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  1. As others on Twitter pointed out, he didn't state his opinion with much conviction. By saying "If he succeeds, its because they put enough talent around him", he's hedging his bets. He can now claim to be "right" either way. Also, try as I might, I can't seem to find any background info about Aaron Schatz. I get that he runs Football Outsiders, which as far as I can tell is just an analytics website. What is it about Schatz that qualifies him to know what he's looking at any more than any other football fan? It's great that he can extrapolate numerical data or spot statistical trends, but why should I believe that he knows how to evaluate quarterback play any better than my Aunt Marcy?
  2. Spencer Long working as a starting guard is extremely telling to me. I envisioned the staff preferring that he be the swing backup to all three interior spots. Knowing that they like him enough to ensure that he gets some starting LG reps this early -- even though Morse and Bodine aren't on the field -- tells me that they believe he can start at guard for the Bills. I agree with them. I'm high on Long's potential to return to his pre-Jets form, when he was an above average guard for Washington. I'm also intrigued that they have Spain working at RG. He has, if I'm not mistaken, been a left guard his entire career. If Long, Spain, and Ford all win starting roles and perform well, the Bills will have fixed the offensive line in just one offseason. Here's hoping.
  3. One thing that really impresses me about McDermott and his staff is that they recognize shortcomings and failures and fix them. They don't waffle, they don't hem and haw, they just make the change when it's warranted. Rick Dennison, gone. David Culley, replaced. WR and RB coaches, gone. O-line coach, gone. Tyrod Taylor, replaced. O-line talent, upgraded. On and on down the line. This coaching staff makes mistakes. All of them do. The fact that they are quick to recognize said mistakes or non-working components and act quickly to fix them is crucially important and bodes well for the future. The difference between the first half and the second half of last season offensively is night and day. The scheme itself evolved, the offensive personnel evolved, the formations and the times that they were used in the games evolved, and what they asked of Allen evolved. I think really highly of Daboll. The ONE aspect of his playcalling that I'm still not sold on is the running game and usage of LeSean McCoy. Yes, I expect that offensive line improvements will help in a big way. But the failure of Daboll to effectively involve McCoy in the passing game last year was egregious, too. A weapon like McCoy should not be getting 7-10 touches a game, as he sometimes did last season. Daboll HAS to find a way to get McCoy involved. His ability to utilize his running backs and improve the running game as a whole will be absolutely necessary if the offense (and Allen) are to succeed this season.
  4. Yeah. It's clear to me that you need coverage AND pressure, not just one or the other. All the pressure in the world won't matter if your corners can't cover their guys. Likewise, all the great coverage in the world won't matter if the opposing QB has an eternity to sit in the pocket and wait for someone to get open. You need pressure, you need coverage. Not sure when it became an "either/or" proposition.
  5. Right on. I hope he gets paid. I suppose it won't be in Buffalo. I think the staff has hope/faith that by this time next year, Dawson Knox is ready to settle in as the Bills' long term starter at tight end. As such, it's hard to see them committing big cap dollars to Kyle Rudolph.
  6. The addition of a guy like Mik'Quan Deane -- rather than pursuing a "name" player like a Kyle Rudolph -- tells me they're fine rolling with Knox, Sweeney, and Croom until Kroft comes back healthy. Hopefully the rooks can get up to speed quickly.
  7. I really wouldn't WANT to wear #32 in Buffalo. That's some bad ju-ju right there. P.S. I hate that Devin Singletary is #40. There hasn't been a good #40 at running back since...Gale Sayers?!
  8. It's real simple, and there aren't two sides to it: Jerry Hughes is a very good edge rusher. The Bills improved their team next year by re-signing him. Letting him walk away while he's still highly productive would have been silly. NOT liking the play of Jerry Hughes or the fact that the Bills re-signed him is also silly. If you look at Jerry Hughes and think "that guy's just not a very good edge rusher, and the Bills shouldn't have re-signed him", then you don't know what you're looking at. Opinions can't usually be wrong, but that one is. Any questions?
  9. I'm having a hard time seeing how you got your screenname. Anyway...Sounds like a 3-4 month recovery window. Probably will start season on PUP list, will resume play around week 4. Honestly, though, not having your presumed starting TE for all of training camp is not a tenable situation. Beane should be on the phone to Minnesota and get Rudolph in here ASAP.
  10. What the Bills SHOULD do: Trade for Kyle Rudolph. What the Bills WILL do: Re-sign Jake Fisher Ugh.
  11. I don't even buy it, to be honest. He said publicly multiple times "I'll play wherever a team wants me to play". He's also known as an extremely dedicated, professional, and coachable player who is mature beyond his years. Do I believe his preference by far was to play LT? Of course. Do I believe he told teams "don't even draft me if you aren't going to play me at LT"? Nope.
  12. While it's not unthinkable that Dawkins could move inside, I think people are giving up on him too fast. First of all, while he DID regress last season, it's not as if he was outright terrible. Secondly, let's remember that he played next to some AWFUL left guards, which surely affected his play negatively. The lack of a quality center and, thus, the lack of cohesion and correct line calls all season probably ALSO negatively affected him. Last but not least, he has said himself that this last season was a real wake-up call, and that we will all be seeing a new and improved Dion Dawkins. I also don't think the coaching staff would want to just give up on their young left tackle so easily. In an ideal world, I'm sure they'd prefer that he stay at LT and succeed at that position. Otherwise, Franchise LT is back on the list of needs going into next season. Finally, the presence of a 33-year-old journeyman swing tackle on the roster likely won't affect Dawkins' status on the roster as much as the presence of an incoming first round LT (Jonah Williams) affected Cordy Glenn in Cinci. The ONLY thing that will throw a wrench into everything I just posted is if Nsekhe is far and away the best player on the field at LT, thus forcing the hand of the coaching staff with regard to who starts at that position.
  13. I'm with you on Teller, and have been wondering if he's capable of switching from the left to the right side. I DON'T believe the coaches are just going to give up on him after one season in which he showed some serious promise. HOWEVER, Spain has played LG his whole career, and I think that the coaches would like to have Spencer Long be the versatile interior swing backup, in an ideal world. As such, having Spain and Feliciano battle at LG and Teller and Boettger battle at RG might be the best way to go. Also, while Teller is my bold prediction to start as well, Spain is my bold prediction to be cut.
  14. He literally said FIRST starting alignment. He means the very first way they line up at OTAs.
  15. Cian Fahey has hands down, without a shadow of a doubt, the absolute WORST football takes anywhere on social media. And to make matters worse, he's absolutely confident in his opinions to the point of extreme arrogance, and air of moral superiority, and a habit of mocking and blocking anyone who dares to disagree with him. He is an absolute clown shoe.
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