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  1. Oh yea I think he’s done a solid job this off-season. But forced to. i don’t really care about q signing. if he / the bills come upon a sure fire tackle prospect and it’s the best value - I want him drafted. Don’t count on Spencer brown is my point bc beane thinks he found a diamond in the rough
  2. Well sure. But this is beanes fault/weakness. He marries himself to players. Has to be more cut throat and be objective
  3. Y’all be tripping. A guy that’s valued at 7.1 and is paid 1.7 - which is almost vet minimum. Isn’t signed by his own team. With an injury history. Money / contracts talk the contract reeks of injury hedging
  4. Is anyone else at least but concerned ? How would you if you were the Texans sign DS for 3.75 when you could have had Harris for 1.7? why didn’t NE just sign him back? something doesn’t add up? Is his hamstring absolutely F’d?
  5. He’s crazy if he thinks they’ll fall that far. Eagles and chargers will pick him before buf
  6. Just told my dad the same thing. it’s D all day first round.
  7. i was you a month ago. theres not anyone there at 27. Youre just gonna draft a high bust (for first expectations) potential WR / TE bijan might be only one there at RB - but i just philosophically have a hard time going RB that high. after they picked cook in rd 2 i agree. hate to say it (i cringe / die inside doing so) but DL , safety, LB > defense may be the only value impact player here. which is fine. the draft isnt just the first rd. Gonna have to find impact players throughout the draft in all rounds. what we have at DL right now is just sad. so i can get behind getting it right w this pick safety > poyer / hyde could be done after this year - we dont have anyone to step in so i can get behind this pick for the future LB > its obvious. edmunds gone no real obvious choice to fill so i can get behind this too
  8. kinds of just running this in circles. at the outset from beanes presser - i was all in on WR /weapon for first round. as more time has passed. I dont care about position anymore. beane just has to get it right. WE need 2 impact players this draft and 2 impact players next draft to get to super bowl in 2 years. were not getting there next year (our schedule is BRUTAL). von wont be fully healthy/ too late in season. and we just have too many darn holes. time to reset the expectations
  9. if he turns out to be ALL pro.... its a crap shoot. if the value is there - i can get behind spencer brown and tommy doyle coming in as extra OT in jumbo and playing swing tackles.
  10. prob is the good teams will just pound the ROCK if hes on the field. SEE @ jets game. Oh my god they pounded Buff D like a piece of meat for that final game winning drive. or even the last two drives.
  11. thats this regimes biggest weakness. they target pre draft who they love. and they dont stray. even after 2-3 years of abysmal play (see cody ford). theyre far too married too their players. need to be harsh/cut throat. move on. shrewd
  12. And that’s just more a story of how sorry our DL is. Shaq was about on his way out of the league…. Coming from jets. Discarded by Mia. Discarded by jets. Good ole beane called him up
  13. I thot Taiwan and siran played horribly this year on ST. they weren’t doing anything blocking the opposing gunners on PR. I believe Taiwan also got caught touching a punt in a pats game. It was egregious and as gunners they made some plays , but whiffed a lot on coverage get rid of them
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