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  1. My tolerance for people turning any thread into a Covid thread is rapidly waning, particularly when it comes to repeat offenders. Boater, JaCrispy, Riot Act, etc, if you want to discuss masks and pandemics, go to one of the several threads on OTW. Stop polluting threads on the main board with it. P.S. I will be deleting any responses to this post in an effort to keep it on-topic, so if you need to say something about it, PM me and leave this thread alone.
  2. Congratulations on having the length of your suspension doubled yet again. Keep it up and every account you attempt to make will be permanently removed in addition to your "original" one.
  3. TRNP in North Dakota mid-July Sawtooths in Idaho in late July Mt Rainier in early August North Cascades in mid August All systems are still a hopeful go at this point. Will be driving the truck out then camping and backpacking so social distancing is not an issue.
  4. [This is an automated response] This topic is no longer contributing positively to the community and therefore the discussion has been closed. Thank you.
  5. I was referring to off-the-field noise. Therefore the groans must have been your teammates
  6. I looked up who Chris Evans is and his ridiculously prepared hair is definitely different from my gorgeous natural locks, so that comparative differentiation kinda sorta works in a pinch.
  7. Shouldn't you have picked two things that look different?
  8. I don't think it would be an issue because a) there's a lot of pride involved in individual matchups and somebody trying to rip your head off tends to concentrate the mind wonderfully and b) this will sound weird but you don't really hear crowd noise when you're actually playing; it's like your mind is dealing with so much other data that it dismisses any auditory input outside of the field of play. I've actually had moments where I can see people yelling near the sidelines but don't register any actual related sound.
  9. He's not going 12 with a 20-30yr old at this point. But he'd probably still be hell on wheels for a couple rounds.
  10. I'll take Things That Still Hurt in the Film Room for $400, Alex.
  11. The finest song ever written about cleaning windows ; - )
  12. I hope somebody gave it up for some of these guys. I guarantee you can't watch 'em without cracking up.
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