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  1. It didn't. But it was really funny and I had been looking forward to using it on you at some point.
  2. It was one guy. And fwiw, I kind of think you won't be seeing him around these parts anymore.
  3. There's nothing like a nice piece of hickory.
  4. [This is an automated response] The topic title is potentially misleading. Accurate titles help the community find topics relevant to their interests and avoids reader frustration. Please change the topic title to more accurately reflect content of the original post.The topic starter can edit the topic title line to make it more appropriate. Thank you.
  5. Possibly my favorite Dead Schembechlers piece.
  6. Both of you knock it off or take it to PM
  7. Put your cursor over his name and then you can put him on ignore.
  8. Hiking with the dog until after dark ought to kill a chunk of time
  9. Since NY bars are out and none of you sonsabitches would invite me to your parties, I came up with an alternative plan. I've got a bunch of big, ugly Stiller fans that hate the Ravens coming over to spill beer and holler at the television with me tonight. Pittsburgh's got our backs this week!
  10. I know I have one but I've never run across him. I know because a few years ago my wife and I were in the Rockies chilling out in a clothing-optional hot springs at sunset and a lady sidled up to me and asked me if people ever tell me I look like Mel Gibson.
  11. Maybe they put the sauce on too quick. Got to let them breathe for a minute.
  12. When somebody puts that much time into a post, I don't love the idea of burying it in an inactive thread that was started 4-5 days ago, so I'm not likely to shut it down (at least anytime soon). As for your point, I'd guess the Chargers job belongs to Daboll if he wants it. The longer they go without hiring somebody while the Bills are still alive, I think the chances of him getting the job ,ight actually increase.
  13. Apparently that light bulb was off before. I hope somebody tells him that they are related because there used to be massive herds of Buffalo in Western NY that the original Americans hunted for their spicy leg meat.
  14. I just buy Kaiser rolls, brush eggs on them, sprinkle with caraway and sea salt and toss them in the oven til they crisp up a bit. Make it the last thing you do though cuz they tend to get soggy pretty quickly.
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