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  1. Paxton Lynch was still in the mix I think. Then Chad Kelly won the #2 job.
  2. Ontario? It would be interesting to see where our neighbor to the north would rank. Are they the real #2? I would guess so.
  3. Excellent work as per usual.
  4. On locker clean out day after the 2012 season, Fitz was in tears because he knew Chan would be fired and he was likely done too. On a side note, he has 7 now? Murphy called him the Johny Appleseed of the NFL at 6.
  5. It happened in front of the Rams' sideline and I think they made the call for him. That bogus PI call on NRC in London was influenced by the Jags sideline. Having dozens of people within feet of you all screaming for a particular call can influence the call that gets made, imo. That's at all levels of team sports.
  6. Observation of time and space and application of simple laws of physics are not allowed on any review. Too complicated for Al Riveron.
  7. Those that took the Josh MVP plunge, JA's stellar play and the schedule looks favorable. With Cam2x, Wilson and Mahomes on the schedule and 3 maybe 4 primetime games in December, there will be opportunities to make a definitive impression on voters.
  8. Josh could stiff arm a T-rex. Extending the ball away from the defender may protect it from a TJ Watt style punch out but it would be vulnerable to a 2nd defender. It certainly takes my blood pressure to unhealthy levels. That face mask does not get called if without the pulling down part and I do not remember seeing a QB do that prior.
  9. He has a stiff arm like no other QB I have ever seen. It is big weapon in his arsenal. To use it means he must have only one hand on the ball. I know, it stresses me out to the max too but I think accept the trade. Some intense moments of stress and occasional fumble in exchange for the stiff arm cheat code.
  10. He is saying that watching Josh run around with the ball while defenders are chasing but not able to get him down is the most edge of the moments he has watching football. I agree.
  11. Absolutely. That it was so bad I am still mad about it.
  12. Davis runs straight into and drives him back. I think he was being just as physical as db. But I'd rather be happy than right.
  13. That DPI was not a good call, imo. Contact by both players. But I'd rather be happy than right.
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