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  1. Bee Gees are seriously underrated in their late 60's/early 70's work. Superb craftsmen of pop songs.
  2. The Megadeth of their era. Virtuosity + vitriol. Can't believe how Lake's voice quit. Keith had to downtune the songs to bounce down to Greg's lack of range at the time. Lake's vox on the first few KC and ELP records was legendary, it was as sad as Ian Anderson or Elton John's blowouts.
  3. Carl being an animal for 50+ minutes People don't understand how violent this band was with respect to the music scene in 1970. Black Sabbath was heavy; ELP was menacing. They were high cerebrum and high testosterone. They used all their music on those boomer sports highlights because there wasn't X-game X-treme foolery at the time.
  4. Don't recall where I read the insight, but it said the secret of Brady isn't extraordinary athleticism (clearly) or off-platform improv (clearly) but in executing the on-script stuff perfectly, every single time. Some guys can run the plays correctly but without the physical gifts to execute with live bullets (see: Peterman), and some guys can get by on athleticism alone (see: Lamar). If JA17 ever gets close to the Brady standard while being an absolute lab-hatched QB unit and having broken play superiority as a safety net, has the sport ever seen anything like that?
  5. For as long as memories of your loved ones live, they too shall live. May the memory be eternal.
  6. I thought he was a Liberian warlord...
  7. I come to bury Mahomes, not to praise him.
  8. Red snapper! Very tasty! Edit: Beaten to the punch
  9. I thought they were putting a 5-second delay on this game, but they let the swear slide for Brady
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