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  1. bmur66

    Fred Jackson Anyone?

    Stop it. He was painfully slow the last team he wore a Bills uni and that was years ago
  2. bmur66

    Time for Travaris Cadet to step up of McCoy is gone

    What's with the love for this guy? Just because he is on top of the garbage pile and you don't need to dig to get him?
  3. bmur66

    Tremaine Edmunds vs Gronk

    Edmunds will need some forearm armor. I think he can take him.
  4. bmur66

    Has Chris Ivory been at OTA's?

    Tolbert was the tank plan. Ivory is at least legit. I'd really like to see some serious youth competition.
  5. Tyrod Taylor has had one 300 yard passing game in his entire pro career and that was in a loss. I think that stat says it all. Ya sure Buffalo was a running offense but I am not buying that excuse. I wish him the best in Cleveland but I think we have seen his best and it's not good enough
  6. bmur66

    Favorite Bills Packers game ever?

    Schwartz's Defense totally destroyed Green Bay and made Aaron Rodgers looks like a high school QB. Worst game he ever had. That was a great Bills victory.
  7. bmur66

    National Anthem Solution

    May as well. Obviously they won't be visiting any cemeteries Hey Ladies man. Freedom isn't free. One day out of the year we honor veterans that died protecting your right to be a dickhead. So go drink your Pabst Blue Ribbon and grill your corn king hot dogs but try to have some respect for one day will ya?
  8. bmur66

    National Anthem Solution

    I wonder what the kneelers will do on Memorial Day?
  9. bmur66

    Josh Rosen already impressing in Arizona.

    You lost me at Colin Cowherd
  10. bmur66

    Josh Allen already impressing in Buffalo

    Is that really Andy Reid or is it that guy that looks and dresses just like him?
  11. Oh where is Chuck Schumer ??????? He will be jumping on this shortly. Just watch.
  12. bmur66

    Tremaine Edmunds: what’s his nickname?

    Lets see him earn one first
  13. bmur66

    theRALPH RANT - Bills Select Josh Allen

    Nice job Cool Breeze
  14. I was talking about myself . Lol. I don't know why I thought that but thanks for correcting me.
  15. No doubt in my mind. This young man is going to be special.