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  1. Make no mistake. This source is from a leftist publication. Theres an agenda here. But a mod posted it, soooo... it is what it is. But this article makes people who actually earn their money look bad. Go China, Go Communists woo.
  2. RIP Regis. You were a giant.
  3. Man, that is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Yeah no kidding. I'm sure he has some inside tips too. People that rich at their craft dont make foolish major investments (for the most part). I'm sure Terry knows what hes doing. Man, people make him out to be this barely literate bafoon. It's pretty hilarious. Edit: or maybe I've just been reading too much Sabres' message board material for too long.
  5. Apparently Baker Mayfield. To this day that play pisses me off. Should a been a td when hughes picked up that ball.
  6. Well the guy who mentioned it at the top of this page has an extensive posting history bashing Allen, so dont get too worked up over it. He'll come along eventually, or end up finding a new team I guess.
  7. The timing on this article is just purely coincidental I'm sure...
  8. Wow... what does this even mean?? Here's some racism.
  9. Yeah, this thread is going to do more harm than good. I'm fine with it. And to the poster above, the national anthem isn't about politics. People want to make it about that, but whatever.
  10. Yay, then we can hear Richard Sherman's opinion on how it's garbage AB is getting paid the vet minimum.
  11. Sure it could. I say it's a desperation move because obviously they arnt happy with where they are at now with their qb's and it's getting late in the year for these kind of signings. Not sure what you thought I meant.
  12. Almost seems like a desperation move. We shall see though. This has boom or bust written all over it.
  13. She's wrecking the Sabres... wish she'd just go away a bit. Watch from afar. Terry has pretty much disappeared.
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