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  1. By....by playing the Black National Anthem? Huh. I'll never understand the things that upset some people.
  2. Let me know when brain damage starts being contagious and, thus, able to be transmitted to family, friends, and others in the community. There’s a big difference between knowingly engaging in a violent sport for millions of dollars and being shoved out onto the field during a deadly and highly contagious viral pandemic with no vaccine.
  3. You're right. I WOULD classify your post and its title as peak stupidity.
  4. As much as I want there to be a 2020 NFL season...if it means endangering athletes and coaches by pushing them out onto the field in the midst of a deadly pandemic in the name of the almighty dollar, I'd rather they just cancelled the season. It's bad enough that the NFL pretends to care about the health and safety of its players while constantly engaging in actions that put them in greater danger (Thursday night games, adding a 17th game to the season), but to now potentially stage a season in the midst of massive nationwide spikes in COVID numbers (and don't forget, the second wave that may be yet to come, despite the fact that we haven't even exited the first wave yet)? I just don't see how they can do it safely. I hope, hope, hope I'm wrong. But when it's all said and done, I don't need 1,600 athletes and 32 coaching staffs full of people to put their lives and their families' lives in danger for my entertainment. Life, health, and safety are more important than sports.
  5. The master of hyperbole, exaggeration, and pessimism is at it again. At least you’re consistent.
  6. Guess you missed the part where I said three teams in NFL history won a Lombardi with a backup QB in the lineup.
  7. "If the starting QB goes down, your season is basically over" is the dumbest/weakest football statement that can possibly be made. Every team in the league's season is basically over if their starting QB goes down. I believe three teams in NFL history have won championships with backup QBs in the lineup. That's it. Do you really think Joe Flacco is taking the Jets to a Lombardi Trophy? Essentially, if the biggest hole on your roster, and the only one to which a fan of a rival team can reasonably point to, is BACKUP QB, then it means you have an extremely good roster. Ya know what's a bigger impediment to winning football games? Not having any good pass rushers or cornerbacks. That's the position the Jets are in. All things considered, I'll take "mediocre backup QB situation" over "no pass rushers or cornerbacks" all day long.
  8. I called this the day Newton was released by Carolina. I'm sure a lot of other people did, too, so I realize I'm not exactly Nostradamus here. Still, I never believed for one second that they were gonna go into the 2020 season depending on just Stidham and Hoyer. I predict they win 10 games (assuming there's a season).
  9. The Gatehouse is on a similar wavelength. Garlic-parm fries, more of a vinegar-based pasta salad as opposed to mac salad (controversial to some, I'm sure, but it's a good change). Higher quality burger patties and meat sauce, and two big old onion rings on top. I was skeptical when a friend took me there after a long day traveling to and from a Bills win, but my skepticism quickly abated once I tried it. It was really good.
  10. I'm a Grateful Dead fan, so this question had me searching through their songbook for anything under 3 minutes. Needless to say, you're more likely to find a 30 minute Dead tune than a 3 minute Dead tune. With that being said, here's a classic that fits the "under three" bill. Classic Pigpen:
  11. Dogtown on Monroe Ave is #1 in my heart for garbage plates. And for a fancy pants version of a garbage plate, the Gatehouse in Village Gate Square is pretty damned good:
  12. Dalai Lama (if I could get him to drink a beer, that is) Gary Snyder Bob Weir Norm Macdonald Larry David Good mix there, I think. Spirituality, wisdom, literature, music, comedy, and...whatever you consider Larry David to be. Even though you're clearly trying to make fun of me here.....I do like free beer. So if you're buying, I'm game.
  13. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/24/us/coronavirus-cases-protests-black-lives-matter-trnd/index.html Despite warnings from public health officials, new research suggests Black Lives Matter protests across the country have not led to a jump in coronavirus cases. A new study, published this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research, used data on protests from more than 300 of the largest US cities, and found no evidence that coronavirus cases grew in the weeks following the beginning of the protests. But by all means, please keep following me from thread to thread with your weird vendetta.
  14. Even if you use “cases per 100,000 people” metric, Oregon (now seeing its 29th straight night of protests) lags far behind the early re-opening states in COVID cases. By a lot.
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