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  1. That dude is hilarious. He has great comedy routines.
  2. I think there's a very low probability Tre White will be active versus Pittsburgh. He will likely need two weeks of practice and even against KC, he'll be on a pitch count.
  3. I mean this to charitable: Chad needs therapy in the worst way.
  4. The Bills starting OLINE is not “pretty poor.” It’s at worse average and when cooking, it’s Top 10.
  5. Buck up, Virgil. This team fought all game and nearly overcame obstacles that would have crushed any other team in the league. If even Mitch Morse was healthy, the Bills would have won going away.
  6. What other team with that many injuries would be in a position to win? If even Mitch Morse was playing we would have won.
  7. I assume this means Oliver and Davis are practicing? Maybe. Hopefully.
  8. Harlan could make a dull game sound intriguing. IMO, one of, if not the best announcer, up there with Gus Johnson.
  9. Looks like Shakir missed the block because he didn't know where he was supposed to line up and then he missed the snap count. Doubtful Davis would have made the same mistake.
  10. Please show your math because this is not true. At all.
  11. My thoughts on Week 1 -- Bills - Very encouraging start. Four turnovers and Buffalo still dominated the Super Bowl Champs in LA. ⬆️ Chiefs - Tyreek who? Yes, Cards are beat up and overrated, but Good Gawd they look Super Bowl sharp. ⬆️ Chargers - Continue to improve. Herbert looked very good against Raiders and the defense played well. ⬆️ Vikings - How do you stop Justin Jefferson? Defense is good, but Packers offense may be much worse. Eagles next ⬆️ Ravens - Checked the box versus the pathetic Jets. Looked fine overall, we'll know more next week versus Dolphins. ⬆️ Dolphins - Definitely better, though jury may be out after playing at home against an apparently awful Pats team. We'll see against the Ravens in Baltimore. ⬆️ Giants - Daboll upset Titans. Jones is still meh to blah, but Daboll got a lot out of a fairly talentless roster (other than Barkley). Carolina, Dallas and Bears next. ⬆️ Bears - Likely their Super Bowl versus 49ers, and might not win another game, but they deserve the up arrow. ⬆️ Eagles - Decent against Lions but could be a mirage. Will reserve judgment until next week's Vikings game. Raiders - Adams is a problem, but so is Carr. They have improved overall, lost a close game at LAC, but something about Vegas seems off. ↔️ Saints - They beat the Falcons, but not in a good way. That defense. Woof. Tampa game will be interesting. ↔️ Tampa Bay - They beat the Cowboys, but not in a good way. Offense looks old and slow. Saints game will be interesting. ↔️ 49ers - Trey wasn't good, but neither was the Chicago weather. No excuses, should have won, but will reserve judgement. ↔️ Colts - Ryan 352 yards, Taylor - 161 yards, dominated all other stats but looked like the lesser team versus Texans. Weird. ↔️ Commanders - They beat the Jaguars. That's about all of the good news. ↔️ Steelers - Won a strange game versus Cincy, but may as well pull trigger at QB because the defense will have issues if Watt is out for significant time. ↔️ Browns - Needed 58 yarder to beat Panthers. Watson is no doubt a much better QB, but I don't see a tough team. ↔️ Texans - They could be in a lot of close games, but might not win any of them. Credit Lovie for the opportunity to pull off the Colts upset. ↗️ Lions - Like the Texans, Detriot might not win many games, but Dan Campbell seems to be moving the team in the right direction. ↗️ Falcons - Hung tough against Saints. A few talented players but very thin roster. Where was Kyle Pitts? Rams game could get ugly but that's next week. ↔️ Panthers - Good comeback vs Browns, and could have won. Not sure what to take from this game. ↔️ Jaguars - Same as above. ↔️ Bengals - Looked like last year's Bills-Steelers opener. Steelers defense came ready and Cincy still in pre-season form. Probably a fluke. ↔️ Rams - Got mauled in the second half. Strange that Super Bowl champs seem to lack an identity. Could get straight versus Falcons and Cards. ⬇️ Titans - Fluke or trend? Giants are not good but Tennessee couldn't seem to put it together. Play like that against the Bills and it could be over at halftime. ⬇️ Cowboys - Oh boy, where to start? How about, their QB is out for weeks and it might not matter that much. ⬇️ Packers - Vikings look to be a pretty good team but Holy Hell, the Pack looked terrible. Lucky to have CHI, NE, NYG, NYJ and Washington in next six games. ⬇️ Cardinals - Losing Watt and Hopkins hurt vs Chiefs, but not as bad as the coaching. Good luck with Murray's contract. Raiders and Rams are next. ⬇️ Patriots - Mac Jones is the best average QB in the league. And now hurt. What is this team? Are six wins possible? ⬇️ Jets - Still a very bad team. Flacco threw 59 times against Ravens. His arm might fall off. When will the Jets win? Next they travel to Browns. 🤡
  12. Can't do much about the cold, but anything to mitigate the wind and rain will be a huge plus. And, then top tier sight lines that feel close to the field . I like sitting up in center/third tier seats.
  13. I usually park at one of the businesses on California, north of Southwestern Blvd (Rte 20). It's an easy walk to the stadium and usually hassle free to get out of the lot.
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