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  1. Charles Romes

    Daboll vs Hackett

    In retrospect Nate and marrone did a good job realizing Whaley stuck them with garbage with Manuel, getting an uninspired Orton to become serviceable after missing camp , getting a win out of Thad and an almost win from tuell.
  2. If it's this regime picking the CB and not Jauron's that may not be so bad.
  3. Charles Romes

    One thing that always made me angry about the Music City Miracle

    It only became the textbook coaching decision to run the clock down to 4 seconds, rather than reserve time for a bad snap, AFTER the music city miracle.
  4. According to Bill Polian Kay Stephenson never had a chance because he inhereted an aging roster. Per Polian Stephenson refused to trade away his top draft choices for veteran players who may have saved his job.
  5. Charles Romes

    Peterman vs Tuel

    Nate played one half with 5 picks. Another half with zero first downs.
  6. Charles Romes

    Taron Johnson and Siran Neal accomplished a franchise first

    Almost forced 3-5 picks on Rodgers. That's pretty domininating
  7. Charles Romes

    Ranking of QBs from past 2 drafts

    Watson's fatal flaw coming out of college was his arm strength and that's beginning to show.
  8. Charles Romes

    Should Teams Start Spying Josh Allen?

    If I was a defensive coordinator Allen would be keeping me up at night. You have to defend every inch of the field and watch for him taking off. And that's this year.
  9. Charles Romes

    John Murphy - Underrated or Overrated as Announcer?

    I think he's pretty bad but I like him more than Van. The thing that irritated me about Van is that when the chips were down with the team he was just as emotional and despondent as me which dragged me down even more. The one strength that Murph has is that when things go bad on the field he remains relatively emotionally neutral (maybe he just doesn't care as much). His neutrality is a therapeutic reminder that it's just a game.
  10. From what I see our new franchise quarterback is already inspiring fear in the opposition in part because of his arm in part because of his escapability and in part because he is totally unpredictable. He has no tendencies.
  11. The Falcons win last year was the greatest win in 23 seasons. That was a great Falcons team which we had no business beating and it lead to the playoffs. This would.not be as big because this team cannot go to the playoffs.
  12. The "showcase Marshawn Lynch game" with Lynch, Fred, Spiller all on the roster. Gave him the ball most of the first half. Should have known to keep the future hall of famer the way he was gaining yards all in his own as he always did.
  13. Charles Romes

    SI - Josh Allen, Thrown to the Wolves

    -No vet QB on roster to help in film room -Culley the QB coach that specializes in WRs -Daboll no track record of developing a QB -Horrible oline in front of him -Not good weapons around him -Defense minded Head Coach When you look at everything he's up against it kind of remarkable that he has looked as decent as he has!
  14. Charles Romes

    Philip Rivers: A Sobering Warning

    When you have great one it often masks problems in an organization. Marino kept Tom Olivadotti employed for 8 years.
  15. Charles Romes

    Clean House after the season?

    There's nothing left to clean.