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  1. I mean, we get an extra practice squad spot from this whole thing. It wouldn't be fair to other teams if we could activate him. We had our chance at final cut down day, and he clearly was not ready.
  2. Dont have a second team, but I wish them well because of what they did in 17 for us. I'm taking a Bengals fan to the game who is coming in from Indiana. Hes scared to wear his Jersey cuz hes heard how crazy we are. I told him it will be fine. Sack up and rep your team.
  3. Yeah yeah, saw this 15 times today on the pregame, halftime, and post game highlights.
  4. Last active player drafted in the 90s?
  5. First off .. 1)Who cares what the Pat's board thinks... why are you even there? 2)do they even have the cap room? I would think not.
  6. I'd ease him into it too... Fumbilitis is a real thing. He will get his carries. Let him feel comfortable doing it.
  7. Come on... Sammy will be injured soon. He can't be relied upon. And Gilmour is almost a wash with Tre (tre will be better).
  8. I'm not a fan, but success for the school means success for the city. Im definitely a big fan of Buffalo.
  9. A shame they couldn't get outta the Mac into a more respectable conference when they had the national attention (especially in bball). That MAC is a tough draw for recruiting and not to mention all the transfers with players and coaches.
  10. I mean, as said above, she's 49... Are these young millionaires that hard up? Hard to believe. Maybe former players...
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