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  1. Master and Commander Last of the Mohicans
  2. Allen’s “hero ball” was also a by-product of rarely having a safety valve or at the very least, having little confidence a short pattern would be open. It’s very likely Allen was instructed not to run but he also now has receivers who could get separation. Brady is one of the best all-time but he consistently has (wide) open receivers. The pressure on Allen is to read the defense and find the open receiver and make the correct decision. Last season was “go long” and if not there take off into the open field.
  3. Oline has one question and it’s whether Morse can play, otherwise the line is set. TE will come together by Game 1 and far from a “disaster.” In his first two preseason games opponents already double team the “small” Oliver and he’s still making plays.
  4. I have an old style Kelly jersey and it just feels right. I encourage fans to wear jerseys of retired players as long the style fits the era. If I were to get another one it might be Henry Jones.
  5. Was this written by an intern? What passes for analysis at SI? In ten minutes I could do this for teams I don’t follow.
  6. Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t. 👀 If I did, it would have been a clear, uninterrupted picture that may have been about two plays behind live action. I’m curious, how is IPTV able to broadcast games? Other sports as well?
  7. Singletary looked very good in his first pre-season game and at this point I don’t think we could expect much more.
  8. I really don't get the economics of the the DTV deal. No doubt the NFL believes DTV is their best deal but with the US transient population I would think they would make more money selling packages on cable. I can't get DTV so I spend my money at the bar.
  9. I agree. He should die bitterly alone in bed like a real American.
  10. I never heard of shower beer as I think to risk my beer. Then again, if it's Coors Light, who would notice if it's filled with water.
  11. Thinking all-wheel drive wrangler. I lease a Mercedes 300E, which is one of few regret purchases; it’s a boring car, lots of annoying problems and is very expensive to repair (tires, especially). I want something completely different, reliable, good for weather/off-road can beat the hell out of and don’t need much luxury. I don’t have a long commute and rarely rack up 15K miles/yr.
  12. No doubt she should get jail time and 20 years without the possibility of parole is a very strong sentence. However, sentencing in this country and it needs to be fixed. Mandatory sentencing is a terrible policy and judicial flexibility is necessary but there is something very wrong when this woman get 20 years without parole and some other guy gets a slap on the hand.
  13. Torn was a serial scene stealer.
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