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  1. I'd give up the farm for Nabers as well. Yup, whatever it takes, do it.
  2. Some severe underrating of Aiyuk in this thread. He almost had 1400 yards last year. In my opinion it's an upgrade from Diggs. Hes just hitting his prime. He's a top 10 wr in the NFL right now.
  3. The millionaires wouldn't be millionaires without the billionaires: The Chiefs have been making a big push on this. Stars like Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Andy Reid participated in an ad urging a “yes” vote. Both teams have made it clear that, if the measure fails, they could move out of Kansas City. So leave a Lil hate for them too!
  4. You say that like it's a certainty which is pretty laughable.
  5. Pittsburgh gets to foot the contract now. Bears saw the market dried up and just wanted out. He's pretty terrible.
  6. Some things are best unsaid. He's not very bright saying this. I'd have a bit more grace for him if he was an important player, but he is not.
  7. Yeah, it's the exact same thing. A dude under contract basically saying he'd be happier elsewhere versus a dude trying to stay relevant, who's been retired for 5 years no less, that never played here saying that. Good reference.
  8. I'll trade you one used but "on field" billdo and a Chinese Poz jersey.
  9. Yeah, you don't say that when you're under contract. Horrible look. Bye then.
  10. And that's fine when it's a young proven commodity at a critical position and not some aging slug at say DE.
  11. Dick Jauron was a helluva guy too! I think they both subscribed to the same d philosophy as well. I dont think anyone is questioning him being a great man. He is.
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