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  1. He's just trying to get that thing out of his hands and off his foot as fast as he can. I think fooling around with directional stuff is just adding an unnecessary variable at that point.
  2. Not to mention the 6 unsportsmanlikes that are going to get called when it turns into a full field melee of pissed off division rivals.
  3. Yeah I was referring to Dawkins. As for the other OL they've added I'm going to wait and see before I get too comfortable with Beane's work in the pro personnel dept. As for my incessant criticism, you did notice I started the thread with the express purpose of praising the assets he's used to build a strong foundation in the middle of the field? Holy schnikes, my friend. I barely lived through that decade the first time; I am not rolling those deadly bones again! Yeah, that was definitely the intent. I almost put Allen in cuz technically he's in the middle of the field, but the fit didn't seem quite right for what I was going for. fwiw, I think young Josh is going ot be a very effective QB in this league and probably for a very long time. And I would never be snide about it; I freely admit I'm an enormous jackass and would just come right and say it without equivocation ; - ) Good to "see" you too, old man. I haven't been watching enough ball the last couple years to intelligently give input on Ford. But I will say that I am happy that Beane at least seems to recognize that he needs a gaggle of mean mutherjumpers out in front of that talented young QB
  4. Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what I was about to post. Take the delay to milk every single second you can, keep the TO in your pocket in the event of a blocked punt/TD or some other Billsy situation and also give your punter a little room to work with if Gase doesn't decline the penalty. But that's just me being picayune
  5. I don't know, man. I thought the last concussion Mose took looked pretty serious
  6. He got us on the board when he tried to sneak a crown under Josh Allens chin and got caught, bailing us out on what would have been 4th down on the FG drive
  7. Get that galdanged loft wedge out of your bag and I bet your handicap drops to 25 within a month. Do you have 15 legal pads full of notes or do you just remember this stuff off the top of your head? There's probably an effective medication for either disorder.
  8. Ya gotta take into account who you're running against also. Taking multiple deep shots against Gregg WIlliams' defenses is not necessarily a productive or advisable tactic.
  9. Holy spit, you salty old reprobate. If you've risen from the dead, I may just have to put up my boots and stick around for a while. Glad to see life is treating you the way you deserve; I imagine it knows better by now than to attempt anything else. And if Shady is ripping of 1500 yrds from scrimmage while Frank Gore's body is breaking down and the Bills are forcing themselves into nothing but empty sets on 3rd down because a gill-green rookie can't pick up loose rushers, we'll revisit this topic down the road. Cheers, brother....
  10. I'm definitely hoping last year's class was a one-off fluke, but until we see better results it's hard to be too hopeful. And while I actually like John Brown and thinkhe's a legitimate baller, the rest of the guys in that room are a pile of undersized jags who don't necessarily mesh well with Allen's strengths. Egads...... Is it too late to take back everything I said?
  11. While I don't agree, I do appreciate you at least taking the time. I consider TE's to be primarily OLinemen, which means in my mind there are 7 positions on the offensive line. Of those 7 positions only two of them are being manned by quality NFL starters. When you have a prospect like Allen on board, you've got to do more than that to protect him.
  12. I've been having a difficult time trying to watch the NFL product the last couple seasons. Last year I was actually opting to spend a couple Sundays snowshoeing in conditions so bad that I wouldn't take the dog along, rather than sit through an NFL broadcast. I'll try to do better this year, but no promises. Can I still have the cheesesticks?
  13. Thank you for your stellar contribution. The board is a better place because of your keen insight and commitment to excellence.
  14. When I got home and turned on the TV, it was late in the 3rd qrtr and the Bills were down 16-0. From that point on the Bills scored 17 straight points and held the Jets to only a couple of first downs and probably less than 50 total yards. If y'all want to start a GoFundSimon and start tossing some cheese my way, I can probably be convinced to make a better effort to watch more Bills football.
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