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  1. Last year he really started to get “the Brady calls”, for example, at home against the Dolphins and many others. The extra off-the-field work has a tangible benefit.
  2. Hopefully this will be a bad distant memory in a few years when Brown is entrenched as the starter. Similar to the Mitch Morse concussion scare when he first arrived in Buffalo.
  3. If I were an opposing GM I would be raiding our stash of cornerback practice squad players year after year.
  4. The conference has not been this loaded since the merger. The AFC champion this year could easily be a battle tested 10-7.
  5. This is like 2009. Offense could do not nothing in preseason, traded Hall of Fame left tackle, fired the OC. Then, somehow, when the season started we played great and almost beat the Pats week 1. The point is, it’s going to be okay.
  6. For their last, Belichick basically hung Brady out to dry, loading up on D, leaving Brady to make the offense work all by himself, as he had done for many years. Finally Brady got sick of not being given substantial weapons.
  7. With the irrefutable evidence we now have that it was always all-Brady, Belichick is desperate to salvage some portion of his legacy.
  8. kinda cool to have an OC that can throw a football
  9. The schedule is absolutely brutal but somehow I think the team is just too good to not go at least 11-6 with the 3 seed. Yet 13-4 seems too much with how tough the schedule is. So it all boils down to only two possible numbers being in play: 12-5 and the 1 seed, or 11-6 and the 3.
  10. You also never saw him unnecessarily lose an inch of yardage by taking ill-advised chances. That’s what made him special.
  11. Beasley was a shell of his former self and it was a testament to 17’s greatness that he managed to put up decent stats.
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