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  1. Yeah, those were the plays that decided the game. Hard to argue with making sure you don't get beat by Henry though.🤷‍♂️
  2. Outside of that long run where Oliver, Poyer and White were all blatantly held, Henry only had like 65 yrds on 19 carries I thought Edmunds had his third good game in a row for arguably the first time in his career.
  3. He got caught nekkid a couple times on D-calls in the first half that led to big plays and got pretty cautious after that. I understand keeping guys fresh against Henry but I also though Star, Groot and Oliver didn't get enough snaps in the second half
  4. We might have got a make-up spot if he got anywhere close
  5. Both Oliver and especially Tre got held on that too
  6. Not to mention there was 20 yrds of free field in front of him
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