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  1. I want sacks and hits. Pressure and sacks are not the same. Sacks hurt and have a cumulative effect. Just sayin.
  2. While we are dreaming, maybe they could have have got Judon also. Then we would have him and the Pats wouldn't
  3. That was an impressive run. He trucked that no. 43
  4. Because he is slow and doesn’t have NFL speed.
  5. Yea. Finally got his first half sack of the year
  6. I’ve done it before with direct tv and I’ll do it again with dish network. In fact I just got high speed internet out in the sticks where I live. I could probably do without both. I pay a lot for all the channels and only watch a couple. I won’t be held hostage for long. Also, I cannot receive a broadcast signal where I live but thanks for the idea.
  7. It’s Thanksgiving and I’m getting old but thanks bro!
  8. This has gone on for months now. Total BS. Can’t wait to dump them. How can I watch the game?
  9. I thought I missed something because I did not hear that either. I do recall seeing him celebrate a sack (called back) when down 17 points which I didn't care for and then getting juked for a big gain when he was in the backfield and could have made a big play.
  10. I just watched it. Very good. Fina is quite a ball buster.
  11. I was calling the Colts game a "gut check". It was predictable. How they performed in the 4th quarter said it all.
  12. And there you have it. Good synopsis Shaw66.
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