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  1. bmur66

    OL Erik McCoy

    The more Irish guys the better
  2. bmur66

    Looking Back I wish we traded for Mack

    Gotta have the cake before you put the icing on it
  3. bmur66

    What do you want to see this offseason: TRADES

    Not really. I think everyone they have kept on this team is a part of the future except maybe McCoy and Clay. I don't see them getting rid of anybody unless they get someone better. Anyone they replace probably isn't worth much on the trading block.
  4. bmur66

    What do you want to see this offseason: TRADES

    They don't have anyone to trade other than draft pics
  5. Someone will light the fuse. Lol
  6. And we are short on William's right now so it fills a need
  7. bmur66

    Charles Clay impressions?

    I just hope the Bills don't get rid of him until someone better replaces him. That is the same situation with many players on this team right now.
  8. bmur66

    MVP sums it up

    Like it or not Edelman is tough as a box of nails and comes up big when needed. As far as the game I love me a defensive struggle any day over a lopsided blowout.
  9. Denial. It’s true. Why would anyone choose to come here? It’s nice for 5 or 6 months out of the year maybe. The rest of the year is spent in hibernation mode. Get out there and see what the rest of the country has to offer. Yet here I am living in WNY 😢
  10. bmur66

    Replacing Russell Bodine

    I’d keep him around
  11. Robert Woods had to relearn the position when he went to another team. Eric Moulds was severely under utilized his first couple years. Not sure why.
  12. bmur66

    Baldinger on Josh Allen's Elite Athleticism

    Josh Allen is armed and dangerous
  13. No holiday. Go to work and collect winnings hopefully