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  1. CowgirlsFan

    Would you draft Oliver or Bosa?

    If this is the Ohio State Boss,his career is over as of yesterday.
  2. CowgirlsFan

    RIP Paul Allen

    RIP My condolences to his family and his friends.
  3. I didn't feel happy. The Bills didn't have one more point than the Texans.
  4. CowgirlsFan

    The game against the Texans: View from the Stands

    Excellent report! I attended the game too.
  5. For the Bills to have one more point than the Texans.
  6. Eli Is NOT getting a pass from me!
  7. CowgirlsFan

    Bills @ Houston - White on Blue Jerseys

    Bump. This is Thursday.
  8. CowgirlsFan

    Houston Roll Call

    BUMP This is Thursday
  9. CowgirlsFan

    Bills @ Houston - White on Blue Jerseys

  10. CowgirlsFan

    Houston Roll Call

    Exactly! What an unexpected bonus! Hummm....the game will be played in Arlington. This week the Bills play in Houston. 5 hours 275 miles away from Arlington.
  11. CowgirlsFan

    Houston Roll Call

    @The Real Buffalo Joe said I will be there too along with @aussiew We are coming down early on Saturday. There's going to be a Buffalo Bills Brunch that morning/day at Cyclone Anaya's Mexican Kitchen ( all but next door to Christian's there on Bagby ) It starts at 10 AM and will last for quite some time.
  12. Hummm.... guess I won't be seeing him doing Cowboys post game here on local TV.
  13. CowgirlsFan

    SNF: DAL vs. HOU at 8:20 PM ET on NBC

    Good evening from NRG Stadium. Yes.. I'm here.
  14. CowgirlsFan