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  1. I feel like Von is basically in the Shawn merriman arc. It’s going to end very sad/badly
  2. Yes. It’s scary. But Kincaid has to become close to a kelce. It’s that simple.
  3. Would pump the breaks. One of his sons died of a drug overdose. Wish that on no one
  4. I think this qb class sucks. On par w the Zack Wilsons a few years back. I wouldn’t just say if I’m one of these teams. Welp let’s draft a blue chipper. And “tank” and hopefully set up for a qb next year
  5. https://kckingdom.com/posts/bills-make-laughable-free-agent-wr-addition-01hwzg5a664y laughable
  6. They’re getting this year for sure. next season 2025. Have to make it to afc game. i go back and forth. I Wanted McDermott gone after 13 sec. I still want him gone. Hes going to be Marty schott. Or Tony Dungy . beane has spawned gms in Carolina , nyg , and some top personal ppl ( I think hous ?) I think it’s generally hard to convince players to come to buffalo. Ny taxes. Not a major city. Stop w the “why wouldn’t they want to come play w Josh Allen” that’s not enough of a reason for top Players. Von basically was all in on Dallas and we had to overpay and promise some sort of gm in training gig
  7. If you think beane and McD don’t pick players , at least in part, for anything but pure football reasons then I’m not sure what to tell you
  8. And that’s my point. Why does beane need to say that? If he is BUFFALO. Then there must be some players in draft process that aren’t BUFFALO. Theres some non football evaluation they do specifically w buffalo fit that influences their picks.
  9. I’m not so sure. I think the bills draft players that WANT / are ok with being in buffalo. Unfortunately I can see a reality where there are some prospects that DO not want to play in buffalo (or other spots) for various reasons and it comes across in meetings. I guarantee that factors in their “board” rankings and meshes w the football evaluation
  10. But I thought the 5 year option was useless !? !?!??!?
  11. That’s what I came away with. He’s a big slot in the nfl. If you put him on the boundary only. Youll end up with another Gabe Davis production / consistency. Which is fine. But we need a legit wr1 after next draft. They get one more year
  12. He should not be counted on. Not sure “injury” was his biggest questions mark. his biggest question mark was playing time, production , and will he ever develop his great traits. He is the definition of QUESTION MARK.
  13. I was just rushing to post. I felt like I was watching the Thurman bills. Killing it on the deep wheel to the sideline , screeens everywhere, and his running style. hes gonna be the best pick of this draft
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