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  1. Exactly. Way to add to my point to make it stronger. I'd maybe question why Cooper didn't show better in Oakland because they sure expected more from him but he seems to be what Dak needed.
  2. Any QB that doesn't show an obvious year 2 improvement is in trouble of not being a year 3 starter. EJ was 2 and 2 in year 2 and got pulled which is an extreme case but it makes the point. Year 2 is a "show me something year" and if it doesn't happen there better be a clear and obvious reason as to why. Big improvement in year 2 is the expectation. It's become so common that it's more surprising if it doesn't happen.
  3. Bill Polian had a similar choice. He was already paying Manning and had both Reggie Wayne and Edgerrin James due for contract extensions. He chose Wayne because he respects the amount of time before a newly drafted receiver can develop into a highly productive player. Great RBs reach that level right away if given the chance, ala James and Saquon Barkley in their rookie years. Thus, the RB can be replaced with more certainty .
  4. This is the product of one writer for PFF but it is odd that PFF (I think it was them) had Josh as their #14 over the last half of the season. I just don't see how having him in a group with Keenum and Flacco makes any sense.
  5. One Jerry article I remember referred to JK as a "bumpkin that throws footballs" and Shane Conlan as an average LB. It had some negative stuff about other players as well. There might be something valuable about someone who can find the negative in every situation but I can't think of what it might be right now.
  6. I keep forgetting about his show. When WGR goes to The Instigators this time of year, I have been going to many of the podcasts that have cropped up lately. Jerry could be a viable option to have on while I work around the lab.
  7. This is a trust the process problem and result. If you want to make the rookie QB earn his spot in the pecking order (process) he has to compete with at least one other. If his competing with two others, then they are not doing everything they can to get the rookie prepared to play (problem.) I think the mistake that Beane acknowledged was not getting Derek Anderson in the room when they knew McCarron was being cut. Allowing the rookie QB to grow through even more adversity is the process result. If they had started Josh from the beginning and he struggled through games like he did with SD and GB, the rest of the players would be thinking/saying why not play Peterman? He looked great in practice and preseason. He gives us a better chance to win. As it played out, when Josh struggled no one was thinking that. That is a great process result, imo.
  8. I could be wrong, but both of these would suggest that a 3 or 4 win improvement is a standard expectation for the team that starts a 2nd year QB that meets the criteria-- high draft pick (top 15.) Assuming injury doesn't play into this, it might be a bad sign for said QBs future if his team doesn't show that kind of improvement from year 1 to year 2.
  9. This tweet is of a similar theme, just presented in terms of a year 1 vs. year 2 win%. Betting the over on the 6.5 over/under bet looks historically solid and there is no trend of a sophomore slump for highly drafted QBs in their 2nd year. 80 people are talking about this
  10. Maybe someone already mentioned this but a practice squad QB usually runs the scout team during game week practice. I question whether he'd be any good at prepping our defense and giving them a decent look at what they will be facing. You have to learn the base offense of the opponent and execute it with enough competence to test them all within a matter of hours. If he can't do that then they probably should move on. It was an effort worth making and maybe he can turn this around since he might still get the bulk of game 4. Also, he should be playing well enough to give the WRs a chance to show what they can do. That hasn't happened either. I think Chris Brown said something to the effect that Duke Williams had been slow to learn the offense. They probably want him to know more than 1 WR spot. He should do everything they need of him to play with Barkley.
  11. I think he may have some of that locker room, clown show sense of humor ala Fitz. That is a complement. Fitz, with the 49 Wonderlich and Harvard degree, won some credibility with his team by not acting like he was the smartest guy in the room.
  12. Thanks for posting this. It's been awhile since I had watched it. The whole running = risking injury narative is not valid, imo. If you watch it, point out a hit that gives you pause and makes you think that he took a bad, potentially injury causing shot. Kiko's cheap shot attempt that turned into a leg whip maybe. Defenders can cheap shot the QB anywhere if they don't mind getting the flag or risking ejection. The pocket hits are much more dangerous, imo. Often unexpected and with the QB in vulnerable positions and with potential harm from head to toe. I see alot of gassed defenders taking bad angles, slides, stepping out-of-bounds. Josh does it pretty smartly, I think.
  13. I remember the JP Pirouettes and Rob Johnson pulling this quite a bit. I do not think of this as a JA problem, especially later in the second half of his 1st season. Do you have any specifically in mind? None come to me.
  14. Some of my opinions: 1) Josh scrambling is better than checkdowns. It's equivalent to passing stats of 47/47 for 508 yds, 5 TD and 2 Int (I think he had two scramble fumbles.) The passer rating for that is 129. I don't think any QB does that on checkdowns. 2) His running is a function of poor protection, poor WR separation, Josh being predisposed to holding the ball as a rookie and his being very talented at running. 3) A collapsing pocket is way more dangerous than running through the defense. He can out run, stiff arm, slide, run out-of-bounds or dive. At least he can see the hazards coming and has options. He is somewhat unaware and unprotected against many hazards in the pocket much like the injury that cost him 4 starts. 4) I want him to run less because the team around him is better and he is noticeably improved as a passer. Be a good and getting better passer and pick your spots to sustain critical drives or put points on the board. I'd like his mindset to be to play like Bruce Wayne but when the Bat Signal goes up, head for the Bat Cave.
  15. There was a thread for UBs pro day where I mentioned him as a McDermott kind of player due to his wrestling background. I think it hurts him more than anything that he does project as a C/G, interior lineman. Just being a center makes it tough for him to be a rostered backup.
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