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  1. He was with Denver for 1 year. The rest has been with Buffalo. Not really a journeyman.
  2. Love you to bro! There is nothing like the Buffalo Bills. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a great one. ❤
  3. A healthy and rested Henry makes me a little less excited. Not for the corners but just in general.
  4. And yet anyone that we'd draft with any of our 6ths wouldn't make the roster most likely. A Punter probably does since ours sucks.
  5. I'm curious, where would you place Tre? Before his injury ofc since we have yet to see him play after the injury occurred.
  6. How exactly did he dominate when his stats are pretty lackluster?
  7. I think @GunnerBill just got very excited by this news.
  8. Passed on a RB when our first pick was after he was selected? We didn't have a 1st since that went towards Diggs.
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