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  1. Flying Pig seems ready to give up football this day. Can we convert him to Football as a Bills commentator? It may help his stress levels.
  2. Joke's on you, it's "Matt Canada" that is his burner name. Nobody knows his real account. Ron Mexico is used up, so keep an eye out for him to resurface on another burner as Steve Uruguay or something.
  3. Jonathan is one-dimensional, upfield pass rusher. He gets demolished in the run game. He'll be dropped when Miller is activated (or Ford. Please Ford). Ankou was very good in his appearances against both run and pass. They already dropped Ateman, a big-body WR with nice hands. I wonder if they called his cell and told him to turn around and come back?
  4. Poona Ford. I would have done that in preseason. This is disappointing, Ankou was a monster in preseason and clearly outplayed Ford.
  5. Taking away Tua's first read seemed to work. Josh's first read is usually the longest developing route, touchdowns first right? Jets did that pretty well. But, people are hinting at his reads not always being long-to-short these last 3 weeks. Sometimes it is... often it isn't. And because sometimes the deep read IS the primary, if it's there the shot will get taken. So YPA wouldn't be drastically diminished. If that is the M.O. going forward God help opposing DC's because that breaks the whole shell paradigm. An offense that can effectively attack short, intermediate and deep, inside the numbers and outside, from under center, shotgun and play action, with various personnel packages, and runs the ball too? Seems like that would be a problem. Now figure out how to run friggin' screens, you'll be immortal.
  6. Another possibility with Brown if he just doesn't become a satisfactory NFL RT and need to upgrade the position, you can probably turn him into Lee Smith.
  7. The two major chinks is the armor of the Bills OL are: transition rushes against Brown (speed-to-power or power-to-speed) and bull rushes that isolate Morse. His anchor isn't what it used to be but mostly he will get help from the left or right. Honestly, the Bills have at least 3 G's this year that are better than last years starters (Saffold/Bates) in McGovern, Torrence and Edwards. If preseason tape counts Anderson is possibly a 4th. He turned down offers from other teams to elevate him from the Bills' practice roster. I'm speculating there's a plan to have him take over for Morse as soon as next year. An interior line with an ascending Torrence, prime McGovern and adding another hoss-strong guy at C that can turn nose tackles out of the hole 1-on-1... I am absolutely looking forward to that. Shore up RT through organic growth by Brown or Van Demark or an outside addition, and it's championship caliber.
  8. He did look pretty crummy last preseason. A step slow, a size small. I dismissed his scoop and score as a lucky bounce. His regular season reps were as unremarkable as Edmunds really, but you'll take that for $1m rather than $20m or whatever it is. This year, that '22 preseason scoop and score is looking less like an outlier and more like an indicator.
  9. You love to see Chubb get paid and go into hibernation while Ed Oliver gets paid and plays like his hair is on fire with napalm.
  10. The highlight they showed on NFLN highlighted the area in the field where the throw was going with a yellow circle just as the ball was snapped. I don't know if it's film study or what, but Bernard recognized where the route was going and moved to carry the receiver, which may have affected the timing/position of the receiver as the ball arrived at the spot where he wasn't - instead landing like a classic Tua soap bubble in Hyde's hands.
  11. Thanks. Just to expound on it, almost the entirety of the modern NFL runs route trees that sight-adjust based on the leverage relative to the defender. QBs succeed or fail in the NFL by their ability to process and correct for those adjustments. What is "revolutionary" about Miami's offense is that it doesn't use those concepts as much as a timing scheme where the ball arrives at a window along with the receiver, or if can scheme a guy to be Alabama-open. Tua can be effective if either/both of those things happen because he's accurate short & intermediate and can hoist it far enough (usually) if a guy is runnnig free by 5 yards. But, if opponents start showing up in those windows and/or guys aren't Alabama-open, it looks more like yesterday's 2nd half. I'll give credit though, the intermediate throw to Mostert on the wheel route down the right sideline was perfectly placed. Two feet shorter or deeper and it's defended or picked.
  12. Phillips is probably the least effective of the lot. Would love to see Ankou get a look after his monster preseason.
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