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  1. they played in the NFC championship game in 91 against Washington.
  2. These NYC sports reporters will do anything to keep their clicks up. It will be interesting to see who replaces him.
  3. Similar to the Texans game last year with a better ending.
  4. I have Watson as a top 15 qb but not super elite He’s too immobile and he’s kind of a Bledsoe back there. Doesn’t sense the rush all that well. His teams will always have to shell out franchise tackle money. His career sack percentage is poor.
  5. If they play the way they did against the Seahawks (which was not perfect) they can win the Lombardi THIS YEAR. We have the best receiving corps in the history of the franchise and are explosive enough to make up for many sins in other areas.
  6. Many will argue that the Jets did not surround Darnold with enough of supporting cast. But the Bills surrounded Josh with mountains of hot garbage his rookie year and he still succeeded. Nate peterman was the veteran quarterback presence and Kelvin Benjamin was your number 1. I mean, come on. The great ones will will find a way to rise above.
  7. I actually thought this said fire Knox if he drops another pass. It’s hard to transition
  8. Counterpoint: The current WR lineup is the best in franchise history. With Smoke and Cole flying last 30 it will likely never be this good again.
  9. I feel better putting everything in the hands of our best weapon, Josh Allen, and let him replace the running game with a short passing game.
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