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  1. For anybody who's ever wondered what it feels like the day after a football game, this vaccine's effect the following day was remarkably similar. The morning after my shot, I opened my eyes, rolled out of bed and for a second was actually confused because I couldn't remember yesterday's game. The physical feelings were so similar that it was like my body was automatically operating under the assumption I had played ball the day before but my mind wasn't awake enough to process the real reason I was sore. I've never had that from any other vaccine and it was a really weird moment. I k
  2. Exactly. It was not forcible contact and was not a penalty.
  3. Fair warning; Your opinions on politics and how pussified this country is have NO place here. My tolerance for it is currently at zero.
  4. Gravity used to be a variable
  5. For me it was being a bit uncomfortable with an emergent technology that manipulates your messengerRNA (although after nearly 40 years of drinking and smoking, does it really matter at this point:-). I went with the single dose J&J which is just an adenovirus. Had it Monday afternoon; rolled out of bed Tuesday morning and it felt uncannily like the morning after a football game. No soreness Wednesday but a bunch of chills and a little tired; nothing so bad that I couldn't go to work and then still manage to slog through a 5 mile hike with the dog in the evening.
  6. That would be awesome if it turned out like this:
  7. [This is an automated response] The topic title is potentially misleading. Accurate titles help the community find topics relevant to their interests and avoids reader frustration. Please change the topic title to more accurately reflect content of the original post.The topic starter can edit the topic title line to make it more appropriate. Thank you.
  8. I might be the only guy on this board who's going to miss having him around. Thanks for always taking care of your boys, Lee.
  9. hurt No Eichel No Ristolainen No Ullmark No Skinner
  10. I think he wants you to arrange the mac in the shape of a pair of golden arches
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