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  1. Agree here. I feel like the game against the Jets is scarier than the Dolphins. Their D is absolutely legit
  2. Armstead practiced on Friday, so there is a pretty decent chance he will be back against the Chargers
  3. Please. The receivers are running wide open man. I should hope a QB could hit these last couple throws
  4. Shanahan allowing him to try to do too much. Miami has a poor run defense and he's a 3rd string rookie. Stick to the ground game
  5. Oh yeah, we should definitely be worrying more about the Chiefs than our own division
  6. Does anyone find it crazy how hard the Jets are trying to convince everyone (including themselves) that Mike White is the answer? He has damn near 40 pass attempts through the 3rd quarter. Ridiculous
  7. Yes, but will that not be much easier to do with a Dolphins loss today? They win and we're back to the 5th seed
  8. Unless you feel winning out is going to be a breeze we don't have total and firm control over the East, either. Not saying it can't happen, but what have you seen from the Bills level of play that suggests it is likely? I just don't see why we're worrying more about KC than Miami at this moment. Let's say they win today but we take them down in Buffalo - there's still plenty of possibilities where we could lose the division. If the Dolphins lose today and we beat them (and the Jets), then I'll turn my focus to KC
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