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  1. Max Fischer

    Advice dealing with local government

    This attitude is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Government isn’t some Anonymous-faceless entity out to get you, it’s is made up of regular people, rules and if you understand that there is a way things get done you might almost an even chance of accomplishing your mission. Remember, there are people just like vying for the same piece of the pie. Be smart and go get your slice. The alternative is to give up and rant about the Man. - First, organize yourself. There is strength in numbers. Which of your group knows people in government? - Who knows somebody who could be of assistance? - Go find out the rules, how do they decide who gets the field and who makes the Park and Rec decisions? - Is there an appeals process? - Do your local elected oversee and have influence on Park and rec decision? - Chances are those elected will know the decision makers and could find out how it works. - Persisitence and class win over people (ie, don’t be a wanker, you wouldn’t like that and neither does anyone else).
  2. One thing is for certain, whoever the Bills pick, most people will be wrong.
  3. Max Fischer

    Roster Concerns Prior to Draft

    Agree with your list. I have no idea who is on the Bills draft board, which likely means any number of players or positions will be in play. I truly don't believe we could narrow the list less than eight players with a legit shot at #9. Having said that, IMO, most likely at #9 are Edge, OT or DT. I think Bills wait for later rounds for best available at all other positions.
  4. Max Fischer

    WR Cole Beasley (Dallas) to the Bills

    But I just read that Dallas is the most preferred FA destination and Buffalo is the last . . .
  5. I read the trilogy (which I highly recommend). The book has quite a few intersecting storylines that make it difficult to adapt to the screen. I think they made a good attempt but I could see people start to tune out because it feels like the story tends to start and stop. Perhaps it will find its pace soon.
  6. Max Fischer

    OT Trent Brown to Raiders

    This doesn't seem like a wise contract.
  7. Max Fischer

    Should Ian Rapaport Be Drawn and Quartered?

    So, Rapport got the scoop that the Bills and Steelers had agreed to a deal. Which part did he get wrong? The only caveat might have been that AB is a bit of nut and it's possible he would not play for Buffalo. Otherwise, Rapport was correct.
  8. Max Fischer

    TV Shows You Want Revived

    Terriers. A great first season and then dropped by FX. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/terriers/s01 Would have done well on Netflix (and with a better name).
  9. Max Fischer

    Britcoms—Watch Any?

    My wife watches quite a few: - Keeping Up Appearances - To the Manor Born - As Time Goes By - Good Neighbors - Vicar of Dibley - Miranda - Last of the Summer Wine - Gavin and Stacey (James Corden) Not my cup of tea but they are well done. My personal favorite is Absolutely Fabulous (all-time great characters). Others: Fawlty Towers, The Young Ones, The Office Not a sitcom but I'm a big fan of the Graham Norton Show. He's brilliant. Not the same ol' "I'm here to pitch my movie" interview show. Guests let their guard down and Norton is hilarious. As for dramas, my favorites: - Killing Eve - Prime Suspect - Fleabag - Happy Valley I'm sure there are more.
  10. To me, Breaking Bad is the greatest show. Yes, it had the prerequisite great acting, writing and character development needed for a top program, but it also had a perfect story arc that also weaved several intertwined story lines. There are not many shows that develop a true story arc (perhaps Game of Thrones, but that has yet to be seen) but too many shows could just end at any point and it won't make much difference.
  11. Max Fischer

    USA Today's 4-Round Mock - I'd be Thrilled

    Let’s overlook the hyperbole and revised history for a minute and at least acknowledge the Bills were in Cap Hell yet managed to asssemble one of the most talented defenses in the league, drafted a potential franchise QB, has likely the best cap flexibility for the next two years, has a stable front office and coaching contingent and overall has drafted very well, while picking up a few great UDFA. Every team in the league has a few FA misses but even the worst have been no more but a temporary disappointment and most of the draft picks are contributing. The Edmunds comment is disqualifying and Star is very underrated by fans. Woods? Please. He didn’t want to stay here and while a decent reciever you seem to be forgetting the salary cap history.
  12. Max Fischer

    RIP Bruno Ganz

    Agree. In another thread I said I thought Ganz was brilliant and his role as Hitler is an all-time performance.
  13. Max Fischer

    RIP Bruno Ganz

    Downfall should be shown in every school. Ganz as Hitler is an all-time performance. Illustrates Nazis as everyday people, which is much scarier than cartoon villains or societal fringes like skinheads. See also: Conspiracy.
  14. Max Fischer

    The AAF Thread

    Until Saturday, I did not know the league existed. I was very skeptical but after watching the games and reading how they put it together, I think it has a real shot. It will never be quality football but with some time it could be an entertaining and serve as "minor league" football with players to keep an eye on. Biggest takeaway: The defenses appear to be two or three games ahead of the offense, which makes sense, especially since offensive linemen are hard to find and skill positions will have a major flaw or two (speed, size, ability to catch, run routes, arm strength, accuracy, etc). Even Trent Richardson looked really good but then on a few plays you're reminded why he's not in the NFL. Last, I like rule changes; especially the rules to speed up the game, the "kickoff" and transparent video replay. The mandatory two-point conversion makes sense and even the modified "on-sides" rule could be intriguing, or at the very least, more successful than today's NFL on-sides success rate. (When was the last time you've seen a successful kick?). Only downside to the quicker game is the offense seem to get gassed as the game went on but certainly with a try.
  15. Happens every draft when early on the most popular mock drafts overvalue players who eventually begin to drop. There is always a disconnect between popular choices and player ranking. For example, Greedy is viewed as Top CB, but often see him ranked in mid 20s overall.