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  1. I don't have a horse in this race but don't forget his performance in the brutal snow game against the Colts.
  2. Fan in Chicago

    Will Rex Ryan Ever Get Another Shot To Coach in The NFL?

    No. I seriously doubt that. No team is that stupid to hire that lazy man even as a DC. I have heard him calling games and his personality does NOT come through. At least if you meant that in a positive way. His analysis is really pedestrian. Compare him to Romo and you can see the stark contrast
  3. Fan in Chicago

    David Culley Talks Bills' QB Competition

    Kindergarten is a language ?
  4. Fan in Chicago

    David Culley Talks Bills' QB Competition

    What are you babbling about ?
  5. Fan in Chicago

    Cardale starting tonight for Chargers

    So I woke up this morning and my morning news feed from Google said "Rosen impresses in first NFL action". I can either believe that title or you guys who watched the game. 😉 Of all the young QBs I really want to succeed (just to make the league fun for the next 10 years), Rosen is not one of them. Call me a hater if you like.
  6. Fan in Chicago

    Sam Darnold Dazzles In Debut

    Who is this"everyone" you speak of?
  7. Fan in Chicago

    Sam Darnold Dazzles In Debut

    Exactly my feelings, add Carr, Goff, Wentz to that list. Would be great for the game of football if many of these youngsters become good QBs. To re-iterate - as long as Allen and the Bills are the best.
  8. Fan in Chicago

    Bills' 2018 Training Camp Day 3 - First Day in Pads

    Meanwhile elsewhere in the NFL, Darnold still isn't in camp and he is officially a holdout: https://www.sny.tv/jets/news/jets-josh-mccown-hopes-sam-darnold-reports-to-camp-soon/287765516
  9. Fan in Chicago

    EJ Manuel says benching with Bills sent him into depression

    Credit EJ with not going off the deep end, indulging in self destructive behavior or doing anything illegal. Unlike the Ryan Leaf and Manziels of the NFL world, at least he kept his head down and carried out his role. reduced though it may have been.
  10. Fan in Chicago

    Should We Make a Run @ Le'Veon Bell in 2019?

    Nope. Drama queen and too expensive for the position he plays.
  11. Fan in Chicago

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    LeShawn ????
  12. Feeling lonely, are we?
  13. You of course realize that your paragraphs can both be true, right?
  14. Maybe this one take is simplistic but it is the body of criticisms that amount to a single fact - that TT is just not a very good QB. His skill set is very limited and his defense always sounds very very Spiller-esque in nature. Needs a very narrow set of circumstances and supporting cast to be effective. With that limited a window to be effective, his job as a starting QB is never going to be secure. Spiller too bounced around a bit till it was conclusively proven that he just wasnt a good starting RB. My hot take is that the same thing will happen with TT in Cleveland. Hard working, good guy, team mate, nice deep ball - but ultimately not a good QB with his major claim to fame being the limited turnovers. Not going to win a lot of games if thats all he has going for him.