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  1. Thanks for kicking me in the shins to interrupt my dreaming
  2. Major issues are the draft compensation and status of his health. For 1.5 years, If we get 80% of the player that has terrorized Bills QBs I would really like to have him. He is the kind of disruptive force that makes the overall DL better.
  3. Sounds right. It is simultaneously unsurprising and disappointing (from a Bills perspective) how the Steelers continuously bounce back from poor seasons while Bills have spent 25 years attempting to climb out of mediocrity.
  4. If one uses a philosophy to take away an opponent's biggest strength, the selection is very tough for the Chiefs. on O, they excel in the intermediate to long game is very good. This helps their runnning game. We have a weak pass rush but healthy on DBs, will be a lot of pressure on the CB and Safeties
  5. My overall view s that McD decided to stick his paws into the D philosophy and planning. We may see a very different style of D today. Worst case it crashes and burns but likely no worse than against the Titans. With Brown back, there is a possibility that Allen and crowd can cover up for much of the D's ineptitude anyway. If (when) we win today, I will tip my hat to McD the coach
  6. I am seeing some adverts saying it's a 4:30 pm ET start. Which is the correct start time ?
  7. Then he is stupid. The game is out of hand. Just tip your hat and get off the field
  8. Only two late games today and both are snooze-inducing
  9. That's not the only thing he lacks. Dude should stop embarrassing himself and retire
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