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  1. Fixed it for you. I personally place a big, messy asterisk next to Barry Bonds name. For all the accolades, I always felt Aaron was never held in the same vaulted status of so many of the greats. Perhaps playing in Atlanta, in that era and he was just quietly great for so long that he never got this due.
  2. Baseball experts and most fans do not use wins to determine a pitcher's value. There are at least 8 or 9 other stats that are far more valuable. Exhibit #1: Jacob DeGrom (I mean, do you need more evidence?)
  3. Fact? How so? When did we start judging QBs by team wins and losses? Are there 25 better QBs than Deshaun Watson this year? I mean, they had better records.
  4. So, you're whole diatribe is objecting to the word, "misfortune?" That's weird. How about, "disappointment" "setback" "bad luck" "tribulation' "blow" "unpleasantness" or even "tough luck?" If it makes you feel better, take you pick on the synonym and I'll edit the post just for you. It's probably dawning on you that synonyms and malapropisms are not the same thing. Perhaps you should take a lesson from Archie Bunker, "Back in my day we learned to keep things in their proper suspective.”
  5. It's ironic that you don't seem to understand what malapropism means. I stand by what I said. If Daboll wanted that job, Bills fans should be rooting for him to get it and come down hard on the teams that don't hire our great coaches and front office personnel. Instead, too often we see fans saying, "He's rich, has a good job, he should suck it up and be happy with what he has." Way to go, Superfan.
  6. I have no idea what this means. "My analysis?" I'll check my calendar, but I don't believe I was consulted.
  7. I feel sad that you feel nothing for the someone who has helped lead the Bills to the AFC Championship and may lose out on his dream to be a head coach. Instead, too many people have demonstrated little class by celebrating Daboll's misfortune.
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