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  1. One could have been a Bill and one is a Bill.
  2. This shouldn’t be an active thread it will get toxic. .........too late.
  3. The 9 Isles

    Is Tom Brady A Cheater?

    Yes he is.
  4. The 9 Isles

    Who’s watching the super bowl

    Cool, thanks bro.
  5. The 9 Isles

    Who’s watching the super bowl

    Waste of time. No.
  6. The Bills are such a depressing organization.
  7. This happens every year with this team, second and third choice assistants. Oh well.
  8. Whaley passed on Mahomes and Reich, set back franchise with other bad moves. Horrible GM.
  9. The 9 Isles

    First half thread: Wk 17 Dolphins at Bills (CBS)

    Hahahahahaha so Billsy! This team is a joke.
  10. Lol. The Buffalo Bills always outsmart everyone. Typical Bills.