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  1. I like hearing that they all feel sick to their stomach after that loss. Good. Let it burn them up for two weeks. Let them be chomping at the bit to get back to work. Let them rip off four straight wins leading to Thanksgiving in New Orleans. I don't want to say it, but...oh, okay....let them come back Humble and Hungry!
  2. So it was Dion Dawkins that let the Titans score on infinity straight drives without putting up any resistance at all? Huh.
  3. The REAL reason we lost is that Josh Allen caught a scoring pass. The Bills are 0-3 when he does so. NEVER THROW IT TO JOSH IN THE RED ZONE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Reasonable thing to say. On the other hand, the offense still scored 31 points, and the defense couldn't stop a nosebleed. Hard to put the entire loss on the offense's red zone shortcomings.
  5. Paging Quintin Morris or Kahale Warring....
  6. A few thoughts: - There is blame to go around for this loss. It's reasonable to say that the offense should have scored more TDs and less FGs, or that Josh failed to see open checkdown options a time or two. It's also reasonable to say that when your offense scores 31 points, you should win the game. The defense couldn't stop a nosebleed the entire second half, so they certainly deserve a big share of the blame, too. - Even with all that the offense and defense could have done better, the Bills still drove the ball down the field at the end and were six inches away from a 1st and goal with 20 seconds left. - I can't help but wonder if Knox going out with injury ultimately cost the Bills the game. On the 4th quarter drive where Allen failed to throw to the wide open Tommy Sweeney in the flat and the Bills ultimately wound up punting...I just wonder if things would have been different had Knox been in the game. No sense in wasting too much time wondering, though. What happened, happened. - Credit where credit is due: That was a gutsy, impressive win by an undermanned Titans squad that had faced a couple devastating on-field injuries to key players. Vrable's cute little punt return lateral troll attempt was lame, and I'm glad that it didn't work. Other than that, I can only tip my cap to the Titans for going blow for blow with the Bills, digging deep, and finding a way to pull out the win. - I'm with McDermott 100 times out of 100 on that decision to go for it on 4th. Analytics and common sense both tell me it was the right call. I also have no problem with the QB sneak being the playcall there. Josh gets those better than 90% of the time. It wasn't the Xs and Os that cost the Bills this game, it was the Willies and Joes. Execution wasn't up to snuff, period. - It's been said by others, I'm sure, but it sure does feel to me like the Bills sort of needed this loss. To lose the way they lost, right before the bye week (just like last year)...it seems like this was the type of adversity, the type of rallying cry, the type of "re-set and re-focus" loss that this Bills roster often thrive on. Instead of spending the next two weeks hearing how they're Super Bowl favorites, they'll spend the next two weeks with a sick feeling in their stomach, knowing that execution cost them a winnable game.
  7. Cool article from The Athletic today about the Bills in primetime: https://theathletic.com/2895011/2021/10/18/bills-suddenly-a-hot-prime-time-attraction-after-years-as-an-afterthought-theyre-going-to-ring-it-up/ "The Bills made 'Monday Night Football' only three times from 2001 through 2013. They had stretches of six years and four years without an appearance. They went 1-7 on Monday nights from 2000 through 2018, their lone win technically not a “Monday Night Football” broadcast. They beat the New York Jets in Detroit because Orchard Park was snowed under. CBS Sports showed that game. The Bills were even less popular with “Sunday Night Football.” After a six-game losing streak in which they were outscored 196-44, NBC Sports declined to air the Bills for 11 seasons, their absence finally ending in 2019. Buffalo has won three straight on Sunday night and two in a row on Monday night."
  8. Regardless of the Sean Taylor field-dancing incident... Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews are absolutely two of the most annoying, unlikable human beings I have ever seen. They have absolutely no chill. Whatever it is that you're supposed to do when you're related to a famous person -- they do the opposite. They're loud, brash, arrogant, and irritating. I actually don't really have a problem with Pat Mahomes. He seems a little arrogant and aloof, but whatever. His girlfriend and brother, however....that's a different story.
  9. Seeing New England go 0-4 at home to start the season is
  10. The Browns would have been better off with Allen or Jackson, and likely would have been better off with Darnold, too. Baker's career is going in the wrong direction. He's certainly not a guy I'd want to hand a big contract to.
  11. The madness continues. More empty sets. The Browns are beating THEMSELVES. Fools.
  12. I'm struggling to understand the Browns' line of thinking with this gameplan. They are 1st in the league in every rushing category, and the Cardinals are very bad at stopping the run. So the Browns decide to.....come out in empty sets and call a pass-heavy offensive gameplan? Doesn't make any sense to me. Yes, I know that Chubb is out with an injury. I don't care. Kareem Hunt is more than capable. Dance with what brung ya.
  13. Played a few online matches today. Knox made noticeably more plays and is quite the weapon now. As for Josh, well…his rating MUST be due to some bias on the ratings guy’s part, because 89 is preposterously low for a guy doing what Josh is doing. No matter. Despite what the OVR number is, he’s beastly in Madden. Basically unstoppable.
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