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  1. I gave Paul Costa a red trophy for the Hot knife / Butter analogy
  2. Hi, I became a fan in early November and when the Bills started winning every game, I quickly hopped on the bandwagon .
  3. Is this the Ultra Fine Extreme Wash with hot wax & tire shine or the crummy Economy wash ?
  4. Those inflatable screens are expensive and there is no fracking way to pay for them .
  5. Now that we know your sleep pattern, we can sneak in a steal the family china
  6. No, invented in Detroit then they named a hockey team after it
  7. The last time I visited that board, the Ravens would crush the Bills with Joe Flacco, Aww seems like yesterday
  8. I believe the way to beat the Ravens is mistake free football. But, this could be a mistake on my part
  9. A dominant playoff game will lead to a bigger contrast for Josh Allen, a crummy win would save us valuable cash which we can spend on over priced free agents
  10. QB Keeper, Lamar Jackson slips in the snow, fumbles forward to Tre White who runs 80 yards for the TD
  11. Ernie Davis & Carl Eller were both drafted by the Bills
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