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  1. I mean, literally the odds are for us... Not sure where ya guys come up with this stuff.
  2. Lots of season left, and okay on Tua... gotta show me something first. Not buying it
  3. Yup Pats are a Jets + 1 team (without the fading top 5 qb pick, pats case you get the already washed up version). But the Bills are no world beaters right now either, so we shall see!
  4. Fitz needs to go to Dallas. He could make that work for a bit.
  5. I'd expect a comment like this from a guy that lives in Portland. What about the rest of the players goin 100%? You've never played a sport in your life sir
  6. Yup, so why didn't 30 some other teams call him,?)
  7. Speculating, they've been a full go all week. Only one out for sure is Knox.
  8. Not at home Virgil. Bills 31 Chefs 24. If we lose, it will be close.
  9. They said on the radio yesterday that this was Joe Bucks first time calling a Bills game since 1994.
  10. Blue on blue better than white on white. Neither are great. Could really use the red helmet to offset it all. With the red helmet though, blue on blue no longer works imo. Keep the unis and go back to the 90s hone/away combos with red helmets.
  11. Source, or you just talking out your arse?
  12. Man, you need to find a new team or hobby then. Im pretty pumped.
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