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  1. Good for him. Go get ‘em, Tyrod. Oh, and thanks for helping us end the drought. Class act.
  2. I hear what you're saying, but it doesn't concern me. I look at New England, for instance. Last year, obviously, they weren't so great on offense. In the couple of years prior to that, though, it seemed like the amount of carries given to each back varied from game to game. If they were facing a lighter, faster defense, they'd pound it between the tackles with Michel. If they were facing bigger, slower linebackers, they'd toss it in the flats all day to James White or Rex Burkhead. I want variety in the running game. I want a short yardage back not named Josh Allen. I want someone who, if 5 foot 7 Devin Singletary misses a stretch of games, can sub in and the offense won't miss a beat. Attitude/confidence wise, I believe Beane and McDermott have been brining in team-first guys, not me-first guys, so that part doesn't concern me.
  3. Are we talking about the Mario Addison that’s top 10 in the league in sacks over the past four years? You’re saying HE can’t rush the passer?! I’ll say this about you: you’re consistent.
  4. The more I think about it, the more I hope pick #54 is used on a premiere running back. Our defense is is already elite. Our top 3 WRs are set. Our TE position is well stocked. Yes, DECENT running backs can be found later in the draft. Truly DYNAMIC running backs, however, are typically chosen in the first three rounds. With how Daboll likes to tailor the gameplan to the opponent each week, I want to see the Bills secure an elite running game. Imagine scheming to stop the Bills with Singletary/Dobbins or Taylor in the backfield, Diggs, Brown, and Beasley at WR, and Knox at TE. Add Allen’s running ability, and that’s a nightmare to defend. Say “yes” to RB at 54 or, at worst, at 86.
  5. A player doesn’t need to be a starter to be a touchdown maker. A big WR like a Chase Claypool or Tee Higgins can be a red zone threat. Doesn’t mean they have to start. Likewise, a Jonathan Taylor or AJ Dillon could be mighty useful in goal line situations — right now our QB is essentially our short yardage back, which is not ideal — without being starters. Maybe you were just being funny with your post, but if serious, the thesis that “if a guy doesn’t start, he can’t score touchdowns” is flawed at best, downright false at worst.
  6. Youre right. Was a good RG and moved to RT in his final season, then abruptly retired at 26. Time does weird things to memory. So the last good RT the Bills had was...Langston Walker? That can’t be right.
  7. Tre White, according to PFF, isn’t even one of the top 100 players in the league. huh.
  8. Ah yes, Brad Butler. The last truly good RT the Bills had. He retired abruptly to pursue a career in politics, I believe.
  9. Completely ignoring the substance of a post, then insisting on injecting your sage wisdom on the subject anyway. Very “2020 American” of you.
  10. Bills fans wanting to move their tackles to guard...a tradition unlike any other.
  11. I know I keep saying it, but Beane acknowledged in the offseason that the Bills needed to score more points and, specifically, needed to add more "touchdown makers". Obviously, Diggs is a big touchdown maker, and that was a huge addition...but it's still only one addition. I want a big time addition to the running back room -- I love Motor, but good, modern NFL offenses often have at least two good backs, not one, and besides: Singletary is just 5 foot 7, and I'd like to think that if he misses a stretch of games here or there, it won't derail the Bills offense. As for the WR corps: I agree that the top three are as rock solid as it gets, but I want depth and youth. None of Robert Foster, Isaiah McKenzie, or Duke Williams are reasons not to add a good young receiver to the room if there's one available. For instance, suppose pick number 54 rolls around and Leviska Shenault or Tee Higgins are on the board. Me? I ABSOLUTELY want to add one of those guys. Ditto running back. I don't want to bypass highly talented backs in rounds 2-4 in the hopes that someone falls to round 5 or 6. Yes, you CAN find running backs late, but MOST of the good, dynamic backs in the NFL were drafted by round 4. Bottom line: The Bills defense is still top 5. Their offense, until further notice, is still bottom 7. And if the argument is "they have depth everywhere but RB on offense", I'd counter with "yeah, but they also have depth everywhere on defense". You could make an argument that CB2 or Edge could use one more body...but it's no stronger an argument than that which says that the WR and RB rooms need more bodies. And given how far the Bills offense is behind its defense, I'm leaning toward offense all the way.
  12. I’d actually be pretty irritated if it was a defense heavy draft, too. They have already poured so much money and so many draft picks into the defense. It’s ALREADY a top 5 unit and should get better as guys like Oliver and Edmunds progress. Meanwhile, the offense is a bottom 7 unit. This is Allen’s make or break year. Beane said the team needs more “touchdown makers”, and thus far he has only added one. The offense needs more upgrades, namely at RB, WR, and OT. So with regard to this coming draft? I’m 100% with you. We need offense, and it would be irritating to watch them use three of their first four picks or something on defense.
  13. ScottLaw will complain about who they pick. oh wait, you said BOLD? Bills will use their 2nd round pick on a running back.
  14. I suppose you know for certain after one season that he WASN'T the best player available? 🙄
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