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  1. Tough to blame him in anyway for the ankle injury. I thought there was no way he'd play again this year as the way it was rolled looked almost as bad as could be.
  2. I think it's pretty much a part time, Friday to Sunday gig for 24 weeks or so. Compared to the health risks of playing and the time dedicated to OTA's, minicamp, training camp and then the regular season weekly grind, I'd bet he could sell that to Liza real easy. I think Fitz would slay that job.
  3. OK. That is an insane amount of money to throw at a color commentator. Here's how CBS should respond: Let Romo go and make a play for Fitz to replace Romo. Fitz is smarter, funnier, knows/has worked with more people throughout all levels of NFL franchises and probably has established more good will than most any other player currently in the league. His limitations in talent and "fearless, swimming in the cesspool" style of play should offer him plenty of perspective on NFL matters big and small, whether on the field or off. He probably knows more coaches, has been a teammate to more players and is on a first name basis with more NFL media professionals than anyone else. He has played in 5 of the 8 NFL divisions with 3 stints in the AFC East and 2 in the AFC South.
  4. There were some days at New Era where punt catching was obviously a difficult thing. He made it look easy. i don't know what that chart shows but Andre handled most all the tough balls in bad weather and without much space so easily that it's easy to dismiss his contribution. But someone in that job who can't handle tough circumstances and we would all notice the muffs and/or balls that are not caught and are allowed to bounce and roll for 10 or 15 more yards.
  5. Ravens game had bad drops by Knox, Beasley and Singletary. Generally, offenses struggled in an open air stadium located in the Great Lakes region during November and December weather conditions. Reputations credit the Bills D and blame Josh's accuracy.
  6. Football Zebras had a game blog that celebrated the call made on the EZ non touchback as a common sense ruling and the penalty on Ford as legit as have you. I see Ford with his hands low, almost coming to a stop, the defender actually initiating the contact to Ford's upper arm as he is turned to face him and then Ford pushing with his hands extended. No forcible contact to the head, no blindside hit from the side, no force involved that is a threat to injure. This was no where near a "decleater" and the defender's "54" was facing him. This was a block that amounted to a push with the defender taking two steps back. Where is the common sense applied in this case? Not forcible = no injury threat = no call = no fine. Initiate with the head, shoulder or forearm and forcible are necessary parts to make the call and issue the fine and are standards not not met, imo.
  7. Punting near midfield a relatively high percentage of the time would account for most all those stats. I wonder if it's actually the case. Seven touchbacks may not be bad normalized to those that were successfully downed inside the 10 or 20.
  8. I've seen that penalty called when the receiver made the catch. Tre White on Adam Theilen last year for one.
  9. Forcible = risking injury. Not even close to that threshold. I've seen legal screens in basketball that involved more force. In the video posted that the league prepared every hit was a "decleater." That seems to be their intent for forcible not the bump Cody gave.
  10. I like Duke and what he could add to the offense but this was a drop. Maybe others have said so but I haven't read the entire thread yet. The elbow hook did not occur until after the ball was not secured on the first catch attempt. The hook prevented Duke from making a second attempt to secure it. So, bobble = no catch = drop, in my opinion. The other one on the sideline that some want to call a drop to me was a clear pbu. High ball above his head and in his hands ripped out by db's hand.
  11. The receiving corp was remarkably healthy all year (as was the team as a whole) which is not normal. Otherwise, Duke would have played more, imo. I like what he brings to the table, his attitude seems properly adjusted, and, as he fights to establish a legitimate career in the NFL, I will continue to want him to show well. Seeing what people can achieve after it appears that they lost their best shot at their dream is one of the best storylines in sports.
  12. Tre White had time to point to the play clock at .00 before the snap. Almost needed to come across the neutral zone at 0.00 to force them to make the call. It was not close. They gave Josh a TO after the playclock had run out but that was a 1st and 20 situation not 3rd and 18 in OT. Bills D dropped too deep on that play and reacted very slow to the underneath pass.
  13. Passing and kicking games suffer in windy conditions. There were 4 such games at home this year. It's tough to quantify the effects wind/weather have on those stats you cite but I think it explains much of the difference. I do not remember any tough weather conditions on the road.
  14. Just saying that should create a more humble persona, I think. Makes sense to me.
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