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  1. He needed to look better than a 5th receiver in the Houston playoff game and he did not.
  2. an EIGHT game winning streak ensued. May be the franchise record.
  3. The poison pill he created to save the team at a cost of half a $B to his family will not be forgotten.
  4. Rousseau looks slow, but I’m hoping he looks slow in the same way Mario Lemieux looked slow.
  5. He cut out the middle man and went into podcasting. I agree. When I first heard him I found the voice incredibly annoying, but his analysis had the depth required for an every day host. Unlike “Mr. surface observation” Charlie Weiss who I can’t take more than once a month.
  6. Visiting their board they have to be the most unlikable fans in the league.
  7. Who were the real contenders at the end? My guess is the Broncos/Lock
  8. Perfect! Fiscally responsible, will be awesome if the stadium is oriented the correct direction this time for wind blocking, to avoid crazy wind games like they ravens last year. They had to reorient the Ralph when they dug up a cemetery.
  9. I wouldn’t sleep on the Steelers. They were close to taking that game over against us in the first half.
  10. Follows the team particularly closely due to his upstate New York connections (Syracuse grad). A throwback to an earlier era where you had to build a trademark voice to make it as a sportscaster.
  11. Was done before a few years ago
  12. It’s going to be great to see him carry the Lombardi off the plane at BNIA 2/14/22.
  13. NFL prime time was reintroduced after week 2 last season so it looks like they went back and did all week 1 games to make these.
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