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  1. They both smell horrible, but weed is way more pungent. Kids shouldn't be smelling that.
  2. This is not true... This would really screw over the victims for liability settlements if it was. Your coverage will be cancelled for DUI, but all the policies I know of from the major carriers do not exclude coverage for being involved in a tort involving DUI.
  3. Man, I read the OP and thought Putin set off a nuc or something. Terrible tragedy though no doubt. TandP to the victims and families. *need an edit on this. I made this during the oblivious title with no explanation of what was going on at the time. That thread was merged with this.
  4. Ehh let's be real he's not a "big" mismatch. He's a team guy that McD values and agreed on ST part. He is what he is a borderline 53 roster spot guy.
  5. While he's not faking that he has cancer... that was his stunt on the old BBMB.
  6. How do you get "first dibs" then?
  7. I'd choose they both suck and their respective teams are spinning their wheels in the mud. But at least Zack Wilson still has potential. Mayfield blows and only ever had any modicum of success due to the coaches run heavy offense and super talent at the rb position.
  8. I just really don't like this guy so don't take offense if I downvote your replies in sticking up for him. Something about him is very unlikeable. This is another notch in the belt.
  9. He's terrible. Honestly think they should look elsewhere. I know the pickins are slim, but ehhh.
  10. The defense plays Jauron ball and that's what I dislike. Wish they were a bit more aggressive. But that's the game they want to play I suppose. Don't need an enforcer lol.
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