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  1. Mainly know them from their metal covers. They are to flamenco what Apocalyptica is to cellos.
  2. For some reason there's two more I can't get outta my head will I post em. This one I may have done before, with Pete Worst on drums the other, glam as glam will ever get
  3. Thijs Van Leer + cocaine is a continent-rending weapon. This is at the point where Jan Akkerman was considered the best guitar player in the world. Probably rightly. Jimi gave us distortion and feedback and Eddie gave us hammer-ons but Jan Akkerman gave us sweep picking solos. What do I have in my bizarre and frantic file to even compete? You kinda gotta go punk for that... Here's where the mashup should go.
  4. Of course. It's Home Alone with C4.
  5. In a dead heat after this afternoon, Aaron Jones tonight vs Pat Freiermuth tomorrow. Feeling a little better about it. There's a team that could hit 200 if Hurts goes for 14 in the second half. I've never seen that.
  6. That's a horse crap holding flag.
  7. oh that's a common misconception fueled by heroin and suicide. Sheesh, when will KC actually play an NFL team again?
  8. Pretty much the entire cast of the show Oz now hucks insurance. Except Adibisi. Can you imagine how that would go, "buy my insurance or **** my ****."
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