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  1. That’s so depressing. Seems accurate. Wasting such a talented QB with middling coaching is infuriating.
  2. The thing about this list is that they should take into account the ability of QBs to play in any system. If Josh plays on any top five team they will all preform the same and probably better with Josh at the helm. I don’t think any one of them could do the same in Buffalo. Thus, Josh is Numbero Uno. 🎯
  3. Espn sux. Who cares about these dorks and their stupid band?
  4. Bills always seem to have more obstacles than other teams in the NFL. They finally get a franchise QB and have the best QB of all time leave the division then almost every good QB in the NFL is either in the AFC or on their way. Just the fact that their biggest roadblock to getting to a superbowl with Josh Allen was self inflicted due to them trading the pick to KC that let them nab Mahomes is grating to say the least. Mcbean creating a team that at any other time gives them a window of superiority is quickly shut by everyone else jumping into the afc east. KC has their division to themselves for the most part and will probably get home field advantage against this year. Sorry for all the whining it’s just annoying. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/04/25/scheduling-formula-could-make-it-difficult-for-more-than-one-afc-east-team-to-get-to-playoffs/
  5. Lol. Aaron Rodgers Retires From Professional Football To Play With The Jets
  6. Mahomes and Kelce and Andy Reid are a match made in heaven. I wish Mahomes had gone to Jacksonville or Chicago, he probably would’ve been benched at some point and the Chiefs wouldn’t have to torment the AFC every year.
  7. Contract an impediment to get a trade done says Cards GM. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/04/06/steve-keim-on-deandre-hopkins-the-problem-is-his-current-contract/ not sure he’s worth the trouble and especially the cost.
  8. The NFL has become the AFC + the nfc
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