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  1. I really hope Zay and Foster can improve from last year. I honestly still believe they can be a very good duo. Add in the two vets in Beasley and Brown and I feel like we have a solid group of WRs. September can't come soon enough.
  2. That is so awful. Nobody should have to go through anything like this. My heart breaks for the Foles family.
  3. RIP to such a wonderful human being and true hero. Rest easy my Buffalo brother. Hopefully we will hoist the Lombardi for you soon enough.
  4. I mean the OP did say a longshot to make the final roster.
  5. I believe she mentioned everything in the prophecy except for how she dies. That was only in the books.
  6. I don't believe that part of the prophecy ever made it into the show. Wasn't that only in the book? The rest was all in the show tho.
  7. Jon has already done Dany. Oh wait, u didnt mean like that. 😜
  8. Amazing read, thanks for posting it. I truly hope he succeeds for not only us, but himself too. I think if he reaches his potential, we could have a very good duo with him and Foster.
  9. I suppose that could happen. Just doesn't make sense to blow a 1st rounder and get rid of him. Now if they can get a 1st rounder back, then I could see him being dealt already. I highly doubt he gets moved this year tho. Maybe tag and trade next year.
  10. They just traded a 1st rounder for him. Why would they trade him already? They can always tag him if needed.
  11. Such a awful thing for anyone to have to go through. The more I see on this guy the more excited I am that we landed him. I truly feel like he will be a huge asset for Buffalo's future.
  12. As much as I like Peterson, I'd rather give Levi a shot to continue improving on last year. He played extremely well. Taron was pretty solid also.
  13. I truly do not understand the dislike Yeldon gets. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees that he has talent. Sure he isn't the best runner, but he isn't bad. Add the fact he is a very solid catcher and this would be a great pick up.
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