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  1. He's become one of the best players the world, but he may have just played his worst game of the postseason. 🤷‍♂️ That was certainly the sloppiest I've seen Colorado look so far; I guess a smart veteran team can do that to you.
  2. I don't think Tampa has a snowballs chance of taking a series from these guys. I'll see your 6 and name that tune in 5.
  3. Why would you even post something like this?! Did he beat up your brother or something?!?! I don't know what your problem is but you should never be able to post here again!!!!!
  4. You can always try again. Although your wife might end up with half of it.....
  5. Have you seen those kids skate? I think they could throw me in goal and win a Cup.
  6. I think Tim Settle buries that streak in its tracks.
  7. The irony of your username is not lost on me ; - ) Not even close, man.
  8. Good grief, man; was the block on top of a mesa also?
  9. Highly doubtful. I think they're more an investigative force these days.
  10. Can you think of a single widespread common factor that's made a significant change in almost everybody's life starting about 10-15 years ago?
  11. [This is an automated response] This topic is no longer contributing positively to the community and therefore the discussion has been closed. Thank you.
  12. The individual you're wasting your time with proved long ago that they are more interested in pursuing a creepily obsessive crusade than in accuracy or honesty.
  13. Cool comparison of photos of the Magellanic Cloud taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope and the Webb. The difference in clarity and detail is astounding.
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