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  1. We should just sign this dude. Look at him go!
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if we sign EJ Gaines again for the millionth time. He played extremely well for us but sadly gets hurt way too often.
  3. I really hope him and Allen have very long and amazing careers in Buffalo.
  4. Allen>>>>>>>>>>>>Some guy with a silly name.
  5. I'm still holding out hope for Michael Strachan.
  6. I'd be surprised since they were raving about Hodgins in practice last year.
  7. The Seahawks just traded a pick to themselves... hmmm, that seems illegal.
  8. Could be worth the gamble at this point. It's going to be hard for a 6th to crack this roster anyways.
  9. Tyler Shelvin or Bobby Brown would be my top choice. And I really would love to take a shot on Michael Strachan late. The guy seems like a freak athlete.
  10. Yeah, still impressive that he got one of them correct.
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