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  1. Don't ya'll know that defense wins championships!
  2. Yes. They failed as a team when they decided to let McCarron go and keep Peterman. That was a big F Up
  3. Great to see Josh Allen standing tall after this game
  4. bmur66

    Kelvin Benjamin is NOT a Number 1 WR

    Another game like that and he will have to wear a clown suit
  5. bmur66

    Who Starts At QB For Week 2? (Poll)

    If they pick up another QB I think Peterman gets the ax
  6. bmur66

    Who Starts At QB For Week 2? (Poll)

    Still digging in dumpsters for a better backup. Allen is the starter and there is no going back.
  7. bmur66

    Jets game proved teams are built in the trenches

    Wait.....I thought that was a women's college basketball game
  8. You are very observant. I have no idea. LOL
  9. bmur66

    QB competition

    Like Mike Tyson said. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. I wish they would have kept Tyrod until Allen was ready
  10. bmur66


    I'll bet when Beane balances his checkbook he gets his balance, draws a line and starts over again. Problem is he still has some checks out there that haven't cleared yet. Next thing you know he's getting hit with overdraft fees. That's a good analogy of where the Bills are at right now and the next big deposit ain't until this season is over.
  11. bmur66

    Who Starts At QB For Week 2? (Poll)

    There is no question who is starting
  12. bmur66

    QB competition

    He will be putting his degree to use soon