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  1. Charles Romes

    Rate the rookie QB after week 13

    Good Topic. While mayfield has played the best, Allen has demonstrated by far the highest ceiling and the negatives seem addressable. If there were a redraft based on all of the evidence of this year Allen would be the first QB off the board.
  2. Charles Romes

    Where are you on the spectrum??

    His astonishing combination of size, arm strength and running ability give him a significant margin of error
  3. Nice. Go the low cost Reno route a la KC and get everyone off our backs.
  4. Charles Romes

    Radio in Ithaca Ny

    If you log onto the main WGR website through your PC they still have the "listen" button active on the upper right. You click that and radio.com feed auto-generates. Seems to be working pretty good on a PC.
  5. Charles Romes

    BILLS hotel.

    It's kind of cool no one knows the answer to this question. Let the guys get their work in prior to the game. That's the way it should be.
  6. Charles Romes

    Thoughts on not making Anthony Lynn our HC?

    It's a disgrace that rivers does not have a ring or even a super bowl appearance. He's always been a Top 5-7 qb talent. Horrendous coaching and front office are to blame along with franchise uncertainty. They don't even play home games now. Finally with a quality coach like A Lynn rivers may get his ring even while playing no home games.
  7. Charles Romes

    Is No. 1 Ranking Legit or a Mirage?

    Really good move to unload Dareus and his absurd salary. Look at the decay of the Jags D over time. That kind of paycheck has to effect the locker room.
  8. Charles Romes

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    Barkley's performance has made him virtually unaffordable. He went from veteran minimum street free agent to top tier backup range $5M plus. He is going to have to play at least one more full game so we can afford to sign him.
  9. Charles Romes

    Dion Dawkins

    He's good enough that we should go Quarterback again next year early in round 1.
  10. Charles Romes

    Ch 6 Albany says they're showing the Bills at 1

    The D has been playing at an elite level and they deserve it.
  11. Charles Romes

    How many yards will Anderson have Sunday

  12. Charles Romes

    Daboll vs Hackett

    In retrospect Nate and marrone did a good job realizing Whaley stuck them with garbage with Manuel, getting an uninspired Orton to become serviceable after missing camp , getting a win out of Thad and an almost win from tuell.
  13. If it's this regime picking the CB and not Jauron's that may not be so bad.
  14. Charles Romes

    One thing that always made me angry about the Music City Miracle

    It only became the textbook coaching decision to run the clock down to 4 seconds, rather than reserve time for a bad snap, AFTER the music city miracle.