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  1. Yea but who else can brush the snow off the field and make a pile of rubber pellets?
  2. Every time I hear Russell Wilson's name I think of TJ Graham. And I don't even know what he looks like.
  3. I love his highlight film. He’s a baller for sure. We will see how he does without a running start against better defenders.
  4. I read the entire post and think it all makes sense. Giving Allen time to throw and good coaching is priority one. I fully expect them to draft an OT at 9. Most of last years O line are bums and need to be upgraded. They have thrown a lot of darts and have to hit on some of them. They must put a good NFL offense on the field this year or things will go downhill fast. Get Duke Johnson and draft a good TE.
  5. McD can say whatever he wants but I fully expect that come training camp there will be a set of fresh young legs ready to challenge for the position. We will see if that "steel" has lost it's temper or not.
  6. What a great way to start a Monday morning. Thank you
  7. Who is this Josh Brown? Is he related to John Brown?
  8. I never want to see him in a Bills uniform again. Same with his brother Preston for that matter. They got no heart. Quitters.
  9. I'm liking that video. Thanks for posting
  10. He is here because he was hanging out with Shady and he decided to come. That’s is what he said in a tv interview. Simple as that.
  11. I'm going by what I have seen the last two years. His first year in the NFL was horrible. He had a couple good games last year but major inconsistency overshadowed that. Makes routine NFL catches look difficult. He may still have a shot in training camp but the writing is on the wall.
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