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  1. Excellent article. We could quibble on the order or a few who didn’t make the list but this is well done. I’m curious what each could cost.
  2. ". . . but many of the players surveyed gave their responses in November . . . So what's the point of this article?
  3. Max Fischer

    Barbarian's Mock 2

    Serious question - how many times has someone successfully predicted picked more than two picks (for any team)? It seems after the 5th pick a countless number of scenarios unfold that renders selections impossible to predict. Personally, I'm more interested in Mock Draft Boards, which are more realistic and useful.
  4. Max Fischer

    Should kids get participation trophies for playing sports?

    Yes. Developing self-esteem at a young age is a key to success, and just as important is make kids feel good for participating in team activities. Make kids feel proud for doing their part and they will grow into well-adjusted people. I never heard of a pro athlete say that a participation trophy ever stunted their growth. Likewise, I have never heard of anyone believe they were harmed by a participation trophy because they were promised an easy life. On the other hand, I have heard countless people say that sports had a major positive impact on their life, regardless of their ability. The reverse of this is to cut young kids and not let them play to demonstrate that only the good athletes are allowed.
  5. I don’t enjoy these what-ifs because of the Bills did win that game it’s impossible to predict anything after that moment. Bills could have won their two remaining games, or lost both.
  6. Max Fischer

    Charges dropped in Reuben Foster DV case

    I’m just glad I didn’t see calls to bring him in.
  7. Max Fischer

    RIP: Bob Einstein - AKA Super Dave Osborne

    He made me laugh every moment he was on the screen. Movies, TV, interviews, anything. The king of the long gag. The joke was even more funny when you knew where it was going.
  8. Allen was my favorite until I started to listen to the chorus of analysts who said he was too inaccurate. However, that was clearly over hyped and he won me over in pre-season when he demonstrated supreme athleticism, a cool head, leadership and an ability to learn from his mistakes. I have great hope for his ability to be a transformative player.
  9. Max Fischer

    NFL TV ratings up 5%

    I think the NFL is in good shape but I wonder about ticket and concession sales league wide.
  10. You are out-of-touch If you believe McBeane could or should be fired. Internally, McBeane has 100% support from Owners and players. Few coaches or GMs can say that. Externally, McBeane are continually praised for rebuilding this organization. They set out on a plan that meant a few years of hardship but managed to get the team to the playoffs anyway. They built an outstanding defense, the team got better the second half of the season, have their franchise QB and now have tons cap room for the next two years and 10 picks this year. Not everything is great, there are many holes to fill but McBeane clearly have the team on the upswing and for the first time in many years there is a discernible blueprint to contend.
  11. Max Fischer

    Tom Coughlin offended by... what, exactly?

    Bills should take both off his hands.
  12. "seemed like the same old Josh to me" My God. I'll take the same old Josh if it means 5 touchdowns a game.
  13. You don’t seem to understand football.
  14. Max Fischer

    Charting Allen's throws vs. Lions

    How many would you consider “inaccurate”? You might have a different definition but my idea of accuracy is a “catchable” ball, a reasonable chance it would get caught and/or put in a place to make a positive play. Even on completed passes, an inaccurate throw made the receiver make a negative play (was wide open and could have made a much more positive play if thrown well). Also take into account pressure and expectation of making a good throw.
  15. Max Fischer

    Buffalo picked the right Josh

    The offensive talent isn’t that different (see: Larry Fitzgerald) but I agree we should withhold judgment for a few years. However, it would be fair to say if the roles were reversed the Bills fan base would be in full meltdown mode and yapping we have the wrong Josh. It’s bad enough too many fans are not happy with Allen’s season but I’d like to think they’re in a vocal yet small minority.