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  1. It's exactly the time. Ask the rioter/protester on the street why they are out looting/marching, they will say for justice. What is justice, you may ask? It varies from the one officer needs to be in jail for life, to all 4 cops need to be in jail for life, to all 4 cops need to be put to death, to all cops everywhere need to be put to death. I have not heard a single correct answer which is: they should stand trial. Which is happening. Which means your riot/protest is superfluous, except for the looting stuff.
  2. Society is going to have to decide whether it wants to continue to be organized under concepts of natural law with the individual as the sovereign unit, or under concepts of group polity with the tribe as the sovereign unit. The United States Constitution was intended to delay us having to make that choice for as long as possible, but realistically that time appears to be waning.
  3. That bum who thought it was a good idea to take the Sabres to arbitration? I might be inclined to agree with you but I need to check with Twitter to see if I'm supposed to hate you.
  4. Saw them do Mindcrime on Metallica Black Album tour. Tate was mesmerizing - no human can possibly be that note-perfect live, but there he was. Nowadays the visual presence is more of a 1930's Brooklyn street produce vendor, but the pipes are solid.
  5. Congratulations on sifting the nugget out of the catbox.
  6. https://sportsnaut.com/2020/05/sports-world-loving-the-fact-that-tom-brady-sucks-at-golf/
  7. You mean the late extra point to bump the lead up to 38.
  8. Anyone watching the Match? I think they've dumped a solid 5 minutes of audio so far after Brady bad shots, it's great to watch him get so utterly humiliated.
  9. I may be subject to senility, idk. Just seemed the dropoff in talent across the line when Feliciano moved to C was somewhat offset by an increase in nasty.
  10. Every time I hear this I wish it was Winter Song. That track is every bit the caliber of a Yellow Ledbetter was but nobody "discovered" it on a B side and started playing it. (I could probably say the same for almost anything from Invisible Lantern, Buzz Factory or Uncle A, or the band Truly)
  11. I liked Nevermore. What say you of other unappreciated octave gods of metal like Matt Barlow or John Arch? (Apologies for the volume. If this is what happens when I miss 10 pages of music thread, I need to chill)
  12. Nice. Have I seen that studio before...? oh yeah!
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