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  1. I would hope the Bills/Lions do some sort of Giving of Thanks to RCW and his legacy before the game. Since SE Michigan and WNY are the primary beneficiaries of his foundation, it would be fitting. Also, it's in keeping with the spirit of the holiday.
  2. Started his throw, paused it and then pulled the trigger. Throw was late and somewhat under powered (compared to what Josh needed to have on it.) This allowed Peterson to undercut the route. A similar hitch was in the motion on the goal line throw to McKenzie that ended up skipping to him. If he needs to make a power throw, that hitch is a power sapper. If he's making a touch throw, that hitch/reload is not such a big deal. So, I say the decision was ok initially but the hitch in the motion (based on a LB flashing through the throwing window?) messed with the timing and made it a bad throw.
  3. Move to MNF and then the Thanksgiving Game moved to Black Friday, Saturday or regular Sunday. The NFL wants to get a game to that Friday for Amazon to stream starting in 2023 so it's not like they wouldn't want a trial.
  4. For more context for the younger members here: Rocketship_7 I was more of a Commander Tom kid. Mattie the Mod would be a good name for some.
  5. My first name is Jeff. Growing up my mom often called me Jesse. I had a favorite uncle who was a WWII vet that fought in Italy. He handled mules that carried ammunition packs to the frontlines. He died in 2009 with some shrapnel still in his body that surgeons decided not to remove. He was farmed out as a boy, spent time in the CCC during the Depression and spent most of his working career as carpenter. For some reason he took Jesse and started calling me Jessefeffer. I figured he earned the right to call me anything he wanted and every time that I see it, I think of him. Thanks OP for giving me a reason post about him!
  6. They should really be aggressive with that during the Bills bye week. Good weather, discounted prices and big MAC contest, they could boost attendance to rarely seen levels.
  7. I went to see them play Miami of Ohio a few weeks ago. I was surprised at the $32 ticket price given my past experience and taking my entire family would have been a no go. The stadium was only half filled in the lower level on the visitor's side and the upper decks and end zone were much less filled. On the other hand, the weather is supposed to be in the mid 60's and sunny which is near perfect.
  8. In recognition of the the good fortune we have that Josh Allen is the QB we get to watch for his entire career............... Ok. I think it's officially over. What's over? Deez Nuts over your head!!!
  9. He actually attempted a hurdle vs the Titans last year and was met in air by a defender who made a great play It was the play just before the 4th and 1 play where Jeffrey Simmons beat Dawkins and stuffed Josh on the sneak. Although that may have been more of an airborne dive.
  10. Direction of the shadows and high pitch says that Isaiah was looking into the direct sun.
  11. OK. I saw a Twitter video of Josh's folks leading a Karaoke version of "Sweet Caroline" at a pregame gathering. More confirmation that Joel can sing! Yes, moms and dads can be cool. Anyways the camera panned the crowd and I saw John Fina blending in to the scene. Thus, Taps on Main is/was the place yesterday and maybe today too depending on KC laws. Looks like a good time had by all.
  12. Looked him up. Lost his dad to COVID a year ago. Has Offers from Marshall, Virginia and Maryland as of February. Wants to study engineering and looks to aim higher with visits to ND, Penn State planned.
  13. Prior to the 2020 season I came across a video produced by QB Data Mine which was/is his site and it ripped Josh for being inaccurate with maybe 20 clips of throws missing the target. Legitimately, 8 or 9 of them where throws tipped by a defender or where his arm was hit mid delivery. A very sloppy production and logically flawed. I started a thread here about it and other posters clued me in as to his background and reputation. Thus, like Beck Water, I refused to click on the link also. I figured Josh's 2020 and 2021 seasons were enough that he correctly decided to STFU but it appears I was wrong.
  14. It's a story within the context of how the game is played. Over it's history, Highmark/New Era/The Ralph/Rich Stadium must be one of the toughest places to kick/throw/catch the ball in the entire NFL. In the last game we saw 2 botched kick returns, a misplayed punt return, a blocked kick into the wind and two Chris Boswell missed FGs.
  15. Josh mentioned being hit in the chin. We (I?) never saw a camera angle from the other side of the play. So, that may be a difference. They will have to treat these calls like the NCAA treats targeting. They need the option to review them because they are often game changers.
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