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  1. A Fiat went 30 miles without a tow? The times really do change.
  2. NATO Domes was turned down as a name for a missile defense system.
  3. Was that Wawrow or did his doppelgänger Greggggg Williams blackjack him to butcher the same stupid question that had already been asked, twice more? The urge to beat him with a stick felt similar to Gregggggggggg. Edit: I also learned a new journalism word, “comfortability.” I’ll have to see if I can use it in a sentence with “wessonality.”
  4. the melt value of a pre-2015 nickel is 6 cents
  5. Marino was terrified of Bruce Smith. He’d just fling the ball downfield and hope his guys caught it when he saw 78 out of the corner of his eye.
  6. Guy who wrote that wrote a lot of good ‘uns
  7. Tell him he can wear #32 and send a white Bronco to pick him up
  8. Rousseau is the 3rd biggest man of the 4 picks. That’s nuts.
  9. Eisen confirmed 174 to Houston for 2 6ths
  10. Carolina is rivaling the Browns for plucking players that TBD has an interest in.
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