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  1. Patrick Mahomes has small hands, eventually he will choke
  2. You put that many yards on a quarterback, I am hoping you love Matt Barkley
  3. HOUSE

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    I am not seeing the love here
  4. People are over sensitive now days, one little cheap shot and they become unglued
  5. Excessive clapping by Sean McDermott,, our players are deaf
  6. Come on Shaw, watch the game on rewind. This sounds like one of those 'The dog ate my homework threads Geeeez
  7. HOUSE

    Bills defense is overrated.

    Everything went down hill after Chris Kelsey retired
  8. HOUSE

    Offensive Line Struggles

    We are in good shape, all we need is a new RG,RT, center. Special teams needs attention. Perhaps 3 Wrs Oh forget it...
  9. HOUSE

    win the next 3 games ?

    And we will sweep the playoffs oh wait....
  10. Virgil, I need these thoughts in order next time, its giving me Lupus
  11. HOUSE

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    Blowing it up makes sense
  12. HOUSE

    Matt Milano Leg Injury

    Matt Milano does't need two legs
  13. HOUSE

    I'm So Done With This Team

    This could be Lupus
  14. HOUSE

    Hauschka's Health