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  1. Great, a 27 year old Ford We will be lucky if he makes it to camp...
  2. "You don't win games in April?" Must be a Boston Bruins fan
  3. I had a Murray bicycle once, what a piece of junk
  4. Better rethink your decision You will miss page 400 of the DeAndre Hopkins thread
  5. I love every offensive linemen on draft day, game 3 not so much
  6. Dropping 3 passes is way to many
  7. Congratulations to MAYNARD , WMNman, MrEpsYtown, BuffaloBillyG & Chaos whom all named one player correctly We never had that many one player winners in one year Good luck next year....
  8. I had this guy going in the 1st round to Cleveland
  9. This guy is more Broker then me I like it .
  10. No need for Hopkins now 200 pages wasted....
  11. Love, love the Kicaid selection, Knox was never a great receiver, would you throw to him ?
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