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  1. He's upset that some fans think he sucks. Maybe he will finally play better.
  2. I'd say getting a Tre White jersey would be a good get. He's very good and going to be here for a long time.
  3. I really hope he pushes for a spot. I love his running style.
  4. Neither am I. I think Watson is a damn good QB. Just not top 3 good imo. My bad for saying it's not debatable. I also never once brought up his off field issues.
  5. Watson also had Hopkins until last year. Josh gets his number 1 and works his ass off and it showed. My Bills colored glasses? It's not like I said he was better than Mahomes or Rodgers.
  6. I let Brady slide because he just won yet another Superbowl. I agree that Wilson shouldn't be ahead of him.
  7. We should just sign this dude. Look at him go!
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if we sign EJ Gaines again for the millionth time. He played extremely well for us but sadly gets hurt way too often.
  9. I really hope him and Allen have very long and amazing careers in Buffalo.
  10. Allen>>>>>>>>>>>>Some guy with a silly name.
  11. I'm still holding out hope for Michael Strachan.
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