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  1. Hahaha every time the NFLN thinks the Bills are gonna make their pick a commercial is scheduled in and then the Bills fake ‘em out. They alway put commercials on during Bills picks.
  2. Every year they cut to commercial when it’s the bills pick. Like clockwork.
  3. These players are annoying. They have big money agents negotiating contracts for them, squeezing every penny out of the team they can and then whine a short time later about the contract that they signed willingly. Just like the rest of the free market, prices go up. Can the guy who sold you a house last year come back and ask for more money because real estate prices went up? It’s getting really dumb.
  4. Whaley trying to rock the boat of his former employer.
  5. It’s all about ESG scores. https://www.pwc.com/us/en/services/esg/library/diversity-equity-inclusion-reporting.html https://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/environmental-social-and-governance-esg-criteria.asp
  6. Imagine if when a contract was signed it was honoured all the way till the end.
  7. As long as he doesn’t take reps from GB I’m good.
  8. Jordan Peterson is always a good listen.
  9. Watching the other GOAT yesterday must have inspired him
  10. Bill introduced to eliminate tax subsidy for pro sports stadiums “Super-rich sports team owners like Dan Snyder do not need federal support to build their stadiums, and taxpayers should not be forced to fund them,” Beyer said in a statement. “Billionaire owners who need cash can borrow from the market like any other business.” more complications.
  11. The Burrow ball washing is going to be insufferable this of season if the Bengals pull this off.
  12. My favourite moment was when Brady issued his retirement statement and completely ignored Kraft, Belichick and all of Patriot Nation. Hahaha!
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