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  1. Meh. Either way. But probably just a power play by the team.
  2. Favres stats got better as the league relaxed defensive rules. Your comparing apples to oranges honestly. Its a bit insulting to the greats of the past generations to put Rodgers as an all time great because of the Era he played in. Great qb.. all time great... nope.
  3. As stated before, Schobel should go first based on stats. I think Jerry is a bit of a better team player than Aaron who kept very quiet. I just don't think either are worthy honestly.
  4. You cherry picked a couple stats you liked. The Packers are not a dysfunctional franchise as well. They groomed him properly under Favre and he should most likely be thankful for that. No way to say for sure that is what made him successful, but def not a dysfunctional chise.
  5. Don't underestimate the cancerous powers of Beckham too. Faker Hayseed sucked until he got hurt. Seemed to turn his game around after ODB went out for the season.
  6. Shouldn't you buy him a drink then frost? Just sayin... 😆
  7. I was always an Allen guy. He was the one I wanted that year with his size and arm talent. But boy was I way off on my Mahomes assessment thinking he was a product of the big 12 and that TT offense.
  8. Leave it to Florio to bring up this junk.
  9. Nah, why don't you just move back to your board. Don't bring that garbage here.
  10. Yeah, no kidding... who here even cares about wentz lol. Sounds like op has some kind of vendetta against Wentz.
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