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  1. I thought about trying for Brian Cox alone. He makes every scene better.
  2. Subscribe to the Athletic, very impressive reporting, on all sports. Hopefully the publication can survive and thrive.
  3. Here's mine, but it goes back to the late 70s and had an impact on how I played sports. It was a late regular season Little League game (13-14 year olds?), my team was down a bunch of runs in the ninth when we started to rally and got within a few. On a very close play, our team was tagged out at home on what would have put us within one run and a few men on base. I believe me and most of my teammates thought he was out but the coach and parents went nuts, which eventually got the opponent's coaches involved in a screaming scrum. I remember the young-ish umpire was a mess and our team protested. I don't recall how the league determined that the call should be reversed but I remember everyone was surprised. I remember my Dad thinking the ump lost his nerve and started to hedge. A few days/weeks later the game resumed with our team down one run and two outs; then our next batter struck out and it was over. Takeaways: - It was too close a call to argue. To me, he looked out. - I didn't understand why everyone was so angry, it wasn't a blatant missed call and the ump could easily have been correct. - I remember the coaches and players screaming at the umpire who I remember as "old" but may have been in his late teens/early twenties. - I remember most of my team watching from the bench without saying a word. - Last, I remember parents talking about this for quite a while.
  4. NFL guards are also bigger, faster, smarter. I believe Oliver will be great but it could take time to figure things out.
  5. For once, the Bills have some good problems, even before possible free agent/June 1 additions. However, any free agent signing could be a challenge. Even upgrades at CB2, second string LB or second/third string Safety could be difficult at a reasonable price. Right now, DE might the one position I could see spending a lot to plug in a new, clear cut starter and then cut Lawson. Would need to be something special but that player doesn't seem to exist (and even if he wasn't hurt, I don't think Ansah is that guy ).
  6. Julio Jones, but Falcons won’t trade him so it’s moot subject. Clowney is an elite athlete but is not an elite edge rusher. Something is missing in his game.
  7. When cave men go to a bar they only drink crap. Got it. Thanks for your input. Afterwards, if you like breweries, checkout Flying Dog and Old Mother Brewery.
  8. On Sunday, we visited the Frederick restaurant. It was fine. The BOW was decent, the wings were OK, bar service was spotty. One pet peeve is the beer menu. They list the brewery but not the style. You have to ask about each and the taps are too far way to read. Even small bars have updated printed lists or display on a board. Not that hard to do. Overall, for a Sunday lunch in late April, it wasn’t that busy.
  9. Certainly not to the degree of Elvis (movies, TV, etc), but from late 1850s to 1864, JWB's face was indeed extremely well-known. His dad was a well-known actor, his brother, Edwin, was one of greatest actors of his time and much more famous than JWB (up until shots fired). Their pictures were routinely in every paper, back in a day when most cities published a paper at least twice a day, and sometimes a dozen a day. Of course, in the more rural areas, JWB would be less well-known; but in the weeks after the assassination, in almost any part of the country you probably couldn't go more than hour without seeing his picture. I'll also repeat, JWB killed Lincoln in part to be MORE famous. He saw himself as the hero in a great drama, to be worshipped by those who hated Lincoln and reignite the Civil War. Safe to say, he was a bit delusional with many psychological issues with his more talented, famous brothers (especially Edwin). [JWB was a great physical actor, but a bit of an eye-rolling ham who couldn't remember his lines]. In other words, he would never keep quiet.
  10. The Booths were one of the most famous people in the country. John Wilkes wanted to be famous. JWB would never stay quiet. He craved attention. Oh, he died. There were dozens witnesses to his death.
  11. I have always agreed moving Sammy was a good move. It took time but I believe the 2019 WRs overall are on par with the 2016 roster. I didn't want to get into a debate on cap space moves but one thing I LOVE about Beane is his cap management. And yes, I know Star is haul but I think he's very reliable and worth the cost.
  12. Is there a position that has not improved since the McBeane Era began? Put aside the cap factor, as far talent is concerned, I believe the Bills have improved at the following: Offensive Line: In general, improved with a much more depth (2019 second string could compete with the 2018 line). Center - while I love Eric Wood, Morse is a clear upgrade. I believe any combination RG or RT will be better. Glenn (when healthy) and Incognito were very good but hopeful that whomever wins those positions will be pretty good. Defensive Line: I believe DT is now much more dynamic and the pieces fit better. DE might be the same but if Lawson and Murphy put it together, it could be an upgrade. Next year is a big question mark. Secondary: 2016 roster had some good talent but I really like the 2019 roster. Verdict out on CB2 but the team seems to be comfortable with the current competition. Kickers: Hauschka is awesome. I'm hopeful that one of the punters will emerge and be an overall upgrade over 2016 Colton Schmidt. QB - Check Linebackers - I liked the Brown(s) but is a clear upgrade all around. Talent, youth, depth. Coaches/GM - Check Up for Debate: RB - 2016: McCoy, Gillislee, J Williams. TBD but I like the current crop, even if Shady is a shadow of 2016. Overall, I'm intrigued by this year's corps. WR - 2016: Watkins, Woods and Goodwin. TBD. IMO, Allen would have done well with the 2016 group but I believe the current roster looks great. TE - 2016: Clay, O'Leary. Argument could be made that the 2016 version of Clay was better than what we have, but this year's corps is has more depth and potential (and cheaper).
  13. Or another team could have traded with Oak.
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