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  1. I am not sure Josh can throw 80 yards through the air either, I am guessing 70
  2. Line them both on the goal line, I figure Allen can hit the 20, Matt Araiza about the 20 I assume this could be tried for fun in training camp This could be close...
  3. This was a different type of draft, Brandon Beane filled the obvious needs then took a few gambles. Some are worried about losing some of these players off the practice squad but I highly doubt Brandon Beane loses any sleep over this. What goes around comes around. Somebody like Wildgoose will most likely end up on the Jets PS anyway. I was thinking about grading this draft a C+ but Beane saved the day with a powerful new punter. So I was wondering, is Allens arm stronger then Matt Araiza's leg ??? We shall see ..
  4. I didn't like the 4th round selection, this guy will never make the team
  5. He doesn't need to be the holder in Buffalo BUT it preferable
  6. Matt Araiza PLEASE
  7. When you want a player you have to say Please....this will never work
  8. Maybe its me but the coverage is worse every year. Some of these NFL general managers keep trading their picks away and it disrupts the flow
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