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  1. Talk about camp feeling like it took forever to get here… These past couple months have been a hell of a year.
  2. Over a quarter-century later and everyone here is like “TOO SOON!!! 🤬” Gotta love Bills fans.
  3. My camp takes. Not sure how "bold" any of them are, but here we go: - Reggie Gilliam's roster spot is in jeopardy. Hollister can play the move TE/H-back role that Gilliam played last year. The staff may want to keep less numbers at TE than they normally would to make space for a 7th WR. - The Bills' best 11 personnel set -- the set they ran most often on offense last year, mind you -- will prove to be Diggs and Davis out wide, with Sanders in the slot. - Harrison Phillips has a monster camp and a breakout year - Levi Wallace will once again hold off challengers and w
  4. Unless and until Beasley commits to playing a full season without being a distraction or causing problems, McKenzie ain’t going anywhere.
  5. I was coming in here to make a joke about how it wouldn't be long before her articles were met with toxic masculinity and jokes about her appearance, and she was reduced to a mere sex object (because how ELSE should we respond to a female writing about sports?)....but I didn't get here fast enough, and all of those things already happened. Sheesh.
  6. Doesn’t work if you’re primarily an online player.
  7. Haven't read through the thread. This is what you meant, right?
  8. I had my fingers crossed that the Bills would take a flier on Malik Hooker. He had immense talent coming out and it's only injuries that have derailed his career. He seemed like the PERFECT low cost, low risk, high reward signing to be coach McDermott's latest safety reclamation project. Alas, he is signing with Dallas. I wish him all the best. Injuries alone should never be the reason that a player doesn't succeed.
  9. Gilliam is what I call a "glue player". You've got your star players, your great players, your very good players....the names you know. The guys you see on highlights. The guys whose jerseys you see being worn by fans in the stands. But working alongside all of those guys, setting them up for glory, often working in anonymity...are the glue guys. They may not be fancy or exciting, they may not have trading cards or make the Sportscenter top 10 Plays, but they're important. Oftentimes, without their contributions, the splash plays wouldn't happen. ONE solid special teams play where a
  10. I don't know, but I'll tell ya one thing: the salary cap isn't real.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to share those. I don't have ESPN Insider and wouldn't otherwise have been able to read them.
  12. Huh. Maybe it depends on what country you use through your VPN. I have used the Netherlands as my country of choice for NFL Gamepass all these years, and I have never NOT been able to watch any game live. Not once. Strange.
  13. I don’t know the reasoning or mechanics of it, but the EU version of Gamepass absolutely allows you to view all games live, as they happen.
  14. Wow. Totally forgot about that until you just mentioned it. Meachem, Johnson…total footnotes in NFL history, neither ever producing more than 750 yards in a season, and Bills fans were hoping against hope that we could somehow lure them here. Really makes you have new appreciation for our current WR corps, and for this new era of Bills football in general.
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