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  1. Awesome. Thanks for posting. That Tre White block on no. 8 was beautiful too
  2. Meanwhile I keep working at my small job
  3. It totally depends on who we need to let go in order to keep him. Dude is quietly rock solid in the return game. That is it though. McKenzie over him for sure if that’s what it comes down to.
  4. This sucks. A healthy Beasley, Brown, and Diggs is formidable. But it’s business.
  5. How would this team and OC look without Josh Allen? I don't think Daboll's AFC Championship game plan did anything to create interest either.
  6. He will have a "Reggie White" moment and come to Buffalo
  7. Don't get rid of a good player until he is replaced by someone better
  8. Is he a rollin ball of butcher knives?
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