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  1. youre partially correct. thats bc were human/and americans and we dont follow the rules. You bet ya new zealand got it right !
  2. yea like this is content for his podcast 5 years from now when he actually retires
  3. i love florios venom. and i equally love the rebuttals to him in the comments
  4. while im heavy pro vax. im not throwing away bease. hes heated. and mostly upset at NFLPA. and let this get outta hand with social media. he should get vaccinated. but if HE doesnt want to ----- if the lord tells him not to--- its his right not to. BUT he works for a business that has protocols.
  5. yup. and i bet the 4% are cuban docs. not to call them out. but in miami a lot of the cuban docs are anti vaccine because they (fairly or unfairly) associate vaccines to democrat/liberal to fidel castro. I ***** you not. all this is identity politics and its sad. get vaccinated people. bease get vaccinated bro. BUt if you dont. im fine with that. but then you gotta just follow the protocol.
  6. you need active or new infections as a percentage of population. keep trying. also florida and most southern states are woefully poor at testing and reporting
  7. i dont understand this irrational fear of what COULD happen in 3, 20 or 40 years. But my whole live has been medicine and science. so to me its not a question. I can understand some of the concerns to a degree. the virus doesnt re write your genetic code. attack any organ system. THE only current thing that is making the news is their are young/ teenagers getting vaccine and having some myocarditis. but it is an insanely small number. and vast majority resolves without any treatment
  8. yes the data and current recommendations - even if you had it you should get vaccinated. fun fact - if you cleared the virus AND get vaccinated you have an insane amount of immunity.
  9. you dont. but its based on decades of vaccination history and data and science. but thats what emergency use means. when faced with a global health problem. your ignoring survival and long covid / lupus like symptoms that are chronic. https://www.fda.gov/emergency-preparedness-and-response/mcm-legal-regulatory-and-policy-framework/emergency-use-authorization
  10. ppl the vaccine is a protein. its not some ortho kill weed killer. the flu vaccine does not cause you to get parkinsons or your arms to violently fall off 40 years later..... you havent seen a significant number of people that have caught covid and then "survived"... have long term and chronic problems following it covid. basically like having lupus.
  11. uhhhh what. ineffective? no way bro. by any metric. you dont know what emergency use FDA approval means ( you assume its bad). and then also people may "get" the virus but they arent dying or getting seriously ill. also the trials and current data show its not 100% but pretty darn close.
  12. Oh classic damage control media release by the bills...... "hey were building a new stadium!" "dont read the cole anti vax stuff!"
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