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  1. Talent and (execution of) strategy will trump culture. GM Levy had culture, Jauron tried culture and both with terrible results. As in business, so with sports you absolutely need to set a strategy and have the horses to execute it. Pats have strategy (read: coaching) and add talent that fits that plan. The culture just comes by with all the winning.
  2. Yep. Imo, Giants should have gotten one of the 2018 QBs. But this early chatter out of their camp regarding Jones is mildly amusing.
  3. Don't underestimate the power of a GM's ego. Gettleman may pressure Shurmur into trying to prove him right. Not saying it makes any football sense at all
  4. I would never strike a woman, and I know I wont have much support for my choice, but I cannot stand this lady's face
  5. Yes it has been a golden era. I have been watching since 1979 and cant remember such an extended period of top level competition due to the 3 all time greats. No matter who ultimately gets called the GOAT, the other two wont be far behind. Indeed all have said that the others have pushed them to greater heights. Fans like us can just sit back and enjoy the thrills they provide. Consider - its the year 2019 and still they are three of the 4 semi finalists at another Grand Slam.
  6. She dismantled Halep the reigning French Open champion today and her March upward continues. I don't follow women's tennis nearly as closely as I do the men's due mostly to the fragmented competition and no strong US players. But AA may change that.
  7. My prediction is that Amanda Anisimova is the next big thing. Excellent range of shots, mature attitude and good temperament. If she doesn't go Capriati on us, expect great things from her. Now if only the men's side produces a prospect like her, the US will be good in tennis again.
  8. So this is now in full swing and so far, we have learned .... that teams can be hot or cold depending on the day. England started off well by beating South Africa, then proceeded to lose to Pakistan who were slapped around by West Indies in the first game Sri Lanka has started shakily by first losing handily to New Zealand and sweating before beating a previously bottom runger Afghanistan Bangladesh added to South Africa's woes by beating them via surprisingly good batting and tight bowling under pressure. Bangladesh could well be the surprise (positive) of the tournament. In a few hours, India play South Africa in what amounts to a must-win game for SA as they have started with 2 losses. They get back ace batsman Amla but lost seamer Steyn. They needed all the bowling they can muster against a powerful Indian batting line-up. Pre-tournament favorites were: England, India, Australia (cos they are the Patriots of cricket) and NZ as a dark horse. So far, none has emerged as clear favorite. Stay tuned
  9. At no point did I say I am not optimistic. But the NFL world is a lot different than 30 years back. Teams have turned it around in less than 3 years and gone on to become contenders. The chain of command is fairly clear with the current bunch and are presumed to be in lock step. They have done what needed to be done earlier but there is a limited time allowed to show success in terms of W-L. I am unwilling to excuse another season where we arent competitive on the field, cannot beat the Pats* at least once and also miss the playoffs. These are minimums going into their third season.
  10. At the end of three years, are you going to be happy with a 9-7 record ? Sure it follows a 6-10 record but that in itself followed a 9-7 season. If fans are truly going to say "we are trending in the right direction" after 3 years, when exactly should a new regime with full power expect to be competitive in the playoffs ? I am giving them this third season, but there should be no excuses at the end of this one. None.
  11. Do you also get February to June off ? If you did, would you watch TV and play video games each and every day ? Or would you otherwise engage in activities which will keep you good at your craft ? Your analogy is not even remotely similar. Taking advantage of opportunities to play is not the same as avoiding hard hits in a preseason game or for a QB to avoid a huge hit in a regular game. I absolutely approve of the latter to protect player in the larger picture. I am okay with OBJ not going full bore in these OTAs to avoid injuries but he needs to be there. While OBJ may not need to practice to hone his own craft, he does need to think about Mayfield who is entering a critical second year. I wont debate this point much more as we are both inflexible in this debate.
  12. The question about how much his attendance can contribute to the wins is a nebulous one which had no answer. You cannot answer the reverse either. But, directionally, it is tough to argue against more playing time in a new offense, different QB, different coaches and team will help more than hurt. Also, a player can break something at any point of the off season. That also is not a strong enough argument in favor of him skipping. I know you always favor the player side of an issue but OBJ should be out there with his team mates building camaraderie. And that is not drinking any Kool aid. It's just a fact of team sports
  13. There are two points of view to every discussion and debate. He was pointing out the team's view while still agreeing with you. Did you miss that ?
  14. So, $5000 in US dollars ? 😋 Saw bits of the video and its pretty good. So you didnt bet any money that Jones wont be on the day 1 roster ?
  15. The shorter formats influence the longer ones. Just as the one-day version caused more runs to be scored in the 5-day games, so too did the T20 influence this one. Did to time commitment and time zones, I don't follow cricket on a regular basis. Just the world cup. Makes it exciting for me as I have little feel for the favorites and the "dogs". Like the Patriots***, Australia is somehow always a contender.
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