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  1. CowgirlsFan

    Surf Guitar Great Dick Dale Dead @ 81

    RIP Condolences to one and all.
  2. CowgirlsFan

    Happy St Patrick's Day!

    Thank you ☘️ May everyone have a fun but safe day.
  3. CowgirlsFan

    Bills official Top 30 pre-draft visits

    @The Real Buffalo Joe
  4. CowgirlsFan

    Spelling Bee runs out of words

    Yes... quite embarrassing.πŸ˜•
  5. CowgirlsFan

    Happy Birthday fl az fan

    Have a great day! Even have a beer or two 🍺🍺
  6. CowgirlsFan

    RIP Hal Blaine

    RIP My condolences to all.
  7. CowgirlsFan

    Happy Birthday Mrags

    Happy Birthday πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸˆ Have a great day!
  8. CowgirlsFan

    WR Cole Beasley (Dallas) to the Bills

    EXACTLY!!! Now the Bills game vs the Cowboys just got a little more INTERESTING. My heartfelt congratulations Cole and best wishes for a great career with the Bills.
  9. CowgirlsFan

    WR Cole Beasley (Dallas) to the Bills

    Even I like this!
  10. May the game be an injury free one.
  11. CowgirlsFan

    Do you post here from work often?

    Yes or dealing with decks.
  12. CowgirlsFan

    Do you post here from work often?

    I've been retired for 5 years. I did post and lurk in between customers when I was a bank teller during down times. I loved sharing our shouts with my co worker who was a huge Lions fan. Then always during lunch.
  13. CowgirlsFan

    Happy Daylight Saving Time

    Thank you. I'm happy Mr CGF no longer has to grill in the dark at night.
  14. CowgirlsFan

    RIP Jerry Merryman - Inventor of the pocket calculator

    RIP Condolences all around. Thank you for making math better.
  15. CowgirlsFan

    Tom Seaver diagnosed with Dementia

    Incredibly sad 😒