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  1. With all those WNY senior citizens who have seasonally or permanently relocated to Florida, I suspect the Bills to be a strong #2 there.
  2. For the record, you are correct. I saw the best camera angle of it on Twitter and it is as you say, Damn if I can find it again so just take my word for it. This particiulasr clip had a CHCH logo on the screen but the video locked up and when refreshed I went back to the top of the timeline. The entire video story was over 2 minutes.
  3. I do not know what Andy was chewing but he was working it real hard before that play. I think that was a tell.
  4. I would love to take a poll right now, 7 minutes to go, among those following the game, about who we think will win this. I say Browns.
  5. He has quite a bit to do with this. As a young, developing and supposedly inaccurate passer Josh was still getting big production from his WRs. By contrast, the young, developing Lamar doesn't generate much production from any of his WRs. Most likely it's because the offense designed to let Lamar thrive does not do the same for the WRs.
  6. John Brown was playing well with Flacco and had a great 2019 with Josh. He disappeared from the Ravens offense when Lamar came in. Robert Foster likely played the best football of his career in 2018. Diggs, Beasley and Brown have had the best years of their careers with Josh. The next WR that thrives with Lamar throwing him the ball will be the first.
  7. First touch may have been 1 yard deep but his momentum carried him further into the EZ with his next two steps. I think you are correct and by the time the process of the catch was officially completed he was at least two yards deep.
  8. Yeah. Under rotated back flip, broken neck and death five days later should qualify for #1 but maybe they thought it would be kicking dirt on his grave so they put him at an obscure #22.
  9. Maybe. But Justin's hand is not stationary, it is actually swiping at the ball. I thought this was the best camera shot because of the resolution. You can see Justin's fingers and the laces on the ball which shows extra wobble, i.e. nose up then nose down. I'd like someone to ask Justin if he got it at all. If you think there is a better angle/shot I'd like to see it. There is one where you can't even see the ball until it had passed by him, either post tip or not.
  10. Here is the Next Gen Stats "dot diagram" or whatever they call it, of the play. I think these are fun to look to see how everyone responded to the play. NGS field diagram of the play
  11. I did a search to find which of the Gramatica kickers hurt himself celebrating (Bill on a 42 yard, 1st quarter field goal) and found this: 23 Athletes Injured While Celebrating Last one I saw that made me think of this was when Mongo pile drove Lee Smith after his TD catch.
  12. Buffalo Bills on Twitter: "TARON JOHNSON PICK SIX‼️ 📺 #BALvsBUF: https://t.co/VqXMJDH1vI https://t.co/WjuPWerVod" / Twitter Best resolution is at ;55
  13. Next Gen Stats had Justin at 18.5+ mph and the only DT clocked higher this season is Aaron Donald. Justin was the first Bill to get to Taron for the celebration and, more importantly, I think he tipped that pass. The deflection slowed it down and made it land short. If so, I would want him written into the story of one of the biggest plays in Bills history.
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