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  1. I have quite a few to choose from but thinking that Rob Johnson would become a great QB was the worst of them. BTW, has BADOL posted in this thread yet? 😁
  2. I also dont usually like Bradshaw but I agree with everything in this article and with bradshaw
  3. I just find it tough to believe that an organization as traditionally well run as the Packers could intentionally go out of its way to continually pi** off one of the best QBs in the league. As an example, picking Love last year was in line with their long term philosophy yet Rodgers took that as an affront as opposed to either taking him under his wing or continuing to do his job well. If Rodgers kept playing at 39, the Pack could have pulled a Patriots** move and traded him/Love. Yet, Rodgers proceeded to play the victim and pouted like a jilted kid at a prom.
  4. And that is the crux of my disagreement with this decision. One that did not need to be made. Extending him could have been done after the next season if he lived up to his potential in year 4. Worst case, in season.
  5. I disagree. He is an excellent QB and fun to watch but certainly not the greatest A Bears fan would be ecstatic by that brain freeze on Rodgers' part. I found it a frustrating play by a QB I liked in a clutch moment I dont know the details of the sequence of events but could be mere coincidence, no? When someone is as selfish as Rodgers is showing himself of to be, every little occurrence around him can look like a conspiracy against him.
  6. Is your post intended as a pat on your own back or are you implying that your opinion about Edmunds is more correct than others?
  7. I always respect someone who spends time analyzing film so perhaps you are correct. Without extending this too much, lets say I am skeptical for now.
  8. Was Adams saying that to the Packers or to Rodgers? Clearly, I am souring on the drama around Rodgers which can only be due to him being a whiny little dude who is not coming across as a team player. Shut up and do your job and next time you see wide open green in front of you, run it in for a TD instead of being indecisive and missing the throw.
  9. Which is what exactly? This debate (I am glad to have a healthy one even if I am proven wrong some day) reminds me of the arguments made in favor of McKelvin. A guy with immense physical talent but little to no instincts to play CB. I am not saying Edmunds has zero instincts but he misses many tackles or is not in a position to make one. I understand that the front 4 was not the best in 2020 but every player needs to do the job as best as they can. if he was a consistent tackler (TFLs), then upcoming improvements such as the return of Star, more DE talent should let him excel even more.
  10. May not have been a question in your mind, but it certianly was in mine and a few others on this board. He has not consistently delivered or shown continued improvement as Allen did. I would have let this season go by and see if he steps it up. If he did, a new contract could be negotiated. By picking up the option, Bills are paying him in the hope the light comes on. If it does, thats great. But it is a gamble which did not have to be taken
  11. Talent doesn't mean much if not realized in on-field play. I am surprised that Edmunds' option was picked up but can't say I am disappointed as I trust Beane to have a plan for his contract. We will see how things progress but LB is one position where we seem to be the weakest in terms of starters and depth.
  12. I am sure that every team feels they "helped" themselves and made their team better . Also, each team's goals are different. Jags would be keen on climbing from the worst team to, say, the top of the bottom quartile. For the Bills, it is all about how can we go from third best to Superbowl winner.
  13. My sense is that the FO identified the main issues as (1) blocking and (2) RB speed. They addressed the former in the draft (and perhaps think that Ford will help) and latter via Brieda. These two aspects will give Daboll adequate flexibility to create schemes in the offseason which emphasize the run game.
  14. As this draft had unfolded, I thought of him many times and am imagining he can't stop grinning. Even he could not have imagined a GM, much less one working for the Bills, could place so much emphasis on the lines.
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