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  1. "It is for real," Pees said of his retirement. "If I wanted to continue coaching it would be here. We've got a great staff, really enjoyed the guys, great working for [head coach] Mike [Vrabel], I love our players. I'm done coaching." http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001098128/article/titans-dc-dean-pees-retires-after-16-seasons-in-nfl
  2. We never should have traded Kiko...he was bad
  3. The Patriots made a huge mistake. could have kept Barfalo, traded Brady for 2 number ones and dominated for another 15 years. It's a major FU ..
  4. What in the world is Boomer Esiason wearing lol ?
  5. I am pulling for the end of the season so I can get these over rated stiffs off my freaking TV
  6. I wouldn't pay 10 cents for the entire show.
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