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  1. Yes sir, like Harold Baines. The consummate MLB player who did zilch to distinguish himself except play for a quarter of a century. Yet still failed to reach 3k hits or reach any other stat of any landmark value for that matter.
  2. I hope he goes. Just my opinion though. Can do without him. I will say he is one of the few commentators that bring value, but I just dont like him. It is what it is.
  3. Wasn't Siran Neal (and Milano) the one who whiffed on that season killing sack of Watson? They all need to step up their game though I agree.
  4. Tannehill has 160 yards passing in 2 games. Hes made a few clutch third down throws, but let's be real its Henry and the d going this. As posted above, KC will probably wreck them.
  5. Dam. That was powerful. Good stuff.
  6. I dont want them to win a SB before us. Go NFC team whoever that may be.
  7. Ford already said this money will go to charity or to setup a fan event. He is appealing the fine. Not sure if the guy who setup the page can fraud people or not. But Ford wont accept the money towards the fine.
  8. Honestly, I am pretty meh on it. I'd prefer he go, but whatever. My only concern if there is one is that McD picks up someone who is actually worse. Dabols player utilization and play calling is nothing to be desired. But like I said, I'm okay either way. We shall see.
  9. I still think McDaniels has much better options if he stays put. Career killer job that Browns hc vacancy. We will see though.
  10. That's gotta count for somethin' right? That was a hell of a year though. Blew it in the season opener though against the jags. Of course there was the Piggsburgh fiasco, but man they had every chance to win that opener too.
  11. There last Facebook post says closed 12/31/2017. They gonezo. Been gone for quite a while too. Odd post.
  12. I actually think his father is a gym teacher in State College, PA. Or so my buddy from State College told me. He said Rhules dad was his hs gym teacher.
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