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  1. I'll take talented new players over marginal old players every time
  2. Suddenly I’m feeling pretty good about our backfield
  3. I can’t take anyone seriously that uses the “McBeane” nonsense
  4. He stands out to me as being very slow off the snap
  5. I really look forward to seeing what he’s got.
  6. Jim Kelly used to be the master of going long on 3rd down. Worst case it’s like a punt. Much better chance of a pass interference call these days too.
  7. I think he was inconsistent and made routine catches look difficult. If he doesn’t improve in camp I think his days in Buffalo are over. JMO. I hope someone steps up
  8. Just my meaningless observation. He had a few good games last year but from watching other teams with excellent receivers, I think for the most part he isn't the answer.
  9. Zay Jones was real good at making routine NFL catches look difficult last year. It's not good if nobody can knock him off the depth chart.
  10. Funny. I was just comparing him to Kelsay in my mind.
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