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  1. Exactly. I swear some people get so pissy over people posting on Twitter. This world is truly something else.
  2. This and only this. He used to praise Tyrod no matter how awful he played. At least that's how he was way back on the bbmb.
  3. While I do agree they are trying to win, they do seem to have a bad habit going after players based off of culture. For instance how in the hell is Lee Smith still employed? The guy is down right dreadful and a drive killer.
  4. Seahawks dodged a bullet with Lockett not needing surgery. Though they clearly have a lot of talent and Wilson is just incredible.
  5. While I definitely don't want him anymore after seeing one of the worst misses I've ever seen, I still want a new kicker. Haushka isn't honestly good enough. Most likely won't come until next year though.
  6. Lmao I voted yes and the poor basterd whiffed. Yikes I want my vote back. 😂
  7. He looked solid in both camp and pre season.
  8. Such a shame we cut such a young and talented kicker.
  9. Well, awesome job by the Punter. Everyone else was blah.
  10. Glad we extended this God awful kicker. Play calling was dreadful yet again. Once again proving Buffalo isn't as good as their record.
  11. Seeing as besides the 1 game that he had 125 rushing yards the rest of the year he only has 100 yds. Not like he has been doing anything at all.
  12. I honestly didn't notice that some how the first time. I'm not sure who it is but poor Edmunds waiting like that just to have someone else tag along. Definitely some funny stuff.
  13. The best part is Edmunds just standing there patiently waiting. That cracked me up.
  14. Exactly my reaction. Someone should probably change the title again.
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