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  1. Neither team is allowed to go low like that on a pick/fumble return, but it's perfectly legal on a typical play where there's no change of possession.
  2. He had 66 yrds rushing and 2 catches on 6 targets. Take your crusade somewhere else.
  3. He looked a lot better walking into the locker room after the game. I'm guessing he was upset because he knows he's hurt and is going to miss some time.
  4. I thought he took a hard shot to the ribs while he was extended on the 2nd INT
  5. Right before the current streak of losing close games, they had a similar sized streak of winning close games the year before. I think it's more circumstantial than definitive.
  6. Didn't see it on here anywhere. Broadcast map Early game map:
  7. I played organized ball well into my 30s; I've been lit up too many times to count. No gongowning ishuez so var dough....
  8. He's also continuing to consistently lock down his gaps and finish plays against the run game as well. That's a very complete player in just his second year, and at a premium position and who's likely to keep getting better.
  9. Usually, it's self-important tools who think they're so much better than everybody else that they don't have to waste time with simple respect or common decency.
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