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  1. Did they not have the clock on the game the whole time in the late 80s? No score graphics at all? Was a tad before my time as my first memory of the Bills was SB25 unfortunately. And man that last pass Kelly made in OT was incredible. Thanks for posting this. Great stuff.
  2. Erie wised up and swapped out Steelers with Bills. https://twitter.com/ErieNewsNow/status/1707435647739273410?t=fHx7vv5io-Dlzt0jDwRThg&s=19
  3. Are we going so far as giving him flowers too or just props? Flowers is one step above props, right?
  4. Erie really dropped the ball here too. Can't believe they are showing Piggs Texans aka The Toilet Bowl over Bills Dolphins or even Browns Ravens. These Steelers fans are funny. They actually think they have a good team and will be a force come playoff time.
  5. Hey, but he was better than Keith Ellison. So he's got that going for him. God, I despised Keith Ellison.
  6. He was an average LB. Nothing more, nothing less. Poz sucked and Fletcher was solid. What exactly did Edmonds do well? He was long in coverage. A space eater. That's about it. It's been so dam long since we've had a good MLB that no one here knows what a good one looks like anymore. Hell I forgot they were even allowed to touch the ball til Bernard came around. Frazier can take some blame on Edmonds mediocrity too. But he's not exactly tearing it up in Chicago either so I dunno man.
  7. Gabe's already been the whipping boy. Sorry but Edmunds was terrible. He looked the part with his physique and played on an above average to elite d was the only reason he got pro bowl consideration. That contract he got is hilarious. Huge Addition by subtraction in this case. He was the weakest link on this d for years.
  8. NFL wants scoring and points. Pretty sure points =$$$$ to them. No way they would ever do that. If they did change that, kickers would master the art of it anyways. No bueno all around.
  9. I'm fine with how it is now. I initially thought it would be dead, but surprisingly I've seen more returns than I thought I would have already. Mostly from idiots who can't themselves to not take a knee when they should, but hey it's better than nothin.
  10. Good! Bills play can do all the talking this Sunday. Should be a helluva game!
  11. God bless your mom. Sorry for your loss.
  12. I'll go so far as to say Edmunds + Frazier cost us a Superbowl appearance. At minimum.
  13. Yessir, I just want to drive the point home more to the Edmunds Homers. He was pretty bad and prolly cost us a super bowl. Him and Frazier
  14. I'd actually like an Edmunds report every week.
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