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  1. Oh I reckon not. By next year it might be illegal to be a man. But year, there's a new invented holiday because everyone needs a participation trophy for society I guess. Grey Goose reminded me of this one;
  2. Oh by far HSBC Arena to see hockey. If there's one thing the Buffalo Sabres organization hates, it's fans of the sport. They want people to behave like it's study hall and sit quietly, and only cheer at corporately approved intervals. I'm pissed I gave the puck I caught to a random kid when an usher asked just to get yelled at by those red vested ass clowns for calling out the play, during play (no profanity!). Fun fact: they haven't sniffed the playoffs since then. Good.
  3. I wouldn't bend over backwards to move up for Robinson.
  4. Women's Day or something. So here's Allman & Woman.
  5. And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?
  6. From everyone’s favorite Motown hero (really! Listen to it)
  7. There is a bunch of edge guys just moving extremely fast at large sizes. Nolan Smith goes 4.44 and explosive af, Van Ness goes 4.64 and looks monsterish at 6'5" 272. Byron Young goes 4.51 and also explosive. They are cruising.
  8. So I click it on, and Adebawore goes 4.54 at 6'1" and 281, holy crap. These other edge guys look like stickmen and Adebawore looks like a bouncer. Yaya Diaby looks legit too.
  9. More beer is usually the correct answer to questions. Some of which, have not been asked yet.
  10. I was too livid with the Ref Bowl to track the last batch. Anyway my winner: Busch Sarah MacLachlan:
  11. All hail the 2023 Super Bowl Champion NFL Refs.
  12. They've let that one go for 100 plays, they call it on 3rd down for the Chiefs.
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