicago

    AFC Divisional Playoffs: Chargers at Pats* 1:05pm CBS

    How about sports that most Americans don't follow ? Federer, Nadal, Serena Williams in tennis ? Tendulkar in cricket ?
  4. Fan in Chicago

    Greg Roman promoted to OC in Baltimore

    Roman is going to be in a tough spot. If the passing game is again inadequate, it is likely his OC tenure will be quite brief. But will that be due to having another QB who is a poor passer ? History will tell. Another problem is that if Roman continues developing a the high number of play, it will be tough for a low-Wonderlic Jackson to execute.
  5. There have been rumors over the past few days that he may be available. Don't have links handy.
  6. Imo, it depends on what the FO is thinking re: von Miller. If they feel they can get a reasonable trade done, and Elway doesn't block it, it will be a better choice. But if Miller is out of bounds, I would like to have Davis on a 1-2 year deal
  7. Fan in Chicago

    Who was GM when Jason Peters was dealt?

    Parker did what he was paid to do. OTOH, the Bills set a value for both Peters and byrd. In Peters case, they were wrong but they were correct re:Byrd.
  8. Depends on how you define winter severity. Some people equate it to snowfall and not temperatures. Chicago certainly gets a lot colder (speaking from experience and not statistics) but there is no comparison of the snowfall quantities. Of the two "evils", I prefer a place with less snow as cold is easier to deal with when you have cars in the garage and trains to commute to work. When it snows, everyone is affected negatively.
  9. Fan in Chicago

    Shady throwing shade at Bills O lineman

    It is virtually a given that adding good OLinemen will help the running game. But what we don't know is if Shady will suddenly become a big weapon behind a better OL , older by 2 years compared to 2017. We should add another RB with our 3rd or 4th round pick
  10. Fan in Chicago

    Shady throwing shade at Bills O lineman

    I should try using that logic with my wife when I see another pretty woman. 😋
  11. Fan in Chicago

    Playoffs and defense

    There is only one game this weekend where I care about who loses. No prizes for guessing which one.
  12. Fan in Chicago

    Eric Wood - His Bills offseason shopping list (The Athletic)

    Thanks for the summary Thanks, Hokie
  13. Fan in Chicago

    Bills fire ST Coach Danny Crossman

    Finally! Better late than never
  14. Fan in Chicago

    1993 Houston Wildcard Comeback- Where were you guys

    I had just started working and was back in Buffalo to hang out with friends who were still at UB. Game was blacked out, and we went to this little breakfast joint near the Amherst campus, where the $1 theater stood before. That place was greasy, messy but served an egg, 2 toasts and 2 bacon, sausage pieces for $1!! Coffee was $0.60. anyway, we were listening to the game on their radio ( yeah we used to go there for 'breakfast' after noon) and were frustrated at half time. But then the comeback started and we stayed there listening till the end of the game. Lovely memories!