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  1. Not saying Rex was great but Mario really fell off the cliff his first year here when he was paid to be top 3 at his position.
  2. I watched the tape and the guy has no short range burst. Looks like he’s stuck in the mud when he tries to take off.
  3. He’s in the Hall if his USFL seasons are in the NFL.
  4. I hate to say it the greatest running back I have ever seen play is Marshawn Lynch. Violent North South runner could elude, break tackles, bowl people over. Could make yards all by himself. Hands as soft as silk. A combination of Jim Brown and Marshall Faulk. Could take over a game with his energy. Went on to have a Hall of Fame career in a shortened time frame. If he was drafted by a stable playoff franchise he’d be widely recognized for what he is. The Goat.
  5. When he threw the pick six against the Dolphins but instead of just letting Jones score, running him down and taking a massive kharate chop to get the ball out. That’s when I knew.
  6. Glad it wasn’t the packers. It would be sad to watch one of the games greats get Fitzed. No matter where he goes, the starter suffers some misfortune, Fitz gets to play, Fitz plays great and wins over the fans, a QB controversy emerges, Fitz is named the starter, Fitz gets a new contract, and then ultimately starts sucking, leaving the franchise with no viable quarterback.
  7. McCarron for a Fifth! Well done.
  8. He went from out of the league to set for life in a week with a phone call and one great game. Much to smile about.
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