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  1. I been waiting for weeks for this classic match up
  2. Greatly improved Offensive line , I believe ESPN referred to the Bills OL as a poor boys version of the Jets OL
  3. Your excuses for poor scheduling can be listed below?
  4. Could have Major playoff implications, several teams including the Bills might need the Ravens to win
  5. PITTSBURGH — The Steelers will not face a full-strength Baltimore Ravens team in Week 17, provided their AFC North rivals have already secured their playoff positioning. According to the NFL Network, Baltimore would play Robert Griffin III over Lamar Jackson in such a scenario. The Ravens can clinch the AFC North with a tie or a win against the New York Jets on Thursday night, guaranteeing them no worse than the No. 4 seed. https://www.pennlive.com/steelers/2019/12/ravens-to-rest-lamar-jackson-play-robert-griffin-iii-vs-steelers-in-week-17-if-baltimore-clinches-playoff-seeding-report.html
  6. Yeah, been to Pittsburgh many times, I suggest you wear a helmet. Make sure its NFL approved. A cheap helmet won't help you
  7. I guess they made the point for me. Just because a team loses to a top team does not mean they should fall in the rankings.
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