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  1. Just terrible. Looks similar to that high school Mickey mouse bs the Browns have.
  2. Old Mckendrick is surely primed for a big year! You seem too passionate about this thread. I think your username is coming out here
  3. I agree with this... but in fairness, pretty sure hughes screwed the pooch on a game changing sack on Watson too. Could be wrong though.
  4. I like Barkley as a three. Said this before, but watch that last jets game he played in last year. Huge game at the end of the year and he looked baaaadddd. Arm shot and just pathetic. Cant have that. Need an upgrade there. I'm all for keeping him as a three though for morale.
  5. Go to this link and rewind it to the start of the game which is like the 11 minute mark. Check out this video "#BRGOATSim Day 3" http://www.twitch.tv/bleacher_report/v/580990468?sr=a&t=6517s
  6. That should do it lol. Cant believe I'm watching this and invested. But it was fun!
  7. Haha yes, because the millionaires are so much better. Let's see what happens here before making accusations
  8. Yeah that Jets game left a bad taste in my mouth. I get it that it was tough circumstances... but man was he brutal. Literally no arm strength at all. That was a tough watch. But everyone can have a bad day I guess.
  9. In what world does a bud Dupree garner a first round return? Had a nice 2019, but kind of a dud before that.
  10. If you're ever in Erie or traveling through on the 90, try a Smith's. Theres a place right off the interstate called Lucky Louie's. They make a great dog with Smith's brand. Bonus, it's right across the street from the casino and horse track.
  11. The whole thing is pretty silly to me. Just my opinion. But the other side is, better safe than sorry so I get it.
  12. It was a good makeup person. He was playing an 80 year old plus priest in that. Crazy though how well he acted and looked like an old man.
  13. Best known to me from the Exorcist. Good actor. RIP Max.
  14. This is a great debate... I'm not sure, but I'd lean Golladay too at even price. But Diggs at a late second and a throw in v Golladay for a first, I gotta go Diggs.
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