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  1. Arrowhead at #4 was built just a year before New Era and the renovation was done on the cheap - under 400. That should be the model for our “new” stadium.
  2. I think it will be the Razorbacks. Allows them to maintain continuity with the hogs identity and also the “R”. U Arkansas would benefit from the pub and should settle any claims.
  3. unfortunately it was 15 games
  4. yup and he’s not always booming it out of the end zone like he used to.
  5. Haus went crazy last year when they brought in another kicker for a look. He made like his last 12 of 13. Wouldn’t surprise me to see haus look uncuttable in preseason.
  6. Hughes trade. We had to swallow an expensive McCoy contract that he could not play up to the last years. Hughes has always been good but elite under a cost benefit analysis.
  7. 2.3 percent checkdowns. That is Awesome.
  8. yes, then you do the KC stadium facelift on the cheap for 250 and everyone is off our back. Maybe a well placed wind wall or two to cut down the orchard park wind a little. I heard the stadium was originally supposed to be oriented 90 degrees from the current angle for wind blocking but they discovered a cemetery when digging.
  9. Heinz field and Foxboro stadium were both brought in for about 350 and are great outdoor few frills facilities. No one is on these teams back 24/7 about going broke to build a new stadium.
  10. Good. We have the best training facility in the league and too many moving parts with moving to camp while social distancing.
  11. You might just have to overpay for him if you think he’s the missing piece. The Chiefs thought Sammy Watkins was the missing piece, and it turns out, they were right.
  12. Unless of course you have a one year window where you can afford it and that one player just might be the thing that brings the Lombardi to Niagara Square.
  13. McDermott loves to rotate and limited snaps may be exactly what Clowney needs to be his best.
  14. Let Webb and Barkley light it up in preseason and trade them for a 6th and a 6th just before the season starts. The Beane way.
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