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  1. Let's just call this what it is, the Hall of Fame is pretty much just a money making operation. I have no problem with that but it should at least be acknowledged. My biggest issue is there is one criteria (at least 25 years since a recorded release). However, that provides no other guidance as to what bands/singers are eligible. My own (I'm sure there are more): - Influence (strong weight). The music might be commercially successful but it was/is highly influential. - Originality What distinguishes the music? - Cultural impact Not necessarily world wide or even the US, but did they have an impact in some way - Pure musical talent. That may seem obvious but there are some bands that are just not that musically gifted. - Deep catalog. IMO, a few hits doesn't get you in. The other songs don't need to be hits, but it's a deep collection of quality songs and albums. - Hit music. Worldwide hits do help, but could also have a string of songs that set the tone for the genre. - Iconic signers/band members. Low weight, but I believe this has an impact. Recognizable, special talent, personally influential - Popularity. This may seem self-evident but should not be a heavy weight. Many people could know a band or singer but won't know anything about their music, couldn't name more than one or two songs and rarely, if ever, listened to one album, let alone the catalog. Truth is, must albums are terrible save for one or two songs. It's pretty rare for people to listen to an entire album anymore. Personally, I think it would be cool to have a Hall of Fame for only albums.
  2. Does Buffalo expect a blizzard this weekend? Otherwise, not a big fan of the reds.
  3. He would be nice to have but why would Buccanon would sign with Bills since there isn't near enough playing time unless a starter goes down. Plus, what do you do with Thompson when he's back? He'd be a great back-up but I don't see why he'd sign here.
  4. It's not very persuasive to equate Italian deli meat to explosives. No one ever was sent to the hospital because they sat next to someone eating salami.
  5. True, but it can be mitigated by imploring people not to handle or be around fireworks.
  6. Thanks, Donald. So, you only watch Fox?
  7. I expect a loss but I hope the Bills play well. I’d be disappointed if they don’t play well and get blown out.
  8. Well, you need a learner’s permit, take classes, pass a test and obtain a license to operate a properly inspected vehicle on roads monitored by law enforcement. Most people have no idea the damage even a single firecracker could do.
  9. Do not buy, light or be near fireworks. This is a public service announcement.
  10. I'd rather have Trent Williams
  11. There is no legit reason to prohibit long-ish hair. Purely a power move on behalf of the ref and/or league. They should be ashamed.
  12. This is a free game, no pressure. I could see a Pats blowout or a Bills close win.
  13. The Bills were down 16-0 to the Jets. Lose to Cincy and I will question Buffalo’s playoff chances.
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