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  1. I heard all the complaining about the chiefs non-PI call on how it was the worst non-call in the history of the league etc. Then I watched the play, and couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. First in real time it was a bang bang play. In that case the DB should always be given the benefit of the doubt. We need games played more in line with letting them play. Second, the receiver was a jag. Jags do not get calls that are close whoever they are playing for. Look at sherfield last week. Third, and most important, the DB was plausibly making a play on the ball. His head was turned toward the backfield, he had a right to the ball, and the the receiver was in his way. The DB should always get the benefit of the doubt in that situation. I’m glad I missed it live so as to have escaped listening to collinsworth.
  2. What a waste. Just needed ONE of those giveaway games v the Jets, Pats, Broncos, OR Eagles.
  3. Deshaun Watson’s guaranteed contract is voidable if he’s suspended 2 games per BR and PFT. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10090661-pft-deshaun-watsons-browns-contract-guarantees-can-be-voided-if-suspended-2-games
  4. League has been giving the PI calls depending on the skill level of the receiver more than ever. That’s why there was no call last week when sherfield was tackled before the ball arrived
  5. It would make sense for the Bills and the limited market of teams (only Rams, Cowboys) competing for his services to insist on a strongly-worded morality clause. Von not only had a domestic abuse claim issue that went away relatively quietly in 2021, but was also busted for PEDs early in his career.
  6. Harty made a great catch and run for a first down versus the Dolphins. But has done nothing before or since.
  7. If renegotiating by Rodgers can change the cap hit of the Rodgers contract I would think triggering of a void provision in the Von contract can change the cap hit of the Von contract.
  8. Sounds like all that has to happen for the Bills to void Von’s contract (meaning zero cap hit for 2024) is Goodell suspending Von for 1 single game. Is that correct?
  9. Von was instrumental in beating the Chiefs on the road in 2022 forcing the game winning int. He made a strip sack in the third v the pesky Jets on the road in ‘22 that should have won the game. Only the team didn’t win. He made a game winning sack v the Vikings in ‘22 putting them in fourth and forever. Then Cam completed the catch for JJ. Was third in the NFL in pressure rate at the time of the injury. The NFLPA wants to ban the turf he got injured on because it causes so many injuries.
  10. May take a gander if we miraculously beat the chiefs on the road.
  11. When the dusts settles and everyone calms down about the D collapsing in the fourth all season long, they will see that $40M plus of the D was not even on the field most of the year and give McD and Beane a pass.
  12. The 2017 road win against the undefeated defending NFC champions by roster of jags was something to behold. Unfortunately, he has lost any ability to inspire.
  13. Are Allen’s stats being inflated here by counting total touchdowns rather than passing touchdowns. That is commonly done by Allen supporters.
  14. Improved penalty avoidance helped put up a great record in ‘22 in spite of holes on the roster.
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