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  1. Bingo! thats the ticket I'm looking for. Thanks, For those suggesting I just google for a ride, believe it or not I did that before asking for advice. This did not show on any of my searches. For best results ask those in the know, "Son of a K-Gun" you the man.
  2. thanks for all the info. I like ROSS MURDOCKS suggestion. Thought about UBER but it was shut down in that county for awhile. Taxi good idea but always wonder about getting one AFTER the game, Seems like many options to get there but more concerned about a ride back. Perhaps when we all get there many will need a ride and we can all get a plan together for the trip. GO BILLS!
  3. Booked trip to Miami game September 25th. Staying in Ft Lauderdale. Looks like Fans of Buffalo tailgate and transportation are sold out. Anybody know of any other options to get to the game and back without driving? Any other group going and renting a bus that may need 2 more passengers?
  4. "Even though the season is lost the players are playing for next year. The coaches are taking notes on the effort and how they are handling the end of the season." Heard many times during the Bills drought. All I ever wanted was most of those guys on the field gone before the next year. Also, " the head coach sleeps in his office and is away from his family during the season." The assistants are in their offices before the sun comes up preparing for the big game. And then on game day, no squib kick or not thinking to put a defensive player on the 2 best players on the other team. Please go home you are overthinking it.
  5. Thanks for all the input. It seems I will be buying (paying for the PSL) and I can keep the seats as long as I keep buying tickets so it doesn't seem as if anybody, young or old, has an advantage. The disadvantage is that I usually buy 2 seats for my daughters, grandkids or friends but he PSL will end that. Sad that we won"t be together going forward. I'm sure I will not be the only one who will be affected by the change Back in 99 when the Stadium was renovated and seating was changed I was offered to keep my seats in the old section ( H-2) now the Van Miller Club. At that time If I wanted to stay there I had to commit to a 5 yr plan that cost thousands per ticket plus the cost of the seats. I couldn"t afford it then. I had been there for 20 years and just like hat I was forced to leave. We were able to relocate by seniority but was a bit of a rush job. So while I love this Stadium, all the games, the players and the people I have met through the years I realize its not up to me whether they build new or not. What I do know is I love Buffalo Bills football and all that goes with it, it is my addiction so with that said, God willing, I will be moving. My hope is that the Bills treat my 42 years of loyalty in a fair manner when it comes time for the move.
  6. So anybody familiar with PSL's and how they work. For instance, I have had seasons for 45 years, will pay the PSL fee in 4 years and I will be 70 at that time. Fair enough. I see where it is a one time fee for life, doing the math a younger fan would have many more years as a season ticket holder than us older fans. For any familiar with PSL's what happens to my seat/ticket when I die or can't go as I age. I guess it could work for younger fans also' what happens when life changes and season tix are not feasible.
  7. Seriously got nothing. the only thing I have is 50 years of these kind of things and time will heal until the next time.
  8. I only watch games with my wife and?or my kids because I need to focus. I can't be around anybody that is not rooting for the Bills. After the D held and Chiefs punted and the Bills had field position around midfield and Daball called those 3 runs you note I said to her, that series will cost us this friggin because now we are punting it back and they are about to open it up. They did, they scored, we all saw it coming except those that needed to see it most. Great comeback. Gives me some humor on this day. House you are one of the best. Always keeping em honest.
  9. 13 seconds, 13 friggin seconds, THIRTEEN! After the gut punch on Sunday night, Monday was like losing a favorite pet, not like losing a family member but it hurt(s) like he**. True story, Monday evening headed off to Bowling,( dreading every minute as there are no Bills fans but me and I know whats coming) As I pulled up to the red light at the end of my street I looked at the timer that counts down the time one has to cross, No kidding it was 13. 13 seconds. Was it a sign, was it a shot at me from all those sport franchises that had finally overcome their past and won a Championship or was it just a reminder that I am a Bills fan and this is what I signed up for 60 years ago. Trying to kep this short but I need this. I have been to every home game except 2 since 1974 ( about 500) On Sunday after the Bills took the lead with 13 seconds left I turned to my wife and said ,"if we were at the Stadium and the opposing team just scored with 13 seconds left what would we be doing. Her reply, " you would be swearing, telling me grab our stuff and lets get the he** out of here. I said "exactly", but why do I feel like there is a chance for the Bills to lose, especially with lucky friggin 13 on the clock. God help us! Back to the red light, as I watched the time tick down to zero I thought about a scenario wheer if there was a guy crossing the street and I kinew that if he got to the other side thousands and thousands of his friends and family would suffer some kind of heartache. I thought, if I had to prevent him from getting to the other side in those 13 seconds what could I do. I could hit him with my car but that would be a problem for me OR I could get out of my car and jump in front of him and block him from getting there. If I got there and slowed him down enough and then the clock stopped at 8 seconds and he again tried to get past me again I would get in front of him, stay in front of him, push him, hold him, try to stop him from reaching the other side in those final 8 seconds. If he beat me there, at least I tried, if I did nothing I would not be able to look at his family because I let it happen, I knew the outcome and I stood by and watched him stroll right on by knowing that if he got there thousands would be hurting. So I wonder as I have in a previous post, How did a defensive minded head coach, a highly regarded defensive co-ordinator, ( who interviewed for a head job because of his success) linebacker coaches, defensive back coaches, scout team coaches, even offensive coaches that know the plan to beat a team in this situation, other supposed professional people surrounding all of these people on the sideline, people who's job it is to come through at this precise moment be so incompetent.? I hear every year how coaches sleep in their offices, work 20 hours a day, film study, no family time, all football all the time, long meetings with all the assistants, call to other coache for help to beat an upcoming opponent but yet when push comes to shove they are no different than a casual fan. Those of us that have been watching this game for 50 years, drunk fans watching from bars or at home, fans in the stands knew what needed done, especially after the first play. A STOP! Call a timeout to come up with.......nothing to stop the guy from crossing the road! I could go on but I'm tired, I still hurt, I don't understand and I am pi**ed off. I should be with all of you on Sunday. I should be with my wife, 3 daughters and my grandson at the stadium on Sunday. I thought I was finally going to have them experience what it was like in the early nineties, the feeling of a Championship game in Buffalo, the excitement, the crowd, the noise with the greatest fans of all. Instead they get all they have ever got more disappointment. When and if it finally happens I hope my kids and grandkids aren"t raising a glass to my wife and I having a toast to mom and because the Bills finally won. I want to share that with them. 13 SECONDS,13 FREAKIN SECONDS They're killin me Whitey, They're killin me! GO BILL!
  10. Fans really have so much more invested. Not the physical part, players work hard and sacrifice so much, I'm sure they want a Super Bowwl as much as fans but.... They will move on, they get paid, its a job for us it is what we do year around. We bring family members, our kids and grandkids into this freakin think we call Bills Football and when it ends like that we are left with nothing. Going outside to start my truck this cold morning it was colder than other mornings. I realized that without the Bills playing next week it really is winter. Now what am I going to do. Another winter and I am not getting any younger. My 17 year old grandson who lives in Connecticut called me this morning explaining that he never felt so sad in his youg life, I felt bad that I got him this, My 3 daughters called from around parts of PA. and they are having trouble figuring out what the hello happened. I got nuthin, I'm dead. They're Killin me Whitey, They're Killin me!
  11. I got a lot to say, my heart is broke again by the Bills especially the coaches in this one. How can Coaches who supposedly work 20 hrs a day, sleep in their offices, game plan, watch film, have advance scouts and a staff that can spot the most miniscule point not take care of 13 freakin seconds with the lead. Squib, nah not that, Kelsey , nah he can"t hurt us, Hill, no freakin way can he hurt us, Maybe just hold the guy for a second and take a penalty, no not that lets just play deep and tackle the guy when he gets in field goal range. Sorry again Shaw, I got a lot on my mind but its just not worth it, 50 years and it all the same, no matter the players or the coaches, I got nuthin, NUMB!
  12. So Its now Wednesday and I am thawed out after a chilly, invigorating and so satisfying game on Saturday night. Bills 47 patriots 17! Like Ralphie kicking the crap out of Scud Farkas on "A Christmas Story" it all seemed so right, no matter how many times Ralphie and the Bills hit Scud it just kept getting better until we were pulled off and the rest of the people felt good about the Bills and Ralphie finally taking care of business. The good guys and the good fans finally won. Oher things learned from Saturday night. When tailgating in weather that cold I found that a Coke will freeze faster than a Mich Ultra and a Mich Ultra will freeze faster than a Bud Light but a Fireball seems to be unaffected. When its ZERO there is no such thing at the concession stand such as Hot Chocolate, Hot Coffee, Hot Dogs, Hot Pretzels or even Hot Water. However, Josh Allen and that offense was HOT and the Defense really chilled the Patsies. Gate entry was really slow, many missed the kick off and player intros, not because they got to the gate too late but because it just seemed out of sync due to weather, phones and so many layers that the gate keepers seemed confused. For example, I watched and waited as one gate keeper made 2 guys in front of me go back and forth, in and out of the metal detector, continue to scan hem looking for whatever contraband they might have. Turns out they had steel toed boots on. Think somebody would have alerted them that this was a possibility. That slows stuff down. Finally, is anybody else having trouble sleeping this week, all I do is toss and turn all night thinking about this game. You would think after 50 years of this I could tone it down but I just can't. The Bills have been my crack cocaine, my addiction for ever and when I can see that high of a possible trip back to the promise land it takes over my everday life. How are the rest of you all coping? Do you think about the high after a win on Sunday or do you all try to prepare yourselves for that let down? Or am I just an addict who can" tbe helped? They're killin me Whitey, They're killin me! GO BILLS
  13. So Shaw care to share the playoff ticket price for the Clubs. By the way, I am also near the end of my long standing season ticket experience and my wife and I have decided we have earned a place back to where we used to sit, albeit more expensive. Funny when we get older a few hundred extra dollars doesn't mean as much. Kids raised, house paid for. Guy asked me one time if I wish I was forty again, my reply was, Nah, I didn't have any money then. I guess in a crazy way age does have its priveleges.
  14. Have them this year as I have for the last 45. In 1999 when I was in the now club seats ( Section H Row 2 Aisle 2) it was going to be a monetary commitment I couldn't afford at that time. I think it was 5 years $8 grand per seat, plus the price of the seats in the Van Miller Club. I made the move to what is now Section 135, 35 rows back,right below the old seats. The only way I would move now would be higher in the same section, behind the tunnel to cut down on the traffic. The fans have changed, too much movement during plays, too many selfies, too many people who could care less about the game but love to be seen, and too many who can't hold their beer, every drink is a trip to the bathroom. They are up and down the whole game. I am now considering the clubs, but I am curious about the price for the playoff ticket prices. It looks like we may have multiple seasons of playoff games. So anybody out there in the clubs let me know the price for the playoff tickets. Also, another poster talks about the effort and the time it takes to go to a Bills game for those of us who live hours away. I get it, I am now 65 and it really is a struggle to go from 7 A. M to 8 P.M and then the cleaning up the next day. Just this year alone it has been 3 weeks in a row. ( Falcons, Jets, Pats) I'm tired but not so tired I don't wish it was 2 more weeks in a row. Finally, really want to know what the new stadium will bring as far as the dreaded PSL's. I don't know what I will pay but my Bills addiction may push me to pay more than I should. I think part of my being so tired is because I can"t sleep thinking about the Chiefs. GO BILLS!
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