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  1. Are you really going to die on this hill? Let me ask you this. Can we win a Super Bowl with McDermott as head coach? If the answer is no (which it is), what the hell are you talking about?
  2. Agreed, and unless the Bills hired another defensive coach and/or someone totally incompetent, they shouldn't all of a sudden fall of a cliff. We still have Josh Allen and can't afford to be fearful of making a change. It's clear McD isn't the guy
  3. To be honest, the notion that Bass was automatic prior to this year has always been flawed. His career fg accuracy of 85.3% ranks in the bottom half of kickers since entering the league. He's never really been "Bassomatic" imo, but this year he seems to have really lost confidence
  4. Do you want to play 1940's style football with Josh Allen on your team?
  5. I have zero confidence in Bass, to the point I'm reluctant to kick any fg that's not inside 40 yards
  6. Seriously. He's a complete joke just like his old man Ed
  7. Game was completely turned by Cook dropping that perfect touchdown dime. What a killer play
  8. It is far fetched. Have you looked at their respective schedules? Where are 4 losses coming from for one of those teams? Highly, highly unlikely. Neither the Steelers or Texans are good, but the Bills conference record is so abysmal that it is going to doom them. Our only way in now is to finish 5-1
  9. Really? There is a definite chance, but the odds are quite grim at this point. Some fans are whistling past the graveyard
  10. For sure. He was also involved in a lot of Bills historic games. 81 Wild Card victory over the Jets, 89 loss to Cleveland with the infamous Ronnie Harmon drop, and of course the Oilers comeback in 93
  11. Charlie Jones was a great but underrated play by play guy
  12. Can't really think of that entertainment when the result of the game negatively impacts our already slim playoff odds
  13. That's also assuming Miami loses to BOTH Baltimore and Dallas AND we go 3-2 in the next 5 (to set up a winner take all Week 18 matchup). Not looking good at all on the division front, and the wild card is even worse
  14. He looks like he has no business being in the NFL. Zach Wilson is without question one of the worst qb's in football, and he is still miles better than Boyle
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