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  1. HOUSE

    Charles Clay Released

    First round #10-22 Same speed as Gronk.... Summary The 2018 John Mackey Award winner was a threat when asked to line up inline, wing, and in the slot. He has the acceleration and body control to be a mismatch against linebackers and the natural strength to overpower defensive backs before and after the catch. Hockenson has vacuum hands with fluid body adjustments to catch the ball in stride and track the ball into his mitts. He will be reliable in any offensive scheme at the next level. Projection: 1st Round
  2. The settlement is 250 bucks + a signed Tim Tebow Jersey
  3. HOUSE

    Charles Clay Released

    WHAT.....I am shocked beyond belief
  4. HOUSE

    Charles Clay Released

    T.J. Hockenson
  5. HOUSE

    Bean at his Witchery, Again!

    Tyrod Taylor is the best dressed player in the NFL
  6. HOUSE


    Give it a try, if we never hear from you again then its a big no.
  7. HOUSE

    T.J. Hockenson

    He is my favorite player in the 2019 NFL draft. Looks, blocks and catches like the GRONK. I will ***** if the Bills land him
  8. HOUSE

    Happy B Day Jimbo

    Wow, 59....I am really feeling old now...thanks
  9. HOUSE

    Marcel Dareus’ contract.

    Not worst the money = bye bye
  10. HOUSE

    Cardinals tweet their support of Right Josh

    I should remind you guys, Matt Leinart was " their guy" too
  11. Cleveland is still Cleveland, amazing things happen there...
  12. Anyone that can play Tight End, your gamma will do
  13. I want a player that wants to play in Buffalo for a reasonable price. Not the guy looking for the highest bidder. I want a player that can stay out of jail or the suspension list and actually play on opening day. A healthy player without knee braces would work for me too. Nastiness is a plus...
  14. HOUSE

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    The teams with a true franchise QB rarely fire coaches on a regular basis.