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  1. Late to the party but was I wrong to expect
  2. So Joe Burrows appendectomy thread necrofloated on the Bills forum which naturally made me think: are there any songs about appendectomies? Only one comes to mind, and it’s just too much of a fun lyric not to post. It concerns the Royal Flying Doctor service for the Outback, and a physician that can’t keep from emptying the medical cabinet to treat himself, so to speak. A Sheila in the bush by a Koolahbar tree Needed an urgent appendectomy The Flying Doctor like a true Australian, Performed the operation with a sardine can He made a rough incision and tried to chew it out, He had no anaesthetic, so she started to shout, She started to shout, when he was chewing it out, She started to shout, he tried to chew it right out, He balled up his fist and scientifically socked her, Look out you'd better duck, Here comes the Flying Doctor
  3. Should we be guessing the dollars or the team?
  4. Tangentially related: GMFB fantasy QB draft - 1) McCourty - Allen 2) Chick - Herbert 3) Brandt - Mahomes 4) Schweinhund - Lamar
  5. If anything Araiza should be more of a weapon the worse the weather gets. Allen can really spin it and those longer throws in the Cyclone Bowl were still getting whipped around to where Diggs couldn’t catch a ball put right on his hands. Punts should get Niekro’d far beyond that, good luck with those.
  6. It helps distract from having to listen to them?
  7. He does sort of embody that “Commitment To Average” that defined the 2000’s until McBeane.
  8. Hack’s absolute ceiling is league average, that’s it. And that requires being immaculate and avoiding blocks and shanks. Araiza has a top-3 type ceiling, and his floor is probably about league average. Feels like this one is over but for the visit from the Turk.
  9. you know he wanted to. Good on McD for having his team hold their poise.
  10. I’m not here to crap on Edmunds just to crap on him but I think I saw Spector disengage from blockers more in that one game than Edmunds all year. If a lineman gets his hands on him during a play he is erased. I expect that from CB’s and some safeties, it just can’t be the case for a Mike.
  11. You mean like Haack last preseason and then the Steelers game?
  12. punt from bills 18 for touchback. 100 - 18 = 82.
  13. If the Bills 2nd team could win the AFC South, the Bills 3rd team should be able to win the NFC East.
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