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  1. Not when you are 4-1 with no ten win seasons in two decades
  2. Allen is steadily improving but the Pats made him look like Peterman.
  3. I love the way Allen is playing and the way Dabol is developing him. He’s emphasizing the short game which needs more development and which was pretty much non-existent before this year. His long game is there, it’s just not being worked on. When the short game becomes second nature, look out. It’s going to be awesome.
  4. I feel much more comfortable with Gore in there this year rather than McCoy. The North-South (Gore) v. East—West (Shady) factor.
  5. A classy win in IMO. Fall behind a little and as soon as things get a little dicey, one of your cornerstone players makes two enormous plays to seal the win. No apologies.
  6. Hyde not falling down to end the game cost his team about 50 cheap yards while exposing everyone to injury. They lost the #1 D crown last year by 20.
  7. Kroft is always hurt and was never able to take snaps away from Eifert in four years with the Bengals.
  8. Early in his career including when he was with the Bills Fitz developed his “ball coming out” game so he can function without an offensive line. This is the primary reason he has stayed in the league so long. He’s a great option for rebuilding teams that have terrible offensive lines.
  9. Sweeney has to sit because Kroft finally is well enough to get on the field. Would rather see more of Sweeney. My hope is that we showcase Kroft today and unload him next week, so our younger players who are at least as good don’t lose snaps.
  10. John Hannah at 30? Two away from Bruce. I cringe when the so called experts go way overboard in propping up a supposedly overlooked player that only they, the experts, understand the greatness of. It’s embarrassing. I’m bracing myself to see Aeneas Williams come in at #11.
  11. Fitz will make the game much harder for the Bills which is a good thing as long as they can squeak by with the W.
  12. “Expect to win” in the Chan Gailey sense or really expect to win?
  13. You can’t un-see NORWOOD. Maybe that is the artistic impression.
  14. The silent game was a reaction to “The Mouth” Howard Cosell. He was much less annoying than Collinsworth. Cosell realized he was over the top. Collinsworth believes he is enlightening us.
  15. In hindsight it was horrific clock management. However, at that time it was common strategy to leave enough time on the clock so you could re-try in the event of a bad snap. Since that time, because of this one play, no one even thinks of kicking with more than 4 seconds left (except for McDermott before the half against the Bengals).
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