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  1. Tommy will be worse... Trust me....
  2. Oh sure we fired the best coach and he is on TV every week
  3. The head coach argues with game officials (when on Camera) They place their hands on their knees and stare at the offense and defensive lines, this makes them look more like a head coach Some pace, clap and chew big wads of gum.... Most shake hands with the opposing coach after the game, this makes them appear to be a good sport even though they hate each other....
  4. One Superbowl win by the Bills then I am done. The NFL will bleed you dry then resell your twisted body parts for profit. Yes they will....
  5. Singletary is a very durable running back. He rarely fumbles and an above average blocker. He is pretty good as a receiver too You might be surprised how many teams would sign him. .
  6. If Gunsmoke is on Channel 49 I am skipping the entire half time show ....yuk .
  7. You might I say might see one new starter... Hate to ruin your day
  8. This is depressing Going to bed now...
  9. That's okay, I will keep them at my house
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