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  1. This makes very little sense. You do realize AJ was a second round pick during COVID, didn't get a preseason game snap, had solid starters in front of him AND DE's take a while to develop? Relax, man, breath. It may be another season or two before we know if AJ will be a solid contributor.
  2. Why are you “concerned” over an improvement?
  3. Will you settle for Pro Bowl-caliber? Will you acknowledge the Bills seems to love him, football analysts constantly praise his play and that the Defense if MUCH better when he's on the field, that he's 23 years old and has the potential to reach your "elite" tier? That might help you through the acceptance stage.
  4. Funny how most fans, media and talent evaluators believe Edmunds plays at a Pro Bowl level. But you do you.
  5. Favorite tv shows over the past year (that I could remember): Ted Lasso - Apple Mare of Easttown - HBOMax Hacks - HBOMax The Great - Hulu Derry Girls - Netflix Criminal - Netflix Giri/Haji - Netflix Queen’s Gambit - Netflix Resident Alien - Syfy Atlanta - Hulu
  6. Can I root against both of them?
  7. The takeaway is most Bills fans criminally undervalue Edmunds. He probably won’t win DPOY but he has DPOY talent and ability.
  8. Sure, what else are the Bills going to do with its $40M in cap space and three first round picks?
  9. Worthy of Top 200 consideration: Dion Dawkins Tremaine Edmunds Micah Hyde Jordan Poyer Matt Milano Jerry Hughes Tyler Bass Possible 2022 Top 100 contenders Dion Dawkins Tremaine Edmunds Matt Milano Ed Oliver Christian Wade
  10. PFF makes money through controversial hot take clicks and Bills fans are the easiest to manipulate. No doubt they are 20 headlines ready to go before training camp.
  11. I first read the thread title number as "-7" and it still made sense.
  12. Good for him. Hope he can contribute this year. (Get vaccinated)
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