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  1. Logic

    2018 season expectations

    This. Thing is, that's just how it was last year. I expect our defense to be significantly better and our offense to be about the same or a bit worse in terms of production. So...anywhere from 6-10 to 10-6 depending on how often Lady Luck is wearing a Bills jersey throughout the year.
  2. Logic

    The curse of the 2nd pick by the Bills

    The Bills have more or less stunk at picking quality players in the 2nd round for the past decade plus. As such, I was elated that the Bills only had two give up two 2017 2nd round picks to move up for Allen in this year's draft. History shows the Bills wouldn't have done anything worthwhile with those picks anyway!
  3. Logic

    Reggie Ragland story

    Everyone knows the Bills' story: For the past 20 years, they have so often changed head coaches and front offices that they have been caught in an endless loop of switching offensive and defensive systems, getting rid of quality players because they no longer fit the new systems, and then having to draft a bunch of guys who DO fit the new systems...just in time to see the whole staff and/or front office fired and the whole process start over again. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY...that cycle is over and the Bills have finally hit on the right front office/coaching combination. If so, then perhaps they can actually start drafting AND retaining good players, and can build on what they have year after year rather than always hitting the "reset" button. If this is the case, then I could care less about Ragland, Watkins, Darby, or whomever...As it is, the Bills made the playoffs with an inferior roster (yes, it was inferior because of the aforementioned reasons of jettisoning players who don't fit the new regime), which seems to be due to good coaching. Let's hope this quality play continues, so none of us has to spend time wondering about things like two-down linebackers who play for other teams any more.
  4. Logic

    Reggie Ragland story

    Until further notice, Ragland just reminds me of Kelvin Sheppard. Yes, I realize Ragland was a 1st round pick and Sheppard a 3rd round pick, but... in terms of strengths and weaknesses, play style, speed (or lack of it)...Bills fans (including myself) were wild about that pick, but he turned out to be nothing more than a journeyman 2-down run stuffer who couldn't cover. That's okay. A quality 2-down run-stuffing inside linebacker is a good thing to have. His loss is nothing Bills fans should lose sleep over, however. Heck, even first year fifth round pick Matt Milano has had a statistically superior career to Ragland thus far in their careers. I liked Ragland when we drafted him, but I'm over it. Tremaine Edmunds FTW.
  5. Now you've gone too far. Cornette is a legend and gives the best shoot interview around!
  6. Right. Clearly the fact that the Bills lost the game completely invalidates the passion and eloquence of a player who gave a pre-game speech, and therefore my admiration for said player. What was I thinking? 🙄
  7. So I'm sure by now most of you have seen the 2017 Bills season review on NFL Network. Toward the end, they played Kyle Williams' Jacksonville playoff pre-game locker room speech. It reminded me why he's my favorite Bills player of all time and sent chills up my spine. For those who haven't had a chance to see it, I'm not aware of any free video of it being available, but here it is in text format: "I want you to go back in time, men, and think about a time that you were thinking to yourself, “Man, I just want a chance, I just want a chance to GET to the NFL. I just want a chance to play. And if I could just get a chance to get in the playoffs, man"…Go back there in your mind, and remember the type of effort you promised yourself you would give! Remember the type of gut-straining effort you said “I will give that if I have the opportunity to do that”. Look at your men when you walk out the door. Because we don’t just strain for that name on the back, men. We got a banner that covers 53 in here, and tens of thousands outside. That’s who we represent. We represent passion, energy, and love! And that’s who we are! That’s who we’ve been. And that’s what’s gonna carry us through, men. We are different. We are a different kind of team, men. It’s time to show that today." Anyway...not just the speech, but the passion with which he delivers it...just awesome. When the day comes that #95 finally hangs up his cleats, it will be an enormous loss for the Buffalo locker room. Here's hoping he ends up on the Ring of Honor where he belongs.
  8. That was all you really needed to say. Everything else you typed is just based on that one sentence.
  9. Logic

    Shaq Lawson will not make it

    Aaaaaaanndd..... The offseason officially reached its low point on Wednesday, July 18th, at 9.22pm EST.
  10. Horrible Harry will be a nose tackle and Star's primary backup. Adolphus Washington will be a 3-technique and Kyle's primary backup. You need at least 4 defensive tackles on the roster. If anyone's pushing Washington off the roster, its Tenny Palepoi, and I don't seen that happening.
  11. Logic

    Analytics Discussion with Warren Sharp

    You're an idiot. (Hey, it works!)
  12. Logic

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    There's that mantra of yours again. Kudos on pursuing your spiritual path!
  13. Logic

    World Cup 2018 Thread

  14. The 6-3 Browns game has been thoroughly covered in this thread, so I'll go with another awful gameday experience: Patriots over Bills, 56-10. The game was flexed to Sunday night so that the national audience could see the undefeated Pats do their thing. Trent Edwards was hurt, so JP Losman got the start. I somehow believed that the Bills had a chance. Instead, Randy Moss caught FOUR first half touchdowns. That's not a misprint. The fun didn't end there. Belichick opted to go for it on 4th down, up 49-7. The Pats converted. Then the Bills faced a 4th down, and Jauron decided kicking the field goal would be best. And that's all I have to say about that.