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  1. To be fair, someone bumped a post from last summer. This is when the guy you quoted posted this in 2020. Plus he posted it at 330am so there's a dam good chance he was really drunk. Give him a break!
  2. And probably the reason we were able to snag him at 7.
  3. This is terrible. Worst name in professional sports. That logo looks like a 12 year olds doodle too. Unreal. And what are they guarding lol? The galaxy lol. Poverty name as the kids say.
  4. I live in Erie and it's bandwagon central (except the Browns). Growing up in the 90s I didn't know many Steelers fans my age, or Browns for that matter. All the parents were Browns and Steelers fans. My dad being from Hamburg brought me up right. I came back from the Marine Corps in 2004 and all those Bills fans kinda disappeared. It's coming back now of course though that they're getting good again. I always get a "go Bills!!!" when I wear my stuff out. And Bills car plates and stickers everywhere now. Kudos to the Cleveland fans tho as they kinda always stuck with their team around here.
  5. He's back flipping into water with a life preserver. He's not going to hurt himself doing that. Maybe the slight chance he cracked his head on the jet ski, but nah. Let the man live!
  6. Okay so, that's cool that researchers have found no link, but I've had my ass in the grass, in way more ways than just a vaxxine. Theres still a ton of lawyers going after anthrax effects so i dunno.I did it once. Dont tell me how I should live my life.
  7. Agreed. You laid it out well. Im not anti vax. But I was forcibly shot up with every vax under the sun while I was in the Marines. 6 doses of anthrax vax and I see that there's a lot of va claims for long term effects from that. I was forced once. This time I'll pass on something I dont feel is a big risk to myself
  8. How is his response end thread? The subject is "Is Gilmore holding out?" Its a question if he's holding out or not. Not some player v owners politics crap. Btw the players union agreed to these rules so...
  9. I will stick up for the Pegulas til the end for keeping the Bills in Buffalo. Still love them. But what they are doing to the Sabres is very sad
  10. I think its more they know the Bills are in good hands + making a huuuuuge profit. The Sabres are now a loss to the accountants and a public embarrassment. Kim came out last year saying they had to make changes to "keep up their current lifestyle " or something silly like that. It was pretty bad. They fired half of the Sabres scouts and hired a dude who was teaching 12 year olds, who was a journeyman in the NHL, to be GM. Its bad
  11. All they need to do is hire a President of Hockey Ops above the GM. And keep their hands off the team. But that apparently cannot happen with them. Scary
  12. No one knows brother. Its sad.
  13. Well maybe if Kim didn't fire em all that wouldn't be needed.
  14. Yeah, it was a fleeting moment of adrenaline. Then you realize theres 3 to 5 guys who don't separate themselves at all from the others. Very blah. But I appreciated the 3 minutes of drama there!
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