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  1. Anyone ever think that we traded back to get Dejean and then trade for Higgins or Autuk.
  2. Her cooper you can Get cooper it is insane we can get him in round 2. The WR will be there or there can be a veteran one available for this season.
  3. To bad it's a year late we will have a top 5 pick next year......... just saying
  4. Yea those WR1 are easy to get........ 🤦
  5. What does this free up this year we need a WR now
  6. And we will have a top 5 pick because we are not winning this year.... 🤦‍♂️
  7. Ya those top 5 Wr are easy to come by........ 🤦
  8. Great no WR1! Great job. Sorry Diggs I don't blame you for wanting out now. Hope you kill it with a real franchise. Hey Houston you scored a top 5 wide out for peanuts. Now we have cap space to do something stupid.
  9. If only....... we didn't lose Tre Milano Benford Bernard and injured Douglas Phillips Dodson sigh we are alway snake bitten. mad okay admirably for all the injuries
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