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  1. The only way Davante Adams is going to force his way out of LV is if he physically assaults Jimmy Garoppolo during a game. I'm putting the odds of that at no greater than 50/50.
  2. So you're suggesting it's a Frankie Goes to Hollywood issue? Relax, don't do it, when you want to cut....
  3. Working on that. They've decreased significantly since we started this Random Talking Head thread.
  4. Yeah, it's not egregious but I have noticed several occasions where driving another yard or two downfield would have made a significant difference in the play outcome. Maybe he's uses to playing with college QB's that need bigger windows to squeeze throws in and this is just an adjustment period playing with Allen.
  5. I've tested negative multiple times, but an asymptomatic infection (well, not really asymptomatic I guess : - ) is certainly not out of the question. I've been referring to Covid as spooky action at a distance; it's a weird-assed bug. I asked our local ENT about the possibility and he rolled his eyes at me. Thanks for the links!
  6. At least we know his real name now.....
  7. You sure about that? A safety is worth two points!
  8. So I've got a thing..... Back in January I developed a sinus infection (no real history of it) that for some reason filled my eustachian tubes so fully that I've lost about 80% of my hearing for going on 10 months now. I've tried multiple cycles of a variety of antibiotics, flonase, sinus flushes, etc etc etc. Am currently on clindamycin and levocetirizine with no positive results yet (still with daily flushes and flonase). Had tubes put in and ears drained but it only worked for about 2 days before it filled back up again. The infection comes and goes but even when it's not presenting yellow snot, the drainage never really clears up and my hearing remains severely compromised. Ever see anything like this or have any suggestions? Edit: The first knucklehead that says vaccine is getting kicked in the jimmy.
  9. I agree with this but don't love the Lamar comparison. Tua could take 12 concussions this weekend and still have 10x the processing power of Jackson.
  10. F*** off, Tommy ! - ) There is usually a thread, although the game is not as woven into our cultural fabric on this side of the pond (i.e it's the only time of the year I will actually watch golf). I'm guessing no thread surfaced because this version of it was over in about 20 minutes. It's a shame because when things are tight on Sunday, the tension and drama are absolutely outstanding.
  11. The proper terminology is "experienced". I am experienced enough that I already sent the ol' battle axe upstairs to fluff my pillow
  12. The kid has 3 NFL starts and is playing in his first primetime game. The chances of him looking good out of the gate tonight fell somewhere between slim and none.
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