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  1. It’s the death of expertise. Dozens of the world’s foremost experts in the field have correctly predicted nearly every progression of the virus yet too many people believe they know better, just ‘cause . . . I’m at a loss why people do not embrace truth in favor of defending easily disprovable nonsense.
  2. It is many times more dangerous than the flu. Thus the complete world shut down.
  3. This is not a thing. Please stop saying that.
  4. Cant tell if you’re joking or a psycho.
  5. Cancellation might kill the league but . . .
  6. A few years ago my wife and I saw the British Open at St Andrews. Challenging course to see the action but I didn’t mind since it’s so much fun to walk around and take it all in. It’s like a party, with food and beer everywhere, but everyone well-behaved and friendly. The weather is no joke. Walking a single hole could mean three drastic weather changes. Wife is not a golf fan but would like to go to another tournament.
  7. I’ve twice played Pinehurst #7. That’s when I knew the difference between country club golf and championship golf. The rough was like hitting out of a briarbatch, the greens were so fast it would be easier to putt on a warped ice rink and the tee boxes may as well have been in the next county. The first round was frustrating but then I just enjoyed myself the second time around.
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