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  1. Every year when I close up camp, I scatter a bunch of cinnamon sticks around the crawlspace to keep the bats out. It does work.
  2. I know how the Raiders played them. We played them very similarly. We did not get a similar result. Because we are not the Raiders.
  3. Maybe they would have, but you're right that it's beside the point. I don't mind dyin, but at least let me get my boots on and get in the fight.
  4. It can never be your strength when they're standing on the sideline all day. Yea, I would rather roll the dice and attack opposing offenses even if it means weakening the integrity of your secondary at times. If they hit some big plays on us, so be it. We have an offense that can get points back in a hurry. But putting pressure on people also leads to mistakes and turnovers and I think it's a better alternative than sitting back and bleeding out while your offense watches from the sidelines.
  5. Yeah, and kept the strength of our team off the field most of the night. That's just nonsense all over. He's a mudder!
  6. Actually , he and McDermott drew up a very similar design. Unfortunately for them, we're not the freaking Raiders.
  7. Actually I didn't. But congrats on being wrong again.
  8. Actually I hid it as soon as it was posted so as not to be breaking the rule. But thanks for being you
  9. The Bills coaching staff is afraid of their own shadows. They need to embrace the strengths and weaknesses of this roster and install schemes and call games accordingly. This is not a grind it out and limit possessions kind of football team. Attacking on both sides of the ball, even recklessly if necessary, plays to this team's strengths and tiptoeing around the field on both offense and defense plays to its weaknesses. They're not going to win a super bowl with this Front 7, but this roster can play with anybody if you give just them the chance to do so. Just unleash the galdanged hounds on both sides of the ball and see who can deal with it.
  10. it is to some degree. But gameplans on both sides of the ball were absolutely gutless
  11. do you go surprise onside at this point? You aint stopping anybody with that front 7.
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