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  1. Me. Fully vaccinated with Pfizer. Willing to wear a mask. Meeting up with some friends from many different teams. As of today I was approved to be in The Inner Circle of the Dallas Cowboys. I arrive on Wednesday afternoon. Hotel is booked in Independence,Ohio. I am there because on the day the announcement was made hotels in Cleveland were $350.00 plus. I will attend all 3 days. then be a tourist on Sunday. Home on Monday.
  2. NFL Schedule release May 12th per Adam Schefter.
  3. Happy Birthday 🎂🎁🎉🎈🎊🏈🥂 Have a wonderful day!
  4. May everyone have a safe day and remember it's not about the bunny and about the chocolate.
  5. Mets????? What about the Giants???
  6. Heartwarming just heartwarming.
  7. LOL just LOL Can you amagine what he'll do tomorrow since it's April Fools!
  8. Hello! Thanks for recognizing the name. Unfortunately hubby isn't much of a fan of the NFL. It's all cool because anytime I want to go see the Texas Rangers or Dallas Stars we go. Because he's not a fan of the NFL It contributes to how I became a Bills fan as well as already Cowboys fan. Someone I know knew this and invited me to come watch the Bills at The Dallas Fort Worth Bills Backers location. I got to watch with a FEW Cowboys fans and a TON of Bills fans. So much fun!!! It beat watching alone!! The more I watched wilth and the Backers the more I fell in love with everyone there
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