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  1. Another fairly deep cut outro, FNM We Care A Lot. But this from the 90s. I'm fine if Mostert's out, he's on an opposing roster in one of my league. If he stays out I'll be up ~10 heading into tomorrow. I have Allen and Kyler Murray, they have Stefon Diggs. The strategery and Bills homer move is start Allen. If Diggs goes off for TDs (yay!), Allen getting points will dilute it (yay!). But man, Dallas D is a suckhole of suckitude.
  2. The refs are confused, Al is confused... is this really so hard?
  3. Best part is that #69 Jared Allen would go on to switch to offense and join the Bills as their franchise QB.
  4. "(Rams) probably would have won the game if not for a disputed pass interference in the end zone." You are Fake News, Al
  5. His PFF rating is toward the bottom of the league 😆
  6. This is the "do we really want to look like a bunch of bumbling clowns in a Rams game after that interception" review going on. If this is another "call stands, inconclusive" then what the hell.
  7. Another unprecedently weird turnover to the Rams. Hmmmmm
  8. Not sure what the 80's obsession is but that was Greg Kihn Band with Breakup Song. Are they trying to say something about one or the other of these teams being one-hit wonders?
  9. Now that's a really deep track on the commercial bridge music... circa 1980, Diesel, Sausalito Summernights Always really liked this one
  10. "A month ago I had a full head of hair"
  11. He's threatening Rich Kotite for the Jets franchise worst.
  12. The Jets haven't been playing Perine much and apparently it's because he can't block.
  13. The Jets are clearly turning a corner as a franchise, from Butt Fumble to Butt Interception.
  14. "He's James, I'm Andrew" Even the announcers don't want their family names involved with the Jets
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