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  1. Like someone said. It would be like having Dan Marino instead of Jim Kelly
  2. Don’t sleep on Singletary. One hamstring injury doesn’t mean he can’t carry the load.
  3. I’m just saying I can’t see Mahomes in a Bills uniform and I am happy with the way things worked out
  4. I really don’t think Mahomes is a “Buffalo kind of guy”. Josh Allen definitely is.
  5. We should all swear never to mention his name again
  6. I had a great time there. The stadium is awesome. Nobody stands because you have the biggest tv in the world right in front of you. It’s just different than a Bills home game. I wish I was going.
  7. The best way I can explain it to you is that it is 180 degrees the opposite of a game at RWS
  8. At least this team does not keep players around for long once they have earned their bullseye. At this point I do not see anyone on the team that deserves to be "hated on".
  9. He can catch so that right there is an upgrade. I like what he seems to bring. Maybe he will be a solid 3rd receiver or maybe he will exceed expectations. It s all good.
  10. Here’s proof that a good 3rd receiver can make a difference. Props to whoever made the call.
  11. Any impactful trade would require the Bills to give up draft pics and I don't see that happening
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