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  1. Don't go on a tangent. I am only talking about the Bills roster
  2. The drops and penalties make Knox look worse. Point of view
  3. What measure are you using? As of now, he is unreliable. It's way too early to tell if the problem with drops is chronic but he can't be called the best until he proves it consistently. I think Lee Smith and Sweeny look somewhat better. Bottom line, we don't have a reliable TE even now.
  4. All fair points. Allen definitely needs to continue improving esp in protecting the football and his own body. However, it is good to see that we dont have a bust on our hands. He is trending (note i just said trending) more towards Ben Roethlisberger than EJ Manuel/JP Losman/Trent Edwards
  5. So.... This is saying that five starting QBs with less than 2 years starting experience, except Jackson, are worst against the blitz ? Nice to know
  6. Warren, pa? I used to live there several years back
  7. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Wish it was a 2020 pick but a 5th for Zay is pretty good.
  8. Aaah. If he did, I will change my post to "more than a few downs"
  9. Can a QB be called a coach-killer if he hasn't played a down yet ?
  10. This should be required reading: Read this, another excellent informative post . DrPJax discusses whether or not he was concussed : You can choose not to watch it
  11. But Jones' helmet has a goofy caricature of a guy in an ancient cap slamming against Allen. Ref couldn't possibly eject Jones with such a harmless head scratching gesture
  12. We need a WR over and above anything else. We can scheme and game plan around other shortcomings but WR is a glaring need right now. Cut Zay and trade for one who fights for the ball. We need a Lofton type of acquisition.
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