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  1. I've reached the point where I'll buy a tub of crumbled blue cheese, pour a bunch in a bowl and then mix it up with something like Ken's Chunky Blue Cheese dressing.
  2. That was so horrifically bad I can't tell if you're trolling.
  3. Agreed that he can absolutely shred the zones that the Bills offense is going to predominantly see all year. One other aspect of his game that should not go unmentioned; he spent his first couple years in the league in a room with Hines Ward. The man will block and will enjoy the hell out of it.
  4. If you want to gossip over Twitter nonsense about Covid, please feel free to use Twitter for that. Starting multiple threads on it in a place we're working hard to keep free of it is not helpful.
  5. Wow, locking Bills related threads! Must be nice to have the power! :(


    1. Simon


      If you want to discuss Twitter nonsense about Covid, feel free to use Twitter.

    2. sunshynman


      There was no reason to lock the first time. It is a valid topic about Bills players. Must be a sad lonely world you live in.

    3. Simon


      Thanks for the personal insult.

      I'l be deleting this now that you've had your chance to vent and I'd suggest you end it there.

  6. Just a reminder to please keep this thread on topic and limited to commentary about NFL Covid protocols
  7. Just a heads up that I have tossed no less than 5 different posters in the last 15 minutes. Keep it on topic or feel free to follow them out the door.
  8. Actually, if he was 8 years younger you'd instead be whining about how he was just a product of the Steelers offense and trying to find some other reasons to moan about why he'd never be any good here.
  9. [This is an automated response] This topic is no longer contributing positively to the community and therefore the discussion has been closed. Thank you.
  10. Now you're tryin' to light your roach while you're drivin' down the street (Two hits and the joint turned brown) But it's too small to smoke and it's too big to eat (Two hits and the joint turned brown)
  11. I'm afraid of three things in this life: 1) Brown bears 2) Bees 3) Ghosts
  12. If it keeps them quiet, there's no fine for giving those kids as much vodka and Cherry Coke as they can handle.
  13. Great band that never got their due. The first two albums (self-titled and Blind Man's Hill) are masterpieces. If you like the genre, go buy both immediately.
  14. Sometimes we live no particular way but our own Sometimes we visit your country and live in your home Sometimes we ride on your horses Sometimes we walk alone Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own
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