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  1. This is the dude that drove to Detroit injured because he wasn't cleared to fly! True badass and part of the best safety tandem in the league
  2. LFG I didn't want him to leave!!!!!!!!! BBB now get Delvin or Henry draft OL and go and get Hopkins
  3. Welll I hope I don't get another ban but I've been saying all along the d line rotation sucks, soft zone on 3 and forever sucks. And we'll Fraizer is a nice guy but his schemes suck
  4. hey Leslie you might be a great guy but you horrible as a Dc
  5. My post game comment Leslie Fraizer has sucked since he got here I've said it since he got here! He sucks. Man imagine this team with a real dc
  6. Here is the real problem our defense coordinator is horrible! He has been horrible for 3 seasons! Look at 3 and forever they always give up the 1 down. Look at 13 seconds with a 3 point lead why play any defense. His d line rotation is horrible! One play we look like we destroy the play next it's a first down! All because the playmaker is sitting. Also why take guys off it and not play them? If Bedford and hyde needed so much time why take them off ir
  7. I have too his ***** d line rotation takes out playmakers after they make a play! His read and react soft zone never stops 3 and forever! He is horrible been saying it for 3 years Me too Fraizer has sucked for 3 seasons why does everyone say he is so good
  8. Because Leslie Frazier cost us the last 3 years he is horrible and todays game should be the end Leslie Fraizer is horrible stop saying he is good he cost us the last 3 years. Todays game is enough
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