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  1. Charles Romes

    The AAF Thread

    The whole purpose of this league is to generate more Quarterbacks. Yet I have not see a single Querterback with an NFL arm, making this whole thing a complete waste of time.
  2. Charles Romes

    Which non-Bills draft pick stung the most?

    Nada to Ngata for Whitner
  3. Charles Romes

    Greg Roman promoted to OC in Baltimore

    I'm surprised how long it took for Roman to resurface. A run game guru. His departure highlighted how strong of a coach Lynn is.
  4. Charles Romes

    Ranking of 2nd round picks

    Woods was not considered a home run when he was here. Just so so. Played injured his last year in Buffalo.
  5. Charles Romes

    Team Identity when they move

    The Tennessee Titans were officially the Tennessee Oilers for two years 97-98 before they decided to rename themselves. That makes it the same as the Jets wearing their original NY Titans gear.
  6. Charles Romes

    Sunday NFC Wild Card: Eagles at Bears 4:40 NBC

    The ancient Jason Peters handing Mack 1 on 1.
  7. Means nothing. JA says everyone is great. He used to say how great Nate Peterman is.
  8. Charles Romes

    Looking like we will be number 1 in D

    Looks like the ravens got us by about 20 yards for the season. Don't know if they prorate overtime minutes in calculating the yards per game stat.
  9. Charles Romes

    Looking like we will be number 1 in D

    Browns need to gain about 55 yards with 3:24 left but ravens have the ball.
  10. Charles Romes

    Kyle Williams: Officially Retires

    Love that he ended the drought with that TD
  11. It's an awesome sign that people are thinking in terms of a blueprint to beat Josh Allen when he has no receivers, oline, or run game. You don't see too many articles about blueprints to beat Josh Rosen.
  12. Allen has been carrying the receivers, the Oline and Dabol IMO.
  13. Charles Romes

    Josh Allen throw chart

    So you want them to bring back Trent Edwards?
  14. Charles Romes

    Matt Barkley on the sidelines

    Unfortunately his one great game has made him unaffordable. The backup qb market is so scarce he went from out of the league to 5m FMV with one game.