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  1. Are those pads on the linemen's helmets new or have I not been paying attention? Looks like a segmented variation of Kelso's anti concussion Kazoo model.
  2. I remember Bruce's rookie year training camp at Fredonia. He was giving Jones and Devlin fits during one on one drills and was chuckling out loud at their frustration. That was before he got serious about being a pro.
  3. I do not get your point. How does an individual's quest to be great track with how an organization manages its business in a two decade run of excellence? Josh's back story is part of what makes him who he is. As he has often said "You bloom where you are planted." Family, Firebaugh, coaches at every level, Reedley, Wyoming, the Bill and his unique situation with Palmer. Surround yourself with people that believe in you wherever you can find them and bust your butt to give them the satisfaction of being right.
  4. It takes fuel, oxygen and heat to make a fire. If any of the 3 is missing then there is no fire. In an SAT type analogy, it takes special talent (physical and/or mental) a nurturing environment that can foster growth (family, community, coaches, peers and opportunity) and true passion to be great at anything. I think JAQB17 is upper echelon in all 3 components.
  5. When he is in tight coverage he is totally focused on making the catch. When running in the open he wants to know where the defenders are and is less focused on the ball. That's my theory anyways.
  6. Maybe this was posted here back around the time of the draft but this is an interesting article by Brentley Weissman of The Draft Network which appeared there on 4/8. I think he underplays the part that relatively mediocre pro day workout numbers he posted had on creating his drop in most ratings but he had him #11 on his draft board. I'll say this, when a 19 year old has a season like he had in 2019 it likely points to there being something special about him. WHY HAS GREGORY ROUSSEAU FALLEN SO FAR? The conclusion: "At the end of the day, Rousseau’s rare l
  7. Marv and Shane were mentioned in the article.
  8. Jim McCusker from Jamestown, a DT who played from 1958 to 1964.
  9. Big improvement in the running stats in the last 9 vs. the first 7. Unsettled OL, Moss with turf toe and pass heavy play calls contributed to a slow start. I'd suspect these yards before contact numbers were really bad in the first 7 games.
  10. Here it is. I have the link to this video copied and ready to paste into a post if someone hadn't done so already. Doug should be in sales or maybe politics.
  11. when he is making a tough, contested catch he has shown some talent. When he has attempted catches where he is unsure of where the defenders are he has shown lapses. I think that describes a big portion of his drops.
  12. Home/road splits for his career doesn't show a road problem:
  13. I have heard this angle on his play, maybe by you, to which I have replied that Josh has shown a better performance over his career in road games. This may be slanted by few more extra windy games at home but at the very least it seems to say that Josh is a road warrior and a hostile crowd does not affect him in significant way. Think Vikings, Dolphins and Cowboys road games. I will say this about your point that when things seem to be slipping away he can go batshit crazy, desperately trying to make a play but usually that's more due to game circumstances created just as much by the team p
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