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  1. Zay continues to make routine NFL catches look difficult. I’m liking what Duke brings to the table. Strong hands
  2. I missed the first half but just “meh” until I see jock straps laying on the turf in a meaningful game. Haven’t seen that in years and I’m not sure he still has it.
  3. No way. Draft a back in the first and have a rookie contract.
  4. Playmakers making plays. Play makers making plays
  5. IMO its not even worth thinking about at this time of year. Who knows what the season has in store?
  6. I wonder if his jaw flaps like that when he is on his back
  7. He went out for a pack of smokes and never came back. Rumor has it he got a new pair of cement shoes.
  8. I always knew he was better than what he showed in Buffalo
  9. I don't see where he muffed anything. He put his foot in the turf and was gone
  10. Ahh. The Brown Brothers. After this game they were both dead to me.
  11. Probably throwing a baseball
  12. The more I think about it maybe the oddsmakers think Shady may be gone before the season starts 😲
  13. Odds are probably pretty high that McCoy will miss some games this year due to injury and maybe even rest for the big playoff run
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