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  1. that gets called 5% of the time. you cant just say lead w his head. thats not good enough. if he dislodged the ball , thered be no flag
  2. wasnt even PF> what the hell was that call. its called football he tried to hit wr and dislodge the ball
  3. you gotta read the twitter analysis of the lawsuit doc - there is ver batim texts that say elway showed up drunk / hungover and an hr late to the interview and BB mistakenly texted flores 3 days before saying daboll already had the job
  4. in fact he did. ingram beat spencer like a drum sacked allen who fumbled it off a lineman and back into his arms. super lucky to not lose that fumble
  5. theres a reason for that. bc dane and levi attempt at jamming will absolutely get dusted beat over the top. this is the fault of McD /beane scheme and roster. we can only play soft zone w these players - not capable of playing man or jamming.
  6. i just think they were athletically so suspect in the secondary for McD/Frazier to feel good about that scheme. TRE white one on one w kelce instead of levi? maybe. The coaches are WAY too confident in these players sometimes. Levi is a borderline journeyman CB in this league. Dane jackson does not have speed or quickness. I thought poyer looked incredibly slow and poor reaction in a lot of plays. the only reason they got away with these unathletic players is bc they play this uber forgiving soft zone D
  7. No..at the line of scrimmage there's no such thing as block in the back
  8. If you don't have elite DL front 4 play you're not gonna do anything against KC O. Have to get lucky w TO or outscore them
  9. Cincy is good on O. Game not over
  10. this is exactly the convo after last years KC game. they were woefullly lacked D team speed. and again surpirse with no additions. rousseau - please. completely slow.
  11. nah. they hit on a once in a lifetime QB. that 13 second game management debacle is so bad
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