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  1. Yeah just looked at Parking Whiz, anywhere from $95 by FF, to like $25 but a walk.
  2. I think its jacked up for Lions, but not sure cause we have parking pass for Lions. But I think at least $30 if not more.
  3. First of all, downtown D is pretty safe these days, especially when there is an event going on. There are lots of bars and restaurants scattered all around from the Greektown Casino, The Old Shillelagh is a great local bar, The Detroiter Bar is a classic dive bar (just like the ones in Blo), The Roof Detroit is just across the from Comerica Park, Detroit Beer Company is a brewery on Broadway....lots of choices. Corktown just a mile west of the downtown on Michigan Avenue (too far to walk, Uber there) also has many bars and restaurants, like Nemos (a great Detroit tradition, dating back to when the Tigers played at Tiger Stadium), Slows BBQ, Lager House, etc. Walking around going from place to place is no problem, no worries there. I was just at the Sabres/Bruins game and frankly, the D has many, many more options for downtown restaurants and drinking than Blo. Tailgating is not like at the Bills games. There is tailgating, just different cause the parking is in small downtown lots. So space is VERY limited in the lots, so you don't see a lot of huge tents set up because the parking lot owners want paying cars instead of tents. And it will be expensive to park close to Ford Fiels, like $40 -50 or so. A lot of tailgaters just open up the back and stand around. Lastly, the old thing about alcohol not being allowed was gone years ago. Everyone parties just like anywhere else. Good luck, have fun in the D, I'll be there and Go Bills!!
  4. Flip mi, I may have 3 tics in lower bowl at 45 on Browns side. I'll know more later today if my friends are going to go. I live in MI so could meet you if I cannot transfer them. Lmk if you're interested.
  5. Yeah you're probably right, just too hard on short notice. I Have my seats at 45 on the aisle, so I'm good.
  6. Seems to me why could'nt the Bills send a randomized code to all STH instead of the same for everybody. That way, each STH would have a unique code. It would give Bills STH advantage over Browns fans.
  7. So according to One Bills Live, STH have from 2-5 PM to purchase up to 6 tickets, and then at 5, some others have opportunities.
  8. I suspect that the free ones are in the end zones and Bills STH will have opportunities for seats between the 20s. Don't know, just a guess.
  9. We have season tickets to the Lions and we have to respond by 12 noon today to receive 4 free complimentary tickets in the lower bowl. Of course we're getting the free tickets. But I also have Bills season and hopefully I will have some preference over the public for better seats then the free ones.
  10. Great for me, living in Detroit, went to Vikings game, will go on Sunday and also have tics for Thanksgiving game....3 games in 10 days!! Went to Bills Jets in Detroit and it was really fun. Go Bills!
  11. So happy for my Cincy friends...and Tannehill lost this game
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