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  1. "You know the best thing about used cars? About 2-3 years in and their best years are about to happen" πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  2. So basically, you are saying the same as Michael Lombardi:
  3. re: 1) , How do you feel about articles criticizing Darnold ?
  4. I couldnt watch past the 1:30 mark cos it already ruined my Saturday. Very frustrating to watch receivers drop passes between the numbers and a soft defender around them.
  5. Not giving him the benefit of a click. Based on the excerpt posted above, F him. His take is as lazy as it gets.
  6. Several reasons why this won't happen (I won't comment about politics): - He is not a BB type of QB who can run a system efficiently - He is not a good QB, period - Rusty and no one is sure if he can even play at the sub-par level of 2016 Hence , along with Alpha's Pats friends , I too wish the above is ignored and that they sign him.
  7. Much to like about his motivation and he is really trying to be the best he can be. Would like him to be careful about the surfaces and not hurt himself on such uneven ones.
  8. Very good decision on ESPN's part. They were atrocious
  9. Or avoid behavior which incites wife to attempt using a weapon πŸ™‚ Depending on the profession of that woman, there will be a few cultures growing
  10. If you ask about O talent, I got nothing and have to agree that they will win more games than the roster deserves due to BB. But, I wonder if one of these things is in play: - They acquire a QB between now and TC: unlikely as they have made no attempts to get Dalton who would work fine as a bridge. Then there is a question of their cap situation which will prevent this from happening - BB is pretty much giving up on this season and the next to load up talent and purge the cap situation for a resurgence from 2022 onwards. I essence, the Pats** may have hit the reset button by amassing draft picks and using this season as an audition to ensure continued dominance on D. Then next offseason, they get a QB and build the O I understand I am not answering your question about why their roster can be considered good (I cant). But I do believe there are some tremendous egos at play here - Brady and BB with each wanting to prove they can win the big one without the other.
  11. Why this passive aggressive posting style ? - The debate has been fair on both sides of the aisle regarding Allen's strengths and weaknesses. Where have posters been "blasted" for writing against Allen ? I rarely see posters claiming he is the final answer for the team - The thread is about a "hole" which does not equate entirely to "question mark" or a weakness. IMO, hole is a position which is weak. Allen has at least stabilized the position to the point that it is not a weakness. - You should consider that not many are posting about the "biggest question mark" because most dont consider it to be so - If you feel it is the biggest hole, by all means say it and present supporting evidence. The above line is tiresome and annoying
  12. RT (with TE close behind as I dont trust Knox yet)
  13. HIs fan-dom or football knowledge is never in doubt. Anyway, we are good, sir. Happy to see you are happy with the draft as opposed to several years back when you were repeatedly disappointed
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