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  1. Stetson Bennett is the Jake Fromm of AJ McCarrons. Winners, all.
  2. I'm not really sure where the notion of "has been" or "desperately hanging to be relevant" stuff comes from. Joe B seems to be making a pretty decent living as the lead Bills reporter for The Athletic. It's a quality website and he writes pretty good (decent at the very worst) pieces for it. Did he hit on your wife or something?
  3. Oh, that's easy. He has a really punchable face. He looks like an 80s rich guy movie villain. I also have reason to believe he gets into full elevators facing the wrong way for the entire ride.
  4. See, this is an absolutely phenomenal addition to this thread. It's so logical, and makes so much sense, and gives such context -- at least potentially -- to this hire. Hopefully it's not too late in the thread for it to get the attention it deserves. Thanks!
  5. Whole lot of anger and vitriol and hand wringing in this thread. I haven't read all five pages, but has anyone mentioned the possibility that the team is going to go young at safety and so they went out and identified someone that they think has been successful at coaching up young defensive backs? I'm not sure if that's the case or not, but it seems a reasonable possibility to me. For all of the things we could and should be upset about with regard to coaching failures the past couple seasons...if there's ONE area that McDermott and Frazier have earned a lot of trust and, one would hope, some grace from Bills fans...it's at safety. If they think this guy's an upgrade of some kind over the previous guy, who are we to argue, particularly since none of us have ANY idea what Salgado or Danna are like as coaches?
  6. I was/am among the group that would have liked to see some fresh blood brought in at coordinator, and I STILL think this was a fair and well written piece.
  7. A really well written piece. People give Graham crap on here, and I'm not really sure why. He's not perpetually negative like Jerry Sullivan. He's not a butt kissing sycophant for the Bills organization. He's usually pretty reasonable, down-the-middle guy who calls it like he sees it. He's also a fantastic writer and seemingly one of the last of what feels like the "old guard" of true journalists in sports. Take this bit from the article: "The catastrophe occurred a month after McDermott and his staff navigated an incredible three victories over 12 days, all on the road because a November snowstorm forced the NFL to move their Week 11 home game against the Cleveland Browns to Detroit. During that 3-0 stretch, Allen still was recovering from a sprained throwing elbow and the Bills lost pass rusher Von Miller. The future Hall of Famer’s season-ending knee injury forced Frazier to reimagine the entire defense that already was missing safety and captain Micah Hyde. On both sides of the ball, guys needed to be signed off the street to play meaningful snaps down the homestretch. Given all that, whenever a pundit mentioned Brian Daboll or Kyle Shanahan deserved Coach of the Year, the common reply from Bills fans: “You misspelled Sean McDermott.” Up until a week and half ago, that is. Dorsey has gotten worse treatment and Frazier the worst of all. Goldilocks nods at the idea of one being too inexperienced and the other too old. Surely, around the corner there must be new coordinator blood that’s just right, she shrugs as she steps over Sir Andrew Barton and checks the next room." That's pretty great. I like Graham, I think he gets too much flack, and I feel this was a really well written and fair article.
  8. If there's one thing the Fangio defense needs more of, it's corners playing 10 yards off on 3rd and 4. He can learn a lot under Frazier.
  9. Now that Ryans is officially becoming the Texans' coach, I won't be the least bit surprised if Fangio is announced as the new DC of the 49ers imminently. I think that is the Domino he was waiting on, and why he didn't agree to terms with the Dolphins. Apparently, Fangio and Shanahan are very close.
  10. My only question to all of the "let Edmunds walk" people is this: Middle linebacker is a pretty important position in the McDermott/Frazier defense. If they let Edmunds walk and, let's say, spend the money instead on the offensive line or a wide receiver...are you cool with them turning around and spending a 1st round pick on a linebacker? Because it sure seems like an important enough position to this coaching staff that they'd need to devote meaningful resources to finding a replacement. While I can understand wanting to let Edmunds walk and to spend money elsewhere, it still leaves behind the question of: Who replaces Edmunds, and are you okay with the answer being "a premium draft pick"?
  11. I'd like to see them re-sign Edmunds, and for him to be the ONLY guy they commit money to on defense this year. I would then like them to devote almost all remaining resources -- draft and free agency -- to bolstering the offense. As easy as it seems to say "let all the defensive guys go, put that money into the offense instead", the real truth is that letting the defensive guys go creates new holes that this front office and coaching staff will need to fill. If they don't re-sign Edmunds, you can bet they're going to have to commit high draft capital to a replacement. So re-sign Edmunds. He's your defensive captain. He's coming off his best season. He's just 24 years old. We saw the dropoff when he wasn't in the lineup this year. But after that, put all your picks and dollars into the offense. That would be my preference.
  12. Kromer? You mean Aaron "get out of my beach chair or I'm gonna pull a Bobby Knight on your ass" Kromer? Aaron "getting into violent altercations with minors while on vacation" Kromer? I don't buy it. Dude's a beast.
  13. I long ago gave up on the idea of ever attending a Super Bowl live. Just not worth the exorbitant cost. I could take a week long tropical vacation for the same price. Instead, when the Bills go to the Super Bowl, I figure I'll fly to Buffalo and find a big watch party, so that I can be amongst fellow Bills fans, and so that when the final whistle sounds, I can take part in the party to end all parties. I expect there's at least a decent chance I'll get into a fight with a police horse or die in a rain puddle. It's gonna be lit.
  14. I'm sure the power grid is going to handle this weather influx just swimmingly. Privatized energy on three! 1....2....3....
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