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  1. Hockensen is available and we reach for a safety , or worse, a RB
  2. Thank you for saying this. By calling Whaley an idiot, Tipster19 dropped several levels in my eyes. We can all debate whether Whaley was or wasn't a competent GM but no way should he be called an idiot
  3. That is good work evaluating the visits, workouts and predicting who the pick will be. For those with little time, he is predicting Hockenson
  4. Sounds like a waste especially when Reid will coach them into another playoff letdown anyway.
  5. Yes but that needs to happen if we are to consistently beat the Pats**. The question posed was - "how do we pass the Pats"
  6. Win the battles at the lines of scrimmage and not get out coached.
  7. Okay I will concede that "not very good" may have been too strong. But while they got better down the stretch, I still dont think they had the horsepower to hold the strong offenses. Plus, KyleW retired and Harrison Phillips is still an unknown. Given both sides of the argument, I still maintain that BPA is the way to go. We will have our choice of difference maker whether it is on D or O. If there is a pick valued equally, I would go D as they bust potential is lower.
  8. The Bills defense was not very good last year. We need help on the DL and this draft has some very good prospects. In addition to getting several OLinemen, Beane also added WR talent which makes that group much stronger than in the past 3-4 years. We are lacking at the TE department but we should go BPA wherever we pick. You are throwing stones at others' recommendations but not making a suggestion of your own. You do realize that if you come out and recommend we draft Metcalf/Hockensen, you will open yourself to a reverse question of how to shore up a relatively wek DL. So, what ya got ?
  9. Good that someone came around go my line of thinking
  10. Exhibit number xxx why you don't draft a RB that high esp on a team as bereft of talent as the Jags were
  11. I see your logic but I am advocating hedging in a big way. They cannot go all in on either QB at this point. While Murray may bust, it is also likely that Rosen isn't good and he was part of the problem last year. If they draft a stud defensive player, his chance of failure will be small and resulting impact on the team will be good but not transcendental. But the implications of Rosen busting and Murray being a hit eclipses any such impact. This should be the year the Cards use to identify the QB. They can build around him starting next year
  12. But if they hold on to Rosen, they will hedge their bets (cos despite the best evaluations, QBs are still a risky proposition). As of now, they cannot have made a definitive judgment on Rosen. Bombing on two top-10 QBs in consecutive years will require a special level of incompetence. And putting all their eggs in one basket is just asking for trouble. Didnt many in TBD advocate drafting QBs every year till you get it right ? I am advocating the same for the Cards esp now that they can pick whoever they want.
  13. Only if you didn't draft one high the previous year. Or if said pick bombed like a Ryan Leaf or J Russell.
  14. Draft Murray, keep Rosen and choose your savior after 10 months
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