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  1. Underused? I'm not sure. OVERused? It's gotta be Shaud Williams. Every time the Bills were in 3rd and a mile, Mularkey would call a draw play to Shaud Williams. Every time. I still have nightmares about it.
  2. No problem. Given that we're on a football discussion message board and are discussing drafting a defensive lineman, I figured giving my opinion on said topic would be reasonable. Thanks for yours!
  3. In what world does multiple time Pro Bowler Kyle Williams retire and it DOESN'T become a huge hole on our defense? Harrison Phillips is a 1T/3T tweener and hasn't proven he can be a full time starter. Jordan Phillips is an unrestricted free agent and, even if re-signed, has not proven he can be an effective full time starter. 3T is absolutely CRUCIAL in McDermott's defense. If you think a DT is a wasted pick, you might not want to watch the first round of this year's draft.
  4. TO jogged around, quit on routes, and didn't impact the Bills offense for the better AT ALL the one season he was here. Not sure he's the example you want to use.
  5. Now THIS is a PPV I would pay to see. Forget Tiger vs Phil.
  6. Logic

    Startling Star statistic

    What's weirdest to me overall about the hand wringing over the money the Bills are paying Star is this: You have to pay SOMEBODY. As it is, even with Star's "big, horrible, albatross of a contract", the Bills still have the third most cap room in the league in 2019, and are projected to be in the top 5 in cap space available in 2020, as well. They jettisoned Dareus' horrible contract and replaced it with a better contract for a better player...and they STILL have oodles of money to spend going forward. By the time the young Bills like White and Edmunds and Milano have paydays coming due, the Bills will be able to get out of Star's contract with little dead money against the cap. So until such time as the Bills have players WORTHY of big-bucks contracts, I'm perfectly okay with them overpaying a little bit to bring quality free agents at important positions to Buffalo. And again, with the way the cap keeps going up and with Star's value to the defense, I'm not even convinced he's THAT overpaid, if at all. But I suppose the key players in this thread have all made their opinions known at this point, and no one's really swaying anyone to change their stance. At this point, we're all (myself included) just sort of pissin' in the wind.
  7. Logic

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    A pass rushing OLB? What? If you mean an edge rusher, I agree that it would be a smart use of 1st round draft capital. A Sam linebacker, though? Not so much. It's the least important of the three positions in McDermott's defense, and is the first linebacker to come off the field when the defense goes to a nickel look. Not worth a 1st.
  8. I have gone back and forth all week on the notion of the Bills bringing in Antonio Brown. There's no doubt that no single player acquisition this offseason would transform the Bills offense quite like acquiring Antonio Brown. Having him on one side and Foster on the other would be a NIGHTMARE for offenses, in terms of the speed and explosive playmaking ability they present. HOWEVER...With all of the careful work Beane and McDermott have done in establishing a culture of teamwork, selflessness, and high character, I think the risk is just too great in bringing in such a volatile personality with as much baggage as Brown has. If he was missing practices for a perennial contender like the Steelers, how would he behave on a team like the Bills, who haven't been consistently successful in years? How will he behave if Allen goes through a sophomore slump or fails to get Brown the ball in a couple consecutive games? All in all, as much talent as Brown brings to the table, I just don't think the Bills can risk it, and I don't think they will.
  9. Logic

    OT Jonah Williams in the first

    According to this tweet, it sounds like a lot of executives don't believe Williams is a lock to go in the top 10. He's thought of as anywhere from a mid-1st to 2nd round pick. The question for Bills fans, if its true that his best fit may be as a guard (a la Zack Martin for the Cowboys)...do Bills fans still want him in the 1st? It's an ideological question, really: are you still okay with drafting an offensive lineman early if it's an INTERIOR offensive lineman? For me, I would be okay with it IF the Bills could trade down first. I don't love the idea of taking a guard at 9. If they could get into the 16-20 range and still grab him? Then I'm all for it. Fortify the line at all costs, even if it means selecting an interior lineman early.
  10. Did Mills learn to play center and guard and I missed it?
  11. At times in 2018, the Bills carried as many as 10 offensive linemen on their 53 man roster. That's too many. Sirles provides depth at T, G, C, and can contribute as a 6th lineman in jumbo formations. I'm sure it was a cheap deal, is only for 1 year, and won't preclude them from upgrading the offensive line in free agency and the draft.
  12. Logic

    Startling Star statistic

    You just contradicted yourself in your own post.
  13. Logic

    Startling Star statistic

    Star is "mediocre" and "middle of the pack"? According to who? Also, only maybe 2-3 teams the entire season "crammed the ball down the Bills throat" in the run game. As has already been covered in this thread, their run defense improved this season. They also finished with the #2 defense in the entire league this season. You don't get to blame Star for occasional bad run defense and ALSO not give him credit for contributing to the second best defense in the NFL. That's biased cherry picking at its finest.
  14. Logic

    Lorenzo is back

    Man, nobody tell @Ittakestime. He's gonna be so distraught about this.
  15. Logic

    Gregg Williams to Jets as DC

    The same Greggggg Williams that decided the best use of Jabril Peppers would be to play him 30 yards deep as a single-high safety every play and has so far ruined his career? The same Greggggg Williams who coached the Browns to the 21st ranked scoring defense and 30th ranked yards-allowed defense? Cool. Good luck, Jersey!