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  1. Has nothing to do w the 4th q TO?
  2. And it didn’t work. Russ converted on a scramble
  3. Once again becoming hard to follow NFL logic. Kincaid had a shot to the head , no penalty , no fine. And no horse collar fine on Allen. These fines were absurd and plentiful earlier this season and now? Nothing ? specifically the Allen play. I suspect The NFL does NOT want to fine bc they don’t want to admit it was a horse collar. He definitely grabs him at the end of the play on the nameplate …. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/nfl-fined-only-nine-players-in-week-12-by-far-the-fewest-in-any-week-this-season
  4. I think the 3 best teams. Eye test. Texas , bama and Georgia. up for grabs for 4th. It’s probably mich. (if fsu qb didn’t get hurt they’re better). as for who I want to see. Washington over Mich. Better qb and WRs.
  5. I heard from cover one - Only a portion. The guaranteed portion and I think it’s year to year
  6. Kincaid along the sideline vs tampa. Hes also made 2-3 tough ones that Knox would drop - low diving types. thats really it….
  7. Anddddd just like that. Worthy ruins his ankle in the turffffff
  8. I like Kincaid more than Addison. Makes Knox expendable / rework his contract
  9. He has to be an average to just above average starter already in the NfL. And he plays next to Spencer brown. best you could hope for
  10. Absolute NEEDS are debatable. de , DT, s , c , R ot , and wr2. BUT I think if you’re being honest - if the bills are to rebuild and stay high level competitive. It’s WR2. All day. It’s a must.
  11. What a horse bleep officiating job against OKst. two DPi and one blatant pick OPI no calls on texas its a joke
  12. Now Seattle 6-6. And will finish the schedule below 500. So media, cowboys and Dak fans have an inflated sense of accomplishment here that I’m just not buying.
  13. How did he hurt himself by not playing last game ? They haven practiced this week? Did he fall at home after realizing bills didn’t trade him?
  14. It was a week or two until he played kickoff team…..
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