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  1. Yes. Got the Peterman pick back
  2. The game was no. 3 on my priority list Sunday. Usually they are no. 1. I listened to the 1st half on the radio while doing other things. A little before the half they sucked me in again and I watched the rest of the game. So I kept my word and wasn't a "starter" anyways
  3. I will not be a starting TV viewer today. I have more important things to do like straightening up the garage and sighting in my rifle. I will not take time out of my day to watch this steaming pile of crap. Maybe when Allen returns.
  4. bmur66

    Who has the best stadium in the NFL?

    It wasn't always that way. Buffalo players used to ride snowmobiles, hunt, and sleep on their porches in T shirts. Raiders 51-3 baby. Today they are kitties.
  5. bmur66

    Everyone that wanted TT gone, we told you

    This topic is the same as: Do you ditch your girlfriend before you go looking for a hotter one or do you find a hotter one before you ditch your current girlfriend?
  6. bmur66

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - Just Plain Bad

    Outstanding diagnosis
  7. bmur66

    Silver Lining: Pryor is a Bill

    Preston Brown is no longer a Bill
  8. bmur66

    How many coaches/GMs survive a tank?

    I liken this more to drawing a line in your checkbook and starting over
  9. bmur66

    The Fred Jackson Stiff Arm 😂

    Always worth watching again
  10. bmur66

    McCoy deserves better...

    Hit the damn hole and cash those huge paychecks
  11. bmur66

    Some terrifying Bills offensive comparisons

    The best offense is a good defense 😲
  12. Because McDarnitt is a defensive guy