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  1. Y'all just continue working y'all little jobs for the rest of y'all lives' and don't worry about Sammy
  2. The Bills had no GM in place at the time so I can understand why they didn't draft Mahomes. But...…. the Bills should have drafted Russell Wilson in the 4th round. Instead they drafted TJ freakin Graham!!!!!!!!!! 😲
  3. Can't help but notice he was the recipient of some damn good blocking also. Watching this just pissed me off again that he wasn't utilized more in the 2nd half against the Texans
  4. I would certainly show due diligence in making him a Bill if I was GM
  5. So was the ref in the end zone trying to prove a point by going by the rules?
  6. I am ticked off about the horrible commentators. Texan homer’s were terrible to listen to. JJ Watt made one play and saved the world! They would have given them the game after the first quarter if they could have
  7. Giving up that first down on 3rd and 18 was wayyy bad regardless of what the clock said
  8. If Knox could have grabbed that lateral it could have been a play for the ages
  9. When the chips are down why do they get away from what is working? Seen this over and over this year. When the motor is running you keep feeding him
  10. Dukes blocking and the way he runs kind of reminds me of a bigger Robert Woods and that guy was f'n crazy. I hope he gets a shot against the Texans.
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