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  1. In 2019, Terry McLaurin two picks later when we really needed a WR doesn’t jump off the page for you? I agree with you on 2020 though.
  2. Do they know/have a connection to his dad like they have to Proehl’s?
  3. I like Morris, but wish Sweeney would get cut. Not an NFL player
  4. Gonna really miss Beasley falling down immediately after every catch
  5. A DUI is a little different than gang raping an underage girl. There’s plenty of evidence too.
  6. I’m not the guy who was talking about Dicaprio movies to support that what the puntophile did was ok, but go off buddy. Or that he’s part of the team so we have to support him.
  7. People who condemned the Browns for Watson are now supporting the puntophile. Guess the tables have turned now
  8. Agreed. He has had a ton of chances and never done anything. I’d rather pick someone up off the scrap heap
  9. Beane and McDermott say everyone is a good teammate. Apparently Tommy Sweeney is a leader now too. I do agree that Haack is a horrible punter. If we cut the puntophile, better options are on the waiver wire than Haack.
  10. Schum sucks and hasn’t been in the NFL for 6 years. Jordan Berry or the loser of Kern/Stonehouse in Tennessee please
  11. To be fair, Bobby Johnson wasn’t much of a coach. But Kromer giving up on him says something.
  12. Sal is ok, but he won’t ever say anything bad about a player. Last week he was talking about how shocking it was that we cut those two corners like they actually had a chance to make it. I think he thinks he’s part of the team since he can talk to the players regularly. He also loses all credibility the moment he starts talking about how he played high school football. When you do that, you just sound like a loser.
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