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  1. Eye arrogance! The Spain on the plane didn’t train and feels pain.
  2. You don’t think a division with 3 contenders would cannibalize itself more than a division with one?
  3. This. On a kickoff there’s no option to let it bounce, if you think it’s gonna be close you wave the hand for fair catch and try for it because a muff is no different than letting it hit the turf in that situation, plus the FC gives protection so if they do run into you it’s a penalty and they won’t get the ball anyway. That’s coaching, he needs to know that going in.
  4. Cardinals game? Think tasker caught a couple bombs where Kelly just lobbed the ball up the air and wind carried it iirc
  5. Jimmy G almost assumed the fetal position in the face of that rush. Here, take this ball and dont hurt me!
  6. To throw that flag on that “hit” on Garoppolo… lol. This crew is so bad.
  7. So when GB offers a 4th for Kumerow, you want Beane to say: __________ ?
  8. Saw it was Boger’s gang of misfits and knew something would happen, it always does. They get SO many prime time games for some reason.
  9. Brutal helmet-to-helmet hit late on a league superstar, no flag. Seems like this crew always has problems. Adams looks out like a light.
  10. Ground helped Sanu make that catch, should be incomplete.
  11. Poor man’s Fitz. The difference between him and Allen throwing outside the numbers into the wind was as stark as can be. Arm is barely adequate. Can succeed with rhythm and anticipation, Will sling it and gamble and win some but lose just a little too often at this level.
  12. Nick is late to every appointment but his nose is right on time. I mean, was one of his parents from Easter Island? I guess we can ask him after such a spectacularly wrong hot-take, “Hey Nick, why the long face?”
  13. Who else would I bring To the Tight End U Social? We’ll dance with your dates.
  14. Allen can take the top off defenses with that arm by hitting the deep ones, and open bigger holes in the intermediate zones. Hitting a low percentage, teams can run a Steeler/Miami plan to try to load the short and intermediate zones and dare the over the top throws. Most of the time, if Allen stays patient it won’t stop the Bills, but drives with look like that 1st of 3Q. Even in loaded short zones when a receiver sits in a hole the ball is going to arrive before the defender or even a robber. God help the NFL if Allen ever does start hitting even half the deep heaves that a Mahomes or Rodgers or Wilson does. That’s the unschemeable QB of the wettest Offensive Coordinator dreams.
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