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  1. Bingo...You hit the nail on the head!
  2. Not allowed to change helmets during the year. I'd love me some reds too. I was a big fan of the change to white helmets, but now I'm ready to go back to red full time.
  3. I'd say 4-6 ,weeks probably. But I'm no doc. Still better than a brake or dislocation.
  4. Best case scenario stuff here. Crazy that he did not have a fracture.
  5. No matter if the teams are good or not, the travel will be pretty brutal. But no excuses as all the afc east teams will have to do it.
  6. Hopefully Brady will be fully toasted by then. Win the friggin division as all the east teams will have the same trips. Thanks for pointing this out though as it does indeed suck a bit.
  7. Agreed, til you have a guy who burned you like they did today. Game was in hand, then they messed around with it again and dude almost took it to the house again after the last man got him after a 50 yard gain.
  8. Possible, but he booted it through once or twice today. I think those are set plays because they have worked quite a bit this year in getting good starting position for the d.
  9. Agreed, now what does he do with special teams?
  10. Agreed, except for the Crossman wasn't that bad part. Stupid to keep kicking it at the 1 instead of booting it deep. That Grant dude was killing us. Yet they keep on doing it. Stopped one time after the td... Then bam kickoff to the 1 and 50 yard return. Silly.
  11. Corrupt officials? Corrupt Riveron? I miss those replacement refs in 2012 or what not. They woulda fine with a year or so under their belts.
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