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  1. Great. My initial search did not find it. I did find a nice back story on Keith when he was inducted to the Syracuse Sports HoF.
  2. I had listened to the podcast version of this but it mirrors pretty closely this article. A big miss is the fact that an elite RB can add much to an offense as a pass catcher.
  3. I remember Keith Moody scoring a TD on a return, taking out a prop yellow flag and then spiking the ball on it. I guess he had lost too many decent returns due to penalties. I wonder what Google has to say of this.
  4. I will fess up to an having an anti Cowboys hype agenda. It's lasted most of my lifetime. The "America's Team" label handed to them, the number of times we get force fed their games in primetime, the lingering angst from the Super Bowl losses, the reptilian mug of Jerry Jones and the amphibian one of Jimmy Johnson. As for Dak, starting 64 of 64 is maybe his best stat. That is not easy. I would counter that the Cowboys were +10 wins his rookie year and only +6 his last 3 years combined. There has been something wrong with that team and I doubt that Mike McCarthy fixes it. I think it may be a culture problem, maybe too many "me guys." Dak will get paid but I doubt he ever wins the Super Bowl or even plays in one. Just my very biased opinion.
  5. The one play I remember was Josh Allen stiff arming his face to the turf on a QB draw TD run at New Era. Probably not one of his best. I wonder if he was one of those hitting Josh as he launched that TD pass to Foster. I'd have to go back and look.
  6. QBs used to have to win consistently to get big money. Now they get paid for racking up big passing stats because it seems like the two are connected. I posted in a different thread about the Bills big road wins vs. the Vikings and Cowboys. Josh made plays and Cousins/Prescott had big passing stats in games their teams were not even close.
  7. Ironic to be talking so much about Cousins and Prescott considering how the Bills beat both their teams, on the road, on a CBS game with Nance and Romo doing the broadcast. Josh made wow plays and lead them to upset wins. Prescott and Cousins racked up bigger passing stats but did little to keep their teams in the game.
  8. Art Wander (Tiny Tot of the Kilowatt) advocated for Reich to be the starter for the remainder of the playoffs after the comeback game. Many felt that way but I don't think anyone was saying that JK should be permanently benched. He was injured and his return was in question. That's when Polian had the "Get out of town!" defense for Jim. That's the way I remember it anyways.
  9. Yeah, I'd prefer one of the 3 already gone. Some think RBs 1a/1b should fit the offense as interchangeable parts and therefore do not necessarily give the defense a clue as to what is coming. Others would want different, complementary skills that would be used with a bias toward the situational need. I'd like to see a more explosive, power runner who is good in the passing game and represents a bigger playmaking threat.
  10. I just gave CEH his 22nd vote. Question: If we take a RB at #2 in this mock, do some people's heads still explode? That should be reserved for the if the Bills do it I would think. Just wondering.
  11. I am happy with the progress he has made so far. The team in general is ahead of schedule and is poised to be more relevant in the next few years than they have been for decades. Josh continues to develop his QB skills while making plays I've never seen other QBs make and winning often enough to keep his job. He is a rare package of size, athleticism and self awareness. Fun days ahead once we get to the post pandemic world. I should add this. When he made that lateral with around a full minute to go before regulation ended, I openly freaked and yelled that he had gone "bat**** crazy." That was maybe his worst QB moment ever as a Bill. In that situation, almost in game tying fg range and with about a full minute left, I was chanting "protect the ball, protect the ball, protect the ball" as he was making that scramble run due to the likelihood that defenders were likely to try to strip it. Then he pitched it while under tackle! That was somewhat ironic as I had said that he should play like Bruce Wayne most of the time but could play the hero when the Bat Signal went up. Now we have to worry about unnecessary, bat**** crazy attempts to make a play. Oh well. He will be fun to watch in year 3. By the way, as someone pointed out, the Bills are 11 and 5 in the last 16 games that Josh started and finished. So nice to win while he learns to balance situational risk vs. reward decision making. Of those 5 losses, I'd say the worst one was the Eagles game which was the also the most windy game of the 2019 season. I think that one was when the onfield, fireworks prop blew over during the pregame. Basically beat by QB scrambles and screen passes.
  12. The Bills faced tougher defenses last year than offenses. 8 games against top 13 in DVOA defense. Seems rather balanced.
  13. I have no problem with Beane's stated reasons in favor of making the trade. He is doing his job well.
  14. I'd be curious if Chinn was there too when he did the mock. Joe Marino called Chinn a better version of Dugger and 2 years younger.
  15. This is a match to my thinking. Glaring as in obvious but easy to fill as in that there are many decent options to meet the need. I was making some mashed potatoes of the instant type (free tip : throw in some frozen fries to make it better.) I open the fridge and see there is no more milk. My kids were set on some potatoes with gravy as part of their lunch. Milk is a glaring kitchen need but options for getting some are plentiful. Many think a first round RB = buying a cow. A few think that a 2nd round RB = buying a dairy farm. Thus, my hope that an elite talent might be there at 54 or a little earlier. We know Beane likes to target guys they view as elite that are falling. An elite RB talent in round 2 might be a sensible solution that is bpa and adds another reliable playmaker to the offense for 4 years or more. I solved the milk problem by adding half a tub of Bison dip and some shredded cheese. Not ideal but in a pinch it did the job and the kids ate it up per usual. That is Yeldon, imo. Ok in a pinch until you can get to Wegman's.
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