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  1. I think he's wondering if not "slowing down" makes you a bad person. Or just someone who broke a law. Cuz the two are not really interchangeable, imo.
  2. I don't disagree with this. But it also calls to mind another franchise that tortured us, had a first ballot HOF QB, and had a variety of implosions annually predicted as their fate; predictions which became so tirelessly repetitive that they evolved into an ongoing gag.
  3. Yeah, I think so. Maybe they were in Kansas?
  4. The logic is that his arms are short by choice, not by design.
  5. Then be prepared to have your observations misinterpreted by the people you are communicating with. Fwiw, when you referred to our alligator-armed slot, I could not figure out who you were talking about as I had never seen Shakir shy from contact.
  6. Came in as a Lion, now going out like a lamb. No muss, no Cephus.....
  7. If 265 is his wrestling weight, I'd guess a couple good sandwiches would get him to 290.
  8. The inability to differentiate between the travel lane and the passing lane is a level of idiocy I will never be able to comprehend. If the right lane is a stretch of bad road and there is no other traffic around then I get it; I do that sometimes. But to be hanging out there doing the same speed as a car you're not even passing, while 5 people are stacked up behind you is stunningly stupid and you will get an intimate close up view of my bumper.
  9. I know it makes no logical sense whatsoever but I am extremely intrigued by Chase Claypool during this particular chapter of his career.
  10. There are three little horizontally aligned dots in the upper right corner of your original post. You can click on them to bring up an "Edit" option, which will give you the opportunity to make alterations to either the post or the title. 👍
  11. That was a very good team with a tough Front 7 and an outstanding OLine. They were a QB away from a championship, imo. As a fellow who has always been convinced that your defensive front is the 2nd most impactful position on your team (only superseded by QB), this is arguably my very favorite thing about Beane's philosophy. I will concede that rule changes have made DLs somewhat less impactful over the last few years, but not enough to significantly lessen their import in the greater scheme of the game.
  12. I'm holding out hope for an unhinged rant about how hard it is to be a white guy in America!
  13. It doesn't matter "why" they are interviewing them, only that they are interviewing them. You're operating under the mistaken assumption that the rule is intended to get teams to hire minority candidates; that is not what it's for. It was instituted to open up the Old Boy network so the same guys weren't interviewing their buddies over and over again. It's intended to give minorities the opportunity to meet and talk to people they would never have had a chance to talk to otherwise. It's not about hiring practices, it's about exposure.
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