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  1. Anyone know if this officiating crew will let the DBs play? If they will, I want to see a lot of press coverage from Elam.
  2. The combination of 6’6 Floyd, 6’6 Rousseau and 6’6 Epenesa is unlike any QB has seen before. Tia is only 6’1’’, Rodgers was only 6’2’’
  3. On the all 22 after week one, they showed how the Aaron Rodgers injury play was designed to be an easy completion exploiting the weak link Bernard, but Rodgers was shocked when Bernard diagnosed and shifted seamlessly into coverage.
  4. I knew he was trash when we signed him as the Allen bridge, then had to cut him and go with Peterman because he was so bad. He could not win an important game EIGHT seasons ago with that loaded Bengals team he inherited when Dalton went down.
  5. That season Fred Jackson got injured in Miami, he was on pace for an all purpose 2300 yard season. Everyone’s perspective of him would be totally different if actually had a chance to finish off that league MVP caliber year.
  6. No one knew how call the end of games back then. Denver declined to call any timeouts which they had and just let the Bills to run the clock down for the winning 36 yard field goal. The Bills called timeout with 4 seconds left not 3, so they still had to kick off after.
  7. Was wondering who ended up drafting john Jacob jingle heimer-Schmidt He’s on the giants
  8. I would analyze the officials crew and play Elam if they are letting the DBs play. He’s a press corner with good instincts as shown by the Miami playoff game.
  9. Allen’s accuracy has been artificially skewed downward significantly over the years due to playing in the wind tunnel that is the Ralph. He never complains about it.
  10. I one time ate at calamita’s on Lisbon for 527 straight days.
  11. Beat out by Jets/Pats in Albany where Bills have been getting picked over jets. Have to believe the Bills would been selected if they hung on week 1.
  12. Move benford to safety and our entire secondary starts to look young. Looking forward to seeing young Jonathan and VanDemark play more as the season goes on.
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