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  1. Check out the Youtube of OBL from Friday. He was trying to make a point about Bernard but kept calling him Benford. Someone corrected him, he checked the roster and got it right for one sentence and then resumed calling him Benford three more times. Maddy Glab inserts his correct, full name twice before she finishes two sentences. The look on Frelund's face was one of total befuddlement. CTE is real and Tasker had as many full speed ST collisions as any of them. I totally hope that is not the case. Steve is at his best when storytelling as in many cases he has probably told many of them on multiple occasions. 19:36 Benford or Bernard
  2. Probably going to consider reinstalling that tunnel canopy they used to have along the wall or something like it. Totally remove any opportunity for bad idea, impulsive moves like this. Gonna need extra control measures if the Browns come to play with Watson as their starter.
  3. Two older, white men nodding in agreement. Context always matters but is seldom sought.
  4. Nuance of race relations, social media, language and context is difficult for adults to manage. I do not expect teenagers to have a grasp of it. The use of that word amongst peer group white youths to refer to each other is odd to me, but it's likely a cultural influence of things other than outright racism. I do not listen to rap, but the context of the lyrics is a likely source. At some point, most of us see a day when we wish we could share some words of wisdom with our dumbass 15 year old selves. Here's a thought I have often had. Who released those Tweets just prior to the 2018 draft? The timing of it makes me think it is either (1) an agent hoping to drive his QB further up in the draft or (2) a team that was hoping for Allen to fall further down the board where they might have a shot at him which would make the Bills among the list of suspects. It would be some real Machiavellian, 3D chess to which no team would wish to admit. If it was just a random person who knew Josh and had some grudge against him I doubt they would have waited until the eve of the draft.
  5. I think this is right. BBB seemed to express some regret that the Bills could not manage his weight loss during the summer of 2020 due to COVID restrictions and suggested that this hindered his readiness for his rookie season. The Bills' players are regularly showing big year 3 improvements and I would not exclude AJ from this at all. He has looked to me like a player that needed to develop more upper body strength to compete with the bigger bodied OL on a regular basis. As far as the change in body type, I think back to his poor combine testing and how it hurt his draft stock. I'd bet his athletic score would be much better now (sure would be worth knowing) and the Bills seemed to have a plan for him from the get go. Important year for AJ.
  6. I think Thad is jealous that Cover1 does a better job of team coverage than him. Maybe other beat reporters feel that way too. Greg knows salary cap management better than most any NFL full time professional reporter/host/writer. Eric can break down film better than most of them too. The comment about it being a fan site seems to be an attempt to belittle their content.
  7. Their attitudes toward the position are much alike. Take chances (not always well thought out) to make plays even if it risks your own bodily health, be a great teammate including taking the heat so others don't have to, engage with fans/media on a personal level and let your own quirkiness shine. Yeah, you are highly paid and the most important player for your team every time you step on the field but there is no reason to act like it. Josh can make plays that other QBs won't even attempt because they know they can't. Not Fitz. He was a QB that stretched the limits of own capability and it earned him an improbable 17 year, 9 team run in the NFL.
  8. People use the 237 number that Josh had at the combine but we all know that can't be true anymore. I described him as probably a bucket of wings shy of 250 now but 260? Maybe that's when fully padded.
  9. The pass wasn't really designed as there were OL downfield which drew the flag. I think Josh did that to avoid a loss. Bosa had 6 tackles for loss that game which included 3 sacks. This particular type of play has the potential to be misread and thus expose Josh to having to take on a big defender with little time or space to react. It could have been a much worse outcome. I think Barkley came in for just the next play.
  10. There has been much discussion about Josh running less but there seems to be little consensus about which runs need to eliminated. I really hated the zone read and the one I linked because Josh misread Bosa and did not react well to him. He tried wide, then cutback and then a stiff arm but all failed and he was close to a season ending lower leg injury much like Dak Prescott suffered earlier that season. After he kept the ball there was little time or space to make a good play and when he realized he was trapped, he had no way to protect himself. I'd be interested on the metrics for JA zone reads. I remember one very good one in 2019 at Miami where he ran for like 35 yards as the DE was totally fooled. But, this play I linked in the OP vs. the Chargers is the only one I remember where a season ending injury was in the mix. Maybe, in their totality, they are the least successful and most risky. Josh on an island with Bosa in his face who then steer wrestles him to the turf is as bad as it has gotten, imo.
  11. We all want Josh protected better and sometimes he needs to be protected from himself. Imo, of all the types of runs he makes, this is the most risky. Remove this from the playbook, please. A zone read that he pulls from Moss with Joey Bosa standing there staring Josh down expecting him to keep it. Wrapped around his waist like a little brother, Bosa manages to pull and spin Josh down while crushing on the back of his legs. On QB power runs, draws, sneaks and scrambles Josh can see the defenders with time to react and can usually protect himself well. This zone misread made my heart rate went go through the roof as I thought he'd suffered a lower leg injury much like Dak did. I can't think of one worse than this. Unblocked Joey Bosa standing there waiting for him with no time to react. They should make this go away. I think I am good with the rest. Joey Bosa Hauling Josh Down
  12. Ok here is an off the wall idea. There were occasions where some younger, big city types came to work at my company (which was near Jamestown) for an extended internship. They were able to get some nice rental deals at the Chautauqua Institution during the offseason which starts at the end of August. Your timing looks right to me and there is not much demand for housing there during the months you are speaking. It's a good deal for the homeowners because they have little need for offseason use and their property taxes must be huge there. The Erie and Buffalo airports are each close to an hour away and the approach and egress to/from High Mark Stadium is a breeze. According to Greg Tompsett of Cover1, Josh Allen just closed on a house on the grounds which is odd to me but it's tough to know what his intent would be. The National Comedy Center in Jamestown is worth a trip regardless of where you choose to locate.
  13. The Bills lack dynamic, YAC playmakers. They do not generate many missed tackles in the passing game. Not many instances of physically beating defenders once they have the ball in their hands, either with speed or power. I think that's what Chris Simms is saying. They do run great routes and make great plays on the ball, especially near the sidelines. So the Bills pass catchers get the yards that their route and Josh's arm earned them and not much more. Some QBs with dink and dunk mindsets could not sustain an offense without the YAC element built in. Some do not even attempt to make intermediate throws outside the numbers. Josh throws to all areas of the field and when he puts the ball on his targets in those contested spaces, securing the ball and keeping their feet inbounds or protecting themselves is job#1. On a related note, the whole lack of YAC conversation related to Josh's offseason work with Palmer seemed somewhat of a mystery to me. I rarely had the thought that Josh put the ball in bad places to get more yards. I mostly saw it as a consequence of the types of receivers he has and the places on the field they attack.
  14. And the Dolphins keep their team sideline in the shade and the Bills still kick their butts.
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