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  1. When the touch down was first invented it established the point from which you could make a free kick from for a goal. You would move the ball straight back from where you crossed the goal line and you would kick from there. So it was much better to make a touch down at the middle of the field. Touch downs were originally given very little value (1/4 of a goal). if you wanted to make the extra point really interesting you would bring back the rule where you make the succeeding kick based on where you crossed the goal line. Then you would see teams try to score in the middle of the field rather than the sidelines to set up easy extra points. With the game is totally unrecognizable from its origins it’s amazing that a kick still follows the touchdown just like it did when the touch down was first invented.
  2. Depends on if he’s a liability in pass pro
  3. You could say Josh Allen was hung out to dry his rookie season with the the likes of Kelvin Benjamin and Jordan Mills to work with. Somehow he survived which may be the top indicator that our Josh will soon earn the undisputed franchise QB moniker.
  4. Not having heart palpitations every time your KR fields a kick is a huge plus
  5. It will be awkward when Barkley is not invited back to that table.
  6. KC so all their contracts get overpriced ASAP.
  7. He is very good. Enthusiastic, funny, and informative without being Collinsworthy preachy.
  8. I never liked the pickup and hated that he was taking snaps from our talented rookies...then when I think of the feeling of clinching week 15 and the first 10 win season since the 1990s I see Kroft springing free into the end zone Sunday night v. the Steelers. Totally different feel.
  9. They could be 10-6 in 2020, but get to 10 wins having to win their last game, and be much better than the 10-6 2019 team.
  10. There will be a perceived drop off In 2020 but only because the schedule is about 2.75 wins tougher.
  11. That should be it for the “should’ve drafted Lamar” crowd.
  12. Jessica defeated former #1 Caroline Wozniacki to get there. I knew she was a pro but in the 200s + last time I looked (which is incredible in its own right). Now she’s trending into the world top 25! Amazing family!
  13. According to Football Outsiders, who has tracked every play in the NFL since the early 1990s, the 2004 Bills are statistically the best NFL team (in their record-keeping history) to have failed to qualify for the playoffs.[2]
  14. I think he should do what he did last year every year. 1 premium FA and 15 middler guys with a chip on their shoulder. Competition at every position, turn extra players into draft picks on final roster day.
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