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  1. Maybe it was an offensive player who thought he could jump in because possession changed. It a spin on the shift change in hockey where the refs look the other way if there is a little overlap.
  2. If he had a bad meniscus tear he’d be limping around and there is no way he’d be saying he’s expecting to play in a few weeks. A very good sign imo.
  3. The pain can linger get worse and never go away. Or, it can magically disappear overnight. Some say the meniscus tissue can actually regenerate and repair itself, faster with PRP. Some say it can’t. It’s a vast unknown. I’m hoping the fact he’s walking apparently without pain is a very good sign. If your meniscus is torn bad you are limping.
  4. Kay Stephenson refused to cash in his draft picks to save his job and instead prioritized the future of the team and drafted Bruce Smith, Andre Reed, Frank Reich and Derrick Burroughs (trending to perennial all pro before career ending injury) before getting fired.
  5. It’s difficult to get a sense of degree of Meniscus tear even with an MRI. I expect they may do an exploratory (maybe that’s the definite surgery they are talking about) If he was walking around without a limp as reported and an ACL year is ruled out I see that as a very good sign. Severe Meniscus injuries can be very painful and limp-inducing.
  6. It’s the longer season combined with there being only one bye per conference. The one seed may not be worth going for unless your schedule is weak. The sneak in and get healthy strategy becomes more viable earlier in the season now.
  7. when you reach Rappaport’s level you build your reputation on never reporting inaccurate news. However, Ian’s the same guy who reported the AB signing.
  8. This is the slit field turf the NFLPA wants banned. It’s the same turf that took Tre out last year and our Lombardi.
  9. Would be amazing. Teams are realizing the way to attack our free agency secondary is to throw up 50-50 balls all day long.
  10. Relieved I don’t have to sign on to an 11th subscription to watch the late game.
  11. I’m shocked that shakir is apparently not getting open. Hardly hear his name, though active every week and in the field regularly.
  12. Those refs were so annoying yesterday, on a mission to get involved. No more so when they whistled Hamlin for 55 free yards for a little hand check when he had his head totally turned and got all ball. When the DB’s head is totally turned and he gets all ball the whistle needs to be swallowed.
  13. NFL arm. Beat Alabama. Twice. He was headed to get some starts in Denver until he broke into someone’s house.
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