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  1. Washington game was last game of the season.
  2. Amazing college career? You mean that one play where no one even blocked him? The hype started long ago.
  3. I think it would be possible to win the super bowl investing 85 percent of the cap on D 15 percent on O. You would fill out the roster with Tyrod Taylor at QB with elite ball security skills and a bunch a gadget play and running offense journeymen. Then bring in Chan to manufacture 23 pts/game with two elite edge rushers giving you short fields all day.
  4. Mahomes showed you can blow up defenses with a big arm and fast little receivers who get wide open. Josh does the same thing and has had no problem throwing to small guys like Beasley Isaiah and brown. I don’t hate little receivers as much as I used to. The era of megatron and Julio may have passed.
  5. You would have to start with four firsts for Josh just to be taken seriously. When you consider Mahomes’ concussion history, Josh likely has more trade value than any other player in the league.
  6. I see tuas ceiling as top 15 being generous while joshs ceiling is 1. So, we will always be significantly better than them until they move on from tua.
  7. you can’t overestimate how crucial the “MAYBE SIX!!!” was to the impact of the great call. First it highlighted that all anyone did in Buffalo that year was count OJs yards, yard by yard. Second it highlighted that OJ was always ripping off huge gains even when keyed on every play. Not merely five yards. But SIX yards!!!
  8. wasnt it Azar who said “MAYBE SIX!!!” After Meltzer called “OJ running left...OJ five more!!!” A major an integral part of the call IMO. I would say he Co-called the call
  9. You can win for a few years with a run first offense but your wide receiver corps deteriorates over time.
  10. Looking at the massive FA list the value is in the second tier FAs still available, not in a big name edge rusher.
  11. At the very least following beanes successful model of mass competition at every single position. May yield extra players exchangeable for draft stock.
  12. Is there a factory of ex panthers? There seems to be an inexhaustible supply.
  13. Not sure if this makes us fast enough overall as a wide receiver corps.
  14. The Chiefs went punt(dropped pass), TD,TD,TD,FG,TD,TD in the AFCCG
  15. On paper but Bruce was at 35% CJ spiller though it was more like 2 years
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