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  1. By the time my youngest hit middle school, I was wearing large headphones in the bleachers for his basketball games. I'd head to the top row with the fewest people nearby, have a wall to lean back on, sit quiet as a churchmouse and not have to hear a bunch of jackasses screaming about kids playing ball. I enjoyed the irony of them thinking I was the rude one.
  2. Are you setting us up to GoFund your next trip abroad?
  3. It was a unique situation with the game involving the team that had eliminated us just a week ago against the one team the Bills have been chasing, and playing in a Championship game we wanted to be in. Lots of factors pushing what was likely hundreds of frustrated venting postws into the game thread. There was another live thread that was essentially dedicated to those comparisons and why the Bills weren't good enough to be there and how to fix that, etc. and it ended up working pretty good so that folks had a couple options of what they wanted to discuss and where to do it without washing out other people's conversations. The request was placed in both threads and in both titles. I also sent out dozens of individual PMs asking people to not do that in that thread until eventually it just became too much. You can be sure that you were not the only one who was temporarily locked out until after the game.
  4. You can gain competitive advantages from false starts or illegal formations, but the 41st second on the play clock is completely irrelevant.
  5. No, I'd be pretty pissed that we gave up a 4th/8 to lose a game and wouldn't care less that it happened one second later.
  6. Love the Acme quality idea but I'd be concerned about Belichik figuring a way to make it blow up in Morse's face with 3 seconds left.
  7. I didn't think I was going to like it when they stared foregoing measurements, making quick judgment calls and giving the O the benefit of the doubt with first down calls, but it's been one of the few things they've successfully done to keep the game moving and the momentum building. I hope the OCD fans don't start squawking about this also when they feel wronged while looking at their angled sideline views.
  8. Yeah, he doesn't have much wiggle room when it comes to arm strength
  9. Because it inevitably ends up turning the live game thread into yet anther Bills B word fest. People like to have a thread to talk about the game being played and introducing Bills content into it then makes it difficult or impossible to follow and talk with others about the game itself. There are dozens of threads people can select to discuss any aspect of the Bills they wish, keeping one free of that for a few hours so that folks can discuss a game they are watching is a nice option for us to have. Nobody loses, everybody wins. 🤙 The only problematic part of it is me missing watching the game myself because I'm trying to keep the game thread clean (my computer and TV are not in the same room). I probably missed over 50% of both games yesterday trying to provide a clean thread for people, and I'm trying to figure out another way to provide this service without screwing myself over at the same time. I do not want that to continue going forward, so it's possible that kind of janitorial work may be discontinued. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Mahomes sees the whole field better than anybody else in the world right now.
  11. These guys can get on the line and snap the ball in 10-12 seconds when they want to. The difference between 40-41 seconds is meaningless, imo.
  12. I'd dig my spikes out of the garage for that. 👍
  13. Those are infractions for which a team can gain a legitimate competitive advantage. One second on the play clock does not fall under that category, imo. Now this, I am on board with.
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