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  1. Just checking in on this absurd thread. 33 pages and going strong, eh? Has anyone been fired yet? No? RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!!!!
  2. Logic

    1 Trend in NFL does not bode well for Coach McDermott

    Quality response. I entered the thread late, and it may have been erroneous on my part to address my post to you specifically. Based on your response, I now have a clearer picture of your stance (as opposed to the stance of the OP), and I don't disagree with it for the most part.
  3. Logic

    1 Trend in NFL does not bode well for Coach McDermott

    I'll be happy to have this discussion when offensive juggernauts start winning championships left and right. The Eagles won the Super Bowl last year, yes. They also had a great defense. Like I said, when these offensive juggernauts start winning games in January, we can talk. We've seen offensive flavor-of-the-week teams come and go over the years, and it's always the same story: they tear through the league in the regular season, then come playoff time, a quality defensive team stops them in their tracks. It happened to the Rams last year. It happened to the Kelly Bills, oh, ya know, four Super Bowls in a row. Also, hiring an offensive minded head coach is not an automatic guarantee of success. How is Frank Reich's team doing right now? Adam Gase? Kyle Shanahan? Aside from the logical fallacy of assuming that hiring an offensive minded head coach is the only way to go in today's NFL, there's also this: The Bills DID bring in an innovative, fresh-from-the-college-ranks and from Belichick's coaching staff, modern offense-calling coordinator. His name is Brian Daboll. Is he the HEAD coach? No. Does that matter? The whole idea that the only way to have success in today's NFL is to hire an offensive guru as a head coach is nonsense to me. A good coach is a good coach, period. It doesn't matter what his background is. You were much more fun as Johnny Flynn.
  4. Logic

    1 Trend in NFL does not bode well for Coach McDermott

    Man, you know what defense-minded head coaches did terrible with rookie QBs? Bill Belichick and Ron Rivera. Absolutely RUINED Tom Brady and Cam Newton. 😉
  5. Logic

    Taron Johnson playing very good ball.

    This defense is a CB2 and an edge rusher (Jerry ain't getting any younger) away from being set completely -- at least as far as starters go. I sincerely hope that most of our free agency dollars and draft picks are spent on offense this coming offseason.
  6. Agreed. The Bills have some really EXCELLENT teachers on the defensive side of the ball. Bob Babich with the linebackers and his son Bobby Babich with the secondary have been doing some amazing work teaching fundamentals and getting their position groups to play fast. Recently, an opposing coach was asked whether he saw more of McDermott or more of Leslie Frazier in the Bills defense. He replied that the defense seems to feature the schemes and tendencies of McDermott, but the emphasis on fundamentals of Leslie Frazier. This seems to be an outstanding combination. Additionally, the Bills defensive scheme is simple enough that their players are able to play fast and not overthink things, but well-disguised and varied enough that the opposition has a hard time with it. This ALSO seems to be an outstanding combination. Time will tell what this staff is able to do with the offense, but color me highly impressed with their work on defense.
  7. Still waiting on Chris66 to wade back into the ****-pot he stirred up and talk fondly about his memories of BBMB.
  8. I hate the take, but love the screenname. !@#$ing awesome.
  9. Logic

    The Ghost of Rex: Hughes dropping into Coverage?

    Everyone already said it, but let me pile on: Jerry Hughes ABSOLUTELY should be dropping into coverage every now and again. Trent Murphy, too. As a matter of fact....has anyone asked Hughes if he can play wide receiver?
  10. Logic

    Poyer Drama breaks open

    Rachel Bush -- who I, like every other red-blooded male, happen to think is gorgeous -- kind of seems like a nutcase. At the very least, she spews insane right wing nutjob conspiracy theories and blocks/insults anyone who dares to question her.
  11. It's just that I never see you contribute anything worthwhile in terms of football discussion. Ever. You essentially ONLY ever come here to spew negativity about the Bills. You've spoken poorly of Allen (multiple times), the Pegulas, the coaching staff. If your only role is to speak negatively about the Bills, then it IS trolling. What else should I call it?
  12. I'll tell you what: If my team had won 5 Lombardis in the past 18 years, the LAST thing I'd be doing is hanging out on a division rival's message board, talking **** and trolling their members. What an absolutely lame and sad thing to do. Go watch some Patriots** film or something and let the adults talk in peace.
  13. The San Francisco example proves my point perfectly! Kyle Shanahan coordinates that offense. He got the job because he was a good OC for the Falcons. Prior to that, though, he was the OC for the Browns, where his offense ranked 27th in points scored. Not so good. Why? Vastly inferior talent. I do think good coaches can generate schemes to compensate for talent, but you can only keep the smoke and mirrors going for so long. To use your other example of Gailey: How did that work out long term? Once opposing teams figured out Gailey's gameplan, did he adjust and win a bunch of games with the Bills, or did he and Fitz get fired? And to KEEP going off of that example, Fitz at that time was a FAR more capable QB than Allen is now. I'm not saying Allen won't improve, but RIGHT NOW? Not so good. Extremely limiting to an offensive play caller. Given Allen's current deficiencies, in fact, I would argue that the type of game Daboll called against Tennessee is EXACTLY the type of offensive gameplan the Bills need to use right now to win football games.
  14. I dug it. The jury is still out on Daboll, as far as I'm concerned. He has some plays and formations and motions in the playbook that are LIGHT YEARS ahead of what the Bills have had in recent years, which is to say: they're modern. They're 2018 NFL passing concepts. He also had a head-scratching gameplan against Green Bay and underused Shady in weeks 1-4 in general. So there's that. The big thing for me, though, is that it's hard to tell if the playcaller is calling good plays if the players -- the QB, in particular -- can't execute. Now yes, you'd be correct in saying it's the job of the offensive coordinator to call plays that the quarterback CAN execute. Well, that's just it: Daboll is finding out -- along with all of us watching at home -- on a week-to-week basis what Allen can and can't execute. "Well Daboll should be able to tell that from practice!", you might say. Well...sort of. Executing in practice and executing in a live game setting are two different things (just ask Nathan Peterman!). So yes, the OC needs to set the QB up for success. He can only do so much, though (hence the half-field reads and simplified playcalls for Allen this week). Allen showed against Green Bay that he couldn't execute the more nuanced passing concepts, full-field reads, and RPOs with effectiveness, so Daboll curtailed the gameplan and it did just enough against the Titans to eek out a victory. The bottom line is this: An OC can only do so much. The players still have to execute the plays. We have MULTIPLE position groups not executing on various plays. The offensive line, the wide receivers, the quarterback. Until such time as I get to see Daboll's gameplan in action with even a SEMBLANCE of NFL-caliber talent at the skill positions, I am unable to make a sound judgement. Until then, he just has to make chicken salad out of chicken ****, which is what he did this week against the Titans.