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  1. It is so inconsistent. Jesus slay literally was holding and grabbing all night no call. Somehow only the bills were holding lol 😂. This was a disgrace. Roger you should stop thinking about taking. Our game from America and fix the officiating
  2. I just can't stop thinking my god imagine if we had Milano and dequan and tre! This team is stopping great offenses with backups and backups to backups. Man we were down 2 more tonight in the back end. Sad this season is going to shot but man we do have a solid team just can't catch a break or good officials. Also what is wrong with bass this is 2 games he ***** us
  3. I loved the TV view of the back judge watching slay grab our guys and they just look and go nope. Or the horse collar how did you think Allen's shirt was ripped? And what defines a catch? One. Time it's down because he is touched next is has to make a football move. I always heard he got the second foot down now we need 3 steps? That was crazy.
  4. I Billeve!!!!!!! Common Defense common von here it is why we got you
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