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  1. Justin Eboigbe led the Alabama DL in tackles from the interior (that includes Dallas Turner and Chris Braswell), but has concerns from '22 neck injury and surgery. Seems like a Process guy, could be a good get in R5 or so.
  2. Just for the heck of it. Let's say the Bills opt instead to move down from 28 (and 60 lol). What are some potential draft paths within this 7 round mock? Make some picks based on what's left on Brugler's board right around those spots, guessing who he might mock to Buffalo (we disregard the butterfly effect). [TRADE 1] Buffalo takes LV's offer to move up for Penix that Brugler mocks at 29, and gets 44 and 77 in return (which is a little light on the Raiders side - they get 209 Rich Hill value for 195) [TRADE 2] Then at 60, let's hope Tampa wants someone and would give up 89 and 92 (nearly perfect value match). Barring that I'd still be considering the OT. 1 (44). Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon - The Bills guy all along 3 (77). Kiran Amegadjie, OT, Yale - Gifted developmental T 3 (89). Austin Booker, Edge, Kansas - Rotational edge with upside of a future starter 3 (92). Malik Mustapha, S, Wake Forest - Great tackler for the Poyer role 4 (128). Mason McCormick, G, So. Dak. State - IOL mauler for Kromer to mold 4 (133). Gabe Hall, DL, Baylor - Depth for 3T or 5T 5 (144). Johnny Wilson, WR, Florida State - Big target at X, contested catch monster 5 (160). Elijah Jones, CB, Boston College - This is @GunnerBill's guy 5 (163). Jordan Magee, LB, Temple - Fits the Bills mold with speed and relentless pursuit 6 (200). Ryan Watts, CB/S, Texas - Length and ranginess, a bigger Cam Lewis? 6 (204). Cornelius Johnson, WR, Michigan - Tools of an X receiver 7 (248). Kimani Vidal, RB, Troy - We'll give Brugler this one So which draft would you prefer, the trade up or the trade down? This might fit in with that Moneyball thread from yesterday too about the merits of tradnig up vs trading down.
  3. Looks like PFN has updated the player rankings, and everyone is getting a drive on there with trade-downs, so... I gotta say, this draft seems pretty realistic, the biggest stretch is Mitchell dropping where he did but that's only because EVERYONE else got picked first. Oh, and Tennessee offered their '25 R1 to drop back 28 to 38, so... yeah I'm doing that. You know what number Jaylin is gonna get in camp, right?
  4. Tell me you're a doctor working for the Bills without telling me you're a doctor working for the Bills.
  5. I don't think L'ol Collins can be counted on to make the roster.
  6. Rice Jr's scouting report sounds a bit like Gabe Davis. I'd take that on one of the Bills' 4th rounders. I don't think we want the Bills to use 28 AND 60 on the one position and I hope Beane learned that lesson, but right around there should be the range where a Rice or Javon Baker get tapped... maybe even Tez or Burton?
  7. Seems like a convergence of interest there, if the Bills can get back a 3rd there should be a sweet spot to land a safety. I love the idea of a trade-back to the top of the 2nd to get an early 3rd, leveraging the value of the 5th year option on their 1st if they have several guys they'd be comfortable with for WR at that slot. It dawned on me doing mocks that the Bills 2nd (60OA) should still be a premium position addressed - WR, OT, CB, Edge. I keep having Travares Tillman flashbacks reaching for a safety. A guy who keeping dropping into that 60 range is Kingsley Suamataia for the reason that he's so young and raw that he may not be ready to start this year, but has a perfect opportunity to redshirt with the Bills behind Dawkins and Brown, and with Brown's contract coming up it's sensible to get a developmental guy this year. His athletic traits are as good as anyone, but the teams taking OT are taking them to start Day 1. It's suboptimal to spend that R2 on a guy who isn't playing this year, but the ceiling is sky-high and the position is as critical as anything non-QB. Getting a R3 in a trade-back makes that possible.
  8. First shot trying out the ESPN simulator. Round 1, Pick 28 Brian Thomas Jr. LSU WR Rk: 24 - Lol no-brainer. A perfect start. *** TRADE *** #60 + #133 for #62 + #113 (BAL - JaLynn Polk + Jared Wiley) Round 2, Pick 62 Kingsley Suamataia BYU OT Rk: 44 - Felt 60 was too high for a Hicks or Bishop, so took the small trade down to improve an asset. - But then... there's Suamataia sitting at 62 at a premium position. Kinda gotta. Round 4, Pick 113 Austin Booker Kansas EDGE Rk: 112 - Traitsy underclassman at another premium position. High ceiling, lots of room for physical and technique development. Round 4, Pick 128 Tanor Bortolini Wisconsin C/G Rk: 122 - Another case of rare athleticism for an early enty at a pipeline position. Round 5, Pick 144 Dominique Hampton Washington CB/S Rk: 146 - Has the size and speed for big nickel, and ST applications ala Siran Neal. Round 5, Pick 160 Isaac Guerendo Louisville RB Rk: 153 - Explosive, blazing top-end speed can make one cut and head to the house. Round 5, Pick 163 Decamerion Richardson Miss. State CB Rk: 161 - Long and explosive, he's a projection here. Insofar as he compares to Elam, it's fine for #163OA. Round 6, Pick 200 Jordan Magee Temple ILB Rk: 167 - Fits the rangy and instinctive LB profile the Bills currently favor. Round 6, Pick 204 Myles Cole Texas Tech DE/DT Rk: 117 - He could be Groot or could be Boogie but this isn't much capital to invest to find out. Round 7, Pick 248 Malik Mustapha Wake Forest S Rk: 225 - This is a stupid ranking on the site, irl this probably never happens. Frankly I'm happy with him at 144 if need be.
  9. Trading out of both 28 and 60 to yield 4 top-100 picks and a #2 next year, and let the board dictate the value. Legette at 51, great a true X. Opted for Tez over Bishop since both Bullock and Bishop were on the board, leaving plan B at 88. Maason Smith is a boom/bust proposition. From there we're looking for either a scheme fit (the corners) or explosive athletes (the rest). Theo Johnson at 160 was just irresistable. Would like both DT's to force themself on the roster but would settle for one. Would have liked to address OT a little higher but it's top heavy, and maybe edge but there's bigger problems to address first and every day 3 DE is a project anyway...
  10. We're only moving 11 spots at Jax spot. I think even if it takes the 2025 R1, if the right guy is there, it's not a complete getting of future assets which the Bills will need to provide a flow of cap-control contributors. But I don't know it's that outrageously out of touch. One of the 3 of 2025 R1, Min R2 and Buf R2 could well get it done. My plan A in mind was likely moving down to the top of R2 for (not Byron) Franklin and picking up something in the 100 range. TBH I think I do prefer a small move down and a Franklin or McConkey to moving up for Odunze, but I was curious how things would fall. Wilson as a fifth I think is undervalued. I don't worry about his separation because his contested catch numbers are insane. Think he can be a Cris Carter level red zone weapon. C Johnson is probably more rightly slotted in 5th-6th round but high-ceiling for that area. Tykee is fine if you can't get the USC, Utah or other UGA kid, he's got range but the others seem more explosive and Beane is focused on that. Bortolini to me is great in his movement to the second level but is Morse-like in that his anchor isn't the best, light in the ass. Just think Kormer has a type and Limmer has greater pop at the point of attack. McCormick in that area is also an option. Jefferson would be a good get with either 160 or 163. Sometimes the guy you didn't expect to be there is there, it happens.
  11. Second post-draft mock, and this time while I was sitting back with my trade-back philosophy a funny thing happened. A guy fell. And fell and fell. And finally it was all I could stands and I couldn't stands no more. *** TRADE *** From BUF: #28, 2025 R2 From JAX: #17 PICK: 17 RND: 1 (BUF from JAX) Rome ODUNZE WR Washington I would have thrown in a 4th too, but this bluff got through. You know who the guy is. *** TRADE *** From BUF: #60 From ARI: #66, #104 PICK: 66 RND: 3 (BUF) Kingsley SUAMATAIA OT BYU Getting an early 4th is key here and we get the guy we'd have taken at 60 anyway. PICK: 104 RND: 4 (BUF) Cole BISHOP S Utah Rangy and smart safety fits the next biggest need for the team. PICK: 128 RND: 4 (BUF) Beaux LIMMER C Arkansas I'm fine with McGovern and Anderson at C but the value here is excellent. Kromer will get the best 5 out there. PICK: 134 RND: 4 (BUF) Jarrian JONES CB Florida State Our zone corner, previously discussed. PICK: 144 RND: 5 (BUF) Johnny WILSON WR Florida State This is Tariq Woolen stuff where an off-the-range athlete drops for reasons unknown. PICK: 160 RND: 5 (BUF) Nehemiah PRITCHETT CB Auburn At this point I'm looking for Beane's "explosive" traits, his 10 and 40 splits speaks to elite recovery speed. PICK: 163 RND: 5 (BUF) Myles COLE DE-EDGE Texas Tech Our sleeper Groot, previously discussed. PICK: 200 RND: 6 (BUF) Jordan JEFFERSON DT LSU Again, explosiveness (4.70 at 313lb) and the value here is nuts. PICK: 204 RND: 6 (BUF) Ryan FLOURNOY WR Southeast Missouri State Later rinse repeat. High level suddenness and high end traits needing coaching. 3 X WRs? Sure why not. PICK: 248 RND: 7 (BUF) Trevin WALLACE LB Kentucky Prospect for ST can really move, profiles a bit like Dorian Williams in being short, yet long.
  12. Seems like this board says it's time to get on the phone with Washington and try sending 60 and 134 for 67 and 100.
  13. If the Bills weren't in the middle of a cap bloodbath and opening holes across the roster, go ahead and get that one piece. 2024/25 is no longer the time to light up Day 1/2 draft capital, they need to acquire it.
  14. Odd that you mention Denver and Nix. I had a mock where I went the other direction - trading down from 28 to 35 with Denver who also added 71 and 226 in order to draft Nix. A subsequent trade down with Washington from 60 for 67 + 100 yielded the possibility of drafting the following players: #35 Ad Mitchell WR #67 Kingsley Suamataia T #71 Ricky Pearsall/Devontez Walker WR #100 Calen Bullock S It's up to Beane to decide whether something like this is superior to leveraging the capital for one slam dunk player in the first half of R1, or an established threat who'll need a payday soon, but don't panic if nothing happens before #28 is on the clock. Day 2 tackles and receivers in this draft, some of them would go R1 in other years I'm sure.
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