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  1. 95, the great Sean McNanie from the mid 80's Bills. Also Kyle Williams, of course 94
  2. Yep, keep scrounging for all the white folks with MAGA hats who have already pledged undying fealty. If you judge by his crowd sizes, he's going to win bigly. I'm sure the fraudster from Manhattan cares deeply about these folks and isn't running his campaign solely for himself. He is greatly expanding his base and winning so many independents right now.
  3. Damn, you got some pretty negative reactions there lol. It's strangely amazing how revered Flutie is by a good portion of this fan base. I will say this though. Whether you're a fan of his or not (and I'm not for the reason you mentioned but also the fact he was a decidedly mediocre quarterback), the initial excitement around the team that he generated back in 1998 was instrumental in helping the Bills stay in Buffalo. There was a lot of uncertainty with the lease ending and beginning the season with an 0-3 record.
  4. Interesting that Beane is willing to talk to Dunne in detail after what happened to McDermott. I might talk to Livvy Dunne, but not Tyler lol
  5. She doesn't deserve that money
  6. I give up, our reign is over. Fun while it lasted. See you guys in 2025
  7. Yeah I had more confidence in Norwood in Super Bowl 25 than Bass last year. There wasn't a doubt in my mind he would miss that kick by a mile
  8. It's a valid point, but I think we all know that print media has been on a rapid, inexorable death march, for a variety of reasons. I was in a Best Buy recently (another remnant of the ancient brick and mortar model, and yes they still exist) and I literally oversaw a man berating the manager for not carrying CD's lol. Things change, not always for the best but you can either get angry or roll with the punches. In almost all cases I choose the latter. There is nothing serious enough in life to deserve that level of vitriol imo.
  9. Because of this, did Nate Hackett not bother to show up either?
  10. Are we all to believe that after 17 years in Pittsburgh Tomlin has no say so over personnel? He should at least have some culpability for their quarterback woes
  11. I'd be surprised. A defensive free agent signing is far more likely
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