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  1. I wonder if they confiscate a cell phone after single vehicle accidents like this where no one else was hurt. Hate to speculate, but driving a rental that was given to him without his cell setup and possibly messing with that. Not good in any way. Prayers up to Tiger for the best.
  2. Well the jury is still out if JJ is still considered a "nice thing." He's a name ill give you that.
  3. Playing the best hockey of his career too. It was like he grew out that hair and goatee and became bizarro world risto. The blonde devil. Then this happens ugh. Get well rasmus.
  4. I'm very meh on this whole thing. Could we use the dline help and the exposure it would bring for other free agts, sure. Its going to come at a cost though because he wants big bucks still and hasn't been exactly healthy the last couple seasons. I'll trust Beane here of course though. Definitely not going to be heartbroken if he signs somewhere else though.
  5. Is he even still good enough at this point to tease us if he doesn't come here? I'm legitimately asking that. To me, kind of he's just a name now. All sizzle no steak. I could be 100% wrong about that though. Maybe he has a few solid years left in him.
  6. Erie, PA my whole life besides a 5 year stint in the Marines.
  7. Reggie was 31 also at that time. Im kinda surprised Watt is only 31. It's an old 31 at the minimum with all his injuries in the past few years.
  8. https://www.thebiglead.com/posts/bills-jessica-pegula-bandwagon-australian-open-owners-01ey90vp9sgq I know I'm on the wagon
  9. Just watched the highlights. She dominated. Sweet 16 of the best tennis players in the world is incredible. World class Jessie.
  10. She wrote go bills go sabres on the camera after her second round win. Pretty cool.
  11. That's where Josh's work ethic and another year under diabolical will really shine. He will be fine. We have to plug up the other deficiencies though and with a squeezed cap. Beane going to have to really get creative.
  12. Was probably shocking for them as much as he's been coddled by the media since he came on. With the good comes the bad ladies. Welcome to reality.
  13. Just go on dhgate and put in gibson les Paul or fender strat. They go for $300 to $500 bucks shipped. They wernt trying, as far as I know, to resell them for thousands. Unless that was the dude that bought its plan. Same deal as their knock off jerseys. If those are caught by customs, they are confiscated. Never buy these things in bulk! One or two items at a time.
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