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  1. From what I saw, those are divsional averages for the QBs that have played but showed all the rostered QBs. Thats why the majority of the data points are to the left of the line. So, the bar is diffrent in each division Josh had a 141 which put him in the same vicinity as Trubisky, Brisset, and Manning. He is ahead of all the 2018 rookie class QBs except Jackson, which fits my eye test.
  2. It's the route, the defense, the blocking (if any) and the running ability of the receiver. Just adding up YAC is not really on the QB. The throw's quality as related to YAC is really a yes or no question. If YAC were possible based on the route and coverage, did the throw allow for it to happen or not?
  3. The nuance is that what you describe are major factors to make YAC possible on a play but not really tied to the quantity that actually results from it.
  4. Joe Marino is very good. I do not know if these are "1 take podcasts" but his delivery is smooth and his voice and cadence are strong. A very easy listen, full of info. He has been a frequent guest on WGR and he presents well there too. His background with the Draft Network helps fill offseason content and gives plenty of insight to the Bills happenings during the season. Every time he has on the Locked On podcasters for the Bills weekly opponents he way outshines them. I think he has the voice and knowledge to do much more with his career if so chooses. The Cover1 "All 22" breakdowns are great and provide way more depth to certain plays within a particular game than what is available anywhere else. The content that Greg and Aaron typically generate is good as well. More back and forth, fan based opinions on Bills topics that really set a standard for weekly discussion. Their opinions are generated from a solid base of Bills/NFL knowledge that is borderline nerdy because it seems to be more their hobby than anything else.
  5. During the offseason, one of the big topics about the free agent acquisitions was which one would make the most impact to the Bills. My opinion then was that it would be Mitch Morse because last year's poor o-line needed upgrades and a this year's line would need a leader, much like Kent was for the Bills in his playing days. This may be coming true but, honestly, there were so many great free agent additions to this year's team that it would be tough to single one out. I wonder if Beane or McDermott could do that at this point. Anyways, Kent's son replied to my comment because he liked how I described his dad. Pick your metaphor, rock, anchor, pillar whatever. Quiet Southern farmboy demeanor, he represented Mississippi and the Bills very well.
  6. Thanks in part to the Bills defense Josh has looked more effective than every QB they faced this year. Yet they are all ranked higher on the year. Maybe that's got our view skewed.
  7. If he escapes the pressure and throws it away it hurts his passer rating. We know he has rolled to the right and thrown some of his worst ints. THAT really hurts his passer rating. If he'd just take a bunch of sacks like Flacco did tonight, his passer rating suffers not a bit.
  8. It was. The punter did not even initiate the steps of a punt. He showed that fake way to early.
  9. I don't think that is true. It doesn't seem to account for an int any different than an incompletion. Also, no mention of lost fumbles during a pass play. Those are pretty big game events to ignore, usually much more than sack yardage. I agree, the last sentence will be true. The Bills are very likely to see their average yards per attempt go up. Hitting on some deeper pass plays would be a big help and getting Foster on the field is one reason to think it will happen.
  10. There are a bunch of players who had some of their best seasons with Fitz throwing them the ball. He can make an otherwise disfunctional offense look capable. I think it's because he never plays scared, is smart enough to find plays but he's prone to not knowing when to dial it down and give up on a play.
  11. Cousin to Robb and Louis Riddick. I thought he played well while he was here. It seemed like the entire secondary performed well throughout August, hence a contribution to the 4-0 preseason record. He's been with Indy and Philly since.
  12. I think the snap was high which screwed up the timing. Josh handled it with both hands but in almost volleyball fashion so the refs ruled he never possessed it to make it a legit pass.
  13. Sagarin and 538 have the Bills at 16 and beating Miami won't change much. I think that's fair given who they have beaten. Until they beat a top 10 team (Eagles) there really is not much reason to move them higher. As for the PFF commentary, harping on 4 missed field goals is dumb. One was blocked, one was from 50 and another from 53. The Bills last drive went 9 plays and 50 yards with the Titans needing the ball back and ended in the RZ w/o points because the Bills didn't need them. It is beyond stupid to add 9 to the Titans score and declare them the "if only" winner of the game.
  14. On those last 3 runs he had against the Bengals on their game winning TD drive he looked pretty determined to gain yards and fast enough to do so. Although, it could also be that the defense was gassed and slower.
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