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  1. Considering who posted it, I'm not surprised.
  2. Doesn't really seem to mean anything but figured it was maybe worth a share.?
  3. So very sad 😔. May he RIP. My heart breaks for his loved ones, especially his little girl.
  4. That man is made of glass. I appreciate the sack from earlier but please move on from him already. He's extremely fragile and complete ***** against the run.
  5. Good ol turnover machine. Sighs At least it pins them I suppose.
  6. Please just bring in a random joe. Can't be worse then Brown.
  7. I'm so happy watching Watson play dreadfully. Simply amazing.
  8. I don't understand the lack of Gibbs. Stupid play calling.
  9. When did I ever say that? I wasn't the one who put OT in the title.
  10. If he helps us win the Superbowl, he can become the highest paid WR for all I care.
  11. Isn't Mack opposite side from Bosa already? Not sure what his contract is like tho.
  12. Umm, by a mile? Ever heard of the Eagles?
  13. RIP to your friend. Very lovely story. ❤️ Once again, I really wish we had a heart/love reaction on here.
  14. He did say better overall. Yannick is awful against the run.
  15. Is that for Kincaid's stock or is that you every time you read something about Kincaid?
  16. Saw this and figured I should share just incase any of you lovely folks wanted to help Eddie's Dad. Such a heartbreaking story. 💔
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/CuR5DNWskn6/?igshid=Y2IzZGU1MTFhOQ== Von is truly a freak of nature. Dude looks ready to go already.
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