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  1. And locker room leader, inspiration for younger players...
  2. I certainly hope so. Or the NFL Sunday ticket works outside the US. I will find out.
  3. Something is indeed wrong with the events after his concussion on Sunday. I hope the NFLPA hires an independent doctor to investigate
  4. Gonna miss the game as I will be on a beach in Riviera Maya 😎
  5. That's what I meant when I later said they have been neutered. I agree that there will (and should be) repurcussions in thev coming days.
  6. Terrible deep throw by Burrow. Should have led the receiver inside
  7. The lack of mention or discussion of Tuas injury is stunning (On the broadcast I mean)
  8. Only thing keeping me awake is the hope that somehow the Bengals hold on to win
  9. I intentionally started watching late and couldn't "play from the beginning". So I had to select the live option but once that started, the feed has been flawless
  10. Boyd threw the best Bengals pass of the night
  11. Are you competing with @chris hefffor longest post title? Titles should be exactly that and not a synopsis of the thread
  12. Didn't want to start a new thread but given Brown's struggles, I am wondering if we should bring back Daryl Williams and move Brown to G. At this point in the season, we are not going to find HOF players and need to do what we can to shore up the OL. Also on a related note, I see Cowboys got the 40 yr old Jason Peters and he was playing LG in the MNF game. Apparently he is doing well and I wish we would have given him a 1 yr contract this season.
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