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  1. thats what i thought from the get go. must be medical. id rather have sanders than brown anyway
  2. i felt like they used milano more as a pass rusher. edmunds didnt do anything in zone defending pass d
  3. F - i MISSED it ....sabres game
  4. he couldnt get on the field bc he wasnt a 3rd rd draft pick by beane and is at his ceiling. although his ceiling is much better than any perceived potential of DS by the FO
  5. not clear. just as easy to say RBs dont hit hole fast enough get past first line fast enough so our O L can get to 2nd level. prob is not using picks on players. prob is using 3rd rounders on players that dont make a difference. i dont necessarily think DS is THE problem ... hes just upgradable and if a way to save money by getting rid of him then do it
  6. i think richard rogers is great value for a TE https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/tight-end/ also looking at that list. kroft contract so bad
  7. people get so mad if you mention the word "cut" and their "favorite player x" they dont bother reading anything more
  8. Time for Senior Bowl
  9. yea just thinking out loud. didnt know about the 51 / 52 roster thing. just get better players and get rid of ones you wont use going forward if save money lol thats what i think. He used to be really elusive. but now in the open field he pretty much goes down immediately with the first defender. honestly his best quaility is hes a tough runner up the middle. but not better than average RBs
  10. dont know how you evaluate "team sucks" at running screens. teams consistnely are throwing the ball into the ground when its blown up. im saying juicy - when theres no one around him
  11. 100% agree. beane and McD will hold on to "Their" guys too much. nate peterman. any carolina panther. that trade for benjamin was awful. theyll hold onto edmunds too and keep spouting 22 and young (i mean i hope he turns into a stud) but yea. thats my overall point. Ruthless. i love that beane kept repeating "be honest with ourselves"
  12. felton is projected to be a 4th rounder.... also every year you are paying rookies- its a fixed cost each year
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